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U.S. coins
Posté le : 12-03-2020, 2h41 dans Free discussion

Yes, the US Mint produces way too many coins - but only because it has to. • Our law says the mint must produce enough coins to meet consumer demand. The consumers are the banks who order the coins from the Federal Reserve banks. The problem is that the public gets our coins in change from stors but many of us don't spend them very often. Many people dump the coins in jars or drawers or the garbage. They just can't be bothered with them. So every year the min produces coins to replace coins that aren't missing, they're just hiding. It's a huge waste of resources especially for our one- and five-cent coins which cost more to mint than their face value. (Look up seignorage for more details.) • Also, the US Congress has ordered many long-running coin programs (especially dollar coins, etc) that the public rarely use but the mint is forced to produce. There are now hundreds of millions of dollar coins stockpiled in banks. This happened with our Susan B Anthony dollar coins to[...]

[résolu] Reddit
Posté le : 11-03-2020, 1h06 dans Free discussion

I tried to sell on r/coins4sale a couple times but gave up for all the trolls... • First you create a reddit account • Second you create account on an image website • Third you photograph the coin / coins with your name and date • Fourth you post the images to the image website • Fifth you list your coin / coins along with the link to the images • Then you wade through the trolls who mock your coins or try to lowball your prices etc. • The reddit mods are good about stomping trolls but it's a lot of work. Even if you find a buyer you have to arrange payment and shipping with no guarantees on getting paid even if and when the buyer gets the coin / coins. • People do sell coins on reddit every day so it's a real option, but be prepared for the time and energy it will take. And always proceeed with caution - you will get scammed if you're not careful and there are no recourses. • PS: postal insurance doesn't always cover coins[...]

[résolu] Costa Rica - 10 centavos - 1972: page not published
Posté le : 05-03-2020, 21h29 dans Numista coin catalogue

Thanks for the new link... • I came across the rejected link via google and I'm glad to see that you deleted the page now :)

Shipping Coins from USA, Please Advice
Posté le : 03-03-2020, 5h37 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "Cerulean"​I have never been able to use the kiosk for international mail, even letters.​This is very strange - I *only* use the kiosk for international post - the clerks were robbing me blind for awhile charging me parcel rate on every letter I sent! • Once I switched to the kiosk I've never paid parcel rate again, and I used the same machine for 20+ international letters. I just sent two heavy letters to the UK last week... • Maybe ask a clerk to help you with the kiosk? Maybe it's interface is wonky? Take another look - might be missing a button?

Back from Guate & Honduras
Posté le : 28-02-2020, 18h18 dans Swaps and trades

How was your trip...? • Did you find yourself using local currency or did you bring some greenbacks...? • PS: I know you're from Canada but I don't think they accept your dollars down there?

[résolu] Circulated Banknotes
Posté le : 28-02-2020, 17h49 dans Banknotes

I'm interested in those notes - please take a look at my swap list. • PS: I'm rebuilding my list after a major swap, but the website's been wonky so more coins are coming ;)

What's your opinion on Nazi coins?
Posté le : 28-02-2020, 17h46 dans Free discussion

I have several Nazi-era coins in my swap list right now - the coins don't bother me at all. • In fact, I like the designs, despite the ideology they represented. • I'm from the US and our history is far far from perfect ... • We even celebrate Columbus despite his atrocities.

34 German coins for swap
Posté le : 23-02-2020, 21h55 dans Swaps and trades

Hi - • I'm rebuilding my swaplist and just added 34 coins from Germany and East Germany. • I'd like to swap all 34 coins at once, so if you're looking to build your German coin selection here's your chance! • Please take a look at my swap list - and thanks for reading this...! • PS: I can also sell the coins if interested. Either way, please PM with offers.

Post NL changed the rules
Posté le : 14-02-2020, 6h20 dans Swaps and trades

Very true! I found thisproblem in the US for the last few years. • Any international mail I send the postal clerk asks what's inside. • If I say "letter" - OK, no problem. • If I say "coins" or "gift" - they demad a customs form. • To "beat the system" I send a few coins in each letter. • On big swaps I might send two or three letters. • It's $1.15 per letter but no forms or questions. • I also use a greeting card and envelope for packaging. • That gives the coins some protection. So far so good!

[résolu] Sovereign To buy
Posté le : 31-01-2020, 17h17 dans Swaps and trades

@Mariosd31 - • I see that you're from Cyprus...? • I'm sure there are some fine members in Cyprus, but I've had at least a dozen suspicious swap offers from new members in Cyprus. I don't even respond to them anymore. I just asume it's the same person using different names trying to scam people here. It'll be tough for you to find any takers on this thread. • Caveat emptor.

Anyone found some 2020 coins in circulation yet?
Posté le : 28-01-2020, 17h33 dans Free discussion

I got my first 2020 US quarter today - It's from the Denver mint (see the little D). • Seriously though, it'll be 4 or 5 months before I see anything new :(

Does nobody read what a potential trading partner is looking for?
Posté le : 28-01-2020, 17h25 dans Swaps and trades

Sad but true: • When I started here I only listed coins in my personal collection. I just wanted a nice catalog of my coins for my reference. (Numista has the best catalog on the Internet.) • I wasn't looking for swaps so I didn't list any coins for exchange. Even so, in the first month I got a dozen swap requests - and everybody wanted my silver...! • So I deleted every coin in my collection, and listed some coins for swap. The first couple months were rough. The vultures were hovering around me and it was a lot of work wading through all the scammy swap offers. • Eventually, the vultures moved on to other prey and I have since made a couple dozen very nice swaps. • I'm guessing that this happens to everybody on here. Stick with it - the good swappers are out there and soon you'll mke some good swaps and some good friends.

[résolu] Swap List For Sale - One Bulk Lot (GONE)
Posté le : 26-01-2020, 18h07 dans Swaps and trades

GONE - thanks for looking but my entire swap list is now gone...

US $2 Star Note Error?
Posté le : 26-01-2020, 15h33 dans Banknotes

I agree with Derf - • The BEP sells banknotes in uncut sheets to collectors and tourists... Looks like someone (maybe a kid?) got a sheet as a gift and cut these by hand... Darn shame too - that would have bee a nice present a long ime ago.

[résolu] I have a dime.
Posté le : 25-01-2020, 4h44 dans Numismatic questions

Looks like a mint error but I'm not an expert. • PS: I took a tour of the Denver Mint a couple years ago. The tour guide described the security measures that mint employees go through every day. He said that the metal detectors are so sensitive that they can identify the faintest trace of metal. As an example, he mentioned an employees who tried to sneak out a coin between his toes in a steel-toe boot but the metal detector spotted it. The guy went to jail. So I know that employees try to sneak coins out but I doubt very many sneak out anymore...

Selling Coins in Swap List?
Posté le : 21-01-2020, 14h43 dans Free discussion

Hi - • I've been on numista for awhile now, made some really good swaps, and generally have a pretty good time. I really like the coin catalogue and rely on that almost every day for sorting my collection. This is why I use numista in the first place... • I started swapping coins here on a lark. I had a few hundred coins listed in my personal collection and started getting requests for them. At first I ignored the requests (I didn't have anything listed for exhange, just my personal collection), but then I gave it a try... Today I have about a thousand coins in my swap list and get a lot of requests, but it can be hard to negotiate a fair swap, pick the coins from my collection, pack everything, mail everything, and wait for the coins or banknotes in return. You know the drill, we've all done this. So even though I enjoy swapping, I just can't do it anymore. • So my question: has anyone here ever just sold off all the coins in their swap list? What's the best way t[...]

Banknote Swap Part 4 - GONE!
Posté le : 20-01-2020, 23h41 dans Banknotes

Bump - January 20 • A few more swaps underway... • See anything you like? Please PM with offers...

Banknote Swap Part 3 GONE
Posté le : 16-01-2020, 14h30 dans Banknotes

Bump - I forgot that I created this thread a couple months ago! • Sorry I didn't keep up with this list but all notes still listed above are available... • PM if interested in these banknotes. • TCon>

Chad 1000 francs 1980
Posté le : 14-01-2020, 20h48 dans Swaps and trades

Hi! • Please look at my banknote swap list. Maybe we can swap? • • TCon>

World Banknotes for swap or for sell.
Posté le : 14-01-2020, 20h38 dans Banknotes

Hi - • Please take a look at my banknote swap list. Maybe we can swap? • • TCon>

Bank of Canada to make new $5 note
Posté le : 13-01-2020, 22h33 dans Banknotes

Neil Peart...!!!! • RIP.

Big Swap List - Bulk Lots (Updated 29 Dec)
Posté le : 30-12-2019, 3h06 dans Swaps and trades

Hi crruisercharlie... • I'm just back from vacation. If you're looking for bulk lots of Canadian coins I have a ton: • 0.01 x 288 • 0.05 x 813 • 0.10 x 1699 • 0.25 x 1935 • 1.00 x 447 • 2.00 x 365 • I posted the quarters for bulk swap awhile ago. They're all modern issues (1969 and later) but have a bunch of the circulating commemoratives in there. For the Canadian coins, I'm looking for a swap at face value plus shipping. Here's the link: •

Canadian Quarters for Swap - HUGE LOT
Posté le : 30-12-2019, 3h03 dans Swaps and trades

Bump - still available and I added another batch of coins to the lot... 1,935 coins at face value plus shipping now.

Merry Christmas
Posté le : 21-12-2019, 0h02 dans Free discussion

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... • I'll be on the road for the next week so no new swaps for me. • Everyone please drive safely and see you in the new year... • TCon>

Domestic coins erroniously struck on Foreign planchets
Posté le : 13-12-2019, 2h27 dans Free discussion

I agree with derf on this one. Not a mint error...

[résolu] Spain 1982 Soccer World Cup (1980) Coin Set
Posté le : 07-12-2019, 3h51 dans Swaps and trades


Looking for 1977 coins
Posté le : 02-12-2019, 5h22 dans Swaps and trades

Do you need these: • CFP Franc • 2 Francs (with IEOM) KM# 10 • 1977 (fr) Type 1; dauphin • Ireland • 50 Pence KM# 24 • 1977 • Panama • 1 Centésimo KM# 22 • 1977 • Let me know...

Looking for Iraqi banknotes
Posté le : 22-11-2019, 0h30 dans Banknotes

PM sent.

How many different countries have you had trades with?
Posté le : 20-11-2019, 6h44 dans Free discussion

I'm fairly new but I'll give this a try: • Brazil • Canada • France • Italy • Portugal • Spain • Thailand • United States • (plus a couple banknotes to Vietnam that disappeared...) • Edited to add Brazil, one of my first swaps.

1995 d penny with monticello on it
Posté le : 19-11-2019, 7h43 dans Numismatic questions

We'll need a better picture please. • In most cases, when a coin shows evidence of a different denomination it is called PMD. That's post-mint-damage. Someone put two coins together in a vise and squeeze them together. That pushes the designs into each other. But without a better photo it's very hard to see what hapened to your coin...

Looking to buy holed silver coins for around melt value
Posté le : 19-11-2019, 5h44 dans Swaps and trades

That's a very interesting request... • Just today, I found a holed Brazil 1000 reis in my silver box. Somebody drilled right through the date so it was a bit harder to identify: • • I like the coin so I'm going to hold on to it, but holed coins are very common, I'm sure you'll have good luck in your quest!

be careful to swap Italy versus USA
Posté le : 17-11-2019, 17h12 dans Swaps and trades

@JRo69 - • Please let us know what happens with those letters / parcels. • It's good to know what works and what doesn't work..!

Has value of Canadian small cents (1937-2012) increased since recall/melting?
Posté le : 15-11-2019, 20h01 dans Numismatic questions

For most of these issues there are millions upon millions of coins minted. I doubt there will ever be a shortage of any date / variety to drive up value. Only coins in high-grade sem to hold much value. • Like many collectors, I saved a few thousand Canadian cents after 2012. But, for the reason stated above (oversupply) I whittled my stash down to a couple hundred coins in the last few months. I kept mostly George VI cents and nickels. • I doubt that the QEII coins will ever be worth more than melt. Same is true of US cents. Wheatbacks (1909-1958) have some value, but most are just worth 2 cents each. And with few exceptions, the Memorial cents (1959 - present) are a total disaster. Very few collectible dates or varieties in there, massive volume available even in high grade. • So, collect the Canadian small cents if you like them, but they're not a big investment.

USPS Complaint Thread - Pricing and Service
Posté le : 14-11-2019, 20h01 dans Free discussion

@Johnspa • I completely agree... too much discretion to the clerks and no chain of command if I object to a policy. I've tried talking to the postmaster but he said "it's in the computer". I said, it's just an envelope, not a parcel... He told me to try FedEx. • One time, a couple weeks ago, I refused to pay what they asked. Then I went to the self check-out machine (whatever it's called) and selected all the right options. Saved 3 bucks and my "package" got delivered just fine a few days later.

[résolu] Painted / Gold-plated / Hologram US Coins
Posté le : 13-11-2019, 4h40 dans Swaps and trades


My Oct Canadian coins i got in change and freinds
Posté le : 09-11-2019, 21h03 dans Free discussion

That's a nice stash of Canadian coinage...! • I have not found a single Canadian coin here in the US in at least two years. I agree that the newer coinage gets sorted out very quickly now (steel / magnetic). • I heard that a lot of Canadian "stackers" are hoarding 55-gallon drums of old Canadian pennies. I know they're not used in change up there but some still sneak into currency down here. Just haven't seen them lately. • I used to save all of my Canadian coinage. I dumped most of the newer stuff a couple years back (steel / magnetic) but I kept the older stuff. One day soon I'll add these to my swap list. Let me know if anyone wants it: •

[résolu] United Kingdom 2000 10-Coin Uncirculated Set (GONE)
Posté le : 09-11-2019, 20h52 dans Swaps and trades


Some one knows
Posté le : 08-11-2019, 5h47 dans Free discussion

Are they "fantasy tokens" or just aftermarket painted coins? Not sure of the diffference, if there is one. • I assume it's a company trying to capitalize on the fire by painting coins and selling them for obscene profit...? • Or maybe a fund-raising effort for repairs...? • PS: here are some painted coins from my collection. I keep meaning to post them for swap. This thread just reminded me! •

Are these real German banknotes and how much are they worth?
Posté le : 06-11-2019, 2h02 dans Banknotes

I checked a website called "" - they have a very good catalogue but I didn't see these particular notes listed. • Keep looking around - you might find them.

How do you usually find your coins?
Posté le : 05-11-2019, 19h42 dans Free discussion

Hi @TheEnabledDisabled3 • What kind of coins do you collect? Do you like Swedish, Danish, French, US etc...? • Send me a PM with your address, maybe I can send a few coins to you. Nothing fancy, just a gift. • I live in the United States and it is getting harder to "find" coins. Many people use credit cards or electronic payments these days. No more payphones or newspaper boxes. Even vending machines accept credit cards now. I find fewer and fewer coins every year.

New Zealand 1981 7-Coin Uncirculated Set
Posté le : 04-11-2019, 1h01 dans Swaps and trades

Set on hold for j-b07. • Will close this thread after swap complete.

World coins chat: Botswana
Posté le : 03-11-2019, 16h21 dans Free discussion

I enjoyed reading this thread. This is why I collect coins: for history and art. • Coincidentally, I recently posted a 1976 Botswana coin set for swap in my Africa coins thread: •

Swap List Updated
Posté le : 02-11-2019, 4h20 dans Swaps and trades

Hi All - • I recently added a few more coins to my swap list. Here's a sample: • 1893 ... 10 Centesimi ... Italy • 1877 ... One Cent ... Hong Kong • 1927 ... 2 Mils ... Palestine • 1878 ... Cinco Centimos ... Spain • 1867 ... 5 Ore ... Sweden • 1923 ... 5 Ore ... Fosterlandet • 1901 ... 1 Cent ... Netherlands • 1925 ... 10 Centavos ... Portugal • 1908 ... Farthing ... Great Britain • All coins are circulated. Please see photos for detail. • Please PM if interested in a swap. •

Post your latest banknotes!
Posté le : 01-11-2019, 18h50 dans Banknotes

2018 "100th Anniversary of The Great War" Commemorative Issue • @numis27 • I have not seen those notes yet - nice!!!

Seoul Korea XXIV Olympiad Silver Proof Set
Posté le : 29-10-2019, 22h01 dans Swaps and trades

For Swap: • Seoul Korea XXIV Olympiad Silver Proof Set • This is a 5-coin set of silver, proof coins issued by the Bank of Korea in 1988. • Please see photos and PM If interested in a swap. Thank you for looking... •

[résolu] FAO and Square
Posté le : 26-10-2019, 15h47 dans Swaps and trades

Good morning - • I have some FAO and squared coins. They're not on my swap list yet. • Is there anything you're looking for in particular? • Please PM. • TCon>

[résolu] US Military Payment Certificates
Posté le : 25-10-2019, 4h52 dans Banknotes

Hey - just for fun, here's a few of mine: •

[résolu] Looking for "Un Peso" banknotes
Posté le : 22-10-2019, 14h40 dans Banknotes

You still looking for un peso notes? • I see you changed the status to solved, but just in case, check my swap thread: • • I have un peso notes from Dominican Republic, Argentina, and Uruguay...

Looking for any of the Japanese Occupation Money for world war II.
Posté le : 22-10-2019, 14h16 dans Banknotes

Good morning - • Please check my swap thread here: • • I have some occupation notes you might like.

Framed 5 Half Dollars
Posté le : 22-10-2019, 14h11 dans Swaps and trades

I'm interested in this. • Maybe we could swap for some of my banknotes? • • •

Old pound coins not accepted in UK stores anymore??!!
Posté le : 21-10-2019, 22h18 dans Free discussion

Citation: "ashlobo"​Well turns out there is still one place that isn’t a bank which will accept my old pound coins • ​ • ​​But do they give out old condoms if you pay in old pound coins?

Banknote swap...
Posté le : 18-10-2019, 0h07 dans Swaps and trades

Banknote swap is going strong! • I added another thread with older notes: • • I can swap for banknotes or coins, let me know what you want!

Coin album
Posté le : 18-10-2019, 0h03 dans Swaps and trades

@worth • You're exactly right! This happened to me today and yesterday. • Both swap envelopes were rejected by the Post Office. • They said they were parcels. • One was a few banknotes in a mylar sleeve and one was some tokens an a padded envelope. • This is awful. It has nothing to do with weight or value of the letters. • I have to reject many swaps because the cost to mail is more than the coin is worth.

Coins value
Posté le : 17-10-2019, 5h19 dans Free discussion

I get your point, but I take these requests with a grain of salt. • I know some are absolutely intimidated by the hobby and don't know what's what. • They hear stories of million-dollars coins but don't even know what a mint mark is... • To them our knowledge is magic. • (But yeah, some people are just lazy.)

Banknotes to swap
Posté le : 06-10-2019, 6h39 dans Banknotes

I clicked on your Colnect link but it asked me to sign in? • I'm not a member there so I couldn't see your swap list.

Why are the swaps not in the swap forum?
Posté le : 02-10-2019, 18h05 dans Banknotes

I thought about swapping at Colcnet or other sites, but I'm happy here. I don't want too many accounts, and Numista has the best features (justnot for banknotes). • I wish Numista would add banknotes to the catalog for swapping, but I don't think that will happen. • Until then, I don't really know what's best for my banknote swap thread. • Hopefully the mods will chime in.

[résolu] Guatemala banknote collectors
Posté le : 25-09-2019, 1h55 dans Banknotes

Sorry - I ended up selling those banknotes and used US dollars on my trip. • I do have a HUGE pile of banknotes that I'll be swapping or selling soon. • Please look for my listings!

Artist looking to BUY bulk leftover WORLD coins for 32" x 58" table
Posté le : 22-09-2019, 23h18 dans Swaps and trades

I have a 30-pound box of world coins that might be perfect for you. • Might be more coins than you need, but it's a great variety of designs, countries, metals, and conditions. • You can buy the box then pick and choose your favorite coins. • Let me know if you're interested. Price negotiable. • PS: PM sent, but posting here just in case.

[résolu] Fiji Penny request / needing 26mm with hole
Posté le : 25-03-2019, 15h21 dans Swaps and trades

I have a 1942 Fiji 1p. Is that what you're looking for?

Alderney "Histoy of the Monarchy" 5 pounds 2007
Posté le : 23-03-2019, 4h23 dans Numista coin catalogue

I'm not a techie so I don't think I'll be able to make those additions. But, for the record, here is a list of all 23 coins in the series: • King Henry III (1216 - 1272) • King Edward I (1272 - 1307) • King Edward II (1307 - 1327) • King Edward III (1327 - 1377) • King Richard II (1377 - 1399) • King Henry IV (1399 - 1413) • King Henry V (1413 - 1422) • King Henry VI (1422 - 1461 & 1470 - 1471) • King Edward IV (1461 - 1470 & 1471 - 1483) • King Edward V (1483) • King Richard III (1483 - 1485) • King Henry VII (1485 - 1509) • King Henry VIII (1509 - 1547) • King Edward VI (1547 - 1553) • Queen Mary I (1553 - 1558) • Queen Elizabeth I (1558 - 1603) • King James I (1603 - 1625) • King Charles I (1625 - 1649) • King Charles II (1660 - 1685) • King James II (1685 - 1688) • King William III and Queen Mary II (1689 - 1694) • King W[...]

Top Tier UK Coins Wanted
Posté le : 20-03-2019, 4h04 dans Swaps and trades

You look like a serious collector who knows your stuff... I'm not in your league but do you have any interest in coins from Alderney? I have a set (23 pieces) of sterling silver coins that I'm ready to swap. Let me know.

[résolu] Big list modern coins ready to swap!
Posté le : 19-03-2019, 2h46 dans Swaps and trades

Claimed - thanks for looking!

Canadian 25 cents
Posté le : 18-03-2019, 0h31 dans Swaps and trades


Mixed Lot Canada Coins to Swap (#2)
Posté le : 18-03-2019, 0h19 dans Swaps and trades

Here's a set of Canadian coins I have ready to swap..: • 35 nickels from the '40s and '50s (including 1 tombac) • 2 half dollars (nickel) • 2 dollar coins (large style, nickel) • All coins are circulated and mixed dates - see photos for detail. • I collect Irish and UK coins and banknotes - but I'm open to ideas... • PM if interested. •

Swapping security
Posté le : 15-03-2019, 19h29 dans Swaps and trades

The PO Box is for my protection - I live in a city and work all day. Packages get nicked off the porch too often! • And I just shipped a couple things to a collector at his PO box this week. No problems on either side. • But I can see why a street address would make the transaction feel more secure - it removes some anonymity. • To each his own.

[résolu] Uncirculated Bank Notes (Mixed Lot)
Posté le : 15-03-2019, 0h20 dans Banknotes

All claimed - thanks!

[résolu] African Coins to Swap (Mixed Lot #2)
Posté le : 14-03-2019, 20h14 dans Swaps and trades

Claimed - see above.

Huge Coin collection swap for Silver bars?
Posté le : 14-03-2019, 17h20 dans Swaps and trades

Thanks for the pics... I don't see any rare dates or varieties, and the coins all appear to be in average, circulated condition so I don't think the coins are "valuable" in that sense. • But I think you should hold onto them. You might not want them now, but you might change your mind in a few years. • Or, if you want to trade or swap them, you can list the coins on this website. Most members want to swap for other coins so I don't know if anyone would offer a silver bar. • I hope that helps!

[résolu] Banknotes: Afghanistan
Posté le : 14-03-2019, 13h15 dans Swaps and trades

Claimed - thanks for looking!

[résolu] Copper / Bronze Coins - Mixed lot
Posté le : 13-03-2019, 20h49 dans Swaps and trades

Claimed - thanks for looking!

[résolu] Great Britain Half-Pennies Short Set
Posté le : 13-03-2019, 2h12 dans Swaps and trades

Swapped - thanks!

[résolu] Great Britain Pennies (1905-1947)
Posté le : 13-03-2019, 2h02 dans Swaps and trades

Claimed - thanks for looking!

[résolu] New Zealand Pre-Decimal Short Set
Posté le : 13-03-2019, 1h34 dans Swaps and trades

Claimed - thanks for looking!

Fun at the Goodwill
Posté le : 12-03-2019, 18h24 dans Free discussion

I wouldn't touch those auctions with a 10 foot pole. Something fishy. Counterfeit / fake coins? Shill bidding? • You're better off going to the local Goodwill and look at the coins before you buy them. Or stick with ebay if you like auctions?

2$50 Escudos meaning
Posté le : 12-03-2019, 4h02 dans Numismatic questions

@ngdawa - I agree completely! Every time we move toward a uniform system we lose a lot of history. Even though uniform systems serve a real purpose we must balance that with preservation. It's called "cultural ecology" and this is a great example. For example, there are many measuring systems around the world besides SI and other calendars besides the Gregorian etc etc. We should always think twice before replacing our heritage. • PS: I have a few of the "2$50" escudos and I kept them just because of that design!

Who else wants a Numista for banknotes - Notista?
Posté le : 12-03-2019, 1h57 dans Banknotes

@Myeackle got it right. I think Numista is a great format for banknotes.

[résolu] British Palestine 1927 2 mils
Posté le : 12-03-2019, 0h55 dans Swaps and trades

British Palestine 1927 2 mils - On hold.

[résolu] Old German Coins (1908 - 1940s)
Posté le : 12-03-2019, 0h45 dans Swaps and trades

This lot is 20+ German coins from 1908 to the 1940s. It's a mix of 1 pfennig to 2 mark coins in circulated condition. I added a few East German coins to the mix just for fun. • Please PM if you're interested in these coins. Thanks for looking. •

[résolu] Euro Coins - Huge Lots to Swap!
Posté le : 11-03-2019, 16h06 dans Swaps and trades

Claimed - thanks for looking!

[résolu] Indian Coins (Mixed Lot)
Posté le : 10-03-2019, 17h08 dans Swaps and trades

Claimed - thanks for looking!

[résolu] African Coins to Swap (Mixed Lot)
Posté le : 10-03-2019, 14h37 dans Swaps and trades

Claimed - thanks for looking!

[résolu] Mexico - 250 Coins in Mixed Lot
Posté le : 07-03-2019, 14h32 dans Swaps and trades

Claimed - thanks for looking!

[résolu] Canadian Coins (Open Swap)
Posté le : 07-03-2019, 3h25 dans Swaps and trades

Claimed - thanks for looking!

Mexico 10 Pesos Silver?
Posté le : 01-03-2019, 14h12 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I was checking the catalog and see that the Mexico 10-peso coin from 1992 - 1995 is listed as having a 0.925 silver center. But the same page doesn't list a Bullion Value for the coin. Am I reading this wrong? •

[résolu] swap or sell my swiss coins
Posté le : 28-02-2019, 13h51 dans Swaps and trades

OK, thanks for the answer. Now I know... BTW: if you get more Swiss Francs please let us know!

Banknotes Catalog??
Posté le : 25-02-2019, 14h03 dans Banknotes

Thanks for the tips - those other websites have good resources, but I really like the system here at Numista. It's very intuitive to a new user like me. I was going to add all my banknotes to my list but then realized I can't! Ooops.

Value of old £10 and £20 banknotes
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Careful with the English notes. Most of the old 5 and 10 pounders have been withdrawn. Looks like your notes are from Series D. They are still collectible but the value varies by condition. Click HERE for more info. • Date last issued: 1992£10 Series D (pictorial series) • Date first issued: 20 February 1975 • Date ceased to be legal tender: 20 May 1994 • Colour: Predominantly brown • Size: 5 7/8" x 3 5/16" (151mm x 85mm) • Design: Harry Eccleston. Florence Nightingale portrayed on reverse. New 'windowed' security thread introduced on 16 July 1987.

World coins chat: British West Indies & East Caribbean States
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Correct me if I'm wrong (again), but aren't the BWI$ and EC$ coinage very similar in design, size, material etc? • That's what made me wonder if the BWI$ coins still circulate.

Where to buy bulk lots of banknotes
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Thanks @CassTaylor I'll go take a look.

exchange coins for tokens
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I have these tokens to trade: • TRANSIT • Los Angeles Transit (1) • SEPTA Southeastern Pennsylvania (2) • MARTA Maryland (1) • MBTA Boston (1) • Mobile City Lines Alabama (1) • Kiev (2) • St Petersburg (2) • NYCTA New York (5) • Santa Monica Bus Lines Califoria (1) • Atlanta Georgia (2) • Omaha and Council Bulffs St. Ry. Co. (1) • SCRTD tokens from 1984 (24) • PHONE • 2 phone tokens in Arabic? • CAR WASH • 4 car wash tokens from the US •

Coins not delivered
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I would send more coins - that way you don't have to feel bad or worry about negative feedback. • BTW: if the second batch gets lost in the mail then you know something is fishy. • Good luck!

Fake UK £2 coins
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Citation: "Moneytane"​They need to bring back the penalties of the old days. • ​100% true. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

[résolu] Too good to be true
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God job you reported him - I used to do that but it's like having a full-time job. There are so many sellers and buyers out there I stopped using ebay... • That's why I like forums like numista to swap coins. I can read some feedback and forum posts and have a convo before settling down to trade. Make me feel a little better.

Coin Shows - Rant warning
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I agree with that rant - and more. The town I live in used to have a couple greats shops and annual shows. But now the best shops are closed and the shows don't come around anymore (venues and city parking are too expensive). • Now I'm left with a couple low-life "gold and silver" shops that do exactly what the OP said: bad mouth customers and lie through their rotten teeth. Most of their sellers are out-of-towners who don't know what they have (I've eavesdropped on the convos) and the buyers get the snowjobs. I still windowshop but haven't bought anything in some time. Don't even get me started on ebay. I know there are some fine sellers out there but I can't wade through the swamp to find them. • Most of my stuff comes from other members on forums like Numista. Trading is the best way to get new material for me.

Thanks - this catalog is great!
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I just want to say THANKS to everyone at Numista for making such a great catalog and forum. I've been lurking for awhile and use the catalog all the time to ID my coins. This is a great resource!

[résolu] Euros at Face Value
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Congrats silver_smith! That sounds like quite a haul. I wish I could find a big lot like that. • PS: I like the euro and UK coins but couldn't go face value. Maybe you do swaps?