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Help id medal, "the art of Hamburg 1775"
Posté le : 25-06-2019, 4h48 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Have you checked the rim to see if there is anything written there? Often, hallmarks are located along the rim. Also, the name of the designer, engraver may be found there. A loupe is recommended when checking the rim area. Good luck, and please keep us posted along the way

Shire Post Mint
Posté le : 25-04-2019, 8h14 dans Free discussion

I don’t have any direct experience with them, but just did a bit of research. From what I can see, they are a reputable company, and produce good products. They have the official permissions to create and market fantasy coin designs representing these various popular movies/shows, etc. They have also been in business since 2001, and the mint master has been posting info on the CoinTalk forum since 2006. I would not have any reservations ordering from them, as everything I have read/seen so far points to them being a reliable company.

Baby collector
Posté le : 24-04-2019, 8h03 dans Numismatic questions

Welcome to numista Proof coins are minted from specially prepared polished dies. Here is a page link with illustrations so you can see an example~ The silver eagle illustrated in the link features both mirror like and frosted surfaces. Some proof coins will just have a mirror like surface, without the frosted portion. Care must be used in handling, as the surfaces can be easily ruined by fingerprints. Also, mirrored surfaces of the coin will scratch easily. If you must hold the coin, hold by outside of rim, with coin between thumb and forefinger. Hope this information helps, and please feel free to ask more questions

1807 5 Franchi
Posté le : 24-04-2019, 7h32 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Nice coin. I am a fan of the Napoleonic related coinage Welcome to numista

[résolu] MPCC 2019 - NORTH AMERICA - 1/2 FINAL - 2
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Does your post office allow you to send coins?
Posté le : 22-04-2019, 5h21 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "Pcoetzee5"​Lately I have had the same Problem. I solved it by putting the coins between two Sheets of carboard, in an envelope with a had backing with a Magazine infront. It works as my letters can be up to 500g. I also write on it "Do not Bend". • ​ • ​Try something similar. • ​ ​This is how I have received several multi-coin packages from a high volume eBay coin dealer based out of Portugal. The coins were in flips, taped in between two pieces of strong cardboard. Under ‘package contents’, the seller listed ‘book’. Each time everything arrived secure, and in decent time.

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Fire at Notre Dame
Posté le : 17-04-2019, 7h20 dans Free discussion

Citation: "loruca"​It's far from being as bad as it seems, the roof burned, yes, and the 19th century spire, however, the vaulted stone ceilings held up (13th century engineering!), so it seems to only be a question of putting a new roof back on, for the rest, they won't even have to clean the floors. • ​Thank god​Yes, true- but the artwork and relics that were lost, these cannot be replaced. Very sad...

identifications and valuations of german/austrian coin/token
Posté le : 10-04-2019, 20h12 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Austria (or Austria-Hungary), Emperor Franz Josef I (Emperor of Austria from 1848-1916), 1870’s-80’s era. A clearer photo with size/weight if possible would help in identification further. (Or photograph with a common modern coin for scale).

2019-D Roosevelt Dime Two Different Colors
Posté le : 08-04-2019, 8h26 dans Numismatic questions

The coin on the left could be an improperly annealed coin~ here is a discussion on cointalk forum about this: The 2nd coin, not sure what that might be.

[résolu] Dutch coin collector please help me
Posté le : 08-04-2019, 8h04 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Here is a copper 1727 that was sold by one of the dealers on ma-shops~

reprocessed 1943 US cent
Posté le : 08-04-2019, 7h44 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I assume you are meaning Littleton coin company~ here is a link to an discussion on these. The last post (by Numinerd9)explains that these don’t have much value. Basically I would consider this a novelty type thing. Here is the discussion link: • At least Littleton is advertising them correctly, and not trying to pass them off as unaltered coins. • Also, Numinerd9 is an ANA educator, so he would be a trustworthy source of information.

New Member just saying hello from Minnesota USA
Posté le : 02-04-2019, 23h29 dans Free discussion

Welcome to Numista

Rare coin in circulation in the USA
Posté le : 02-04-2019, 23h28 dans Free discussion

This is in connection with National Coin Week and the Great American Coin Hunt, coming up the week of 21st-27th April. It looks like the quarters will not start into circulation until end of April/early May. But the 21st-27th April, dealers in U.S. will be releasing various collectible coins into circulation, also coins with stickers on them that will be redeemable for $100 in merchandise at local coin shops. The linked page doesn’t mention the latter information, but unless something has changed, this is still going forward. ANA page with more info: ~ so for those in the U.S., be on the lookout soon for coins

[résolu] MPCC 2019 - ASIA - ROUND 1 - 8
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[résolu] MPCC 2019 - ASIA - ROUND 1 - 7
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[résolu] MPCC 2019 - ASIA - ROUND 1 - 6
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[résolu] MPCC 2019 - ASIA - ROUND 1 - 5
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[résolu] MPCC 2019 - ASIA - ROUND 1 - 3
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[résolu] MPCC 2019 - ASIA - ROUND 1 - 1
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[résolu] MPCC 2019 - ASIA - ROUND 1 - 4
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[résolu] Globus Cruciger with a Z
Posté le : 20-03-2019, 22h41 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "ZacUK"​ About two-fifths of the way down this page ... • ​ • ​so if there is a lot of lettering that ideally the mint would like on a coin, • ​in the past they had to remove some lettering and put a Z in to indicate such removal - • ​to then make shorter lettering to be able to fit on the coin. ​Glad to learn the explanation in the case of when it appears in a legend

Does this Morgan Dollar look genuine?
Posté le : 20-03-2019, 22h08 dans Numismatic questions

Here is a decent site to get idea on U.S. coin values~ • Overall the price they are asking seems good. As long as the other coins are not in terrible shape, such as scratched, heavily cleaned, worn to low grade, etc. , you should be ok

Hello Members
Posté le : 20-03-2019, 21h51 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "Mr. Midnight"​I think it was a button.​Yes, it does appear to have the remains of a loop/shank attachment for a button- but I think it was originally a coin that was later repurposed for use as a button. This was not that unusual for people to do.

Gold coin - Ducat ?
Posté le : 17-03-2019, 1h15 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "kanas"​ • Citation: "PetrusAscanus"​nice coin!!!!​​Dutch Gold coin?? • ​Regards​I thought maybe this too, at first~ but the 2nd coin here looks to be yours: • Also agree, although damaged, still a nice coin

[résolu] MPCC 2019 - AUSTRALIA - FINAL
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[résolu] MPCC 2019 - AUSTRALIA - 1/2 FINAL - 1
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The Great Weimar Commemorative 3 Mark Hunt! (11/19 down!)
Posté le : 10-03-2019, 0h21 dans Free discussion

Great coins! So far I only have the Gotthold Lessing (1929D, in AU). I got it for a very good price at a local coin shop, about 2 years ago. There were others in the series, but i was too late, and missed out I am hoping to do something similar to what you are doing when financial situation improves. • Good luck on your acquiring the rest in the series

Australian sixpence replicas
Posté le : 10-03-2019, 0h00 dans Numismatic questions

The real one should weigh 2.82g. If you are purchasing at a shop or coin fair, check first with a neodymium magnet. If it passes this test, then check it with a properly calibrated digital pocket scale. If purchasing from eBay or another online source, sometimes they will have weight listed. If not, ask to know the weight. If purchased through eBay, also if you determine something is off after receiving it, and that it is not real, you are eligible to get your money back.

France 5 Franc 1847A
Posté le : 09-03-2019, 23h31 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Check here~ • $25USD in VF- it also looks to have been cleaned, so would take that into consideration, as well.

[résolu] Coin/token/piece of metal identification. Help needed
Posté le : 08-03-2019, 3h02 dans Coin identifications and valuations

It is a flat one piece button, often referred to as a coin button, due to the shape. You can see traces of the loop(or shank), for attachment to clothing) in the area near the crown. The word ‘double’ refers to the quality of plating. The second word is probably ‘gilt’. Some backmarks will say ‘treble gilt’, ‘rich orange’, ‘extra quality’, etc. You can often date buttons to a specific maker and year according to the wording, symbols and other such things such as the rows of dots encircling the shank. This one you have is probably from the time period 1800-1820. Occasionally there would be a design on the face of the button, but most of them were plain. Maybe you could try to take a few more pictures of each side to see if we can get clearer images, as i may be able to determine a more exact date, and also the maker of your button

The fish scale coin - the amazing US 3 cent silver. Tiny but mighty.
Posté le : 07-03-2019, 6h14 dans Free discussion

I have always really liked these, so tiny I have at least 10 of them- all 1850’s dates. My only certified one is an 1851O ANACS EF40. Great little coins

help with coin
Posté le : 18-02-2019, 2h51 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Bohemian lion, with its distinctive tail shape, and W, for Wenceslaus ~ although not your coin, you can see the Bohemian lion here clearly~ ~ there are many denominations and varieties, so will probably take a bit of searching. • Can you weigh the coin? Also, maybe you can post clearer pictures so we can see the lettering

[résolu] Medieval coin identification
Posté le : 14-02-2019, 23h14 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Welcome to Numista~ Nice coin Please add your coin to the numista database, if you would

[résolu] Damaged Morgan Silver Dollar
Posté le : 14-02-2019, 23h04 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "2 shilling harlot"​Ok, thanks. That will teach me to carefully check both sides of a coin in bright light...​And even if not in bright light, a good quality loupe will still reveal issues with the coin. (As primary loupe, I use an Eschenbach Aplanat 10x)

Maria Theresa Thaler identification
Posté le : 12-02-2019, 23h49 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Here is a thread detailing more information on the countermarks, if you haven’t already found this ~ ~ and another that I have not read all the way through yet, as there are a lot more pages (26, to be exact ) - this 2nd one looks to be a good illustrated discussion on the varieties, and also discusses countermarks ~ • Since the one you are interested in is a good early type, you really can’t go wrong there • Hope this is of some help~

[résolu] 1918 10 pfennigs
Posté le : 12-02-2019, 22h55 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Here is the coin~

[résolu] Is this silver?
Posté le : 12-02-2019, 21h22 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "Bartweegie"​ • Citation: "Napoleon1"​From what I can see, it appears to have some rust, which if correct, would mean the coin is not real. (Unless the rust came from being against a ferrous object, and a small layer bonded to the coin at contact point- this is often seen with metal detecting finds). Have you checked it with a magnet? Also, as posted by bartweegie, if there is no edge lettering that would mean it is not real. ​​Some coins found during metal detecting can have some deposits on them (it does not necessarily have to be a corrosion), depending on the soils they were deposited in. I actually found some roman denarii with ferrous oxide layers on them, which gave them similar look (although not on the whole surface, but in lumps) also a Victorian shilling with one side brown. Just a wee bit of smart4r5ing from me :)Yes, I’ve had several similar experiences- the one I clearly recall was a brass watch fob that was buried next to some s[...]

extremely rare mongolia coin or not?
Posté le : 12-02-2019, 21h02 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Also, since it was minted over 20 years ago, that would probably account for why you are having difficult time finding any recent sale info. (eBay past sale searches I think only go back a few months, etc.) They are mostly all now in collections, would be my guess. Probably if you keep checking though, you will find one up for sale in near future.

How far back can YOU go?
Posté le : 12-02-2019, 20h44 dans Free discussion

I really have no idea as I only have a small portion of my collection on numista so far. Will need to work at getting everything compiled, which is going to take a while lol

[résolu] medal identification
Posté le : 11-02-2019, 22h56 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Yes, would guess it had a pin back attachment to wear as a brooch.

Johnathan and David Medal , why does this lookhand made?
Posté le : 11-02-2019, 6h06 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Just to mention, a lot of these medals were issued in several different metals. Usually people could select from bronze, white metal, or a silver version. Occasionally also a design would be available in gold as well. • As previously mentioned, this one does appear to be a cast copy, and I would say probably contemporary to the time.

[résolu] Hello from a new collector to Numista !
Posté le : 11-02-2019, 5h44 dans Free discussion

​Welcome to Numista

Help! Old coins new collector
Posté le : 08-02-2019, 23h43 dans Coin identifications and valuations

It seems that whenever a fake coin appears, automatically it is assumed to be China. While this is often true, to be fair, there are also a lot of fakes coming out of Eastern Europe, among other places. A big problem too, is people buying coins labelled in description as copies on sites such as alibaba, and then turning around and selling the same coins as real on eBay, etc.

[résolu] Possible rare coin please help identifying
Posté le : 08-02-2019, 23h24 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Very nice Welcome to numista I wonder what the symbols represent ? ~ it is somewhat different in this aspect compared to the usual love token with just initials and a sentiment. Alchemy comes to mind lol

oriental token need translation
Posté le : 17-01-2019, 16h33 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Japanese, katakana syllabary~ it says sentaa (centre). Katakana is used most often for words borrowed from other languages. It is probably for a an arcade or gaming centre.

What is the exact date in this coin? can anyone read this? silver 22 mm diamter
Posté le : 17-01-2019, 16h28 dans Coin identifications and valuations

~ Oops, looks like someone already answered before I sent my reply • Nice coin, really like these ~

How do you tell if a coin is from a shipwreck?
Posté le : 16-01-2019, 21h01 dans Numismatic questions

This one does fit to be a coin from the El Cazador shipwreck~ The ship sank in 1784 in the Gulf of Mexico, south of New Orleans, Louisiana. It was travelling with coins from the mint in Mexico City, en route to Louisiana when it sank, possibly due to a winter storm. It was rediscovered in 1993, when coins from the wreck were ensnared in the nets of the fishing boat ‘Mistake’ (the boat was trawling for shrimp). The captain of the boat filed a salvage claim, and eventually many more coins were salvaged from the wreck. • These coins all bear the Mexico City mintmark, and the date of 1783~ although I think there could be some some slightly earlier dates in there, can’t recall at moment. Although I am not positive, I think all Mexico City coins with the 1783 date are from this wreck. Maybe someone else here can clarify this for sure. • Your coin also does appear to have the distinctive ‘shipwreck effect’, and probably was inside a clump of coins when first retrieved, as it is[...]

[résolu] What condition is this German 5 Mark
Posté le : 14-01-2019, 8h09 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Wondering if at some point in its life it was in a bezel, and someone either wore it on a watch fob, or in a necklace. This would account for the more noticeable wear to central portions. • Still even though common, not a bad coin. Be sure to keep on the lookout for the other mintmarks, as these are almost always in lower mintages than coins from Berlin mint

Value of uncirculated US quarters sold as a roll vs separately (1999 to 2007) ?
Posté le : 11-01-2019, 0h05 dans Numismatic questions

If you have United States mint rolls for each of the different years, then these do bring a premium~you would not want to break them out.

Post office: "What does the shipment contain?"
Posté le : 09-01-2019, 23h59 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "worth"​I also use "hobby supplies" and haven't had any problems. The clerks at the Post Office know I am mailing coins but agree it would invite theft if I put that on the form.​“Hobby supplies”, is a good one, I think. I would rather leave little chance for anyone to have a clue as to what is in the package~even if you have never had an issue with something getting ‘lost’, it could still happen, and is best not to take the chance if there is something that you can do to help prevent it.

1890 ¼ Anna - Victoria / Grade Please
Posté le : 08-01-2019, 8h54 dans Coin identifications and valuations

It looks to be Very Fine, although the lightning issues you mention make it a little difficult to be sure. Your second question answer is known as a die crack. Here is a link to an article that explains die cracks and die breaks ~

Merry Christmas to everyone!
Posté le : 26-12-2018, 0h48 dans Free discussion

Merry Christmas, everyone!

[résolu] Medieval coin
Posté le : 18-12-2018, 22h00 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Nice coin

[résolu] Joint coinage of Löwenstein-Wertheim 1 kreuzer 1800-1806
Posté le : 18-12-2018, 21h57 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Also, cool coin~ i have always liked these

Confederate States of America -- Authentic or Fake?
Posté le : 18-12-2018, 21h48 dans Banknotes

Another thing with the copies, is that they were artificially aged, so they will be a yellow-brown shade, or more brownish looking, and often are very rigid and crisp- almost seems they were soaked with tea leaves. Besides the cereal box promotion (think was cheerios), they were sold in packs of 5 or more in souvenir shops (i think they are still producing them for sale in shops/online). I am fairly certain these had the word ‘copy’ on them somewhere, and of course they also had the distinctive very dark facsimile signatures/dating. Although some inks can remain dark after many years, if you compare a copy with a real note, there are differences that should be noticeable- such as the copy with the portions that should be hand-inked, everything will look a solid dark shade overall. The original will have more of an uneven look with main inked lettering/numerals darker, but sort of gradually fading into the paper toward termination of pen stroke. • Here is an example of an origi[...]

liard Prince-bishopric of Liege
Posté le : 09-12-2018, 3h07 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "PetrusAscanus"​I would like to have a correct determination for this coin, so I can add it to the catalog (if it does not exist there) • ​But I have so many contradictions: • ​ • ​With Medusa head (arms of Logne) • ​ • ​23,6mm, 4gr • ​De Chestret 21c Var • ​or S-M20 Var • ​Dengis 1064 • ​KM# ? • ​Date?? • ​Stavelot Abbey, Louveigne mint? • ​This is one of the variaties with legend almost the same on both sides • ​EPISCO.LEO.MAR.FRANC.COM.LONG. • ​ • ​Thanks for any help​Your coin is in a much better state than the one currently pictured in the catalogue, so would still be great to add the pictures of your coin to the page

Machine struck / hammered by country
Posté le : 07-12-2018, 23h16 dans Numismatic questions

Here is a link to one of the articles:

Newbies first coin cleaning!!
Posté le : 05-12-2018, 5h35 dans Coin identifications and valuations

What are you using to soak it in? And is it actually covered in mud, or is it some sort of hardened concretion?

Could anyone help me with grade and value on this German Empire 3 Mark from 1913?
Posté le : 03-12-2018, 3h26 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Agree with CassTaylor, cannot give an idea of true grade without better pictures. From what I can see, I would say the coin is at least a Very Fine/Extra Fine (also with the photos not being clear, I cannot tell if there are any issues that would cause the coin to receive a details grade). • This coin is not a scarce coin (mintage of 999,000). The coin itself is this coin, in case you haven’t already found it here on Numista: • The history behind the coin is very interesting (it commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Leipzig, fought between Napoleon and the armies of the 6th Coalition), and features the Battle of Nations monument on the obverse.

[résolu] (Probably) medieval european coin
Posté le : 30-11-2018, 22h58 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I am thinking Eastern Europe as well~ looks somewhat familiar, just can’t place it.

Nepalese Rupees giveaway
Posté le : 30-11-2018, 22h30 dans Free discussion

Are there any still available? I do not have this coin and would be happy to accept one if still available

[résolu] Authenticity check: Elizabeth I threepence 1574
Posté le : 30-11-2018, 22h18 dans Coin identifications and valuations

It looks good. Here is a link to one with the ‘4’ same as yours ~ it should be coin number 29 on the page: • • Also due to wear and what looks to be clipping at some point in its life, the weight can be expected to be a bit off. (Notice the differences in weight among the examples on the linked page, which have less wear than yours).

Is this a coin?
Posté le : 30-11-2018, 22h00 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Can’t help but like that your Numista name means ‘help me’, in Japanese • Welcome to Numista

Fake Ruble
Posté le : 29-11-2018, 22h17 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I have one, although the date is gone- only a ‘1’ is visible. It is of Catherine the Great. The weight is off considerably, and it has what appears to be brass showing through. Mine has overall a great deal of wear (much more than the one of the original thread post), so am wondering if mine is actually a contemporary counterfeit. If a grade could be assigned to the one i have, i would say it would be ‘good’, at most. Can’t post any pictures of it right now, but hopefully can within next week or so. (I purchased mine as an unoriginal coin).

Posté le : 29-11-2018, 7h33 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "CassTaylor"​Not a fantasy, but perhaps an advertising token for cigarettes.​oops, i was too late in reply

Is this a coin or a button?
Posté le : 28-11-2018, 20h42 dans Coin identifications and valuations

It looks to be a button, probably 18th-mid 19th century. What is the size, or an approximation?

Carlos III 2 reales - 1777?
Posté le : 28-11-2018, 20h39 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "Cuthwellis"​Thank you! That’s very fascinating. I didn’t know about such Cuban countermarks and this is what’s so lovely about coin collecting (to me, at least) — you learn history from unexpected things so often! Another unexpected thing is that this would be the first Cuban coin in my collection. • ​ • ​The closest Numista page I can find is but it’s not PJ but CF...should I create a new page or add some info or just make a note for myself, I wonder? • ​ • ​Well, anyway, this was really interesting — so again, thank you!​Very nice coin I would go ahead and try to see if you can add a new page- there are several other varieties listed, so this should be not a problem.

20 Kreuzer - Joseph II
Posté le : 21-11-2018, 22h37 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I would say very good to fine.

Where can I get this coin for a good price
Posté le : 14-11-2018, 4h58 dans Numismatic questions

Was not familiar with these- very nice coin

[résolu] 1678 German 1/16th Thale coin ?
Posté le : 11-11-2018, 0h00 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "Briggsey_123"​Thank you very much Idolenz for your identification of this German coin, as I was beginning to question it's realness. Regards Mark .​If you would, please add your coin to the Numista catalogue

Scottish hammered halfpenny?
Posté le : 10-11-2018, 23h54 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Great find

[résolu] Coin or not?
Posté le : 10-11-2018, 23h50 dans Coin identifications and valuations

What is the size and weight? Also what metal does it appear to be? I am thinking probably French military accoutrement (maybe circa 1700’s) of some sort. Here is also an excellent place to post your find for identification :

Any clue what this is?
Posté le : 09-11-2018, 21h48 dans Coin identifications and valuations

A one piece (also known as a coin button, due to its round, flat shape) button that is missing the shank (eye, for attaching to clothing). “Rich Orange” indicates the plating quality of the button. Other backmarks commonly found are ‘treble gilt’, ‘extra rich quality’, ‘double gilt’, etc. • Here is a link detailing more information on your button backmark: • I usually soak things such as this in olive oil to soften up the sediment that has built up on the item. After soaking for at least several days, remove from the oil, and try cleaning with a soapy toothbrush (Dawn dish liquid is excellent to use). If still has a layer of build up, place it back in the oil. (Note~ if the oil has turned green, or is otherwise dirty, then change the oil- you only need enough to cover the item- so a small container is best for soaking). The link also includes another cleaning method you might want to try-or alter[...]

Ground Zero Recovery Silver
Posté le : 07-11-2018, 5h43 dans Numismatic questions

Silver plated collectible. Apparently privately minted issue from N. Mariana Islands, according to sellers description. Seems like a gimmick type item, in my opinion.

Mint error or intentional damage? German Rentenpfennig
Posté le : 25-10-2018, 1h22 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Glad I was able to help

[résolu] How much does a solder or loop lower the host coin's value by?
Posté le : 25-10-2018, 1h09 dans Numismatic questions

I would say that it would be on a per coin basis- if there is just a loop soldered at the reeding (or on a non-reeded coin, in this same location, that minimally affects the coin, and can be easily removed by a professional with little damage to the coin) than I would think this would not be too much of a problem as to much reduction in value. One that has been made into a pin, or has a lot of solder extending to the obverse/reverse of the coin that is impossible to remove without very noticeable damage to fields would be probably just a space filler, and have very low numismatic value. Although if the latter example is extremely rare, there would i expect, probably still be a premium attached to such a coin. • As for the former, from what i have seen with so many of the usually larger size German states coins often having the minor loop issue due to their most often being worn as talismans, these are often still sold at respectable prices • Here is a grouping of 1617 S[...]

[résolu] Metal detecting
Posté le : 25-10-2018, 0h07 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "VintageCoin"​Hello. • ​I want to buy good metal detector for beginners. • ​Anyone has any experience with metal detecting for coins? • ​I want to get max price 200 euro ..​Along with the good advice given by cro321, here is a good site to check, that may be of help to you ~ - I checked also the Kellyco site, but I am not sure the extent of their worldwide shipping. The company i have linked ships worldwide, except to countries with trade restrictions. The Tesoro detectors on the linked page offer some lower priced models, and these are good quality machines. (I have a Tesoro Cortes, which is a more expensive model, due to it having more features- but i know people that have used the basic models, and have found them to be very good). These are also lightweight machines, so you can detect all day without getting tired. For your budget, this would probably be your best choice to get a new, quality detec[...]

Philip III fractional reale? Please help with positive I.D.
Posté le : 08-10-2018, 5h35 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "SStefanov"​Hey there, • ​ • ​Here is your mysterious coin: • ​ • ​It's Kingdom of Naples. Everything can be found, trust me. That's why we are here, to provide help. • ​ • ​The others are easy to identify, do you need help with any other coin ? • ​ • ​Kind regards, • ​ • ​StefThank you very much for your help. It hadn’t occurred to me that it could be anything other than a fractional reale. (It was sold to me as a 1/4 reale, so I think that affected my mindset as to origin of the coin). Also, I noticed on the numista page two listings for the coin, one with ‘​ND (1611-1621) C/FC’, and the other just ‘ND (1611-1621)’. Do you know what the difference is between these two, so I can list my coin properly? • And lastly, in picture 1 and 3, there is, beneath the legend, what appears to be either a letter ‘P’, or possibly a ‘Q’ that is a bit sid[...]

Japanese, but what is it?
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Citation: "Idolenz"​You have to get a better picture of the stamped characters above GOVERNOR ... it doesn't look like it says genuine silver (純銀) but something with silver.​To Original Poster: Agree, as to needing a better picture of the 2 kanji above governor. The one to the left is not clear enough to determine. Kanji to right can be seen more clearly, and is one of the characters used for silver. Please try to take a picture focusing closely on the 2 kanji, so we can help with this.

1817 Saxony Thaler Valuation
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Here are some in the series currently for sale, in several grades for comparison: • 1817: • High grade example from 1818: • And from 1820: • 1819, similar state to the one you posted: • 1821: • Hope this is of some help to you

To Grade or not to Grade! #2 1 Florin 1866 A
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As for grade, I would say Extra Fine details, as there are some hairlines noticeable on the obverse.

Is eBay trustworthy?
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Citation: "Nijadeen"​Hi guys! • ​I'm new to coin collecting both as a hobby (started about a year ago) and as a member of this community (joined yesterday). As a newbie, since day one, I had this question: Are sites like eBay trustworthy to buy coins from? Or do people prefer to swap coins online in terms of safety? • ​Thank you!​I buy quite a few coins from eBay sellers. As CassTaylor mentioned, it is basically like real life marketplaces, there are good and bad sellers. Also, eBay does have a money back policy if you end up with a coin that is sold as original and you find to be fake after receiving. So far i have had no issues such as this, although i have seen some sellers offering coins as original that are unquestionably copies. Russia, Ukraine, China and India sellers you must exercise extra caution with, as the majority of fakes are coming from those places. Also a lot of sellers start off auctions with very low opening bids, this is not unusual, and is [...]

US Confederate Bills and Coins + Pre-Federal
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Citation: "gridironshowcase"​Hey all. • ​ • ​Hopefully some people remember me, I was new about a year ago and had a little free time this semester to take a look at coins again. • ​ • ​Onto my question, does anybody know of some inexpensive Pre-Federal colony coins or U.S. Confederate bills and coins to collect? I have only dipped my toes in buying a horse pulling cannon bill and was curious if anybody know of some good coins or other bills to get started with collecting Confederate stuff. Thanks!​I have a small collection of confederate central government issued notes, also another group of notes issued by state and city governments-as well as some Louisiana parish notes, which are a bit scarcer generally. (Probably about 30 - 35 notes total). Also one scarce U.S. fractional note specimen (Grant/Sherman). So I do have a bit of knowledge on these. Please feel free to ask any questions, and will try to help.

What countries do you collect?
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A good variety: • Mostly pre-1850 European states coinage, with focus on German states. • Napoleonic empire related. • Japanese coinage Tokugawa shogunate through Meiji era. • British empire, mostly pre-1936. • To a lesser extent (mostly silver and pre-1900) : Latin American, • middle eastern states, coins of the ancient world (mostly roman and greek) • and some united states coinage. • Any others that I find appealing.

Persian script coin from India - Identification needed
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Citation: "tcust"​Can anyone identify what's written on these or the era/mint they are from? • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​Thank you!​Check here first, to try to identify issuing state:

[résolu] Medieval coin, Germany or Netherlands?
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​Lithuania ~ Here is one that is very similar: • • Not sure of value of coin you posted, but I know many of these types can be found at inexpensive prices.

[résolu] Pentagon shaped coin for identification. Possibly silver, possibly indian states?
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Citation: "neilithicman"​ • Citation: "Napoleon1"​ • ​ • Citation: "neilithicman"​Ohh, I think I may have found it, it looks like this one, can anyone confirm? • ​​​ • ​​​​​​Oops, looks like you found it right before i posted my comment ​​Nice to get the confirmation. I think it's my new favourite coin :D ​Happy to help

Suspected fake doppeltaler~ lippe-detmold 1843
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This seller has currently 3 coins listed on ebay. If real, all are higher value coins. Looking at his past feedback shows he has sold another coin with same date and grade as the one in linked page (the previously sold coin ended up with 38 bids, and current coin as of now has 18 bids). Other coins past and present look suspect, in my opinion. • I am not intending on bidding on any of these, but I wanted to ask for other opinions, in hope maybe could help others from being deceived. • link to coin in question~

Non-circulating coin with a mintage of 37 million?
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Citation: "Essor Prof"​Unbelievable. I wonder who they can fool for 350 $, "a very rare 1877 coin". I can believe it's very rare: an 1877 Elizabeth II coin. In 1877 they couldn't even know there ever would be an Elizabeth II. It's a pity not all the forgers are so stupid as this one.​Actually it looks like they are selling 350 pieces for the lot price of 345 dollars. Seller is out of Bangladesh, which is something I haven’t seen before.

Please, what is its value, quality, and how much it costs1907
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Common date, low grade- well under 1 euro value

[résolu] Sarawak KM11 Fake or Real?
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South Peru (Cuzco) 8 reales is one of the more realistic looking ones, but at that price, would say is a fake. As mentioned by others most all of them have the unrealistic look of fakes. Also always good to use extra caution with sellers from Russian federation, and some other areas of Eastern Europe, as i have seen a decent number selling fakes. (Saw several recently selling fake talers as real). And looking at his past feedback, more fake coins...

a small coin with only a date
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I would say this would be Würzburg. In addition to being Archbishop of Mainz (1647~1673} Johann Philipp was earlier Bishop of Würzburg from 1642~73, among other titles. The arms to right represent Würzburg/Franken ( Würzburg located within Franken~ Schönborn family lands) Coins for Mainz I think use a more elaborate set of arms. And as Cycnos stated, Schönborn arms at bottom. • Cycnos was on the right path, although I also cannot find this coin. Also a different denomination, the closest I can find is this: • Hope this helps somewhat

Would you buy this lot? Advice for a newbie
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Citation: "WHATEVERR"​ • Citation: "Merv"​ • ​ • Citation: "WHATEVERR"​ • ​​ • ​ • Citation: "Camerinvs"​Yes, and I was wondering how much for postage? With such lots you often end up with an 20-30% extra expense just because of the weight.​​​​Ah no postage, its in my town, i'd go pick it up. Decided to follow the advice here and seek better grades. ​​​If it is in your town have you tried to contact the seller, see if you can have a look at the coins & maybe knock the price down if you like them.​​They said they would do £40. I might go look today. Concerned about those flips they are stored in, look like cheap pvc ones. From what i can see, this looks to be worth well over the asking price​-there appear to be at least 2 crowns, several half crowns and florins (12 or more, would say)-a large number of 6 pence, 3 pence, and some shillings-my guess for what can be seen of just the larger coin and 6 p[...]

Nürnberg 2.5 kreuzer, trying to find more information
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Citation: "apuking"​F for coins minted in 1760 and R for 1763 and 1764. • ​the letters F and R indicate the mintmasters name. • ​ • ​Krauses information here is not correct containing the mintmark. • ​ • ​can you add the coin to our catalogue? As I think we do not have that coin in yet. • ​ • ​thank you, • ​ • ​Paul​Thank you for the help and clarification. I do not yet have the coin, as I am purchasing it on a lay-a-way plan-but once I get it I will add it to the catalogue. • Could you suggest any good reference books that would help in further research and learning? • Thank you again