150 Roupies Shrimad Rajchandra – 150ème anniversaire

150 Roupies (Shrimad Rajchandra – 150ème anniversaire) - avers150 Roupies (Shrimad Rajchandra – 150ème anniversaire) - revers

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Emetteur Inde
Période République (1950-présent)
Type Pièce non circulante
Date 2017
Valeur 150 roupies
150 INR = 1,84 USD
Devise Roupie (décimale, 1957-présent)
Composition Argent 500‰
Poids 35 g
Diamètre 44 mm
Epaisseur 2 mm
Forme Ronde
Technique Frappe à la presse
Orientation Frappe médaille ↑↑
Numéro N# 124211
Numista type number (https://en.numista.com/help/what-is-the-n-number-visible-in-the-catalogue-33.html)

Pièce commémorative

150ème anniversaire de la naissance de Shrimad Rajchandra


(en) Lion Capital of Ashoka Pillar, denomination below

Inscription :
भारत INDIA
सत्यमेव जयते
₹ 150


(en) Portrait of Shrimad Rajchandra

Inscription :
श्रीमद राजचंद्र Shrimad Rajchandra
150 वीं जयंती 150th Birth Anniversary


(en) 200 Serrations

Ateliers monétaires

Kolkata / Calcutta / Murshidabad, Inde (1757-présent)
Hyderabad, Inde (1803-présent)


(en) Over 150 years ago, Shrimad Rajchandraji, a self-realised saint, a reformer of Jainism, and a remarkable poet-philosopher of the late 19th century, scaled great spiritual heights and demystified the path to self-discovery. On the radiant full moon night of Kartik Purnima, V.S. 1924 (9th November 1867), the port town of Vavania, Gujarat, was blessed with the arrival of Raichand. At the age of seven, after encountering the death of an acquaintance, Raichand climbed a babul tree near the crematorium to know the meaning of death. Witnessing the body burning on the funeral pyre, He slipped into the attainment of Jatismaranjnan – a recollection of hundreds of past lives. Between 13 to 16 years, He mastered the six principle Indian philosophies in His quest for truth. He possessed Avdhanshakti is an extraordinary power of retention, in which one can remember and perform many tasks simultaneously, without error. In 1890 at the age of 23, Shrimadji attained shuddh samyak darshan (self-realisation). Amid the bustling demands of worldly affairs, He revelled in the untainted bliss of the self. On Aso Vad Ekam in 1896, at the fall of dusk in Nadiad, He composed the glorious 142 verses of Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra – His magnum opus and the essence of all scriptures. At the threshold of complete renunciation, Shrimadji contracted a severe illness from which He never recovered. Abiding as ever in the blissful self, He left His mortal body on Chaitra Vad 5, V.S. 1957 (9th April 1901). His works and relationship inspired Mahatma Gandhi, who called him his "guide and helper" and his "refuge in moments of spiritual crisis" in his autobiography, The Story of My Experiments with Truth. Honoured as Yugpurush, He gave the world a rich heritage that continues to guide generations of seekers in a short span of 34 years. His life and works are an invitation to turn within and discover the eternal truths.

Hyderabad mint, open the booking of coin sets on 11/05/2022.

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Date B TB TTB SUP SPL FDC Fréquence
2017  34 $ 66% BE
2017  40% UNC
2017 ★ 11% (en) Hyderabad mint (In UNC Sets only)

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