Numista API documentation

Numista provides an API to access the numismatic catalogue and collection data programmatically. The functionalities include coin search, coin identification by image, coin pricing, and coin collection management.

Get started

The API is available at For example, the data about the 1 thaler coin from the Free imperial city of Mühlhausen (N# 95420) can be retrieved at

An example Python script is available here: The script intends to illustrate how to use the Numista API. It is not suitable for direct use in real applications.


To request an API key, please log in to you Numista account and click the following button:

You need to send your API key in all calls to the API in a HTTP header named "Numista-API-Key".

Some endpoints allow access to the personal data of a Numista user. In order to use these endpoints, you need to get authorization from the user via the OAuth 2.0 protocol (authorization code flow). More details about how to get the access token are provided in the section "oauth" below. The access token should be provided as a bearer token in the HTTP header named "Authorization"
Authorization : Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN