Sheqel Year 1; Prototype

Sheqel (Year 1; Prototype) -  aversSheqel (Year 1; Prototype) -  revers



Emetteur Judée
Type Pièce courante
Dates 66-67
Valeur Sheqel (1)
Devise La Grande Révolte - shekel (66 à 70)
Composition Argent
Poids 13,8 g
Forme Ronde
Démonétisée 0073
Numéro N# 93076
Numista (
Références Hendin# 1352
David Hendin, Herbert Kreindler; 2010. Guide to Biblical Coins (5th edition). Amphora Books, New York, United States.


Ritual chalice with smooth, wide rim, pellet on either side, the base has pealed ends, circle of dots all around chalice and also outer legend

Inscription :
שקל ישראל

Traduction :
Sheqel of Israel
[year] 1


Stem with three pomegranates, pearl at base, circle of dots all around pomegranates and also around outer legend

Inscription : ירושלם קדשה

Traduction : Jerusalem [the] holy


One specimen sold for $242,000 in Bromberg I.
This is a prototype for the first year sheqel and is, therefore, the first coin type of the Jewish War. Two specimens are known to exist, one in the Israel Museum and the second in a privet collection.
In the late 1970s, an Arab dealer in Jerusalem offered me a group of six sheqels. Three were year two, two were year three, and the sixth was one of these two coins. The price asked for the six coins was $6,000. The dealer was well known for often dealing in forged coins. I rejected the deal, but instead offered $5,000 for the five sheqels, not including the sixth. At the time, this type had not been published. While it looked authentic to me, I was not certain enough to overcome my doubts, and $2,000 for a questionable coin was a lot of money. It was to my chagrin that in 1991 the Bromberg specimen sold at auction for $242,000.
David Hendin Guide to Biblical Coins Fifth Edition

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ND (66-67)  (en) א (year 1); Struck in Jerusalem

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