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1877-78 Russian doubles grading and sale price questions
Posté le : 27-03-2020, 4h38 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "Grinya"​Don't you want to swap one of them? • ​ • ​Or will you sell on Numista?​I sold both • first for 90euro • second for 60 • now I could buy 1876 one, between xf-au, it's lower mintage, it's finishing in 3 days so I'm waiting, now it's at 50euro • thank you guys

Buying request of two coins
Posté le : 15-03-2020, 8h47 dans Swaps and trades

I could find you Todor Jivkov silver coin from Bulgaria, would you like to choose?

[résolu] 1921 US dollar valuation
Posté le : 27-02-2020, 17h55 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you friend

Greenland coins for sale, 120 euro+shipping
Posté le : 07-12-2019, 14h33 dans Swaps and trades

If some of you guys want to split the lot(and the value) im okay giving 60 for half of the coins ( half,real half like between friends) • I have no wife :D

Suggestion for change to sales policy
Posté le : 28-11-2019, 10h11 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "harryg"​I agree totally. I would also add a separate SALES category in the forum index. The "swaps and trade" category has morphed into a predominate sales board at this point. I joined this site for the purposes of swapping with an occasional purchase as the exception from established and reputable members. There are a multitude of sources I can purchase from. Lets keep this site what it was originally intended to be. A swap and trade site.​i am also for separating SWAPS / TRADES • we all know it's very different • ***or just ban the sales, problem sloved :D • in fact if there is only buying part (where people look for what they wish to have only) it would be more with the bible of that forum, it's not about the profit but only for helping each other getting what we looking for,right?

LOUIS XVI and one more coin for identification
Posté le : 25-11-2019, 18h29 dans Coin identifications and valuations

First one, pretty close to the one from the link but with different mint mark,or? • I have T instead of BB • weight 11.90g • diameter around 29mm • • second one • weight 4.27g • diameter around 25mm •

Belgium 5 francs 1874 valuation
Posté le : 23-11-2019, 19h49 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "Choucas"​Hello, • ​Indeed, it has been cleaned and 35$ is too much. Otherwise, it's a VF​thank you, you saved me money friends

Ancient coins identification and valuation
Posté le : 18-11-2019, 12h54 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "cro321"​Hi Kristian, • ​ • ​All the coin are in very rough shape but judging from the photos coins 1 - 6 are late empire and no7 is medieval. • ​ • ​No2 can probably be identified with some better photos or if you can read parts of the obverse/reverse. • ​ • ​No5 is a cross in wreath type, 5th century, probably Theodosisus II or Valentinian III. Again, if you can read part of the obverse maybe it can be correctly identified. • ​ • ​No3 and No6 can also probably be identified with some better photos. • ​ • ​No7 is most likely medieval not ancient, I don't recognize it's design but should be easy to identified. • ​ • ​As for value it's very low if any.​should I clean them using ultrasound?

[résolu] Italian 5 lire 1872 R
Posté le : 16-11-2019, 16h50 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "cobrapel"​This kind of coins can be easily checked by the edge, this is an example of a real "rosette" • ​​thank you friend. • thanks the rest too

Looking for exchange partners
Posté le : 27-10-2019, 22h05 dans Swaps and trades

Hi i added some new doubles, mostly from Europe but also others. I'm looking for new countries, issuers, and filling some of the country collection in mine that I only had few •​​​​​​PM if youre interested, im okay giving 10,20, .... Coins for one or few if they are rarer or harder to find • Happy collecting all!!

Question about grade, valuation and authenticity
Posté le : 30-09-2019, 12h20 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "Seeker55"​Personally, I would grade the 1635 French coin about G+, because the date and some of the writing is legible, but not all, and overall the coin is in rough shape. For the 1788 duit, again personally, I would grade it F+. The dated side I would give a VF, the other side F, so averaging about F+. Of course others may have differing opinions, and grading depends to some degree on how well struck the original coins of that type were. ​how about price(+-) for those 2, or for all because I will probably take all

Looking for exchange partners
Posté le : 29-08-2019, 7h29 dans Swaps and trades

Feel free to look at my doubles and contact if you want to have exchange with me • Happy collecting to all

Niue weight question
Posté le : 21-08-2019, 19h44 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "PetrusAscanus"​try some silver tests: • ​​Thank you my friend, but that coin is silver plated, so that tests won't help

What do I have here?
Posté le : 11-08-2019, 21h54 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Us cent from 1951(8)

Ancient coin
Posté le : 09-08-2019, 11h47 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: numisquare​o. IMP TITVS CAES VESPASIAN AVG P M • ​head laureate, l. • ​r. TR P VIIII IMP XIIII COS VII PP (a variety has IMP XV; this coin is probably IMP XIIII) • ​Capricorn l.; below, globe • ​ • ​RIC II part 1 p200 #20 • ​ • ​The version with head r. (#19) is given a rarity of C; with head l. a rarity of R2.​ • What's the estimate of that coin? (+-)

Face to face swap in Bulgaria.
Posté le : 11-06-2019, 18h25 dans Swaps and trades

You can visit Veliko Tarnovo, one of a kind city with history, museums and also me you won't regret it

Something British?
Posté le : 28-05-2019, 23h20 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "auscoin"​Looks a lot like this 1776 halfpenny but I can't see it listed in numista • ​​it will be good for my collection if its that, i still cant take decision. It came from North America

Looking for exchange partners
Posté le : 19-04-2019, 17h44 dans Swaps and trades

Hi i added some new doubles, I'm looking for new countries, issuers, and filling some of the country collection in mine that I only had few • ​​​​​​PM if youre interested, im okay giving 10,20, .... Coins for one or few if they are rarer or harder to find • Happy collecting all!!

Grading and valuation Africa
Posté le : 08-03-2019, 8h09 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Both coins i got from exchange, i gave 5 leva silver for them, but that was the 2nd letter, the first with the really nice coins is missing, so i understand that now i maybe "overswapped" for them

South Africa coins for sale (pre union mostly)
Posté le : 05-03-2019, 21h27 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "superman43"​I must admit that 1923 sixpence is gorgeous.​MS for sure, according to my eyes grading system :D

Ship token
Posté le : 02-03-2019, 11h29 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I found it in the catalogue, but i need extra info like mintage,rarity and who mint them •

Boliviano condition question.
Posté le : 01-03-2019, 9h06 dans Coin identifications and valuations

XF possibly cleaned /hairlines

Newest issuer added to your collection (3rd edit)
Posté le : 25-02-2019, 15h47 dans Free discussion

Citation: "CassTaylor"​300 issuers club, here I come! • ​ • ​I got four new issuers in a swap with a Bulgarian member just today: • ​ • ​Issuer 297: Azerbaijan (Country #179) • ​ • ​ • ​Issuer 298: Tatarstan • ​ • ​ • ​Issuer 299: Malay peninsula • ​ • ​ • ​Issuer 300: County of Gorizia • ​ • ​ ​you are welcome :)

1987 ¼ dollar anniversary coin NGC Valuation
Posté le : 17-02-2019, 9h13 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I need valuation, might sell it if I had reasonable offer, know they are rare •

Doubles updated + trying to fill some gaps
Posté le : 15-02-2019, 20h22 dans Swaps and trades

I am adding coins from big lot, mostly European coins so if someone need something please contact

Valuation please
Posté le : 05-02-2019, 16h32 dans Coin identifications and valuations

• I believe it's that one • • P. S. I also wanna know if it's machine struck or hammered

China - Republic 1 Dollar - Yuan Shi-kai (Swap)
Posté le : 20-01-2019, 12h05 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "CassTaylor"​Hello, • ​ • ​I looked in your swap list and I just wanted to let you know, your Yuan Shi Kai dollar is listed on the wrong page; that is the one for the Gansu provincial type, this is the more common Beiyang type:​big difference

Help needed in valuation of Turkish 1000 Lira Jalaladdin Rumi
Posté le : 17-01-2019, 1h34 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "wenhis"​Thank you Cass. • ​Sorry for the quality of these pics but they are the best I could get with my phone. • ​I appreciate any information on this coin.​it looks fake to me

Help with I.D. - found relic hunting - very little to work with
Posté le : 16-01-2019, 23h15 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Think its Hawaiian, check the first photo (or something from mid America) • Not Hawaiian,checked it but I'm sure I've seen the coin from the first photo somewhere

Valuation of dozen coins
Posté le : 13-01-2019, 16h13 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you for the info • ​​​​​​The best offer for buying the lot is 100€ for now, but i still think they worth more, if i dont get more im going to keep them maybe

HMMMM.... 1881 Republica Mexicana - GoS.902.7 , 10 Centavos - that isn't Silver...????
Posté le : 13-01-2019, 0h30 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I think i had the same situation with 1873 one, didn't tested it but thought about that few days ago when I saw it

Acknowledgement Post
Posté le : 10-01-2019, 19h42 dans Swaps and trades

Good job, i also have some bad rating, the person just forgot to add stars.... Still nobody helped me... (That was all i want for christmas too, admins ) • The best way is to make black list of people that are confirmed by others for scammers, but its prohibited I think to tell someone data public... But I'm sure there is something we could do, as a community

Last Scam of 2018
Posté le : 27-12-2018, 17h05 dans Swaps and trades

I have one finished exchange, will inform you guys if anything came from Hungary or I will need to unpack letter... I hate doing that...

Fishy coins - or am I seeing things?
Posté le : 20-12-2018, 18h49 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "pnightingale"​All that feedback is over six months old. If there's any doubt about the legitimacy of what's on offer the following text from his listings should settle the matter - • ​ • ​If for any reason you feel like you may be unhappy with buying this coin or feel like you might complain after receiving it please refrain from bidding. So please find out all concerns before you place a bid. Feel free to ask any questions. Thank you!​"I'm selling fakes so please keep that in mind if you are wise enough to see it "

Ships & commerce token
Posté le : 20-12-2018, 4h11 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "numisquare"​Canadian Colonial Tokens, 5th edition by W.K.Cross has 18 pages of the variations for this token. All of the variations are copper. The gray color and rust pitting on your token indicates it is probably made of iron. Test that by seeing if it is attracted to a magnet. If it is attracted, it is made of iron and a copy. • ​ • ​The measurements are 5.0 to 5.1 grams; 25.9 to 26.2 mm; die axis ↑↑; edge: plain. • ​ • ​The variety is: • ​C. Single H mintmark / Cut knob ampersand / Dot border / Border beads not uniform. • ​ • ​Catalog #PE-10-23 (~1835 AD); Lees #23; W #214.​it's non magnetic, edge is plain, orientation of the sides as you told

Is that collectable
Posté le : 13-12-2018, 19h40 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "andrewdotcoza"​That is a masonic countermark. The compasses and square are among their symbols. • ​ • ​I believe that small copper coins like pennies have a symbolic importance in masonry and are sometimes marked and given out on special occasions. • ​ • ​You can see a few more examples here: • ​ • ​Yours is very nice! Thank you for sharing the pictures.​i know what's the countermark, thats why it has my interest • So what do you think that one worhts? It's for sale for 15 euro, think it's too high but I'm not informed

Machine struck / hammered by country
Posté le : 08-12-2018, 6h20 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "Napoleon1"​I just did a quick online search by typing in ‘bulgaria restrictions on coin collecting’, and from what it appears, this would only be an issue with coins minted in Bulgaria before 1750. The most recent article is from 2014, but they all say that it does not cause an issue with buying/selling coins within the country itself. Just that there is a restriction on exporting certain coins to the United States (although this appears to affect coins that were excavated after the law went into effect). So for coins from other countries, such as Spanish silver hammered reales, etc, these should be ok. (It also would not make sense to restrict coins minted outside Bulgaria, as this has nothing to do with the cultural heritage of the country in question. But mention was made in several of the articles about corruption in the country, and that there is a good possibility that many items that are supposed to go to museums will actually end up with corrupt museum off[...]

Damaged - Bent - Holed
Posté le : 26-11-2018, 20h51 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "Grinya"​If it is a cheap simple modern coin it is going to a trash bin. If not it is going to a special box, but I think this box will also be empted to a trash bin. • ​ • ​but twice I went with such coins to the park and throw out some 18-19 centuries coins there. I hope somebody was happy finding them.​sooooo nice ive done the same throwing some out of my window

Looking to sell or swap some old Russian Empire coins
Posté le : 23-11-2018, 16h34 dans Swaps and trades

Good evening, • First read the rules!

Selling big silver proof coin
Posté le : 22-11-2018, 0h52 dans Swaps and trades

Cook island 2013 5 dollars • 1000 minted • • 70 euro free registered shipping

[résolu] Selling couple Bulgarian coins
Posté le : 22-11-2018, 0h48 dans Swaps and trades

You can delete it

Looking for swap partners
Posté le : 11-11-2018, 20h48 dans Swaps and trades

My doubles are up to date so if you need anything from them inform me so I can look at yours • Best regards and happy collecting

Looking for new countries for my collection
Posté le : 26-10-2018, 20h57 dans Swaps and trades

Doubles updated

Comment change on rating
Posté le : 23-10-2018, 13h12 dans Swaps and trades

I also had one, new user, comment "excellent exchange" and 0 rating... • Told me he gonna write the admin or something similar, but I still have it as black spot at my ratings.

New 100 and 200 euro note designs
Posté le : 23-09-2018, 1h23 dans Banknotes

Will be selling 500 euro unc after 10 years, send PM

Portugal, Ottoman coins for exchange...
Posté le : 14-09-2018, 19h03 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "pnightingale"​Why do you have that Elizabethan Groat in your swap list for $400 after it was clearly identified as a fake and it's even stamped "C(opy)" How many other replicas are you trying to hustle as genuine coins? • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​Do you inform potential swap partners about all the people you ripped off with your previous account "kolekcioner"? • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​The same guy you're exchanging fraudulent feedback with.​Thank you man, you just save my doubles

U.S. Wheat Pennies Avalible
Posté le : 08-09-2018, 7h34 dans Swaps and trades

Check the rules first, you need to tell prices, and you even can't sell them because you are just registered • Regards

How do you get old coins to swap?
Posté le : 03-09-2018, 21h02 dans Swaps and trades

Few variants • -they are digging them from the ground • -they buy one lot with many coins for their collection, and those of the coins are doubles (or they don't like the condition so they prefer to exchange them) • -they found better ones for their collections now • They also means me in those cases

[résolu] Slovakia village Široké coins (Sokol) for trade
Posté le : 25-07-2018, 14h07 dans Swaps and trades

What do you think guys , are those coins for the tokens , or for a new issuer? Because they are valid as payment I am confused

Selling some commemorative coins
Posté le : 16-07-2018, 22h30 dans Swaps and trades

I would like to sell those coins • 50 Stotinki (Universiade)KM# 98 • 1977 AU • 2€ in capsule • • 1 Lev (Socialist Revolution)KM# 74 • 1969 UNC • 4€ in capsule • • 5 Leva (Ivan Vazov) KM# 78 • 1970 1× UNC • 20€ in capsule • ----------- • 1970 Proof • UNC • 20€ in capsule • • 25 Leva (Mother and Child)KM# 134 • 1981 Proof • UNC10€ in capsule • • 500 Leva (World Cup, Two Footballers) KM# 219 • 1996 Proof • UNC15€ in capsule • • 1000 Leva (1998 World Cup - France) KM# 233 • 1997 Proof • UNC30€ in capsule •[...]

[résolu] Anyone need this tokens ?
Posté le : 14-07-2018, 16h54 dans Swaps and trades

For what?

[résolu] I can't see my doubles list
Posté le : 28-06-2018, 8h22 dans Numista website

Yes, I can see them now, thanks to all • Happy collecting

[résolu] Shipping question !
Posté le : 17-06-2018, 8h52 dans Swaps and trades

I'm also waiting to hear someone who is into those x-ray scanners and know how they work and what materials could be used for covering and masking, because I really think that they just see coins covered with foil on them

It's ok?
Posté le : 31-05-2018, 23h16 dans Swaps and trades

When you rate them just write thank you for the gift, or something with the same meaning. Gifts are gifts and have nothing with the swaps i think.

[résolu] FREE 1 Cent Ndebele Legend - ISEWULA AFRIKA
Posté le : 18-05-2018, 20h42 dans Swaps and trades

Thank you

Silver coins 20 roubles Belarus with ships for swap
Posté le : 11-03-2018, 11h58 dans Swaps and trades

Beautiful coins, I really liked those coloring...

Ancient coins
Posté le : 05-03-2018, 21h13 dans Coin identifications and valuations

[résolu] Young collector
Posté le : 04-03-2018, 13h03 dans Swaps and trades

Here you are •

Mardi Gras coins
Posté le : 20-09-2017, 17h37 dans Swaps and trades

It would be better for all if you add photos

Brazil coins
Posté le : 21-08-2017, 22h57 dans Swaps and trades

You can take a look in my collection, I have some but I could only sell them for now. • Regards

Selling silver coins
Posté le : 26-07-2017, 22h37 dans Swaps and trades

The lot is still for sale

Coins theme: trees
Posté le : 14-07-2017, 20h02 dans Numismatic questions

You could try Israeli coins too

Travelling to Thailand and Burma in a few days, any request?
Posté le : 28-06-2017, 20h40 dans Swaps and trades

I need coins from Burma, and Myanmar but primary Burma, if you can I will be very thankful • Regards

Any year swappers? Low cost swaps?
Posté le : 21-03-2017, 19h30 dans Swaps and trades

Me,inform me if interested • Regards

Does anyone have Old Greek and Roman coins for swap?
Posté le : 22-01-2017, 16h05 dans Swaps and trades

I have few, but don't know anything about them, if you want I can send photos again

Any Error Collectors in Here? (Sell or Trade)
Posté le : 06-12-2016, 22h55 dans Swaps and trades

I have some really big errors on some coins,but don't have pictures of them

Does anybody make offers for buying collection?
Posté le : 05-11-2016, 17h53 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "Dutchgalego"​Kristian, • ​ • ​I have an unasked advice for you: Sell your collection country by country. You'll get more buyers and it will deliver much more than all in once. • ​ • ​Best regards, Tony​Thank you my friend, • Maybe i will take that decision, I'm not sure for now and that is why i need someone who needs all, if i don't get good offer, i won't sell them because it isn't that easy to collect 1500types, and i really love that hobby..

[résolu] Something useful
Posté le : 30-09-2016, 20h41 dans Numista website

It would be great if we can click on the VG,F,VF ... coins and see which ones are they, for the metals too if it's an easy task. • If it's possible to separate the"others" group of metals • Best regarts to All

Looking for new countries for my collection
Posté le : 26-09-2016, 21h49 dans Swaps and trades

Soon ago I passed 200, I could say that's half of the road If anyone of the members here have coins from some of the countries listed in my profile and want to help me please contact with me if you think that I might need something from yours. • Best regards for all, • Kristian

½ Euros
Posté le : 16-07-2016, 0h37 dans Swaps and trades

Looking for 1 Euro and 2 Euros (regular and commemorative, any condition of all countries and all years. Swap for my doubles, registrated or regular letter

Selling Bulgarian coin, graded
Posté le : 13-07-2016, 18h05 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "oggy"​Struggling to understand this one, is it a rare variety or something? • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​Cat value at $42 USD in MS60, so probably about $60 or so?​haha you are funny, thank you.. • NGC price guide isn't fair, you can't find in MS condition for only 60$, also for 120,240... it was good try but next time please check the prices before making any offers...

[résolu] Chinese coins
Posté le : 01-07-2016, 14h42 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation ​how can I understand which type is the 2nd coins?

[résolu] Free coins - over 3kg available.
Posté le : 14-04-2016, 14h19 dans Swaps and trades

I wish to have some of your coins in my collection too, if you're still searching for good keepers for them

What are you after? What do you collect?
Posté le : 29-01-2016, 16h51 dans Swaps and trades

What areas of coinage interest Me: • - High graded, low mintage or hard to find, rare. • What else do I collect: • - Errors, oddies and coins from "dead countries" • What am I concentrating on at the moment: • - low mintage coinage, some of the islands too and intresting commemoratives. • - Coins,mainly from countries that are missing in my collection • What I don't want to have: • - Eurocents; - 100M + minted coins; basic easy to find and have from everywhere coins.

[résolu] Some coins to give away
Posté le : 22-01-2016, 19h17 dans Swaps and trades

Interested too :)

[résolu] Unfair swap
Posté le : 13-01-2016, 17h27 dans Swaps and trades

Hi all, • I'm writting this topic for 2 reasons, • first i need your opinion about what I'm supposed to do, i have finished a swap with one of the members here,and our agreement was clear,but he send me lower graded coins,that really matter to me and the fair swap too, so i'm gonna upload the swap agreement and the coins so you can tell me what's your opinion - is he trying to scam me or he's just thinking that i can't see and don't understand the grading system • His part of the deal • His coins • The azerbaidjan coin is even different KM# • Is his grading system not right or i'm expacting more? • The problem is that he wants some coins from my country AND 1 silver coin too, 16g , but he gave me different quallity coins,what i'm suppose to do?

Posté le : 03-12-2015, 21h03 dans Free discussion

I use bubble envelope,the badas comes because they really can't understand what i'm sending and that piss them off,so if i want to send i need to open my letter in fornt of them, so they can see inside is "........"(here i need your help,i must put some item in my letter,in this item i will hide my coins but it need to be something normal that usual people send via posts) and then they will take my letter,that's what they told me,and i tried in another office - the result was the same,so i need something smart so they can't bust me again anymore • And if i say "metal tokens" i'm sure it won't pass

US $ Missprint
Posté le : 03-12-2015, 12h49 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Does somebody have some info for me?

International Free Post/EMS tracking
Posté le : 24-09-2015, 0h17 dans Swaps and trades

That's great • I saw the Catalogue contributions chapter in the profile page of the members, good job mates

Large swap
Posté le : 11-08-2015, 21h55 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "RickM"Hello! • Someone interested in a swap with a large amount (40 or more) of coins? • Regards, Rick​me?

Willing to swap, offering Brazilian coins
Posté le : 15-07-2015, 22h59 dans Swaps and trades

I send you PM before,you can reply me if you wish to swap with me... • K.B.

swapping for hard to find countries....
Posté le : 23-06-2015, 0h14 dans Swaps and trades

Me too  

New user interested in swapping
Posté le : 24-05-2015, 2h06 dans Swaps and trades

Hi, • I sended you PM before some time,you can reply me if you're intrested  

Collector looking for swaps
Posté le : 19-05-2015, 13h24 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: banholiI have few coins for swap, but PM me.PM Send  

Post office package rejection:
Posté le : 17-05-2015, 0h15 dans Swaps and trades

Try another post office :)

Lost letter
Posté le : 29-03-2015, 23h53 dans Swaps and trades

The other think that i'm afraid of is that if the letter is losted and i didn't send new,the user will give me bad rating,for my next swaps here in Numista that wil be catastrophic i think  

Posté le : 10-03-2015, 18h08 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: eitan190Does anybody want to swap? • Please check my swap list. If interested, please pm me.Yeep  

Who is the youngest collector in Numista
Posté le : 10-02-2015, 21h26 dans Free discussion

That really interests me, I'm 17 years old but I'm registered here 2 years ago, I'm wondering is there anyone else on my age or lower who collects coins and makes swaps here? • Greetings to all    and I'm open for donations to the youngest too

seniority and ratings
Posté le : 10-02-2015, 17h59 dans Swaps and trades

One of my politics is sending 1 Group photo of the coins (both swappers) - that will guarantee that both of you actually have that coins the you're saying.And if he ask you to send first that's a bit suspicious and you must be careful.

How do you send coins using post
Posté le : 05-02-2015, 19h59 dans Swaps and trades

I had a problem while sending coins abroath using my country's post office,i know that some other swappers had the same problem so i need to ask them one question - What do you lie the workers in the post when you gave them your message,if sending coins is illegal which thing is legal to send by post,weights about 100-200grams and can be putted in the letter whitout being suspicious? • What do you tell them to pass without any problems?

Rare coin for sale
Posté le : 02-02-2015, 20h16 dans Swaps and trades

300 Euro

Request to add 1910 50 stotinki coin variant
Posté le : 10-01-2015, 23h08 dans Numista catalogue • part of these 50stotinki is issued with missing detail - on the Obverse • Normal coin Lettering: • ФЕРДИНАНДЪ I ЦАРЬ НА БЪЛГАРИТЬ • ST.SCHWARTZ • The coins with missing obverse detail: • ФЕРДИНАНДЪ I ЦАРЬ IIА БЪЛГАРИТЬ • ST.SCHWARTZ • Photos of the variant that's not in the cataloge: • (In my Bulgarian cataloge they are written as a variant) •

Coin error?
Posté le : 09-01-2015, 16h25 dans Coin identifications and valuations

None of you knows?  

What makes coin variations? To show what mint, accident, or bad mint work. Odd story of coins from Bulgaria KM# 55 20 stotinki 1954 {also Turkey KM# 1161 500,000 lira Things that are bugging me.} PLEASE HELP
Posté le : 10-12-2014, 21h49 dans Numismatic questions

Every time I can help I do :) • I can really help you if you had questions specialy for the BG coins and cc

Coins/Tokens ID
Posté le : 25-10-2013, 21h54 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: KunaAll of them are tokens. Not all of tokens are in Numista catalogue so probably You wouldn't find them but You can add them. • Regards Thanks, but where I can find the mintage and the years of these tokens?

Help me to identify this coin
Posté le : 17-10-2013, 13h34 dans Coin identifications and valuations

hehehe  a button,good eyes,thanks