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Can anyone help with more info on these Medal / Token / Bronze Stamp?
Posté le : 29-06-2020, 20h14 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Hi Zac, • I don’t know if it helps but on the Glasgow token box there is the inscription “Let Glasgow Flourish” but for me was also a dead end. Hopefully someone will find something. • The Mr Mac token is regarding a oil rig that was commissioned in Scotland. And nowadays is in Liberia. • • But also on this one I can’t find any info regarding the token.

[résolu] Help on chinese coinage - Fake?
Posté le : 23-06-2020, 19h40 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "LCW1991"​Definitely fake for silvers. Coin #2 The English inscription does not match with Chinese., • ​ • ​but big chance that #4 and #5 is genuine. • ​Coin #4 refers to • ​ • ​ • ​ChrisHi Chris, • Thank you so much for the help confirming that the silver coins are fake. • And also to point me in the right direction on coin #4. • Thank you also Gros for helping on coin #5. • One more thing, anyone knows if coin #4 or #5 are valuable? Or just standard coinage made in billions? • Thanks. • Best regards, • Lucas Lorenzi

Selling some of my coins
Posté le : 21-06-2020, 15h34 dans Swaps and trades

Hi everyone, • just added some more coins on eBay yesterday. • If anyone wants to have a look, the link is still the same: • • Best regards, • Lucas Lorenzi.

[résolu] Laundry token WH121
Posté le : 07-05-2020, 9h32 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Hi Indomini16, • I was bored and had extra time, since we are still in lockdown here in the UK. • So, I tried almost all possible combinations on google. At one point, I was able to find something. • I don't remember with which searching words I hit the jackpot and found the similar one. • Best regards, • Lucas Lorenzi.

Hungary silver coins
Posté le : 03-05-2020, 16h17 dans Swaps and trades

Check my swap list, I have some silver coins for swap. • if you’re interested pm. • Best regards, • Lucas Lorenzi

[résolu] I would like to restart with swaps talks (shipping in future)
Posté le : 30-04-2020, 14h55 dans Swaps and trades

Hi Joyce, • Thank you for the feedback. • Keep an eye on my swap list (I'm adding coins almost every week), and maybe we can make a swap in the future. Specially because you're also from the UK, so the cost for posting is not so high. • Best regards, • Lucas Lorenzi.

Looking for Swap Partner from UK
Posté le : 25-04-2020, 9h15 dans Swaps and trades

Hi, • Check my swap list, I have some 2 pound commemorative coins. • But in any case I'll be able to ship the coins just in a couple of weeks. When hopefully the lockdown will be eased. • Best regards, • Lucas Lorenzi.

[résolu] Half Penny 1937 plated?
Posté le : 23-02-2020, 17h04 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Hi everyone, • I got the coin below in one lot of coins. It is a 1937 half penny, but it looks like it was plated, the plating is wearing off at the moment. Does anyone saw anything similar? • Thank you. • Best regards, • Lucas Lorenzi.

[résolu] Help identification asian coins + tokens
Posté le : 15-02-2020, 17h42 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Wow. • I'm really impressed Camerinvs. • Thank you so much for the help. • Best regards, • Lucas Lorenzi.

3 pence Geroge IV, 1828?
Posté le : 30-12-2019, 20h54 dans Numismatic questions

Hi everyone, • I'm not sure if I got lucky, but I bought a job lot of half silver 3 pence (1920 to 1945). Since the ad had just one pic of all the coins stacked up but the price was right, I decided to give it a try. I received the coins and I was sorting them, and I found this one in the middle: • It's missing one number on the date (I think the guy that sold the lot tought it was 1928), but I believe it is a 1828 3 pence. • Let me know what you guys think about this.

250 shillings Somali Republic 2008 - olympics
Posté le : 20-12-2019, 14h43 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Hi Frenchlover, • Thank you for your reply. I understand what you're saying. But if you check on coins for "Somalia", even the circulating ones, they still call themselves as "somali republic". Some examples of circulating coins of 2013: • • • And, in 2008 there is several "supposedly legal tender fantasy issue" on the numista catalogue, as per examples below: • • • So, I would like to get more info on the coin that I got, and if possible find a way to add it to the catalogue also. • Thank you. • Best regards, • Lucas Lorenzi

[résolu] 1 Deutsche Mark 1972
Posté le : 17-11-2019, 9h19 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks. • The picture is a bit different, and I couldn't recognize at first sight. • =)