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Colombia 1 Centavo 1967
Posté le : 16-02-2019, 22h17 dans Coin identifications and valuations

It is exactly like on the corresponding Numista page for that coin • • just the axes of the two sides are offset by about 60 degrees.

[résolu] Is there a way to EXCLUDE coins made of a certain metal(s) from the search results?
Posté le : 18-12-2018, 20h43 dans Numista website

Citation: "numinis"​You can put "non precious" into the "metal" field.​Thanks, Numinis!

Looking for some royal portraits
Posté le : 29-03-2018, 5h14 dans Swaps and trades

Alfonz, • did you get all those Pacific kings already?

How to undo the deal once confirmed?
Posté le : 29-03-2018, 5h09 dans Swaps and trades

Psylotum, • the confirmed-but-not-rated swaps older then certain age (a few months, I believe) are not counted against the "swaps on the road." • Nobody sees them except for you and you swap partner. • So put that 4 years old story firmly behind you. • Sincerely, • Chaosharvard

[résolu] Help with coins' identification need (2)
Posté le : 09-07-2017, 17h24 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "PetrusAscanus"​Second one is from the city Zutphen: • ​ • ​ • ​this one: • ​​Thank you, Petrus!

[résolu] Help with coins' identification need
Posté le : 08-07-2017, 17h36 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "ZacUK"​ First one could have been a button - I have seen some on here with • ​TREBLE GILT stamped on the back. • ​ for example. • ​ • ​ Just now seen there is this with TREBLE GILT L.H. & S.W. Ct. * R 52 > • ​ • ​and in centre of yours is where the loop was. • ​ • ​From: Leavenworth, Hayden, and Scovill Company of Waterbury, Connecticut, USA. ​Thank, Zac! • The other side (with TREBLE) looks identical to the button.

300 Countries club - the 2017 blog
Posté le : 02-03-2017, 5h02 dans Free discussion

It's still March 1st here on the East Coast, so Happy birthday, Gene!

Help me please with Russian 1 kopek 1957
Posté le : 21-02-2017, 5h51 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Sorry to disappoint you, but you have a more common Y# 119, Schön# 68. • The two types of coins differ by the number of ribbons on wreath. The Y# 112, Schön# 61 has 8 on the left-hand side and 7 on the right-hand side ribbons (16 total including the bottom one) on wreath; while Y# 119, Schön# 68 has 7 ribbons on each side of the wreath (15 total including the bottom one). • Sincerely, • chaosharvard

Question for Numismatic Omnivores
Posté le : 10-02-2017, 6h08 dans Free discussion

Confession of an omnivore. • My name in chaosharvard, and I am an omnivore. • It was always a case with me, growing up in a former Soviet Union you couldn't be too picky. Coins were a window to the outside word. And now, to a some extend, collecting coins brings memories of a small boy 30 years ago. • So why do I still collect everything? Several reasons, in no particular order. • 1. For me coins are like a puzzle, but with a twist - you just try to make a picture, without having all the pieces when you start. Rather, you have almost none. And the 3-D world map (with the third axis being time, I am not into mining) is your ultimate goal. • 2. For me, any activity is dull if I can't tell a story. And the coins provide a wealth of the seeding for them. A coin from Belgian Congo leads to a fascinating tale on how the Belgium got that land in the first place. A coin from Ottoman Empire - while you try to figure out what part of that huge agglomerate of la[...]

Numista Mentoring Program
Posté le : 25-11-2016, 22h31 dans Free discussion

Citation: "pnightingale"​ • ​ • ​But we have many numismatic omnivores who collect anything and everything who could absolutely participate. I would expect that a majority of new collectors are busy enjoying coins from all areas and times and are not in a rush to choose anything too specific. • ​ • I am a coin omnivore myself. As a such, I think that my advice could be useful to some similarly minded new members. • However, in a twist of a wonderful Phil's idea, I would propose a general-use blog for everyone to see. While an advise of a specialized collector is invaluable for a like-minded novice, many of a beginner may want some more general type of "what to do, what to avoid doing" advise. It would be a "waste" to limit a well-thought and well-written piece of advise to have only one addressee.

Help with identification (probably Indian states?)
Posté le : 25-11-2016, 16h48 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you, Daryl!!

Foreign Finds >> 2015 edition
Posté le : 09-04-2016, 22h59 dans Free discussion

In a local supermarket (Philadelphia, USA) there is a coin-counting machine. Today I noticed a pile of foreign coins sitting on top of it. I asked a manager if I could take them. She replied "Sure, we would throw them to trash anyway - we do it regularly". • I got some 30-40 coins, mostly Canadian (CAD 3 or so total) which could be expected, but also Hong-Kong, Turkey, some Euro cents copper.

Schtroumpf49's profile SWINDLER
Posté le : 03-04-2016, 3h39 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "neilithic"​No, I think it's something that needs to be officially adopted for it to work. It needs to be compulsory to enter the swap amount before completing a swap or it will not work.​I am so against making such a thing compulsory! I may, believe it not, think that my swap is NOBODY'S business, except for my swap partner. • If somebody think that they want to let other members know they are making a $300 swap, then just make a forum post " I am making a $300 swap with such-and-such member." There can be a special topic in the "Swaps and trades" Forum. This way, if anybody else is in the discussion with the aforementioned "such-and-such member," he/she would know that something is going on. • Sincerely yours, • chaosharvard

What are your most wished for coins up to now?
Posté le : 06-03-2016, 5h33 dans Free discussion

How about a slight modification to the topic: • "what is your reasonable wish list"? • I bet there are lot of people (myself included) who would not mind sending some coins for nothing more than just making someone happy, not expecting to get anything in return? We all hit the "5 coins for a dollar bin" from time to time - wouldn't it be great if there were a way to send somebody a present for a hack of it? Let's face it - we can afford it (sometimes).

[résolu] Select swappers by country
Posté le : 07-02-2016, 2h18 dans Numista website

Dear Essor Prof, • by clicking on a member you want to check out using the LeFT button of your mouse, you will be taken to this member's page in the same tab as you were before. After that, if you go back, you have to click on "show more" again, and wait again till the page is loaded. • However, if you click on the member with the RIGHT button of your mouse, you will see a small menu. Choose the top line - "open in a new tab". This way, this member's page in the NEW tab. After you're done with that member, you can simply close that tab, and your original tab with extended list of swapers is ready for you without extra waiting. • I hope it helps.

[résolu] Please help identifying two coins
Posté le : 04-10-2015, 16h59 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks, Gordon!!

Italian states (Lucca), KM#A34
Posté le : 05-07-2015, 4h05 dans Numista coin catalogue

Does it mean that for the coin to appear somebody has to add it to the catalog?