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Lieu Israël
Type Médailles souvenir › Médaille de souvenir commémorative
Date 5725 (1965)
Calendrier Hébreu
Devise Médailles - Israël
Composition Tombac
Poids 40 g
Dimensions 45 mm
Forme Ronde
Orientation Frappe médaille ↑↑
Numéro N# 135989
Numista type number (
Références ICMC# 15055450
Israel Coins and Medals Corporation (

Pièce commémorative

(en) City of Lod State Medal 5725-1965


(en) Across the center, front view of a plane. Underneath, a high relief outline of the airport building, as well as buildings stressing the Middle East character of the city. Above, on the rim, the word "Lod" and its Hebrew equivalent.

Inscription : Lod לוד

Graveur : Kretschmer


(en) In the center, a replica of a city coin of Lod, minted at the beginning of the third century CE by Emperor Caracalla: the head of Tyche (Fortune), looking to the left. She wears a crown, representing city-walls and towers. Around, the inscription, in Greek: "Lucia Septimia Severa Diaspolis", as Lod was officially called in Roman times. On the rim of the medal, around the inscription "Coin of Lod, 3971-77" in Hebrew above and in English below, 211-217 CE.

Inscription :
מטבע לוד ג' תתק"ע א'-ז
Coin of Lod 211-217 C.E.

Graveur : Kretschmer


Inscription : State of Israel מדינת ישראל כסף 935 Sterling


Lod is one of the oldest cities in Israel, but it was of modest importance until after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 C.E. It then became a culturally flourishing community and for nearly three hundred years it was a center of Jewish learning.
During the Byzantine period, Lod acquired religious importance to the Christian world. The Jewish community which had prospered for hundreds of years was destroyed by the Crusaders who conquered Lod in the 11 th century. In the wake of the Mameluke invasion it became a desolate town. Lod's importance as a crossroad since ancient times, was renewed when the railroad was built in Israel. It became a central crossroad in the country and eventually, nearby, Israel's International Airport was built.

**Airport building depicted is of Terminal 1.

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5725 (1965)  6 854

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