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Canada post
Posté le : 07-03-2018, 2h53 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "smoked_caramel"​I try not to "obuse" the system too much and pretty much never sent coins as lettermail. Light Packet is the type of Canada Post "product" that allows sending non-paper stuff. It only works upto 500 grams.​and how do you send registered?

New Update...
Posté le : 26-02-2018, 3h18 dans Free discussion

not to disrespect the hard work of the administrators but this update takes way longer to add coins..

[résolu] member from New Zealand: Kiwi
Posté le : 08-02-2018, 1h00 dans Swaps and trades

I also have a pending sap with him.. No reply..

where should i buy new coins next week?
Posté le : 02-11-2017, 14h58 dans Swaps and trades

I had put some coins aside but haven't send them yet.. Leave your new address here!

xblamecanadax vs. Hurricane Irma / goodbye for now
Posté le : 01-10-2017, 3h00 dans Swaps and trades

i am going to prepare a package full of canadian coins to help you out buddy..

2017 Canadian Coins
Posté le : 09-04-2017, 22h46 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "MonaSeaclaid"​The frustrating part is that they keep releasing sets with the same coins but a tiny variation or worse still a set with one coin missing.​I believe some coin dealers will have single coins so you just get what you need..

coin collectors by year
Posté le : 02-04-2017, 15h04 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "cpdavey"​I collect coins minted in 2007. My collection list is available so you can check what I already have from that year.​great. I'll PM you soon..

Anyone out there willing to trade American 50 cent pieces for other American or Canadian ones?
Posté le : 08-01-2017, 17h42 dans Swaps and trades

Do you have 50 cent comemoratives from the states?

Merry Christmas
Posté le : 26-12-2016, 6h12 dans Free discussion

Merry Christmas guys! Hope your presents include some good coins!

Canadian Coin Collection - Can anyone out there help? Looking to fill my coin books!!! (20+ Pictures)
Posté le : 24-11-2016, 4h51 dans Swaps and trades

Quite a list here! We swap twice and it was a great experience. . Let me see if I can get you some more of those. .

Posté le : 09-06-2016, 3h47 dans Swaps and trades

I already PM you. You have no ratings so I ask if you agree to send coins first. • No reply..

Canada 1 cent
Posté le : 28-02-2016, 0h16 dans Swaps and trades

i will PM..

I would like to start a swap
Posté le : 28-02-2016, 0h11 dans Swaps and trades

lets give it a try! i will PM you..

Last US dollar and quater 2016!
Posté le : 26-02-2016, 2h02 dans Swaps and trades

Question (Urgent)
Posté le : 25-01-2016, 5h09 dans Swaps and trades

yeh, it happen to me to, and yes they don't like us to send coins ( specially legal tender). other than that, if i really have to declare what it is i put down that is collectable items.

canada 1992, 1999 and 2000
Posté le : 12-12-2015, 23h23 dans Swaps and trades

hey guys. i got a few more set of this coins. ( this time more of 1992) and i have some incomplete sets if you just some of the coins.. the coins are not in my swap list yet so just PM me with what you need..

looking for swaps
Posté le : 10-11-2015, 2h09 dans Swaps and trades

i might be interested.. i'll PM

Trading Serbian and Macedonian coins
Posté le : 10-11-2015, 2h01 dans Swaps and trades

I'll PM you..

Anyone interested in Mexican coins?
Posté le : 10-11-2015, 1h53 dans Swaps and trades

I'll PM you..

Swap banknotes billets banque
Posté le : 22-10-2015, 2h49 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "Fabiano"​​ • oi amigo. eu talvez esteja interressado em algumas notas. carta registada para o brazil fica bastante caro, mas se for so de notas pode ser que tenhamos uma boa troca. se estiver interessado mande mensagem para mim e eu digo lhe o que tenho disponivel..

1992;1999 and 2000 Canadian quarters
Posté le : 19-09-2015, 21h01 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "tonyno1992"​I am not looking for a full set. Is that possible to get some of them separately ?​some of them are incomplete. . PM me your list. . Also check my swap list, we might have a bigger swap..

stamp for coins..
Posté le : 14-09-2015, 1h32 dans Swaps and trades

Hey guys.. is anybody need those stamps? •

Looking coins from Portugal!
Posté le : 14-09-2015, 1h25 dans Swaps and trades

ola filipe, tudo bem? • ve a minha lista, pode ser que tenha algumas que precises..

Foreign Exchange Certificates from cuba
Posté le : 23-08-2015, 0h23 dans Swaps and trades

Hey guys.. is anybody need this ? •

looking for swap
Posté le : 23-08-2015, 0h21 dans Swaps and trades

PM sent..

Collector from Russia is looking for swap partners
Posté le : 20-08-2015, 0h31 dans Swaps and trades

I'll PM you..

Anyone interested in swap ?
Posté le : 13-07-2015, 5h52 dans Swaps and trades

Sure, lets see what happen..

New Ukrainian coin for sale or swap !
Posté le : 08-07-2015, 2h10 dans Swaps and trades

I would like to have one..

Sri Lankan Coins and Notes
Posté le : 22-06-2015, 2h59 dans Swaps and trades

ill PM you..

Banknotes for sale (Africa and Venezuela)
Posté le : 22-06-2015, 2h56 dans Swaps and trades

i would be interested..

Posté le : 21-06-2015, 3h08 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: eyolyHi! • If there are people interested in exchanges with a French member I am available :)PM sent

[résolu] MPCC IV: C (Semifinal 1)
Posté le : 16-06-2015, 4h49 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] MPCC IV: D (Semifinal 2)
Posté le : 16-06-2015, 4h48 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] MPCC IV: B (Semifinal 2)
Posté le : 16-06-2015, 4h47 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


Collectors by date
Posté le : 16-06-2015, 4h41 dans Swaps and trades

Hey guys! I just add a few pounds on my swap list. For those who collect by date (or new collectors) check it out!!

canadian set bills ($5;$10;$20)
Posté le : 15-06-2015, 4h34 dans Swaps and trades

So, Canada has this new polymer bank notes (that I get for whoever needs it) and the older set, the one before that its getting out of circulation. Its actually hard to find in circulation and the UNC in coin shows are ridiculously expensive. So, I've those ones circulated, they are not the best but it probably what we can affordable buy in a few years.. obviously it has $35 face value so I can't and won't give it away. I want to swap them for either coins or bank notes in a balanced trade.. •

[résolu] 1/12 of the shilling from jersey with hole
Posté le : 13-06-2015, 5h03 dans Swaps and trades

I had this coin in my collection for about 3 years till I got a better one. Does anybody need it?? •

Looking for foreign coins
Posté le : 11-06-2015, 2h24 dans Free discussion

Let me PM you , and see what can I do for you..

Working the Junk Bin
Posté le : 10-06-2015, 3h43 dans Free discussion

my trick is try to rich the bottom.. most of people look in the surfice or half way so a always have to see the bottom of the container! well, i think im going to the flea markets this weekend    

2003 UNC Canadian set
Posté le : 07-06-2015, 22h37 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: elvis123Hello, • I will send you a pm, I have a bunch of stuff not listed yet. • RegardsSounds good..

searching for swaps
Posté le : 06-06-2015, 5h21 dans Swaps and trades

I PM you..

[résolu] Canadian tokens
Posté le : 04-06-2015, 3h35 dans Swaps and trades

is anybody interested in this tokens? • im looking for a good swap.. • regular mail if possible..

How do you organize your coin collection?
Posté le : 01-06-2015, 13h28 dans Free discussion

Citation: demeykellyBy the way lykan..your cabinet is just awesome!Thanks

1 lats
Posté le : 31-05-2015, 19h01 dans Free discussion

so, i'm checking all the coins that i'm missing from Latvia, and I don't collect silver. • the website says that the KM#105 is in silver, • but the book that I have sais is copper-nickel.. • is anyone know if this coin has two versions?

"Nordic Gold" Vs "German Silver"
Posté le : 31-05-2015, 18h51 dans Free discussion

I don't know why they call Nordic gold either, but you have a pretty good story right there  

zinc coins
Posté le : 31-05-2015, 16h00 dans Swaps and trades

Yeh, mine are way darker than that..

Local coin shops: the people's list
Posté le : 31-05-2015, 4h17 dans Free discussion

i found at least one coin dealer in every flea market that I when to this day. and some of them have extremely nice coins!

Coins, but also banknotes and stamps!
Posté le : 27-05-2015, 13h25 dans Swaps and trades

Precisas de moedas ou notas do Canada?

Large swap for Canadian coins:
Posté le : 26-05-2015, 2h46 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: EMS911Hi, • I'm interested in swapping coins on my swap list for Canadian coins I don't have. (Large quantities only)What type of coins do you need?

[résolu] Anyone interested in Pacific islands coins?
Posté le : 21-05-2015, 2h54 dans Swaps and trades

I could use one set each.. i'll PM you..

[résolu] Is this of value for anybody?
Posté le : 20-05-2015, 4h02 dans Swaps and trades

the condition might not be the best, but they are pretty old, so its hard to find in good condition.. I could use a few of those..

2cc UNC
Posté le : 20-05-2015, 3h54 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: Redcclise96I'm looking for. Can anybody help?im a bit lost. cc stand for commemorative coin? so why 2? any way i'll PM you and we go from there..

Post office package rejection:
Posté le : 17-05-2015, 5h21 dans Swaps and trades

because a make a solid package , I use to say that is photos..

partners to swap and share knowledge
Posté le : 16-05-2015, 6h01 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: pnightingaleThat's why Numista is such a beautiful idea. I live in Florida and I can find coins from South / Central America and the Caribbean all day long, even the relatively scarce Cuban coins are easy to find. However British coins are either not available or very expensive. • Makes great sense to swap those issues that I can get easily for those I can't from someone overseas, or even in another part of the US. • I only wish that overseas postage costs had not grown to the point where small or even medium sized swaps are unrealistic.we should make a swap. I have such a hard time to find those coins, and for me UK is just as easy as Canadian. I attempt to a lot of coin shows, I can always look for coins for you guys. • and yes, registered mail is so expensive. people need to realize that you need a good amount of coins or rare/expensive to make it worth it! sometimes I've people asking me for registered mail and we swapping like 5 or 6 coi[...]

Kyrgyzstan Banknotes for swap
Posté le : 16-05-2015, 5h33 dans Swaps and trades

Very much interested.. I'll PM you..

[résolu] Swap for tokens
Posté le : 16-05-2015, 5h30 dans Swaps and trades

I've a few old ones from Canada. if somebody is interested, PM me..

New user interested in swapping
Posté le : 14-05-2015, 4h09 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: luichi24hHi, • I'm a new collector here. I would like to begin to swap coins with people from here. If you are new also that would be great because I think experienced collectors may already have what I am currently have to offer. • Hope to hear from you son.. • Regards, • Luis. (from Spain)well, lets give it a try • Luis (from Portugal, living in Canada)

Austrian coins
Posté le : 14-05-2015, 4h04 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: spataredHello • If anyone collect coins by year, I have a lot of Austrian coins with different years that could swap... • I also have Portuguese coins... • See my doubles list. • Thanksmay be you can help me finish my Austrian sets. I don't collect by year, but by type, so that make it easy. ill see you list and PM you..

US Quarters
Posté le : 14-05-2015, 3h55 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: nthnCitation: lykanI'm looking for a few of those ill PM you the list..I have lots too.I didn't see any on your list that I need, but i'll send you my list..

Olympic games Brazil coin
Posté le : 14-05-2015, 3h50 dans Swaps and trades

I am very interested.. ill PM you..

Portugal 2015 2€CC available
Posté le : 13-05-2015, 3h37 dans Swaps and trades

i would like to have it.. ill PM you..

Posté le : 13-05-2015, 3h28 dans Swaps and trades

I PM you..