Les pièces de Beuibum

(en) This is the only Punic Iberian mint where coins with South Lusitanian characters were struck. Its epigraph has been read in different ways: Eviam, Cantnipo, Ketovion, Beuibon, but currently Beuibum seems the most widely accepted, even by Untermann. The abundant issues with the indigenous toponym Beuibum show the Latin names of its magistrates. In the late issues, only the Latin legend IMP SAL is used. The attribution of both series to the same mint is accepted without any doubt. These coins were minted in the late 2nd century and during the 1st century BC. The location name was cited by Pliny H. N. 4, 116, as Salacia Urbs Imperatora. It is thought to be located near Alcacer do Sal, Portugal, although some authors consider it might be in the Setubal area. The writing of its signs is very regular and correct. (source: Leandre Villaronga, Jaume Benages; 2011. "Ancient Coinage of the Iberian Peninsula". Societat Catalana d'Estudis Numismàtics, Institut d'Estudis Catalans, Barcelona, Spain.)

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Æ Unit
(-150 à -1)

Bronze • 13,3 g • ⌀ 25 mm
ACIP# 980, N# 294139
As - Ketovion
(-150 à -50)

Bronze • 10,8 g • ⌀ 26 mm
FAB# 1625, N# 294993
Æ Unit
(-50 à -20)

Bronze • 11,25 g
RPC I# 51A, ACIP# 989, N# 338118

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