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hello to everyone what do you think of the new version?
Posté le : 26-02-2018, 13h08 dans Numista website

I have the same mistake. • Also the comments made earlier to swap are automatically shown against all coins of this year now.

Values and new collection management
Posté le : 26-02-2018, 10h54 dans Numista website

Citation: "numinis"​ • Citation: "fryant"​ • ​​There must be a way to input the value of multiple grades in the same coin, for instance if I have a VF one that cost 2 euros and an UNC one that cost 5 euros, I should be able to input both. Maybe a grade selection drop down menu just to the left of the currency might work.​ This is already implemented. For every year, you can add many coins with different grades, prices, and/or comments. • ​​​ • ​ • Citation: "fryant"​ • ​​And finally, if I have 4 doubles of one given coin, how can I input that? Does the checkbox does automatically for me?​​This is already implemented too. Click "add", then select a grade (not mandatory), select "for exchange" and click "save". Repeat this four times and you will have four coins on your swap list.​I won't understand why to you this information? • As a result several percent of collectors, and the [...]

Personal comments to coins diasappeared
Posté le : 26-02-2018, 8h49 dans Numista website

Citation: "KasparsLV"​OK- more detailed. Comments are not visible only in the swap pages. • ​Under "my swap list" comments are still visible.​Yes, unfortunately, it is one of "pluses" of the new version. • It is necessary to do new comments, they are visible.

Coin of Jordan 50 fils of 1962 (KM#11)
Posté le : 19-04-2016, 10h22 dans Numista coin catalogue

In the catalog 1963, and on a coin of 1962 is specified. • How to correct?

Stamp out scammers via a compulsory address requirement
Posté le : 11-04-2016, 13h31 dans Numista website

I have looked at the profile today and I was surprised. • There was new information on quantity of the confirmed exchanges. • At the moment at me is them 12. • It is allocated as the prevention, red color. • I have 12 sent packages, all about a track numbers. • The mail service not always delivers packages quickly. • And, as, all packages are sent, I am ready to new exchanges. • But the red inscription disturbs a little...

[résolu] No Excel download available?
Posté le : 02-03-2016, 10h04 dans Numista website

Really someone could not use the sheets Excel in exchanges? • Return, please, this function. • Very much I wait. • Thanks, • Aleksey

Colombia 50 peso Km#283 in two times in catalog. One at the begining of the sub group New peso and where it belongs
Posté le : 01-03-2016, 8h16 dans Numista coin catalogue

I also have not magnetic coin of 2008 of 50 peso of Colombia. I added a photo and the description of a coin. But she since January 10 has the status of "Pending". Why she won't be added to the catalog?

[résolu] After Numista update site running real slow
Posté le : 27-02-2016, 19h54 dans Numista website

Still very slowly pages open. Not always photos open. There is a wish to hope that it is temporary difficulties.

Coin Pages with 20 pockets
Posté le : 06-05-2015, 14h24 dans Numismatic questions

I buy sheets and albums on eBay. 100 sheets with delivery cost $52. (Not self-adhesive) I buy holders on Aliexpress. The price is much cheaper, than on eBay (taking into account free shipping to Russia). They not such dense, as American. But quality suits me. One problem - albums at me come to an end. They have three rings, delivery from the USA very expensive. And sheets not universal, but only under albums BCW. • Where it is possible to buy albums on 3 rings with cheap delivery to Russia?

Nepali Calendar
Posté le : 04-02-2015, 11h50 dans Numismatic questions

Can be to you this link will help: •

Swaps with Russia
Posté le : 04-02-2015, 11h26 dans Numismatic questions

I also from Russia. I have a wide experience of receiving coins from abroad. Any problem from customs. Specified both tokens, and hobby elements, both coins, and old coins for a collection in the declaration (from Japan). Were and are well packed, and rattled as a children's rattle. All came. • With sending coins at me not such wide experience. But good packing helps so far. I specified both tokens, and coins of the world (1966-2014) in the declaration, and I specified nothing. Problems weren't. I try to send on one parcel with a break in some days.