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Ce que Chatterjee_Soubhik collectionne

I collect coins & banknotes as typesets and generally not as per mint/printer, die variations, signatures, date/year or such other parameters. Not Fond of Proof Issues. Coins over Banknotes, anytime.
Primary Numismatic Albums ():

* Indian Sub-continent
1. India- Republic : One Rupee Coins (1950-TD)
2. India- Republic : Decimalized Paise Coins (1957-2016)

* Era of Colonialism
1. India- British : One Rupee Coins (1835-1947)
2. India- British : Quarter Anna Coins (1830-1947)
3. India- Portuguese : Escudo Coins (1958-1961)

* Communist States
1. Soviet Union : One Ruble Coins (1917-1922-1991)

* The Western Nations
1. France, the Fifth Republic : Centimes & Francs (1960-2001)
2. United Kingdom : One (Decimal) Pound (1971-TD)
3. United States : State & Territorial Quarters (1999-2009)
4. United States : America, the Beautiful Quarters (2010-2021)

I binge collect more than I do for my primary numismatic albums.

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Coins over Banknotes, anytime. Not fond of Proof coins- they are a business investment, not for true numismatists.
For Swaps:
* Please text me if you are interested in a swap.
* Registered posts only. Prefer swaps within India unless International Shipping becomes affordable.
* The sharing of pictures is a must for all coins and banknotes we choose to swap.
Not all, especially India (1947-TD), coins and banknotes are updated here. If you need something, feel free to throw me a text.

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