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3 falus to get identified
Posté le : 20-04-2019, 18h19 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Hello. • I need some identification for this 3 coins from morocco • the 1st one is 19mm • 2nd one is 21 mm • and the other one is 24mm • Any help would be helpfull • regards • Andres •

Looking for animal coins
Posté le : 12-07-2018, 16h43 dans Swaps and trades

actually that 1/2 centavo is UNC, it came in a bag from the bank. All of those are a variant too. • I gonna seek for all those kind of coins, maybe we can arrange a swap. Who knows!

Argentina coin value ? 20 Centavos 1914
Posté le : 11-07-2018, 3h19 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I wish I get a coin in that shape in my collection! • Do you still having it? • Andres

Argentinian nickels (1915-1942) for swap
Posté le : 11-07-2018, 1h30 dans Swaps and trades

Hi. • I have many nickels from Argentina between 1915 and 1942 to exchange. Preferably for copper cents with the face of George V and George VI or by Japan's Sens copper. • I am in Argentina, sent by certified mail practically anywhere in the world. • Regards • • •