Pretoria, Afrique du Sud

Lieu Pretoria, Afrique du Sud
Dates d'activité 1890-1902; 1923-1992
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(en) From the discovery of gold in South Africa, which gave rise to the Witwatersrand gold rush in 1886, the then president of the country, Paul Kruger, decided to establish a national mint. The South African mint opened in 1890 and began production on July 6, 1892 in Pretoria.

After the Second Boer War in 1902, the country was annexed by the British Empire and became the Transvaal colony, which led to the closure of the mint, and the adoption of the pound sterling. Under the 1919 Currency Act, the British founded a subsidiary of the Royal Mint on the colony on 1 January 1923, in which 83 114 575 gold sovereigns were produced while it was active. When the Republic of South Africa severed ties with Britain, the Royal Mint branch closed on 30 June 1941 and later reopened converted into the Mint of South Africa.

In the 1980s , the mint was privatized by the Reserve Bank of South Africa and in 1988 it was formally renamed to South African Mint Company Ltd.

The South African Mint was relocated on the current Centurion site in October 1992.

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