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Unknown coin
Posté le : 14-01-2020, 16h38 dans Coin identifications and valuations

• if someone knows what coin is it, • please text me. • Daniel.

someone tried to scam me.
Posté le : 12-01-2020, 13h14 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "Anto coin"​Hello! • ​Sorry for what happened to you. I think you can't remove the bad feedback from your page. • ​But, first of all: are you sure that people don't want to swap with you just because they think that you're a scammer? Maybe they don't want to swap with you just because you don't have interesting coins for their collections...for example I'm in numista since December 2018, I sent a lot of messages with swap proposals but only 2 people accepted to swap (other swaps are proposals that I received). • ​ • ​Anyway, now you should raise your feedback. How? • ​I think there is only a solution: you should do everything possible to make the swap safe. So you should send photos of your coins (if you don't do it yet), send by tracked mail (so you can reduce the possibility to lose the parcel) and if necessary you should be ready to send first to demonstrate that you are a trustworthy person. Don't worry, the feedback will grow [...]

[résolu] Metal detecting
Posté le : 11-01-2020, 23h27 dans Numismatic questions

i'll offer you the minelab GO-FIND metal detector. this one is great for a beginner (:

Posté le : 10-01-2020, 16h54 dans Swaps and trades

someone want a trade?