Medal - President Francesco Cossiga's visit to San Marino on 11-12 June 1990

Medal - President Francesco Cossiga's visit to San Marino on 11-12 June 1990 - aversMedal - President Francesco Cossiga's visit to San Marino on 11-12 June 1990 - revers

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Lieu Saint-Marin
Type Jetons non classés › Autres jetons
Date 1990
Devise Médailles - Saint-Marin
Composition Argent 800‰
Poids 30 g
Diamètre 40 mm
Epaisseur 2,7 mm
Forme Ronde
Orientation Frappe médaille ↑↑
Numéro N# 102882
Numista type number (

Pièce commémorative

(en) Italian president Francesco Cossiga's visit to San Marino on 11-12 June 1990


(en) At the lower half of the medal is carved a stylized view of Mount Titano. This is dominated by the official emblem and the legend SAN MARINO REPUBLIC curved around the upper part.

At the bottom towards the left is the silver content (800) in an oval and further left on the edge the initial an surname of the engraver.

Inscription :

Graveur : S Johnson


(en) On the reverse is repeated the same stylized view of Mount Titano in which graphic elements have been added to signify the union, with the spirit of the game, between the Italian Republic and the Republic of San Marino.

In the upper part of the medal, the legend VISIT OF FRANCESCO COSSIGA 11-12 GIVGNO 1990.

Inscription :
A Pomodoro

Graveur : S Johnson


(en) Smooth with medal number stamped at the bottom left



Arnoldo Pomodoro was born in Morciano di Romagna, throughout childhood and education he lived at Pesaro. His artistic work begins in '53 with a reference to Klee, then recognized by critics. He later moved to Milan.

His works of the fifties are reliefs that fascinate poets Leonardo Sinisgalli and Alfonso Gatto. It emerges in these works a singular "writing" (or network of signs or patterns), unprecedented in sculpture, which is now on interpreted variously by the major critics, first Marco Valsecchi, Guido Ballo and Giulio Carlo Argan. It is passed to the "full relief" in the early sixties and then to the large size. He celebrated awards: San Paolo in '63, in Venice in '64, one of the six international awards at the Carnegie Intitute in '67, the Henry Moore Grand Prize in Japan in 1981.

His works are in large squares (the Royal in Copenhagen, the Piazza Meda net downtown Milan), in the largest public collection in the parks (that of Pepsi Cola), in the most famous private collections. He taught in the art departments of the prestigious American universities: Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley, Mills College, Oakland. He later lived in Milan next to the "dock" at Porta Ticinese, in a large house which is nestled in the historic district, and is moving fast for the many interests abroad.

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1990  6 000

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