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fields not changed show up in change request
Posté le : 16-09-2019, 8h15 dans Numista website

and again •

Silver/gold coins, value below that of metal
Posté le : 11-09-2019, 15h29 dans Numista catalogue

the easiest way to have the value as BV, which is linked to bullion value • a coin in F condition isnt worth more than that

[résolu] 1 falus Moulay 'Abd al-Rahman Fez 1266 (1850)
Posté le : 10-09-2019, 0h37 dans Identifications et évaluations

CitationJeChuisEuroPhoto modification request made​done, thank you

Banknotes on Numista - questionnaire
Posté le : 08-09-2019, 8h14 dans Banknotes

@Jarek any updates on this matter?

[résolu] Messages Time stamp? (UTC/Local)
Posté le : 22-08-2019, 8h10 dans Numista website

I can confirm it's working now on pc. • thanks.

[résolu] Most active catalog contributor
Posté le : 18-08-2019, 21h06 dans Numista catalogue

Muchas gracias!

[résolu] Comores 10 francs 2017
Posté le : 18-08-2019, 19h27 dans Catalogue Numista

Done, merci

[résolu] Database error
Posté le : 06-08-2019, 12h59 dans Numista website

trying to access any country or search (which is same thing i believe) • also when i tried accessing my profile page • time stamp is there when it happened

[résolu] Jordan 5 Fils 1960 KM 9
Posté le : 24-07-2019, 12h58 dans Numista catalogue

this has been fixed now, thank you • also fixed for the 10 fils • • info and pictures: •

[résolu] islamic calendar
Posté le : 15-07-2019, 9h47 dans Numista website

Thanks :D

order by reference
Posté le : 24-06-2019, 10h04 dans Numista website

I agree • it currently orders by the 1st reference listed • so if L is listed first on the coin page and km 2nd, then it will order by 1st catalog only and ignore krause

[résolu] Link in referee section
Posté le : 17-06-2019, 12h24 dans Numista website

Citation: "Cyrillius"​Hello. • ​This is a great option. But unfortunately this does not work for the "Catalog master referee" . Could this be a fix? • ​Thank you.​Yes please.

First Coin in Numista Database?
Posté le : 17-06-2019, 12h23 dans Numista website

Sadly Modifications history is lost ..

[résolu] Q&A on a specific coin - an option missing on numista?
Posté le : 16-06-2019, 11h47 dans Numista website

Citation: "Xavier"​Hello, • ​ • ​The idea is already discussed here: • ​Feel free to comment on that topic. • ​ • ​An alternative suggestion would be to keep the discussion on the forum and link the coin page to the corresponding forum topics:​the first link is for this same topic ..

[résolu] Mobile view bug
Posté le : 15-06-2019, 2h51 dans Numista website

Not sure if issue from the site or my phone • I use chrome on sony z5 • title over username • ​​​ • ​

[résolu] weird value for weight
Posté le : 12-06-2019, 16h06 dans Numista website

No the record page is still wrong hence my confusion, as the coin page has always been correct

[résolu] Suez conflict medal, token, coin
Posté le : 28-05-2019, 2h52 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Looks medal • obverse translation is correct (i'd say this is the reverse) • the reverse side translation is inaccurate and incomplete (should be obverse in my opinion) • here's what it says: • إلى أبطال الجامعة في المعركة • to the university heroes in the battle • جامعة عين شمس • Ain Shams University • -- • I believe issued by the university for its heroes

[résolu] Sa'dian sharifs coins?
Posté le : 28-05-2019, 2h37 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "yvevmax"​OK, solved for #4 but don't you think that #3 and maybe this new coin (#10) below are also from Abd Allah al Ghalib? • ​ • ​ • ​The 2 end lines seem similar, no? • ​ • ​ ​Al-Mansur is very visible. centre of left image • المنصور

[résolu] 1945 [1364 ] Morocco 2 Francs Coin
Posté le : 27-05-2019, 13h31 dans Numista catalogue

Hello • this is your coin • • the others are essais or pieforts

Alawi sharifs dirhams
Posté le : 26-05-2019, 10h25 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I tried looking for something to match the 1st coin, but with lack of images on both KM and Numista, and the barely visible details on coin, it was hard to do so

[résolu] Open Coin Mintage Lines Up
Posté le : 25-05-2019, 0h47 dans Numista catalogue

that's a job for the referee :) • I'm sure you are in touch with

[résolu] Problems accessing the site
Posté le : 24-05-2019, 20h37 dans Numista website

Happened to me yesterday too

[résolu] Australian 1 cent coin KM# 78. It has 3 listings
Posté le : 23-05-2019, 8h53 dans Numista catalogue

Links in question • • • • all should be combined.

[résolu] Two pages for the same coin
Posté le : 23-05-2019, 8h44 dans Numista catalogue

dates need to be fixed on the new page - change calendar • I noticed few more issues which is why I havent done ie before

old falus or fulus from Morocco
Posté le : 23-05-2019, 8h41 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Go for it!

[résolu] Mohammed V vs. Mohamed V, Morocco
Posté le : 20-05-2019, 11h58 dans Numista catalogue

all done, all coins of Morocco checked as well, thanks

[résolu] Engraver Name to be added
Posté le : 14-05-2019, 12h50 dans Numista catalogue

to help: • • Medal Art Mint founder Tony Dean, has an established reputation as a medal maker and coin designer. A designer, engraver and sculptor of custom designed medals, plaques and coins. Working in the minting industry for more than thirty years including at both the Royal Australian Mint and the Perth Mint.

[résolu] New "Coin Type" update: Can we have it visible from outside?
Posté le : 12-05-2019, 18h50 dans Numista website

awesome thank you! • PS: I can see "Standard circulation coin" showing in search results, which i think should be fine.

[résolu] Lines to be deleted - Australian Decimal Silver Coins
Posté le : 12-05-2019, 14h19 dans Numista catalogue

Partially done • some coins / year lines have members claiming to have these coins. • will need to move these people to another year line before

[résolu] engraver Suat Özyönüm
Posté le : 10-05-2019, 15h38 dans Numista catalogue

Suat Özyönüm • • Suat Özyönüm was born on November 12, 1951 in Erzincan. On grounds of his father's official functions he completed his junior high school education in the cities of Balikesir and Eskisehir, and his senior high school in Eskisehir and Ankara. His keen interest in arts emerged during his high school education and was soon transformed into a life style for him. He passed the admission exams of the Fine Arts Academy in 1974 and was admitted to the Department of Advanced Sculpture. In 1976 with encouragement of Prof. Sadi Çalik he took employment with the Turkish State Mint. On grounds his work at the Mint interfered with his schooling he was became obliged to quit the Mint. His graduation from the Academy came in 1980. Upon invitation from the State Mint in 1981 he restarted working there as a sculpture. In 1986 he went to Italy to study coinage in the State Mint in Rome.

India: Error coins site
Posté le : 02-05-2019, 10h13 dans Coin identifications and valuations

nice one, thanks for sharing!

Guidelines for Editing the Catalogue
Posté le : 22-04-2019, 23h50 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "al-Bakuvi"​Hello, • ​ • ​does any one know how to enter a coin with 100/100 Silver fineness so that the silver value is reflected at the bottom? • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​Many thanks, • ​ ​the coin can't be 100% pure silver • enter as (.999) • ​​​​​

Reference Book name doesn't work in request view
Posté le : 10-04-2019, 7h31 dans Numista website

Yes same here

Missing KM#'s
Posté le : 09-04-2019, 13h34 dans Numismatic questions

I'm kind of lost of what u need

[résolu] Lines to be removed
Posté le : 08-04-2019, 11h38 dans Numista catalogue


Syria new 50 Liras/Pounds 2018 UNC Mint Bag
Posté le : 06-04-2019, 17h57 dans Swaps and trades

Price reduced to 40$

[résolu] UAE 25 fils coin reeds
Posté le : 06-04-2019, 14h45 dans Numista catalogue

poor pix I'm afraid

[résolu] Numista Hacked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posté le : 01-04-2019, 12h14 dans Numista website

April 1st, apparently.

Krause has filed for §11, a chance for Numista?
Posté le : 24-03-2019, 8h12 dans Numista website

but how about the existing KM numbers that are wrong? • Example: • combining 2 types together although different • or not following their own rules in cases like 55.1 vs 55a • or coins that have duplicate km numbers etc etc

Morocco. Silver Medal 2014. International Year of Crystallography for sale.
Posté le : 19-03-2019, 18h00 dans Swaps and trades

Added on catalog • • Used your pics with your name - thanks

Any UAE members here
Posté le : 13-03-2019, 9h25 dans Numismatic questions

Hi Oscar • Welcome to Numista • You might need to change your "place" on your profile to UAE. as this is where you are based, not your nationality field, and select the right city • In languages you speak, you can add Tagalog • this will help • Regarding connecting to UAE collectors, I will msg you privetely, as we have a private group • Swapping advises, I'm sure the community here would be able to help • Welcome :)

Morocco 1 fals 1284 Marrakech
Posté le : 20-02-2019, 20h04 dans Coin identifications and valuations

According to Krause, all these dates are for Fes, and marrakesh has only 2 dates, 1 of them is rare • no pic on krause for marrakesh to help • does anyone has another source before we decide all these are for marrakesh and add many unlisted dates?

[résolu] Tunisia: Half a dinar, 1976, km303, fine & bold
Posté le : 20-02-2019, 18h58 dans Numista catalogue

Approved, thank you

2019 Silver 1 penny
Posté le : 20-02-2019, 18h54 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Hi Rick, • Any updates regarding splitting these?

[résolu] UK 5 pence 1992 - edge varieties
Posté le : 17-02-2019, 12h04 dans Numista catalogue

there are already 5 lines on the 10 pence page • • So my request was to make things similar

[résolu] What does this "Private Issue" mean?
Posté le : 12-02-2019, 0h12 dans Numismatic questions

Thanks a lot for this! • i will add this info • EDIT: info on both sheets updated - thanks again • ​​​​​​ • so it seems for some reason they contacted a private mint rather than minting locally

Congratulations ! New coin catalog ! "Pre-modern coins of Central Asia 1680-1923" by Nastich and Schuster
Posté le : 10-02-2019, 18h19 dans Free discussion

already listed: • Bukhara emirate • Khanate of Khoqand • Khanate of Khiva ( Khorezm) • Khorezm Soviet Republik • requesting now the creation of: • Janid Khanate • Hakimate of Tashkand • East Turkestan • No idea what's: • Bekdom of Shahrisabz • Dzungar khanate • do you have more info about these 2?

Recruiting new referees
Posté le : 31-01-2019, 8h28 dans Numista website

I can see I got mine, thank you! • more work load added

Limit currency list when adding new coin
Posté le : 29-01-2019, 20h27 dans Numista website

Citation: "CassTaylor"​Yes please! • ​ • ​Although what if we need to select a currency that only exists under another issuer?​Already thought of it • It shouldnt be the case • if french francs were circulating in morocco (for example), then a currency should be created under morocco for when the franc was circulating, rather than having that currency there with obviously wrong dates • and i would hope this wouldnt have a work around as suggested above, as the target is to avoid such things

LECOMPTE Monnaies et jetons des colonies françaises
Posté le : 29-01-2019, 7h27 dans Numismatic questions

Hello, • Any idea what's the latest edition of this book? • I could only find Editions 2000 & 2007 • are these the only ones to exist? any news about a new edition? • Also any idea where would be the cheapest place to find it? • I can't find a better source to complete information about French colonies (algeria, tunisia, morocco, syria, etc) so I thought it would be helpful to buy! • Thank you!

Double names/better country search
Posté le : 28-01-2019, 14h04 dans Numista catalogue

Saadi Dynasty • Alternative names: "Saadian dynasty" or "Sa'dian dynasty" or "Sa'di dynasty"

[résolu] No notification email bug
Posté le : 28-01-2019, 0h07 dans Numista website

Hi Xavier • Many people have been facing this and I guess I just understood what it is exactly • when admin changes status of your topic, you don't receive a notification email (I'd say it's useful to receive . My previous post was marked done but I wouldn't have known without manually checking) • now, bug happens when admin changes status then comments on the topic (which u should usually receive an email saying someone commented), we dont get an email as there were technically previous actions (status change) which we also dont receive email about • this is really annoying • thank you

[résolu] Help identifying 12x Moroccan Falus
Posté le : 26-01-2019, 22h01 dans Coin identifications and valuations

If you have 2nd opinions that confirm the identifications, then please use your pics to update the pages that currenty have no pix • for now, the ones that dont have images are the ones Im not 100% sure about, so I'd wait for someone to confirm • thank you and good luck

[résolu] engraver Geoffrey Colley
Posté le : 24-01-2019, 12h55 dans Numista catalogue

Awesome! thanks mate and welcome back again :)

Fals (Morocco?) identification
Posté le : 23-01-2019, 8h38 dans Coin identifications and valuations


[résolu] Saadi Dynasty
Posté le : 21-01-2019, 16h56 dans Numista catalogue

all coins have been moved to the new issuer

[résolu] Morroco Hammered coinage
Posté le : 17-01-2019, 19h33 dans Numista catalogue

Any idea where this belongs? • • "in 1659, the Shabana (Chebana, Shibanna, Shbanat), an Arab Bedouin tribe of Hillalian descent, once part of the Saadian army, seized control of Marrakesh and put the last Saadian sultan, Abdul al-Abbas, to death. Their qaid, Abd al-Karim ibn Abu Bakr al-Shbani declared himself the new sultan of Marrakesh" • "Muley al-Rashid proceeded south to capture Marrakesh in 1669, massacring the Shabana Arabs in the process" • so he came after saadi, but ruled before alawite took over marrakesh in 1669 • I think the solution would be to re-name • Dila'i interlude - Hammered Coinage (1659-1663) • to • Interregnum - Hammered Coinage (1659-1669) • as apparently the Dila'i ruler was defeated by the alawaites in 1668, and the Shabana ruler (abd al karim) in 1669; despite "In 1666 Mulay Al-Rashid was proclaimed Sultan of Morocco"[...]

Morocco: 10 mazumas 1320 y#17.?????
Posté le : 17-01-2019, 6h27 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "Sjoelund"​Hi, • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​where is the scwc number for the coin struck in Paris? • ​ • ​I'm just asking, because Paris is mentioned in the comments! • ​ • ​Ole​the comment is not there anymore • I've completed Morocco listing now (Aside from some piedforts, essasis ,etc)

[résolu] Iraq 20 Fils - Ghazi I KM# 106, Schön# 11
Posté le : 17-01-2019, 6h16 dans Numista catalogue

Yes, one has an "I" below head

[résolu] Still not approved from December 08.. Abbassi, Rasht Mint
Posté le : 15-01-2019, 6h21 dans Numista catalogue

we cant open such links • what country is this under? • have you contaced the country referee?

10 shekel 2010 coin aligment error
Posté le : 11-01-2019, 23h27 dans Numismatic questions

You may post them here or send me a private msg

Algeria - Quadruple de France de 96 livres; Any idea?
Posté le : 11-01-2019, 13h49 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "halfdisme"​​In Gadoury, types 1 and 2 are octagonal silver jetons, • ​type 3 is this token in "Etain" dated 1786, and • ​type 4 is a similar token, but in lead ("Plomb"), with a similar reverse, but a man (king?) facing left on the obverse, dated 1788, also 45mm in diameter. • ​ • ​Types beginning with number 5 are 1 asper coins of the sultans.​any chance to post a scan of that page? Im guessing type 3 ie X#1 and type 4 is X#2

[résolu] Egypt 20 Piastres 1920 (Fuad) - Request for the creation of an entry
Posté le : 24-12-2018, 2h03 dans Numista catalogue

A very nice piece of history indeed and defintely worth adding • thanks for notifying me about it • Added: • • I've marked it as a Trial Strike as well

[résolu] Egypt 100 Piastres 1922 - Rose Gold and Yellow Gold
Posté le : 20-11-2018, 7h06 dans Numista catalogue

Done, thank you

Is this an error coin?
Posté le : 11-10-2018, 0h47 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Shouldn't this has a separate page as a mule?

Arabic coin?
Posté le : 11-10-2018, 0h38 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Shia Muslims token about ali bin abi taleb - lots of such tokens exist • so probably iran/iraq • could be anywhere else

Copper planchets
Posté le : 11-10-2018, 0h29 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Press peny machine blanks?

[résolu] Checklist of islamic coins by Stephen Album
Posté le : 11-10-2018, 0h19 dans Numista catalogue

I agree totally

[résolu] weird characters in comments
Posté le : 07-10-2018, 12h12 dans Numista website

Works fine • thank you

Possibly rare Omani Gold Rial Saidi 1970 (AH 1390) Mintage 350
Posté le : 05-10-2018, 21h44 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Yes, your identification is correct • • see pic in comments section

Turkey 1000000 lira token 1139.1/1139.2
Posté le : 05-10-2018, 17h24 dans Numista catalogue

Just msged the referee again

[résolu] 1414 Maldives 250 rufiyaa
Posté le : 05-10-2018, 17h17 dans Numista catalogue

your coin is what is listed in krause actually • i've msged the member who owns the images on the coin page, and he confirmed the 2 sides are of the same coin • hence, new year line added • thank you

adding some main formulas in " special keyboards" /Arabic/
Posté le : 25-09-2018, 18h51 dans Numista website

I think a numisdoc article would be more suitable • there are too many phrases used depending which country • for example, there are all the different currency names • and different sultan titles • and mint names etc

[résolu] Re-numbering Several Coins of Bahrain
Posté le : 22-09-2018, 12h58 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "Sjoelund"​Please send me hi-res images of the 10 fils magnetic coins, since it's the only one I miss of the new type to set up documentations of the whole series! • ​ • ​

Posté le : 22-09-2018, 8h42 dans Numista catalogue

I was asking about the Egyptian ones..

Ottoman Empire Coin?
Posté le : 20-09-2018, 17h49 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Possibly this • • depending if weight and diameter match • if not, maybe this •

[résolu] new token type?
Posté le : 20-09-2018, 17h12 dans Numista website

Remove "Rare" tag from catalogue
Posté le : 16-09-2018, 17h31 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "ken6528"​Can our "robot" member do it for us? • ​ • ​Is there a way to search for rare in the comment field? ​there is no way to search in year line comments sadly for members, or see the history of their change • so not sure the robot can do it either?

[résolu] date discrepancy on KM 246 tunisia-50-centimes
Posté le : 11-09-2018, 20h49 dans Numista catalogue

you are totally right, my bad • it's been fixed now, thanks for reporting

Lebanon - 50 Qirshā / Piastres KM 28.1 - variant ?
Posté le : 18-08-2018, 20h25 dans Coin identifications and valuations

thank you both • all these pictures have been added now to the coin page

[résolu] Identification - unknown coin w/Arabic script
Posté le : 18-08-2018, 20h10 dans Coin identifications and valuations

if it's yours, then please add it • (unless it's already there in the catalog)

[résolu] Is this a bug?? (Adding a TAG remains the COMMENT be changed too!)
Posté le : 18-08-2018, 20h07 dans Numista website

hello • not a bug • it's a way the system re-saves some fields • it appears as if you changed them, though you did not

(CCIP) Cooperative Catalogue Improvement Project - Arabic lettering
Posté le : 18-08-2018, 19h28 dans Free discussion

Citation: "AmerSalmeh"​​​1- later • ​2- later • ​3- invalid link​1- Bukhara done • 2- Khiva done • 3- Khorezm done

[résolu] Dodgy Photo
Posté le : 17-08-2018, 22h44 dans Numista catalogue

Update: I've uploaded the pix myself and they are approved now

[résolu] Otomman para
Posté le : 11-08-2018, 4h30 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I agree that it's 1 para - Selim III • dated 1203 • regnal year is most likely 1, but could be 17 or 18 also • however, the mint seems different to me than islambol • cant find anything though on numista

Gold coin, 4 grams, approximately 19.5mm
Posté le : 11-08-2018, 4h21 dans Coin identifications and valuations

gold token • i've seen many of these in the gold market in Dubai, so I presume it's made here

[résolu] Egyptian 1 Millieme 1950, Potential Error
Posté le : 10-08-2018, 0h19 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Hello • most welcome to the amazing community here • yes it's entirely up to the swappers to decide among each other and discuss • once you make a decision, kindly send a private msg :)

[résolu] Smileys in Coins Pages
Posté le : 08-08-2018, 21h33 dans Numista website

Someone is on fire! • thank you!

1976 Sudan 5 milliemes, large or small?
Posté le : 08-08-2018, 9h38 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Hello • I couldnt find an answer yet • I'm still looking into it

[résolu] Egypt [Farouk] 1944 / 1363 2 Qirsh
Posté le : 06-08-2018, 16h47 dans Numista catalogue

I agree, I've fixed that now • I just didnt check the link you shared earlier • thank you :)

Pool on exonumia/token section sorting
Posté le : 06-08-2018, 10h34 dans Free discussion

I think they are good enough the way they are lol • each way serves best what it is intended for • for example, fantasy issuers cannot be listed as issuers like tokens • however, what would be even better - something i have mentioned before - is to have another portal for tokens/ exonumia, something like colnect, where tokens and exonumia each has list of countries and currencies

Elongated Pennies
Posté le : 05-08-2018, 19h28 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "derf"​ • Citation: "AmerSalmeh"​ • ​​​​were these pressed from blanks or over cents?​​What difference does it make if one can not tell the difference .. It's all in the mind set. Either your a purist or your a numismatic collector .. ​I collect these btw :) • Just wanted to know!

Did you get your Big Mac coin(s) on Thursday?
Posté le : 05-08-2018, 14h54 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "derf"​ • Citation: "AmerSalmeh"​hahaha • ​​well you can still use it to redeem a big mac until the end of the year, so it's money ​​It's not money, it's a merchandise token ...​that was a joke! :) • it's under tokens obviously

Ottoman Empire-Help
Posté le : 05-08-2018, 9h36 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I think it's the right coin you've identified

Early Ottoman, Afghani or Indian coins ???
Posté le : 05-08-2018, 9h34 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Seems like ottoman to me • but with most legend worn out, i wont be able to help

Arabic(?) Coin found in 17th century New England Archaeological Site
Posté le : 05-08-2018, 9h17 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "AmerSalmeh"​Arabic not indian • ​rotate 2nd pic 180 degrees • ​ • ​i can read • ​al nasir • ​الناصر​update: • pic 1 reads Muhammad • محمد • pic 2 reads: • ?? • Al Nasir • Ali • الناصر • علي • the above is not necessarily 100% correct • anyway, searching online gives no results am afraid :/

Recruiting new referees!
Posté le : 05-08-2018, 8h57 dans Numista website

Citation: "Jarcek"​I am not sure, maybe when Saudi was splitted, we forgot to give you the rights. ​I think it's still forgotten

Translation for Numista (To any language)
Posté le : 05-08-2018, 8h45 dans Free discussion

I'd still suggest translating the website into multiple languages • this is only for the portal • + dedicated forum per language (optional) • the coin catalog can still be in English-French only • I've seen other websites where members can contribute to the translation, which is how ideally should work • All the fields are English to begin with (catalogue, my coins, etc) and as a translator I can edit these fields to the correct term in my language • I volunteer to do the Arabic one • it could be that only "website translator" can have access to these translation portals • you can imagine how much more traffic this would bring

Fake / copy/ replica coins someone need?
Posté le : 01-08-2018, 18h31 dans Swaps and trades

there are Egyptian fakes now too? .... • what's fake about it? I'm curious

[résolu] Coins modifying
Posté le : 01-08-2018, 14h26 dans Numista catalogue

Referee msged • please use a clearer topic title in future • thank you

[résolu] Egypt KM# 301 page missing mintmark
Posté le : 31-07-2018, 6h27 dans Numista catalogue

Perfect thanks a lot! • solved :)

Algeria 10 Centimes. The Palm variety makes coin from 1984 more rare the 1989 coin
Posté le : 29-07-2018, 12h46 dans Numista catalogue

Thanks Ole • I've removed the rare comment, and added cobra's pics to the comments section • what Damian was trying to achieve in this post is to find if we can distinguish between the 1984 coins minted at each mint, so I guess the question is still not answered

Arabic coin for identification
Posté le : 28-07-2018, 8h04 dans Coin identifications and valuations


Macedonia 5 Denari 2008 rotation error
Posté le : 27-07-2018, 21h57 dans Numismatic questions

Hello, • I've found this in a coins lot with about 90 degrees rotation error • • I have 0 idea about Macedonian coins • Would this be of any high value or rarity? or is it a common error among such coins? • thanks!

islamic coin
Posté le : 27-07-2018, 21h18 dans Coin identifications and valuations

do you have bigger pics?

[résolu] Arabic inscription token identification
Posté le : 27-07-2018, 21h00 dans Coin identifications and valuations

fixed and completed lettering on the token page

[résolu] German Private Notgeld?
Posté le : 27-07-2018, 20h44 dans Coin identifications and valuations

if these are your pics, kindly replace the ones on the numista page as they look much better • congrats!

New Issuer: Kingdom of the Franks?
Posté le : 27-07-2018, 20h15 dans Numista catalogue

or, change the country list to countries that still exist vs countries that do not?

[résolu] Same coin listed by two different people?
Posté le : 27-07-2018, 18h47 dans Numista catalogue

coins in question • • • the first coin is meant to be KM#11 • checking modification history shows it indeed was. nothing logged for changing KM# although it's now changed .. • *to check*

[résolu] New Line for Muscat & Oman 1/2 Rial Saidi
Posté le : 27-07-2018, 18h29 dans Numista catalogue

Sorry I've missed this post earlier • Year line is added now, and I've used your pics in the comments section • thanks a lot and welcome to numista!

[résolu] 30th Anniversary of the Two Dollar Coin 2018 Twelve Coin Collection
Posté le : 24-07-2018, 23h52 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "Australian Coin Info"​New year lines for these 2018 dated coins have been added to the existing coin pages (including the three proof coins). If there are any issues please send in a change request or send me a message. Thanks ​you may use the below scans on all the pages in the comments section: • © Amer Salmeh

[résolu] Islamic states coin
Posté le : 23-07-2018, 20h50 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I've recently added the most common kilwa coins to numista with proper information so you may want to have a look • Id say yours look like this •

[résolu] Tunisia: 5 centimes 1938-ah1357, km258, bold / fine
Posté le : 23-07-2018, 17h25 dans Numista catalogue

Any further opinions?

Numista on Wikipedia
Posté le : 23-07-2018, 17h22 dans Numista website

and it's deleted, again •

(CCIP) Co-operative catalogue improvement project - Image cropping
Posté le : 23-07-2018, 16h58 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "Jasanche"​=1em​​good afternoon, • ​ • ​is anyone working on these? • ​ • ​If not, I might be able to get them done tonight.​Done, thanks a lot • Few missing ones, I've sent by PM

Thematic tag list
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Citation: "Jarcek"​To answer one real and one obvious question. • ​ • ​If the coin has for example a lion in coat of arms, it will get only tag for coat of arms. Tags are for coin "subjects" and heraldic lion is not a subject of that coin. • ​ • ​And ahem, lion is not a cat.​that does answer my 2 questions, thank you. • I will keep the requests pending for a while to make sure this is how you are going forward - coz I'm afraid that hasnt been followed as it wasnt clear

[résolu] Connecticut Half Dollar Commemorative Coin
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Citation: "Idolenz"​I can understand when it says 1800-1900 but was made or given out in 1905 that ND is right but in this case the 2nd date is the date and I think there was a longer discussion a few years back about this. That is the reason I am so adamant about it.​you are totally right • @pejounet I'm afraid you are wrong, and it needs to be changed to 1935 as per Numista rules

Local Coin Shops: The People's List (Going on a trip? Want to visit some local dealers? Check out our list!)
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woah great work! just noticed it's a new different thread • *self reminder to update uae section* • for now, might be worth adding this (and others from other countries where u can buy coins from mints/central banks?) • Central Bank of the UAE • • Main Branch in Abu Dhabi: +971 2 665 2220 • Location: • Dubai Branch: +971 4 393 9777 • Sharjah Branch: +971 6 559 2592 • Ras Al Khaimah Branch: +971 7 228 4444 • Fujairah Branch: +971 9 222 4040 • Al Ain Branch: +971 3 765 6656 • Locations: • You can buy silver/gold coins from there and normal 1 Dirham rolls, mainly from Abu Dhabi and Dubai Branches

[résolu] Egypt Abdulaziz 40 para varieties
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thank you both! • KM#249 has been added now • • KM#248 has been updated (added new year line for rim variety, etc)

French mandate era Syria and Lebanon engraver attribution
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Actually it's both • the 1st date of both coins were by Patey (torch), later dates by Bazor (wing), so should be both • I've updated both sheets to have both engravers listed • thanks :)

[résolu] Wrong link in the 'see also'?
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Not exactly an error • i did that based on the fact that the 10 fils uae coin (and qatar 10 dirhams) replaced the 10 qatar & dubai dirham coin once UAE got united in 1971 • am happy to remove the link if you think it doesn't make sense

Hey on Pakistan 1 Anna KM8 1952 the comments say unlisted in Krause, mint sport. What does that really mean?
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hello • it's a non-issued year • for example, at certain year they switch to a new design, yet for some reason, they still issue few coins of the old design with the new year • all these are well documented on • • you may consider it a set issue or pattern issue, but it's exactly identical to circulation issue so added together

[résolu] Adult tokens
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they used to be on the catalog, and all got deleted, as far as I remember • maybe too much work for Xavier that better be spent improving something else, but a working solution would be to have the pics only visible after you click on them; and before clicking, a pic of "to view this image, you must be 18+" would appear instead • another solution that might be even easier would be giving these tokens the "adult" tag, and they would only show in the catalog if members selected that they are 18+ when registering (i dont even remember if numista asked for age tbh)

[résolu] British Trade dollar 1997 Hong Kong Return to China where should have a place? Under UK ?
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LOL • so even the certificate is fake?

[résolu] Islamic calendar date inconsistencies
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Fixed thanks for reporting • I haven't completed working on Egypt yet - and it's far from done - so errors are expected to be found

Hyderabad is missing in Country and territory list
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am guessing not separated yet?

[résolu] Sudan 1 pound KM#127 2011
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That's great! thanks a lot • your comment and picture have been added to the comments section, and a new year line was added •

[résolu] Catalogue broken? Error message when modifying?
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He said he has fixed it again now

Arabic token, translation of Arabic text
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this is interesting •

Overview of Country list changes
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Citation: "Jarcek"​We have two new issuers: • ​ • ​Kingdom of Kandy and Sultanate of Muscat and Oman.​All Muscat and Oman coins and currencies have been moved

Iran: 10 rial, km1235, wide narrow date, wreaths
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Hi Ole • I see a different pic in the comment section on the coin page • are these outdated now then, or did you just not add them yet? • thanks

[résolu] Oman versus Muscat and Oman
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Iran: 10 rial AH1366-AD1987, km1235.2, dates
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thanks for this Ole • I have discovered gazillion more varieties for iran dates, after a recent big amount of iranian coins i've purchased by date • I shall add these some time soon, and I'm sure you'd be interested

[résolu] Rasulid dynasty
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It's under islamic states •

Tunisia 1933 50 centimes Bon Pour
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Hi • • has 1933 • unless I didnt understand you?

[résolu] New date for Tunisian 10, 20 & 50 Millimes
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That's all automatic • so next time make sure to submit a change request :)

[résolu] 2 Centimes Algeria
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All been fixed for 1383 (1964) • thank you

Is it possible to see all the coins in the Numista catalogue you added?
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Pending time for modification requests
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I can look into ottoman empire requests tomorrow or some time this week

[résolu] Is there a way to find Numista pages with your picture credits?
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I believe admins have such tool? • i know for fact they can get list of all coins using pictures from a certain website • not sure same applies for members pics

[résolu] Arabic gold coin [ 1/4 dinar Hafsids, Tunis , Zacharya AH 647-675 ]
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Hi • I dont have references, but from reading the name on the coin, identification seems correct • The above comment is almost correct but not fully, my comments bellow: • PS: what's noted above as obverse, is basically the pic on the right; which i believe should be the reverse, as to keep ruler name on obverse • right pic • center: all correct • segments: all correct except top line • امنت بالله • I believed in God (Allah) • left pic • center: correct • reverse segments: • ?الامير الا • ابو عبد ?? • الله محمد بن • الامير ابي • Emir ?? • ?? Abu Abd • Allah Mohamad bin • Emir abi • the segments should be read first before the center, as the center part is continuation of the grand emir name

Kilwa Sultanate
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2nd coin • • 3rd • • 4th •

[résolu] Kilwa sultanate where to placed ?
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Added • • PS: country will be created soon under Islamic states

Algeria 10 Centimes. The Palm variety
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Any update on this?

[résolu] Kuwait Entertainment City
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Moved under Kuwait tokens

Sudan 2 unlisted coins; Schon#A95 & #95 (and more!)
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Citation: "zarcon"​Welcome Amer • ​god welling i do it • ​regards • ​ ​Hi Amro • I've added the 2 pics you posted in here with your name • could you please add pics of the other side of these 2 coins, and any other pics you may have? • thanks a lot

Updating missing data or low quality pictures on Numista
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Just tested, "missing" works everywhere except for - unfortunately: • year • metal • diameter • weight

New option available - Transform all your public comments into private comments
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I wish this came earlier as I already moved some comments • nevertheless, amazing! • thanks a lot

[résolu] How is it possible to have multiple quotes in the same forum post?
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yes plz!

Would you buy an ISIS gold, silver or copper coin?
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Citation: "Arges8"​Hi this is Arges8. • ​ • ​Sorry ive been away for some time. Still here in Syria. To answer some questions. I hate what it stands for also, so I've came up with a good plan. I've sold some off the coins now to some collectors. The funds are going back to the people off Syria. This is in the form off projects such as installing water wells, supplying schools and community's, that are hard to reach. • ​ • ​I am personally over looking future projects, inbetween rotation from the frontline. • ​ • ​I think its a great way to put the middle finger up at Isis. • ​ ​This is a great job. thank you - from a Syrian. • As long as these coins are not purchased from the thugs themselves ie not benefiting them, then this should be fine. • I'm totally interested in getting some of these coins if you still have them. Although I'm not sure how am I going to receive them as I can imagine these would be troubl[...]

[résolu] Problem with Tunisian coins dates
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I've got several msgs/requests and fixed all I found few last few weeks. • Question is, why were all these changed? I'm 1000% sure these were all correct but got messed up (the D value got deleted and default value was back) a while ago. Any explanation?

Burkina Faso coins
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Coin from Tunis and Ottoman? - ID and dating needed
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1st coin • use 2nd image • rotate left • compare with this • • date illegible; could kinda see a 7 so can be 17 or 27 - not sure really • date is usually bottom left corner • next to "tunis" • 3rd, replica, as mentioned • 2nd, cant figure it out • Anyone who can help with this?

Egypt: 1 pound 2005-ah1426, km940, edges
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Interesting. • Will have a look and validate • Thanks Ole

[résolu] 10 Milliemes Tunisia Non-Magnetic
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Fixed, thanks

New search function
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AWESOME! • Can we also get search in multiple countries? • Simple optional "+" or "and"

Checklist of Coin Issuing Entities
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Would this list be accessible to anyone else? Maybe you can share it with us, as it sounds interesting

Egypt coin not available in numismatic coins
Posté le : 21-10-2017, 11h58 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Fixed the metal field to "Aluminum-Bronze", thanks • Could someone submit a request to fix the french side of the page? thanks a lot

Are Piedforts Patterns or Non Circulating Coins
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Piedfort / non-circulating

[résolu] Edit my collection (during swaps)
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I usually deduct the coin i remove from my collection into the swap envelope, and tick it in the swap page as a coin I'm giving. This way you know where ur coin is, and if u start a new swap and click edit my collection, you will have 0 of that coin for swap (for example) so you know it's no more available. I hope I'm making sense here

Section "Modern fakes"
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Maybe this can be done under Exonumia?

Call to volunteer to build coin search by image
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Citation: "vatlet"​I agree the overall idea of image recognition would be great but also a huge task. • ​ • ​Text recognition might not be the best strategy here, since as humans, we are already quite good at reading text on the coins and inputting it in a text box to search for the coin. • ​Not when you don't understand the language or know difference between Japanese and Chinese for example or Arabic and Urdo etc

[résolu] unfamiliar looking coin
Posté le : 06-10-2017, 23h22 dans Coin identifications and valuations

or • • or • • depends on the reverse - which you didnt post its pic

[résolu] Netherlands East Indies Japanese gold Koban VOC
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Hello, • I couldnt find extra info - sorry. • I would change coin name from "Koban - VOC Cut and Countermarked" to simpy "1 Koban" since the currency states that these pieces are countermarked. I would also add the visible lettering like "N483" to the lettering field. • Please include the certificate pic in the coin sheet - comments section. It would be nice to have it, since you already mentioned it. • • • Also, I would request the following in this topic: • • (you can copy-paste the below) • Please change: • Netherlands East Indies - Countermarked Coinage (1686-1694) • 30 stuivers = 1 rupee • 90 stu[...]

[résolu] 1985 coin with Arabic and Chinese writing
Posté le : 05-10-2017, 20h28 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Correction: • It's in Uyghur language, not Arabic. Can't write lettering in this case

Arabic (mostly likely) coin/token
Posté le : 05-10-2017, 20h24 dans Coin identifications and valuations

right pic is rotated 180 degrees. top line reads "Sultan" in Arabic • have a look at these 2 • • • I've seen them also before on

Help identifying arabic (?) coin
Posté le : 05-10-2017, 20h18 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I've updated this sheet and moved it under ottoman empire (it had no "currency" before) • • This is clearly an imitation of an ottoman coin. The arabic on the coin is drawn rather than written, by someone who doesn't know Arabic. many mistakes are there, including the date. However, I've used the coin's date on the sheet. • Other than that, I've no idea who made it, where or when, but it seems many people have it and it's available online so I'd say it's modern

Guess what Xavier just added?!
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It was promised before (more like leaked info by you haha) so I wasn't that surprised. But definitely good to finally see it there :)

Coinage of Georgia
Posté le : 03-10-2017, 22h46 dans Numista catalogue

Georgia should/would follow rest of catalog and be divided into several countries by the way.

[résolu] Addition of "Bullion coin" as a "Type of coin"
Posté le : 03-10-2017, 16h43 dans Numista website

Currently it's done by currencies in other countries. Some even have separate currencies for patterns due to their big number. Not ideal maybe but currently this is how it's tackled

Unsplit Samoa/Kiribati coin
Posté le : 02-10-2017, 20h18 dans Numista catalogue

I'm aware of that. I meant which of the 2 countries issued that "mule" piece and was supposed to split it but didn't? That's where the coin should go. If i remember well, some other mule coins are documented in krause having obv and rev from different countries. Which is kind of a similar case.

Egypt 1 Pound 2011. " Suez Canal"
Posté le : 01-10-2017, 19h09 dans Numista catalogue

Still looking for normal 2011 coin pic • otherwise, SOLVED

Netherlands 1992 line "in sets only" to add
Posté le : 01-10-2017, 9h11 dans Numista catalogue

This is to be added as "In Sets" or "Mint Set (KM#MS??) if it's listed in KM. Definitely without "only"

1964 Gold medal of Pope visit to Jordan
Posté le : 30-09-2017, 4h32 dans Coin identifications and valuations

The pictures on the medal sheet come from Classical Numismatic Group. I'm not sure how rare it is though •

Personal Milestone
Posté le : 30-09-2017, 4h26 dans Free discussion

Citation: "JustforFun"​​Shukram Habibi! I don't have any Syrian background, but my mother in law is from Hama and she made the best food in the whole wide world!!! • ​ • ​Time to complete your collection then Interesting! No wonder then about my mom's cooking abilities - who's from Hama too • PS: ​Shukran* 

Coins with different country names but categorized in the same country
Posté le : 28-09-2017, 6h10 dans Numismatic questions

Muscat and Oman / Oman • Myanmar / Burma • In Saudi • There were different names in the beginning • Hejaz and Najd etc • United Arab Republic (under both Egypt and Syria; Syria was under it but Egypt had the name) • If you are looking for minor changes • Like kingdom to state etc • Then Bahrain and Libya can be examples. • That's what I can think of now while on phone in the metro

[résolu] Wrong year Saudi Arabia
Posté le : 28-09-2017, 6h00 dans Numista catalogue

Thank you both :)

[résolu] please add years - Netherland - 1 Ducat
Posté le : 27-09-2017, 13h58 dans Numista catalogue

Solved, thanks to our new referee Michaelw90

[résolu] 1/2 gulden 1929 the Netherlands extra line?
Posté le : 27-09-2017, 13h58 dans Numista catalogue

Solved, thanks to our new referee Michaelw90

Deli-Bedagei Tobacco Plantation Token One Dollar. Further info please.
Posté le : 24-09-2017, 6h09 dans Coin identifications and valuations

These 2 should be added to our catalog. I wonder if they qualify to be under main catalog or just in tokens section. But they definitely have a place somewhere here

[résolu] Who is this?
Posté le : 23-09-2017, 18h48 dans Numismatic questions

They wouldn't bother responding really

[résolu] Sets?
Posté le : 23-09-2017, 17h00 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "Essor Prof"​I don't say sets should be in our catalogue, but I don't say they shouldn't be either, it's like Neil says: they're not doing any harm sitting in the catalogue. • ​But if they should be in our catalogue, it should be the way it's done for New Zealand and certainly not like the examples for Ajman and Liban. For instance the example of the 2010 booklet of Liban. This booklet exists of 10 different coins. For each of these 10 coins there is an extra year line for the same booklet, so this booklet is 10 times in our catalogue. How chaotic is that?​Well, just like there are lines for BU, coin card, etc. • The lines represent the way/quality these coins were issued by the mint/central bank. • If a coin was issued as part of several sets, then in my opinion they should be included. when you tick that line, it means you own this coin + it specifies the form you own as well. Specially when pictures are present to help identify the type of se[...]

Currency timeline
Posté le : 23-09-2017, 16h45 dans Numismatic questions

this will help you • • Beware of minor mistakes here and there though. The only ones I remember being some wrong codes for yemen.

[résolu] French Telephone tokens
Posté le : 23-09-2017, 16h44 dans Numismatic questions

It's the rotation of the coin. 12h being medal alignment, 6h coin alignment. 3h and 9h are rotated ones left and right. • these numbers correspond to position of numbers on the clock. • not sure about the 2nd line though

5 Qirsh 1387 (1967) ١٣٨٧ - ١٩٦٧ (plain edge) - missing option
Posté le : 23-09-2017, 16h34 dans Numista catalogue

done thanks!

Mexico: 1 peso 1978, KM460, dates
Posté le : 23-09-2017, 10h46 dans Numista catalogue

Cobra and Ole, • The point is: • "Je voulais juste signalé que j'avais fait des fiches sur les variétés les 1 Peso." • and that didnt happen. • Posting a link to your website randomly, does not help anyone, it's rather annoying and spam-y. Saying that "I've added these varieties to here *with direct link to concerned page*" or a mention of where to find it is more helpful and appreciated. • And of course, the use of good polite language is nice :)

Got the 2 Rupees UNC Set
Posté le : 21-09-2017, 10h00 dans Free discussion

It would be nice to add these to the comments section on the coin page. You can add your name below them too. Thanks and congratulations!

New country - Labe ( Fouta Djalon)
Posté le : 15-09-2017, 19h54 dans Numista catalogue

After discussions with Damian, these coins were added under Fantasy. they were an attempt but the state was never established. • • However, they are scarce and are being sold for thousands of dollars in auctions.

[résolu] Not able to create change request to edit KM# reference number for a coin sheet
Posté le : 13-09-2017, 23h07 dans Numista website

Then Xavier should do something about it

[résolu] corrections / change requests (EN/FR)
Posté le : 13-09-2017, 21h36 dans Numista website

It would be helpful to submit both requests.

Egyptian pound: one currency or several currencies?
Posté le : 12-09-2017, 16h49 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "jokinen"​Sjoelund, for those that can easily read the Arab script it is very apparent that Egyptian coins did change the country legend to UAR. Westerners only see some vermicelli characters and cannot tell the difference except for the differently styled eagle. If the legends would have used the Roman script I would expect much more coin collectors to recognise this as a separate era. • ​ • ​The other splits were done just to make it easier to browse through hundreds of coins. I would have preferred slightly less eras and make a split in 1885 when the Para was discontinued and the Millim introduced but this way I still like it a lot better than the bulky one where 150 years of coin history were lumped into one section.​Agree, additionally the territory did change as well. • for example, and aside from UAR, the Khedivate of Egypt included parts of Libya, South Sudan, Sudan and Somalia. • As for the separation at 1885, it wasn't possible.[...]

(CSIP) Co-operative site improvement project - map + related issuers links
Posté le : 12-09-2017, 16h44 dans Numista website

Citation: "Sulfur"​Darfur: it is connected to Egypt, and I am not sure why; and • Egypt: it is connected to Darfur, and I am not sure why. Geographically speaking, the two places did not even touch each other. I do not think those two should be connected.​ • ​ ​The area was occupied by egyptians afterwards, and was part of the Khedivate of Egypt • also, • • was an imitation of an egytian coin

Duplicate Listings
Posté le : 12-09-2017, 4h54 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "Australian Coin Info"​Can someone please delate the year line from this coin that says "Please delete" and add all the people who cliam to own it to this coin. Thanks​done. you may need to fix the comments section in the 1st sheet

Mongolia on the world map
Posté le : 12-09-2017, 3h58 dans Numismatic questions

[résolu] "Lettering" in Advanced Search
Posté le : 12-09-2017, 1h41 dans Numista website

use an asterisk: • unite* or state* •

Are there any friends from Turkey especially from Istanbul ?
Posté le : 11-09-2017, 14h25 dans Free discussion

Click on "Exchanges" then "start a swap". from there click on "Find members near my home!" and you shall see members on the map :) • Send them a msg and get to know them. • I can recommend a nice collector I met in Istanbul, Júlio César (juliocoins) •

[résolu] Isn't this a bit ridiculous? :D
Posté le : 11-09-2017, 14h21 dans Free discussion

PS: issue solved.

Saudi Arabia 1 Qirsh 1356 inconsistency
Posté le : 10-09-2017, 19h20 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "AmerSalmeh"​Yes. • ​I've sent change requests for the 3 coins. thanks​became a referee and validated them. Issue solved.

[résolu] British Honduras 10 Cent
Posté le : 08-09-2017, 20h40 dans Numista catalogue

According to Krause, 1970 is a circulation strike with no proof strike for that year. so i just requested removing the comment proof.

Byebye Burma?
Posté le : 08-09-2017, 20h20 dans Numista catalogue

Burma and other countries splitting issues are under discussion

Search bug - can't search for metal: plastic
Posté le : 08-09-2017, 20h19 dans Numista website

I know what you mean ​ Merci!

Unknown Ottoman (Mehmed V Reshat??) items.
Posté le : 07-09-2017, 19h21 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Description: • Tughra of Sultan Abdelhamid II in the center, with unknown text right of it and rotated number 2 (or 3) in Arabic. Sultan title above and below, rotated 180 degrees. • Lettering: • المستند بتوفيقات الربانية • ملك الدولة العثمانية ٢ • Translation: (couldn't find a 100% translation online, but should be something like this: ) • The dependent on God's support • King of the Ottoman Empire • 2

[résolu] Sacagawea Dollar inconsistency
Posté le : 07-09-2017, 19h01 dans Numista catalogue

Issue solved (pix, lettering, comment): • • gold pattern (with W mintmark) added: •

Peru 10 centimos, 2016 Lima KM#305.4
Posté le : 07-09-2017, 18h38 dans Numista catalogue

duplicate line deleted.

Automatic tokens - info/lettering/translation
Posté le : 07-09-2017, 0h43 dans Coin identifications and valuations


Morocco - 1 Falus - Moulay 'Abd al-Rahman Rabat mint
Posté le : 07-09-2017, 0h33 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Up • Any idea if pix are matching the proposed coin below? •

Any micronations enthusiast here?
Posté le : 06-09-2017, 18h15 dans Free discussion

Also, can we replace the condition of "circulating" coins by "official" coins? • this would allow many "states" to be added, and only keep aside virtual states, or chinese/dealers made fantasies.

Egypt 1 pound president Nasser (1970)
Posté le : 06-09-2017, 15h41 dans Numismatic questions

Also, have you done any silver tests?

Two Strange New 2017 Coins from Strange Places: Svalbard & "Liberland"
Posté le : 04-09-2017, 22h39 dans Free discussion

You can add these 2 to the catalog under fantasy issues! thanks.

Posté le : 04-09-2017, 1h26 dans Free discussion

Citation: "JWDiaz"​Is having more than one account in Numista allowed?​Officially, no.

A couple for the Islamic specialist out there
Posté le : 01-09-2017, 0h09 dans Coin identifications and valuations

2nd row 2nd pic reads "struck in Constantinople" so yes it's Ottoman. • 1st row is under "Indian states and kingdoms - Hyderabad - Rupee (1762-1950)" • something similar to • • but can't give an exact match.

[résolu] Lebanon KM#39 repeated year
Posté le : 31-08-2017, 21h12 dans Numista catalogue

Sorted out :)

1277 moroccan coin catalog number
Posté le : 30-08-2017, 4h38 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "PetrusAscanus"​​​The link on Numista has an error on the two pages. • ​These coins are not hammered, but cast...​The metal field is correct, but the currency is Hammered coinage. I used Krause's words. I will edit it to Hammered/Cast Coinage. • Thanks!

curious re "royal mint" as part of a country name
Posté le : 30-08-2017, 4h26 dans Free discussion

The countries in question: •

[résolu] 1 Yuan variation
Posté le : 29-08-2017, 20h18 dans Coin identifications and valuations

It's random. • Similar with tukrish 1 lira, sudan 1 pound and other coins

10 Milliemes 1972 - Sudan, Variation & error?
Posté le : 29-08-2017, 17h08 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Thanks everyone for your contributions. • I've added the extra year lines, and notes in the comments section. Let me know if it looks ok. • • PS: Don't you think number of notches is just random? that they just punch the coin regardless of planchet orientation? Similar to how we get random edge lettering readable from obv/rev on top.

Have a 2015 Trinidad and Tobago 1 Cent that does not exist in the catalog.
Posté le : 29-08-2017, 7h38 dans Numista catalogue

Fixed, thanks!

UAR as a separate currency within Egypt? Why?
Posté le : 27-08-2017, 15h38 dans Numista catalogue

Which is not possible, so no. My idea is to make them just as they were in reality. 1 state with 2 currencies (not 2 sub-countries). Anyway am happy now with the currency work I did and can live with it. Happy to change if agreement can be established

Currencies information - Huge database
Posté le : 27-08-2017, 3h41 dans Free discussion

Hello, • Found this super lovely database while looking for info about currencies, and thought it's a must share • Download from here: • • (C) Global Financial Data • Several sheets exist, but I found "Currency Histories" to be the most interesting for me. • Lots of info that match with Wikipedia/Krause/Numista, but many that differ as well. • For example: • Hope you find it helpful!

Local coin shops: the people's list
Posté le : 26-08-2017, 21h21 dans Free discussion

United Arab Emirates • Sharjah • Souk Al Arsah (سوق العرصة) • Traditional covered market with several shops selling antiques and various coins, tokens and medals. As far as I know, it's the cheapest market for coins in UAE. • Ras Al Khaimah • Turathiyat Ajdadi (تراثيات أجدادي) • Antiques shop, occasionally sells coins and medals. If you visit, you can tell him you are my friend, might get you a discount

Anyone found some 2017 coins in circulation yet?
Posté le : 25-08-2017, 22h52 dans Free discussion

United Arab Emirates • 25 Fils (2017) • • 25-08-2017

Tibet Rupee - Help with Variation
Posté le : 24-08-2017, 17h41 dans Numismatic questions

Hello, • Sorry for the late reply. • Great job indeed! • A little question, I know the notes on images are yours, but are the original coins pictures yours as well? If not, original pictures owners should be credited too beside your name • Unfortunately I can't help with finding differences • For reference: • KM#3 with varieties • • KM#3a • could you add it please?

Patterns and trial strikes, demonetized by default?
Posté le : 24-08-2017, 16h43 dans Numismatic questions

SBP will neither exchange nor be liable to pay any value of decimal coins to any person or a bank after the demonetisation deadline of September 30, 2014.

[résolu] Tughlug shah ?
Posté le : 23-08-2017, 13h17 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Hello, please edit your request with the following: • - swap pictures. I believe Sultan name should be on obverse • after swapping: • - Obv: Sultan name • - Lettering: • سلطان • شاه • محمود • Translation: Sultan Mahmud Shah • - Rev: Mint and date (off-flan)

25 something!
Posté le : 22-08-2017, 2h32 dans Coin identifications and valuations

It's from Iran, and looks like a token • I could identify "کلیه نقاط جزیرهٔ کیش" which is Farsi for "All parts of Kish Island" • It would be nice to add this to the catalog under tokens - Iran • and take new pictures in higher quality

5 Rials - Iran - year 1377 - inclusion
Posté le : 22-08-2017, 1h23 dans Numista catalogue

I agree with Essor Prof, and that's my reason behind mentioning the shape of the digit. • It "could" be a fake. We don't know. Just giving out thoughts and observations

Currency in Advanced Search
Posté le : 22-08-2017, 0h04 dans Numista website

Can we have "Currency" below "Country" in Advanced Search? thanks • It doesn't have to be connected to country field. Having a full list of currencies loaded (regardless of country selected) is fine, since some countries use shared currencies. • This should be very simple to implement.

[résolu] 1774 1/10 Ecu France - Royaume
Posté le : 20-08-2017, 21h57 dans Numista catalogue

Year list is open on this coin, you can send a request yourself. Post the pic here, and mention this topic as a source, so referee can see the pictures. thanks!

[résolu] Bad Gateways (Numista not working)
Posté le : 18-08-2017, 2h31 dans Numista website

I reported this few hours ago to Xavier on twitter, and he said he was doing some maintenance. I believe it should be ok now. • For such urgent matters you can reach him on twitter @Xav_Numista

10 Milliemes 1971 - Sudan, Error???
Posté le : 17-08-2017, 1h26 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Interesting find .. • According to Dato: "yes, for me its a die error"

Ottoman Empire Coin ?
Posté le : 16-08-2017, 13h49 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Id say this •

[résolu] Is there a way for me to generate a list of only what is now a "Country"?
Posté le : 14-08-2017, 22h18 dans Numista website

* Tokens * • ** Exonumia ** • both counted as sections not countries; but are listed - currently - as countries

Mexico 1 Peso - Error date 1882 plugged die
Posté le : 14-08-2017, 19h18 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "Frenchlover"​Derf got the same kind of default​His is 1892. mine is still 10 years older

[résolu] US coins - errors?
Posté le : 14-08-2017, 16h18 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Hello, • not very familiar with error coins. What do you think of these? • 1) 1 Cent 2014 - PMD or error? • 2) 5 Cents 1979D - filled D error? • 3) 1/4 Dollar 1979D - filled D error? • thanks in advance

It begins - apology beforehand/ Country list reorganization
Posté le : 14-08-2017, 14h00 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Jarcek"​Also, if someone wants to help us, just send me a PM. I have numerous tasks at hand to give out. ​Maybe start a new CCIP thread?

Coffret Algérie 1421 - 2000
Posté le : 13-08-2017, 8h34 dans Catalogue Numista

I have added your pictures now to the 9 pages, and added a year line for the mint set, so you can tick these lines instead •

Tunisia 100 millim 1996 minted in silver ???
Posté le : 11-08-2017, 21h33 dans Coin identifications and valuations

or trials like these below but in silver? •

[résolu] "Type of coin" => "Name of coin"
Posté le : 10-08-2017, 0h51 dans Numista website

Still not fixed.

[résolu] Search for currently used currency
Posté le : 10-08-2017, 0h27 dans Numista website

Citation: "BryanJ"​​​ So it could be available as early as in 2 years then?​It took 5 days, not bad, eh? • Thanks Xavier, love this!

[résolu] "Most recently added" search
Posté le : 08-08-2017, 16h35 dans Numista website

Citation: "BryanJ"​​ I think he means coins that were just added to our collection, not to numista. It seems there's no way to do that, but that would be a very useful feature.​I read it quickly earlier my bad. I've edited my post - thanks!

[résolu] Mixed up country flags
Posté le : 07-08-2017, 15h49 dans Numista website

Because these notes are passed to Xavier every 2 weeks I guess. It has nothing to do with who submit them. Well except with urgent matters like when site goes offline or so. Don't worry.

Change alarm
Posté le : 07-08-2017, 12h04 dans Numista website

Citation: "nthn"​I just asked Jarcek if it was possible to make the "Modification History" page, that only referees and admins can see right now, be made public. That would be a sort of fix.​it doesn't include year lines, which is another issue by itself

UK 1 Pound - Elizabeth II (5th portrait; Royal Shield)
Posté le : 06-08-2017, 1h50 dans Numista catalogue

Well, sent

My Time as a Referee is Over
Posté le : 05-08-2017, 13h32 dans Free discussion

Prayers to you and your son Mark, wishing him good health, and a bright future. • From all of the Numista team, thank you Mark for all the amazing work you have been doing. It was our pleasure having you, and we hope you stick around when your time permits.

1st Anniversary as a Referee & 3rd Anniversary on Numista
Posté le : 05-08-2017, 13h28 dans Free discussion

Coming from such respected members, I feel honored. Thanks everyone! Means a lot to me. • PS: • @Essor Prof: I agree, it's annoying, specially for someone with some sort of OCD

UAE/Ajman proof set
Posté le : 04-08-2017, 23h09 dans Coin identifications and valuations

حكومة عجمان وتوابعها • Yes, the same

Non circulating 50 Eurocent?
Posté le : 04-08-2017, 15h51 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "Sorxus"​But if you use such coin on the street nobody will know it's issued only for fellow numismatics... :) • ​I think they should be marked on Numista catalog as circulation coin... they look as all other circulation coins!​it's not about the looks .... • and it's not about Numista. • These are only issued for collectors. If someone decided to use it in circulation, it's up to him. Doesn't mean that this is a circulation coin. • A circulation coin is coin that's intended and put into circulation by the central bank

[résolu] East Caribbean $5 coin listed twice with two different titles
Posté le : 03-08-2017, 17h26 dans Numista catalogue

links would help

Well, I did it finally.
Posté le : 03-08-2017, 2h13 dans Free discussion

Congratulations, Sir.

[résolu] Incorrect data output display in the swap list
Posté le : 31-07-2017, 21h27 dans Numista website

this is actually weird .. • Nothing wrong with the coin sheets to begin with. • I've tried adding same coins as you to my swap list, and I've got the same bug • Checking rest of my swap list, and confirming it's actually a bug elsewhere as well • My assumption for the source of issue; is that the list is sorted by face value, then by date & mint mark, and then by KM# - which is similar to country list view. HOWEVER, there should be a code added to list all coins under same KM# together (by KM#) whenever the 1st coin of that said KM# is sorted by date

unrecorded coin?
Posté le : 31-07-2017, 15h39 dans Numismatic questions

common names can be added in coin name • "If usage gave the coin a specific name, give it next, surrounded by quotation marks." • something like: • • • or maybe under comments section.

Unlisted coins - listed on Colnect, but unlisted on Numista.
Posté le : 30-07-2017, 10h44 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "Houseofham"​In practice: It's enough for a user to claim pictures are from a legit source. No one actually bothers to check where they came from (editors, feel free to prove me wrong). • ​Speaking for myself, I do check :)

Names and quantity of mints on 50 paise 2011-2015 India
Posté le : 29-07-2017, 22h37 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "cyprusalexander"​​Till now there are only 3 mints for this type. Why there is information about Noida mint here as well? Is it just copy-and-paste mistake or the year distribution is not complete? • ​ ​I guess it's probably a copy-paste issue. • You have a strong eye for details, you can send a change request to remove that line from the comments. • Thanks! • PS: I guess referee is absent nowadays, so it might take some time

spot wc on America the Beautiful coins
Posté le : 29-07-2017, 22h33 dans Numista catalogue

Have you tried msging him?

[résolu] Wrong pix source link when in Creation request page
Posté le : 29-07-2017, 12h04 dans Numista website

Hello, • "" should be removed from the beginning of the link • this is only in creation page for all sources. It's fine in normal coin sheets • example: • Thanks, • Amer

[résolu] Issue with non-English mint marks messing up dates
Posté le : 29-07-2017, 11h25 dans Numista website

Perfect! thanks!

[résolu] ", #39;" instead of "'"
Posté le : 27-07-2017, 18h13 dans Numista website

Coin view: • edit view: • Any idea?

Arabic keyboard - Requesting extra letters
Posté le : 26-07-2017, 17h19 dans Numista website

Hello, • Can we add some extra letters to the Arabic keyboard? • These are not original letters, but were added to find sounds for some non-Arabic letters. • Article on Wikipedia here (in Arabic): • • Same letters basically, just extra dots. Some of these are used on coins by the way. • 1- • پ • 2- • چ • 3- • ژ • 4- • ڠ • 5- • ڤ • 6- • گ

[résolu] Curacao 1 Cent - Wilhemina Missing varieties
Posté le : 25-07-2017, 23h54 dans Numista catalogue

I've sent a msg to the referee

[résolu] Tin Pitis (Palembang) - missed year/variety line
Posté le : 25-07-2017, 21h59 dans Numista catalogue

Done! :)

Thailand: deletion on non-existed coins.
Posté le : 25-07-2017, 21h48 dans Numista catalogue

sent you a msg.

[résolu] United Arab Emirates - 25 fils 2014/1435 km4, year missing
Posté le : 25-07-2017, 17h29 dans Numista catalogue

again, magnetic type, km#4a •

[résolu] Kuwait: 20 and 100 fils 2013 1435, dates missing
Posté le : 25-07-2017, 17h21 dans Numista catalogue

they are here; magnetic type • 20f • • 100f •

UAE 500 Dirhams Silver coins?
Posté le : 25-07-2017, 17h07 dans Coin identifications and valuations

you still got it for below official issue price :)

[résolu] 2 stuiver Deventer 1683-1708 Different mintmark
Posté le : 25-07-2017, 11h03 dans Numista catalogue

For your last question, I'd say use the better condition one. The other one can still go in the comments section as an example of another date. Old picture can also go in comments section if needed.

Silver in 'Your coins' against silver in 'Advanced search'
Posté le : 24-07-2017, 21h04 dans Numista website

these probably are coins with improper metal field • something like silver gilt maybe

[résolu] Tibet 1 Rupee
Posté le : 23-07-2017, 4h20 dans Numista catalogue

I will leave that for you

New Zealand KM#134
Posté le : 22-07-2017, 22h58 dans Numista catalogue

and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. that's not strange at all. Krause misses lots of #s in different countries. In some cases, these are coins assigned a different number later on (could be 134 became 133a for example), and in some cases there are coins moved to Unusual with X#s. And in many cases the numbers are just missing. • PS: Only case I could track down valid unlisted KM#s is for some early coins late 1500s were they have been assigned KM#1-3 and can be found in NGC only but not in Krause since they chose the cut-off to be the year 1600

Trouble listing Malta's 2 Euro date
Posté le : 21-07-2017, 11h43 dans Numista catalogue

I requested the changes earlier but referee rejected them .. So my question was to him actually, to double check

[résolu] Canadian 25 cents coins Different metals-same KM#
Posté le : 20-07-2017, 23h49 dans Numista catalogue

Solved by Referee as I suggested

Ag or Cu-Ni? Isle of Man 1974 Winston Churchill crown
Posté le : 20-07-2017, 12h16 dans Numismatic questions

Referee informed

[résolu] Tatarstan coins
Posté le : 20-07-2017, 12h14 dans Numista catalogue

there are only 3 token coins for Tatarstan and they are listed here • • These no more circulate in Tatarastan. As you mentioned now, they use Russian coins nowadays • Having a country doesn't mean they issue coins now, but means that at some point they did or still do.

[résolu] Where to place these two British Guiana/Essequibo and Demerary coins?
Posté le : 20-07-2017, 11h59 dans Numista catalogue

the 3 Guilders is missing the coin type

PRICE LOWERED! - The 50 Statehood Quarters Colorized Collection (All 50 Sates - 5 Per Wooden Display Case)
Posté le : 19-07-2017, 20h06 dans Swaps and trades

Just wondering, are these officially issued? and if so, why aren't they in Krause? • Coins look nice, and your lowered price sounds good, but I can imagine it would cost a fortune to ship to the UAE. • good luck

[résolu] Romania moderator
Posté le : 19-07-2017, 17h54 dans Free discussion

check again

Anyone has recent experience with numismatic software (preferably freeware for Mac )?
Posté le : 19-07-2017, 6h43 dans Numismatic questions

interesting topic

[résolu] Problem when people modify files
Posté le : 19-07-2017, 6h06 dans Numista website

Ah no, maybe I wasnt clear. that's not what I meant. • Ignore it as in do absolutely nothing about it. imagine it's not there. • just do really nothing about it. • So, accept all the request as usual or reject it as usual. dont bother yourself ticking or unticking it. it doesnt matter either way

[résolu] Update a forum thread when a country name changes?
Posté le : 18-07-2017, 9h19 dans Numista website

Yes, we do need some sort of announcements

[résolu] Searching for coin that is entered as a coin of "unknown type"
Posté le : 17-07-2017, 21h07 dans Numista website

All such issued were fixed already. Team went through each country. • For Saudi Arabia, referee is absent nowadays, and type requests are pending. Once he validates these, it should be fine. • It might be the case for other countries too that requests are still pending. These shall be resolved very soon.

Duplicate Listings
Posté le : 17-07-2017, 19h22 dans Numista catalogue

That was quick, thanks a lot! • PS: and this is the post #500

What is the best bargain you ever got when buying coins?
Posté le : 16-07-2017, 22h29 dans Free discussion

Citation: "neilithic"​I got a lot of Norwegian coins for NZ$10 (about US$6) in the lot was a whole lot of iron World war 1 1, 2 and 5 ore coins, some rare early bronze coins, and the best one was an uncirculated 1927 krone​WOAH!

Iran 1/2 rial - 1314 or 1313 or over date
Posté le : 16-07-2017, 1h40 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I agree to the above

[résolu] Comoros: magnetic and non-mag
Posté le : 15-07-2017, 20h30 dans Numismatic questions

Yes I saw that, but we don't follow prediction. we follow what's in the actual book • So far such number wasn't assigned yet by Krause, and hence until then, we stick with what it is for now :) • thanks though

1 Dollar 2005 Australia "Year of the Rooster" - partially gilt
Posté le : 15-07-2017, 16h59 dans Numista catalogue

It's a different metal composition which means new page..

[résolu] Anyone with a Schön reference?
Posté le : 14-07-2017, 22h21 dans Numismatic questions

Yes please send a request, this is to help a fellow referee • thanks a lot for the quick help

Somaliland 2000 Silver Dragon Silver (Not CuNi) Coin
Posté le : 12-07-2017, 21h48 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Updated edge description, edge pic, and added "proof" to the year line comment

[résolu] 1 euro cent Germany (gold)
Posté le : 12-07-2017, 21h40 dans Coin identifications and valuations

gold plated steel?

[résolu] Challenge Coins
Posté le : 12-07-2017, 19h45 dans Numista website

Hello, and welcome to the website. • 1st step, make sure it's not already listed • 2nd step, add it :) • it would be good to have a look at similar challenge coins and follow the style. • Make sure to add your pictures of the coin as well, thanks in advance • As a general info, here is the guidelines for editing the catalog: •

Probably Maldives?
Posté le : 10-07-2017, 19h19 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I asked the coin owner - who submitted this coin - and he said he has no info, and the coin seller told him it's probably from Maldives, that's it

ALPHA Android app for Numista
Posté le : 10-07-2017, 12h54 dans Numista website

By type 1955 • 4052 Different coins (numista words - which is by date)

Justice for Abigail - Your Help is Urgently Needed
Posté le : 10-07-2017, 8h59 dans Free discussion

All the best Phil, from all of the Numista community! • Hope to be hearing good news very soon.

Demonetized date - regarding dating formats
Posté le : 09-07-2017, 20h48 dans Numista catalogue


Tunisian coins available
Posté le : 08-07-2017, 20h22 dans Swaps and trades

if you are looking for a big swap (70+ coins) then let me know ;)

Addition of new mint year for Rs 1 coin (India)
Posté le : 08-07-2017, 19h19 dans Numista catalogue

is this the coin u have? • • I've just msged the referee, and he shall get back to you here

Austrian coinage rejected
Posté le : 08-07-2017, 19h16 dans Numista catalogue

this should not be added as a new year line but rather a new coin • since it's a 4 euro coin, not 100 euro • please re submit it to referee as a new coin :)

[résolu] Syria: KM 127???
Posté le : 02-07-2017, 19h16 dans Numismatic questions

As for why it's in medals, I've had this piece (+3 similar ones) under Syria for a long time, but recently found a report on Central Bank of Syria website listing all commemorative coins they issued, and none of the 4 medallic coins were mentioned. Hence why I recently moved all 4 pieces under Medals. The presentation box does say "Medaille" as well.

Kuwait 50 fils 1970 1369
Posté le : 30-06-2017, 7h53 dans Numista catalogue

Do you mean 1389 (1970) written as ١٣٨٩ - ١٩٧٠ ? • it's here already •

[résolu] I need some tech help with extracting images from a PDF
Posté le : 29-06-2017, 3h42 dans Numista catalogue

It was done using the "PrtSc" key. • Zoomed in pictures, if you prefer •

[résolu] Mint letter numeric value
Posté le : 29-06-2017, 2h02 dans Numista website

Thanks for the quick response :)

[résolu] Missing "space" in edge lettering
Posté le : 29-06-2017, 2h00 dans Numista website

Great, thanks!

Saint Helena & Ascension 2015 issue
Posté le : 27-06-2017, 3h31 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Salam Haseeb • 1st thanks for the info, and for the rich website you have • please note, it would be better for future to post such request in Numista Catalog forum, for a quicker response. • Also, your website doesn't allow saving pix directly by right-clicking. One has to go through the page coding to get the image url .. I hope this can be fixed. • Wishing you all the best with the great website you have. I've benefited a lot from the info and pictures you provide, specially for Arab countries.

How to get images from sites that don't let you
Posté le : 27-06-2017, 3h28 dans Free discussion

@nthn • I usually never browse the auctions websites, but rather or • and go through results, so this could be an alternative.

How many coins with the images of a coin(s) do you know?
Posté le : 26-06-2017, 12h34 dans Numismatic questions

Kuwait Coin: • • featuring another Kuwait coin • • Western Sahara coin: • • featuring a German coin • • that's what comes to my mind now.

[résolu] USK catalog
Posté le : 25-06-2017, 1h26 dans Numismatic questions

My bad, that was only a small preview of the book, and I apparently had that on my PC ..

A new milestone: 100,000
Posté le : 24-06-2017, 11h45 dans News

We are at 100,639 coins already, and I'm adding now some more :) • Thanks to all contributors, old and new.

Qatar countermark?
Posté le : 23-06-2017, 13h29 dans Numismatic questions

Never seen such thing at all. Might be just some modern private countermark..

Does anyone own this coin? Or ever seen one?
Posté le : 23-06-2017, 2h51 dans Numismatic questions

Could be also that mintage happened that year but coins issued had another date. And the reporting mistake happened.

Morocco 1 falus?
Posté le : 22-06-2017, 8h32 dans Coin identifications and valuations


Mangir - Osman II
Posté le : 22-06-2017, 7h23 dans Coin identifications and valuations

this is the original auction link •

[résolu] Canada 1973 RCMP quarter
Posté le : 21-06-2017, 20h08 dans Numista catalogue


[résolu] Islamic token? Help identifying please...
Posté le : 18-06-2017, 1h34 dans Coin identifications and valuations

added • • if you got extra information, please add them to the sheet, thanks.

[résolu] Palau 2012, Moscow Kremlin
Posté le : 18-06-2017, 1h19 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I added it •

Token. Egypt? Libya? Sudan?
Posté le : 18-06-2017, 0h18 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Added • 70 mill • • 100 mill •

[résolu] New Date Request
Posté le : 17-06-2017, 20h25 dans Numista catalogue

then probably they were using the english 0 • what could confirm this is that the other coins dates are closer to 1203. 1253 is way too far and I'm not sure that state still existed

This new different variations is not add in Numista
Posté le : 17-06-2017, 7h15 dans Numista catalogue

Salam Rami, • Thanks a lot. • I've just added a new year line for this variety, and used your picture (with your name) in the comments section to show the 2 varieties. Thanks a lot again :) • Coin sheet: •

UK catalogue reaches 1,500 listings
Posté le : 15-06-2017, 0h08 dans Free discussion

AWESOME milestone

[résolu] Cabela's tokens
Posté le : 15-06-2017, 0h04 dans Numista catalogue

If everything else is identical (metal etc) and lettering is same except for city, then yes you are right. • Keep it in the lettering section as that is describing the pic on top. • You can submit the new year lines with comments as a change request.

[résolu] 5 cents Canada 2006 - maybe duplication error
Posté le : 14-06-2017, 0h45 dans Numista catalogue

this can be submitted as a normal change request.

If you had an unlimited budget
Posté le : 12-06-2017, 23h19 dans Free discussion

My target is all issues of Arab countries. • So with an unlimited budget, that would include all the gold, silver, patterns, essais, and all the super rare pieces. • And as a result, open a museum to show and study them. • One can dream I guess

[résolu] French Indochina 10 Centimes 1940
Posté le : 12-06-2017, 9h19 dans Numista catalogue


[résolu] 100.000 coins
Posté le : 11-06-2017, 21h40 dans Free discussion

Keep in mind, we also delete coins (duplicates and so on)

[résolu] US Civil War Patriotic Tokens
Posté le : 11-06-2017, 17h43 dans Numista catalogue

Thanks a lot :)

Holed coin or coin with hole?
Posté le : 11-06-2017, 9h21 dans Numista catalogue

I can see exact mintage numbers for each type with/without a hole, so it looks like it has been done at the production process on purpose? just guessing

Edit: "Thailand 20 Baht - Rama IX (Prince Héritier)" Y# 398
Posté le : 11-06-2017, 6h13 dans Numista catalogue

I validated some old Thailand requests today. So if you had one it should be done already

[résolu] American Space Program Commemoratives
Posté le : 11-06-2017, 4h57 dans Numista catalogue

Cyrillius has done them already :) • thanks a lot

Thailand Y# 80: 2 varieties
Posté le : 10-06-2017, 22h55 dans Numista catalogue

according to Krause: • Minted without date change and with and without reeded edges until 1987 • Dot after the letters for "Satang" are found with raised and incuse varieties. • • So theoretically - according to Krause, 2 (at least, 4 max) varieties exist • However, can't find any online source listing these varieties.

Problem with some Vietnam Empire listings- see attached photo
Posté le : 10-06-2017, 4h25 dans Numista catalogue

Fixed. thanks :)

Tongan Commemoratives
Posté le : 10-06-2017, 4h19 dans Numismatic questions

I msged the referee, and he will get back to you

[résolu] Gold coin/token or something else (from Dubai)
Posté le : 10-06-2017, 3h04 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I've got the answer. It's in 22 karat gold and not 24k. Hence the ASW is the same. • "The DMCC launched the UAE’s first souvenir commemorative gold coin series in September 2007 known as the ‘Visions of Dubai’, which is minted by Emirates Gold. The coin comes in 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, and 1 troy ounce sizes and has the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s (UAE vice president) face on the front and Dubai’s landmark hotel, Burj Al Arab, on the back. It was initially minted as 22k coin, but in October 2009 it was changed to 24k (9999). In 2009, DMCC launched its second edition of the ‘Visions of Dubai’ series with a new image of Sheikh Mohammed’s face on the front and Dubai’s landmark real estate project, Palm Jumeirah, on the back"

incomplete list of Officina MIntmark
Posté le : 08-06-2017, 22h19 dans Numista catalogue

Thanks for your quick response :)

[résolu] Map error: Sudan and South Sudan
Posté le : 08-06-2017, 21h28 dans Numista website

You are correct, but I'd say they became 2 countries now. Geographical Sudan was bigger, but not anymore. • Hence only Sudan should be colored. And South Sudan should be shown on its current territory. • How's the situation with other countries that lost some land for other countries?

[résolu] COINS FOR SALE [20% for PNightingale's fund]
Posté le : 08-06-2017, 17h14 dans Swaps and trades

I have these coins already - thanks

Coin not listed Gibraltar 2015 One Crown (Churchill)
Posté le : 08-06-2017, 4h35 dans Coin identifications and valuations

But the certificate in the ebay link says the issuing authority is Gibraltar. Doesn't that mean it's a coin not just a token?

[résolu] PNG 50 Toea Commemoratives
Posté le : 08-06-2017, 4h07 dans Numista catalogue

Msged the referee "druzhynets" • thanks!

Timor-leste 100 Centavos coin
Posté le : 08-06-2017, 4h04 dans Numista catalogue

Just checked the concerned coin sheet and the information looks fine

[résolu] An Arabic dating question
Posté le : 03-06-2017, 2h21 dans Numista catalogue

Let me add, it's important to be accurate for the Tunisian coin, since the coin lists both years. And in some cases they issue 2 coins with same Hijra/Gregorian date while the other date is different. (oh and Krause makes lots of mistakes in this regard) • While for the Saudi coin, they only list Hijra date on the coin hence Gregorian date is just an automatic match, to give you an idea of the corresponding Gregorian date. So it doesnt really matter if it's 1927 or 1928

Romania 50 bani 2017
Posté le : 30-05-2017, 19h04 dans Numismatic questions

change request made to mark it as non-circulating

Arabian coin?
Posté le : 30-05-2017, 18h59 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Definitely a token. And I don't see any Arabic letters

UAE AED 1 error coin
Posté le : 30-05-2017, 18h58 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Hello, • I can't tell if it's mint error or simply a damage as I have no experience in this field, but I have sent you a msg. • Thanks!

Rarity Index
Posté le : 29-05-2017, 23h23 dans Numismatic questions

Maybe has to do with number of unique owners or number of year lines • for example: • • this medal has 2 year lines and I'm the only one who owns both years. • so in total you can say 2 members own this, still rarity of 97

(CCIP) Cooperative catalogue improvement project (Help us make Numista a better place)
Posté le : 26-05-2017, 22h14 dans Free discussion

All "10. (Arabic users/readers)" are done now

This Ottoman coin year is wrong?
Posté le : 25-05-2017, 16h59 dans Numista catalogue

Checked Krause, you are all right. • I've sent a change request. thanks!

[résolu] Auctions for Abigail
Posté le : 23-05-2017, 5h54 dans Swaps and trades

Lot 20: $40

[résolu] "KF" Reference?
Posté le : 23-05-2017, 5h25 dans Numismatic questions

Thank you so much! • I will request adding it as a reference, so I can use the ref numbers

[résolu] Site won't load on any browser
Posté le : 21-05-2017, 22h09 dans Numista website

Xavier solved the issue now.

[résolu] Slow website
Posté le : 21-05-2017, 22h07 dans Numista website

Seems very good now, thank you!

Tunisia 5 Dinars IYC (KM#421) Does it exist?
Posté le : 20-05-2017, 18h56 dans Numismatic questions

Same issue with the 75 Dinars IYC KM#317 and KM#420. • KM#420 is listed as french legends, mintage of 21 only. • However, both coins have pix on Krause and are totally identical • Any idea?

[résolu] France 2 euro Peace 10.000 pcs coincard...proceeds go to Pnightingale's fund
Posté le : 19-05-2017, 1h17 dans Swaps and trades

Thanks! • Busy with few matters, but shall contact you soon - I promise. • thanks for your patience

[résolu] List of countries that don't have a referee
Posté le : 19-05-2017, 0h40 dans Numista website

Jarek, • Assign me for these: • 1- Algeria • 2- Comoro Islands • 3- Mauritania • 4- Morocco • 5- Western Sahara • 6- Zanzibar • 7- Pakistan • And I will leave the rest for you guys

Morocco Set, BU or Proof?
Posté le : 15-05-2017, 23h38 dans Numismatic questions

1 more confusing thing, Krause reports a Proof issue for only the 5 Dirhams (which is part of this set) with mintage of 500 only ..

Proof Coins of Morocco
Posté le : 15-05-2017, 2h14 dans Numista catalogue

Hello, • This is listed in Krause as KM#PS2; and it's listed as a normal set not proof. • I've posted in the forum asking if its BU of Proof • • let's see if someone knows better • PS: Hering, I will use your set pictures in the coins sheets with "(C) Hering" below it - if that's fine

Sudan error PS !
Posté le : 15-05-2017, 1h46 dans Numismatic questions

Hello David, • Is it possible to add the proof set token to our catalog in the tokens section? that would be cool. thank you!

Sudan 2 Girsh 1963
Posté le : 15-05-2017, 1h09 dans Numismatic questions

Hello, • Just updated the 2 sheets now with all your documentations, and fixed few typos • • • thank you David and Ole for your amazing work

2017 coins world birth year help?
Posté le : 13-05-2017, 3h06 dans Free discussion

None of the arab countries I manage (a lot) have issued any 2017 dated coins so far - as far as I know. I just knew today only that the UAE has issued recently 25 and 50 fils coins dated 2017. • I didn't get them yet anyway, and I'm not sure if you are interested in these denominations?

How to distinguish between two Tunisia 5 Dinar coins?
Posté le : 09-05-2017, 23h45 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Have anyone found any answer for this?

Tunisia: 20 millim, km#307, 1983-1403, date sizes
Posté le : 09-05-2017, 23h39 dans Numista catalogue

a bit too late, but this was added to these 2 pages a few days ago: • 20 Millièmes (non-magnetic) • • 50 Millièmes (non-magnetic) - I assumed it would look the same • • thanks Ole

Egypt coin
Posté le : 09-05-2017, 19h26 dans Numista catalogue

Hello everyone, and thanks for the effort • As a new referee of Egypt, I've fixed all mentioned issues above • corrected the date, and added schon# and weight: • • added the 2 different schon#s: • • if someone could add explanation with pictures for the difference, it would be appreciated

[résolu] CSS Error
Posté le : 08-05-2017, 17h38 dans Numista website

• used to have the same issue where the KM# would escape out of the box to the left below the coin image, but now its not visible at all. • If I remember well, it's fine on the phone though

Pakistan: 2 rupee 2015, two year lines
Posté le : 08-05-2017, 2h53 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "Essor Prof"​As master referee you can see who added that extra line, right? A message to that person can maybe solve the problem and discover why there are two 2015 year lines.​Nope I can't .. • Merged the 2 years into 1; solved.

[résolu] Egypt coins dates
Posté le : 08-05-2017, 2h48 dans Numismatic questions

Solved, thanks everyone

Dates of Tunisie 1 Franc KM# 247
Posté le : 08-05-2017, 0h01 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "Andrey"​​By the way, there is a mistake in Numista catalogue • ​This coin is zinc, not aluminium-nickel-bronze, as stated in the catalogue. • ​ ​fixed, thanks

Tunisia 10 francs 1956
Posté le : 07-05-2017, 23h55 dans Numista catalogue

Hello Riccardo • you can add it as a new coin, with all details, and I will have a look at it :) • thanks

[résolu] Tunisia coins Calendar issue
Posté le : 07-05-2017, 22h30 dans Numista catalogue

Became a Referee and solved them

[résolu] Jordan 5 Piastres: Possibly wrong date 2005
Posté le : 06-05-2017, 4h55 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "Essor Prof"​Don't forget to delete the 2005 in the comment section as well: • ​ • ​2 different styles of date: • ​1- Short هـ and مـ in dates (2000 & 2012) • ​2- Long هـ and مـ in dates (2005, 2008, 2009 & 2015) • ​​Oops, changed that to 2006. thanks again

Tunisia calendars wrong
Posté le : 05-05-2017, 0h37 dans Numista catalogue

Solved! thanks a lot

Algeria: 1 dinar 2007 / ah1428, km129, accents
Posté le : 05-05-2017, 0h29 dans Numista catalogue

Hello, • The above is already validated. • It would be nice though if you could re name the boxes under the coins to show: • legend a (rounded accent) • legend b (accent with two points) • as the current text in the boxes doesnt match the comments on the year lines and might be a bit confusing • thanks a lot!

Morocco: 1/2 dirham 2014 / AH1635, Y138, AH-date
Posté le : 05-05-2017, 0h25 dans Numista catalogue

Definitely looks more of a 6 than 4 • Nice find. Added now! • Merci beaucoup Ole!

Algeria: km129 year lines!
Posté le : 05-05-2017, 0h15 dans Numista catalogue

SOLVED! • As always, thanks a lot Ole for all your amazing work!

[résolu] Tunisia 50 millièmes 1960 KM#308.1
Posté le : 05-05-2017, 0h01 dans Numista catalogue

Just solved the issue for the 2 coins. Thanks a lot!

[résolu] Date entry: Saudi Arabia - 10 and 5 Halalas 1427 (2006)
Posté le : 04-05-2017, 13h15 dans Numista catalogue

Solved by Referee

token or coins????
Posté le : 30-04-2017, 18h57 dans Coin identifications and valuations

right pic: (rotate about 180 degrees) • ٧٨ • ضرب في • قسطنطينية • ١٢٢٢ • left pic: (rotate about 45 degrees) • Unidentified Tughra • maybe عثمان (Othman) at the right?

Posté le : 29-04-2017, 12h41 dans Free discussion

Msged Oceans! • Safe trip and fast recovery for your friend! • Ps: you should ask Xavier to do something about the limit for you

Colombia: 20 pesos 1994, km282.1 & .2, beads
Posté le : 29-04-2017, 0h49 dans Numista catalogue

Great job as always Ole. I admire your focus on the little details, and sharing your knowledge with the world, thanks!

Unknown countermark on Tunisian coin
Posté le : 28-04-2017, 16h42 dans Coin identifications and valuations


[résolu] Egypt KM#1001: Request to add a new year line
Posté le : 28-04-2017, 11h15 dans Numista catalogue

Thanks Ole • Egypt referee "Dato Mikeladze" has added the missing line. • Solved.

Posté le : 28-04-2017, 0h13 dans Free discussion

Hello, • Does any fellow collectors use Instagram to show their collections or discuss numismatics? • I've created a new account for that purpose (still empty for now) and I would like to follow some more people. • My page: • • Share your accounts below so everyone can follow each other!

[résolu] Invisible coin that I can't validate
Posté le : 27-04-2017, 23h43 dans Numista website

Citation: "ken6528"​another invisible one from Fiji: That can be deleted • ​​still not deleted • + • • this too needs to go • both already exist in catalog

Zimbabwe Bond Coins
Posté le : 26-04-2017, 16h47 dans Numista catalogue

Hello, • As for the new Zimbabwe currency - Bond Coins, it has currently no code or value to it. • According to • • The code is USD, and it's obviously equal to the US Dollar. • Could that be implemented in the currency? thanks

Tracking Number for the Numista Token
Posté le : 22-04-2017, 19h55 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Xavier"​I must say I regret this decision. • ​Editing the invoices and custom forms is really a pain.​haha • Thanks a lot, appreciate all the effort, and looking forward to receiving them! (Omar's order is for both of us)

The Gambia 2015 1,000 Dalasis.
Posté le : 22-04-2017, 19h44 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "Jarcek"​And we do not harvest them. Colnect does that.​hahahaha

[résolu] Brunei 50 Dollars KM#40 Help with Arabic? lettering
Posté le : 20-04-2017, 9h59 dans Numismatic questions

Submitted with pleasure :) • It is Jawi language • and the meaning is the same as the English below it with the addition of years • Adding Arabic lettering is my thing, so feel free to contact me anytime for similar requests • Amer

Jordan 2015-1436
Posté le : 18-04-2017, 17h53 dans Numista catalogue

The 5 Qirsh coin does exist and was added! • Thanks to the member: oynbcn • Any info about the 10 Qirsh?

Identification this coin please
Posté le : 16-04-2017, 22h16 dans Coin identifications and valuations

a similar one • • PS: if someone knows more info about the above token please update the coin sheet

[résolu] 1/2 shekel 2012
Posté le : 14-04-2017, 23h44 dans Numismatic questions • it's here

[résolu] Oman 2004 10 Baisa???? Year entry 2004.
Posté le : 09-04-2017, 20h22 dans Numista catalogue

Solved, thanks!

Since we're about to split all the countries, what about UAR?
Posté le : 08-03-2017, 0h44 dans Numista catalogue

Yes and no • it was split some years ago • then was back again to its current state • i never saw the discussion back then so i dont know the reasons

Posté le : 07-03-2017, 23h01 dans Coin identifications and valuations

#4 •

2017 Standard Catalogue of World Coins, help?
Posté le : 06-03-2017, 15h51 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "Geronimo"​I wonder if the solution might be to try to engage with Krause in a sort of "partnership" arrangement? • ​ • ​I like this!

I'm bored...
Posté le : 26-02-2017, 6h39 dans Free discussion

Thats why I mentioned heritage auctions ( • It's an authorized website for pix, they have interesting coins, and their pix are almost perfectly cropped • So you can add coins quite easliy • Search for essais, we are missing a lot here • or check the topic Jarcek linked

Mozambique - Currency order
Posté le : 21-02-2017, 2h14 dans Numista catalogue

Report it here: •

[résolu] Can exchange DM to EURO in Dortmund?
Posté le : 18-02-2017, 2h26 dans Numismatic questions

Wow! What rate though? Just curious • Might be a good way to get rid of my doubles - well if I ever visit Germany again

Help: List of coins with Arabic lettering issued by non-Arab countries
Posté le : 13-02-2017, 12h10 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "Jarcek"​Have you seen that Hungarian old coin? Imreh was asking about it on the forum.​did you forget it was me and you replying him?

Request extra years from coins
Posté le : 12-02-2017, 14h46 dans Numista catalogue

I'm sure of the info I mentioned • I checked colnect and couldnt find pix. If you have seen them, post the link. Thanks

Numista Referee Recruiting
Posté le : 11-02-2017, 10h41 dans Free discussion

I will apply for some countries soon

[résolu] Syria 1 Lira 1996; 2 types?
Posté le : 05-02-2017, 14h04 dans Numismatic questions

Thanks! • line is deleted

[résolu] Search functionality
Posté le : 05-02-2017, 2h16 dans Numista website

click on advanced search and make sure you tick all under Coin type

Is there a cross-reference guide for different reference numbers?
Posté le : 05-02-2017, 0h55 dans Free discussion

After seeing Schon reference for the 1st time today, apparently they have their own numbers listed next to KM# in square brackets!

Posté le : 03-02-2017, 13h54 dans Free discussion

Let's congratulate our young star Jarek (Jarcek) for finishing his last exam and graduating today! •

Exchange "test case" Euros Liechtenstein
Posté le : 01-02-2017, 16h47 dans Swaps and trades

Hello, • Maybe I can have it in addition to about 20 coins from your swap list • Let me know if a swap is possible • thanks, • Amer

[résolu] How-to question re: creating an everyone-can-edit post
Posté le : 29-01-2017, 22h25 dans Free discussion

1- make a post as a list, people contribute in comments, you edit the main post and add the contributions • 2- use google sheets

[résolu] Modifications History - wrong info
Posté le : 29-01-2017, 22h20 dans Numista website

Hello, • Having a look at a Modifications History page for this coin: • • the end of it looks like this: • #1,2,5 were changed by me and automatically approved as I'm the referee • #3,4 were approved by me • however, that's not what it's mentioned • Thanks!

[résolu] Coins per page: "view all" option
Posté le : 25-01-2017, 15h16 dans Numista website

Hello, • While viewing a country or a search result, and in the display options, current "Coins per page" option is limited to "10 - 20 - 50 - 100". • Can we have an option for "View All"?

Arabic script on a Hungarian coin? - Arabic natives: opinion?
Posté le : 25-01-2017, 6h17 dans Free discussion

Just to make sure I was clear, what I said is: I can NOT read anything Arabic on the coin! • 2nd thought, I can read, English! and not in the centre but on the surroundings! • Something similar to maybe! • 3rd thought, this: might have something readable • not clear, but I guess makes more sense than the one you listed originally

Highest number of coins added in 1 day!!!
Posté le : 24-01-2017, 18h08 dans Free discussion

I can confirm your issue. • I reported it here: • • you can follow up there on that post. Thanks!

[résolu] Can't register more than 255 of a certain year of a coin in my collection
Posté le : 24-01-2017, 18h07 dans Numista website

Hello, • Issue reported by "Bohannon" originally, and I can confirm it. • As an example, if you own 1000 pieces of a certain coin of a certain year of a certain grade, after refreshing the page, the number will be reduced to 255. • Can that limit be raised? • Thanks! • Original posts by Bohannon • "I just added some coins and the forum reduced my numbers to a maximum of 255 per item that had previously been a lot higher. • I get tired putting up my coins and then the forum craps on my numbers. • Maybe I will not care if it has a programming brain fart. • I cannot give an accurate coin count with that problem. • Example, I added 800 Eisenhower dollar coins of one year and it was reduced to 255. • I have a total of 2400 eisenhowers. How many does the website record?"

[résolu] 1940s-1980s African coins for sale
Posté le : 20-01-2017, 1h03 dans Swaps and trades

If you find any of African Arab countries (or any Arab country) then let me know please :) • African Arab countries would be: Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Sudan, Egypt, Djibouti, Somalia, Somaliland, Mauritania, Libya, Comoros

Canadian Colonial Tokens - Update
Posté le : 16-01-2017, 13h50 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Camerinvs"​Thanks for all your work, Peter. I have some of the coins for which pictures are missing, but they are in PNG (not JPG) and not on a white background, and therefore not fitting the criteria in the guidelines. So, I'll need to make new pictures.​If you cant crop, other members can do it, so not a big issue • Manually change your pix extension from .png to .jpg and Numista server will accept the pix. • Then someone shall crop them • issue solved :)

Where do you get your coins?
Posté le : 15-01-2017, 0h03 dans Free discussion

I usually get my coins from grocery shops here in UAE. • they accumulate foreign coins given to them by mistake by customers and then someone like me comes and buys them. Sometimes they collect old uae coins too and commemorative ones. • My biggest buy was a 12kg bag of coins. was worth every penny

[résolu] CHI mark on gold Turks and Caicos coins
Posté le : 14-01-2017, 22h31 dans Numismatic questions

Mint: Valcambi SA, Switzerland :) • Discovered it when I found it on some UAE coins •

Saudi Arabia 2016 coin set specifications
Posté le : 13-01-2017, 3h18 dans Coin identifications and valuations

A huge change, finally! • Thanks a lot Haseeb! • I'd be very interested in getting these! • And hopefully they can be added to the catalog soon

Post a coin with most of lettering lines
Posté le : 11-01-2017, 20h35 dans Free discussion

An interesting one • • medallic coinage

Forbes :)
Posté le : 11-01-2017, 20h29 dans Free discussion


[résolu] Bahrain coins owners. Dates confirmation?
Posté le : 10-01-2017, 12h28 dans Numismatic questions


Does anybody have the Friedberg Gold coins ... or Deustcher Orden
Posté le : 09-01-2017, 21h16 dans Numismatic questions

try this •

PIX NEEDED! Kuwait: Listing is COMPLETE now
Posté le : 09-01-2017, 0h11 dans Numista catalogue

Hello everyone, • I've just finished adding every coin listed in Krause and on the Central Bank of Kuwait website. • Total of 55 new coins including medallic coinage. • All coins are with full description, lettering and translation. • Only missing is PICTURES! • So kindly upload pictures of these coins if you own any! • Thanks a lot in advance

What is and from where is my coin
Posté le : 07-01-2017, 2h34 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "Larngie"​ • Citation: "AmerSalmeh"​there you go • ​​​​Oh wow thank you....and here I was searching British coins :D • ​ ​just write 10 1893 in the search bar, and the result will show up easily • most welcome!

300 different types from one country club
Posté le : 05-01-2017, 22h09 dans Free discussion

wow such an accomplishment!! • My highest is 125 types from the US - thanks to all the different quarter dollars! • still way too far behind

[résolu] Local Catalog Number as Reference Number
Posté le : 05-01-2017, 17h17 dans Numista website

Citation: "Jarcek"​Ok, this can be.​Great, thanks! • Requested on "New book reference" topic.

[résolu] Round with "an" hole
Posté le : 03-01-2017, 21h07 dans Numista website

Great, merci! :)

PIX NEEDED! Qatar: Listing is complete now
Posté le : 03-01-2017, 15h37 dans Numista catalogue

Hello everyone, • I've just finished adding every coin listed in Krause (2016 edition) for Qatar (up to KM#79 - 2011), in addition to few other coins unlisted but found on Qatar Central Bank website, Heritage Auctions, and Ebay. • Total of 77 new coins and 1 medal. • Most of these barely have any info or pictures. • I've added lettering for few of these coins from pictures I found online that cannot be used on here, and some lettering was added based on similar coins but not the actual coins, hence not 100% accurate. • I kindly to ask you to provide pictures if you own any of these coins, or if you can find pictures that I can use to get the description and lettering from at least. • Thanks a lot!

[résolu] All bullion values at zero
Posté le : 01-01-2017, 19h27 dans Numista website

Citation: "Xavier"​Hello, • ​I just fixed the issue. I took the opportuntity to slightly change this feature and use the currency you defined in your user settings if there is one. • ​Is it working fine for you?​It has always been the case since before! • And yes it's working now, thanks!

Celebrating 2017 on Numista my own way
Posté le : 01-01-2017, 0h32 dans Free discussion

Thanks guys, happy new year!

LOWERED PRICE: UAE 100 Dirhams (Commemoration Day) Silver Proof 2016
Posté le : 01-01-2017, 0h31 dans Swaps and trades

Up • Lowered New Price: $150 + Shipping • Happy new year!

Can anyone help this coin/token?
Posté le : 31-12-2016, 22h39 dans Coin identifications and valuations

As iranian coins and tokens interest me, it would be lovely to add this to our catalog under tokens - Iran • And I'm sure mrfane would help adding the lettering - thanks in advance -

Have you ever received fake coins from a trade?
Posté le : 29-12-2016, 21h48 dans Swaps and trades

It's common also to find UK 1 pound fakes as well

Unknown Ottoman-Egypt coin, need help identifying
Posté le : 28-12-2016, 18h17 dans Coin identifications and valuations

my guess •

The Gambia 2015 gold 200 Dalasis - Mahatma Gandhi
Posté le : 26-12-2016, 23h31 dans Numista catalogue

Someone did today :) • • I've added the missing info and lettering

Merry Christmas
Posté le : 26-12-2016, 1h03 dans Free discussion

ميلاد مجيد • חנוכה שמח

[résolu] Varieties: modern Sudan coins
Posté le : 24-12-2016, 1h19 dans Numista catalogue

I've contacted Sjoelund and Emad as soon as I posted the topic, and I've just msged Dato as well. Thanks!

Changes needed to " websites which have kindly given the authorization to use their pictures"
Posté le : 23-12-2016, 22h40 dans Numista website

Citation: "AmerSalmeh"​ • ​Source: ebay • ​can someone check if the uploader owns the pic? • ​ • ​PS: sorry to jump in your topic; thought they are somehow related​Photo removed by someone; thanks :)

[résolu] Afghanistan KM#944
Posté le : 22-12-2016, 10h15 dans Numista catalogue

This is the link •

[résolu] World Cup 1990 Tokens
Posté le : 17-12-2016, 15h02 dans Numista catalogue

Only 1 of this series was left, and I've just moved it now and uploaded pix for it as well • If there are other stuff you are referring to, post links please.

[résolu] Andorra Diner
Posté le : 16-12-2016, 21h34 dans Numista catalogue

They only issued Euro in 2014, but they have been always using Euro as legal tender since its introduction

Is it just me...
Posté le : 16-12-2016, 21h27 dans Free discussion

Since I'm not working nowadays, I'm always on here (when I'm not on facebook ) • I keep checking the forums for new posts • and I check the "latest coins" few times everyday

Auto-direct to French forum
Posté le : 16-12-2016, 21h11 dans Numista website

Hello, issue happened again few days ago • My analysis is: it happened when a member posted a reply in the english forum while using french as the language of Numista (his comment had a link to a coin using • hence, I received the notification email linking me to the topic, but with"correct topic in english forum" • I've forwarded you the email • thanks

Baroda, 2 Paisa, 1947 is missing
Posté le : 16-12-2016, 21h05 dans Numista website

you should post your request here: •

Kelantanese Dinar
Posté le : 16-12-2016, 18h25 dans Numismatic questions

Hello, • Currently, coins issued by the Government of Kelantan in Malaysia are listed under fantasy issues. • • According to • • "The Kelantanese Government attempted to give the dinar a legal tender status, but this was vetoed by the federal Malaysian government in Kuala Lumpur. Interestingly, the dinar has now been issued, albeit, without a legal tender status. The only currency that is legal tender in Kelantan is the Malaysian ringgit." • Krause's "Unusual World Coins" though lists them under "Bullion Coinage" which seems also logical • However, according to wikipedia: • "On 25 August 2011 Kelantanese government collected and distributed zakat from people in Kelantanese dinars and dirhams in a public ceremony officiated by Chief Minister Dato Nik Aziz Nik Mat"[...]

[résolu] does anybody identify this medallion coin
Posté le : 16-12-2016, 12h11 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Nope sorry

Australia: 10 cents 2016 50th anniversary of decimal coinage
Posté le : 16-12-2016, 10h09 dans Numista catalogue

Should be solved now

Perfect/Very Close Coin Matches of Different Countries (size/color/wt.)
Posté le : 15-12-2016, 20h33 dans Numismatic questions

A 10 years old article about the situation here in UAE: • • To date, at many groceries you can find a big amount of 50 Oman baisa and 1 Phillipines Piso given to them "by mistake" by customers • The 50 baisa is half the value of the Dirham but the 1 Piso is about 1/12 the value • These are what you find the most • But you find also all kind of world coins - to which I'm very thankful in getting a big part of my collection • Examples would be: US quarters, Canadian quarters, Saudi, qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Indian currency. But really anything else could be there

[résolu] Token?
Posté le : 14-12-2016, 20h00 dans Coin identifications and valuations

2008 Menai Bridge one pound coin
Posté le : 14-12-2016, 16h32 dans Coin identifications and valuations

There is a gold version dated 2008 • so maybe a fake?

Highest KM# in your collection
Posté le : 14-12-2016, 0h20 dans Free discussion

The highest I found on Numista is: • 5 Euro (New Year: Operetta Bat and the Ball) 2015 • KM# 3237a

France: Ardennes – Principauté de Sedan – Henri de la Tour d’Auvergne (1594-1623) 1 liard 1614 PA6325
Posté le : 13-12-2016, 23h41 dans Numista catalogue

Bien sur • I don't see why not • PS: is an approved source for pix so you can just use theirs since it looks way better

Entries needed for Most popular coin competition
Posté le : 13-12-2016, 20h12 dans Free discussion

Just a Self Reminder

[résolu] Help identifying rupee Afghanistan, maybe Iran: Rupee - Abdur Rahman Kabul mint
Posté le : 13-12-2016, 2h15 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Maybe this •

Panama Medio Centésimo/Balboa
Posté le : 12-12-2016, 15h01 dans Numista catalogue • Shouldn't Medio be replaced by 1/2 in the coin name? • Just like in the US, "Quarter Dollar" is written on the coin, but it's listed with the name 1/4 Dollar

Posté le : 12-12-2016, 7h29 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "neilithic"​This is what I was talking about with the dropdown box for selecting metals, but Xavier seemed to prefer having the exact composition listed. • ​ • ​​interesting..

Medals Series - To merge or to separate?
Posté le : 11-12-2016, 20h20 dans Numista catalogue

Official England Squad Medal Collection 1996, 1998 and 2004 have been resolved now!

USSR/Russia 1, 3, 5 Rubles proof commemorative coins for swap
Posté le : 11-12-2016, 1h27 dans Swaps and trades

Have a look at my profile and let me know if you are interested in a swap • thanks

Ottoman 10 Para year 1293 - bronze or silver?
Posté le : 10-12-2016, 20h51 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Numista page says "Silver (.100)"

Quantities on swap requests
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Most people only swap 1 coin of each type/date • but YES PLEASE • definitely could be helpful

The referees blog
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Citation: "Oklahoman"​A beautiful note for the banknote side of this website..​let's add a 1000 banknotes overnight and make a revolution

Gibraltar KM#70
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I've posted the 2 links on that duplicate listings topic • thanks!

[résolu] Qatar 10 Dirhams 1972 (1392)
Posté le : 08-12-2016, 9h15 dans Numista catalogue


[résolu] Date bug
Posté le : 07-12-2016, 5h10 dans Numista catalogue


Coins by the kilo
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PM sent

[résolu] Kuwait coins - Gregorian year not corresponding to Islamic year
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Solved, thanks!

10th anniversary of Numista : commemorative token?
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I want one!!! • (And I still want the old Numista one)

[résolu] Attention: Owners of Fujairah coins
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Citation: "Zameer"​ • Citation: "AmerSalmeh"​UPDATE: All Fujairah coins have been added with full corrected info! ​​thank you :)​Couldn't have done so without your help so thank YOU! • And glad to see you here :)

[résolu] A bug or intended German text?
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Citation: "Xavier"​This error message may appears in several pages of Numista. At the time I found funny to have this kind of error messages in German. They were intended only for situations that should never occur, except by trying to trick the system. • ​ • ​In this case, is not a valid URL. Did you write it by yourself or did you get to this page by following a link on Numista?​I find it funny as well. • As to how I got there, I was rating a swap with the member . I think the PC went off while doing it, so next day I woke up I found my browser on the wrong page with the error msg. • Since we are talking about translation, have a look at this as well please: •

[résolu] How to make a Share Site of my on-line Collection
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just commenting to save this topic

[résolu] Kuwait coins owners. Dates confirmation?
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If it helps, pictures of every date of kuwait are available on • • We already have permission to use pictures from this website; so I will probably add these in the comments section

Give administration your opinion - Weights and shopping cart tokens
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Non, oui

[résolu] New country/heading Puntland
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Why do we have a new country called Puntland and it's at the bottom of the country list as a heading by itself?

Share your PDFs
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2 books in Arabic (free pdfs from the author's website): • 1) • "تاريخ العملة والنقود في دولة الكويت" • Which translates to: "History of currency and money in Kuwait" - 2nd Edition, 2010 • Contains information and pictures of Kuwait coinage and paper money, both modern and historical • • 2) "محتويات متحف محمد عبد الهادي جمال" • Translates to: "Contents of Mohamad Abdulhadi Jamal Museum" - 2011 • Contains pictures of various historical items, including some old Islamic coins • • Other books about stamps are available. Full library on: •

Silver gold-plated
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What's the correct term to use for the metal field? • "Silver (.925) gilt" • "Silver (.925) gold-plated" • "gold-plated Silver(.925)" • "Silver(.925)" only + gilt or gold-plated somewhere in the coin name and/or description? • PS: issue is, there are already other sets of the same coins in gold and in silver, in addition to this silver gilt one. • I know there is an issue with billion values if we write anything beside silver, and Jarcek hates them, hence I'm asking, besides being consistent

New country list structure - 1st Phase
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Citation: "Jarcek"​I thought nobody would come up with this. • ​ • ​ • ​Thing is that current Palestine is just short for British mandate of Palestine. • ​ • ​ Israel was created in 1948, and not on full Palestine land. Palestine coinage was pre 1948 pre Israel. State of Palestine is still there and it's recognized by over 100 countries, with limited membership in UN. • So they are still 2 different states. • ​I'd avoid long discussions about it, and just split them up, as the simplest solution.

Rulers names
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Citation: "Jarcek"​If there is a portrait, then there is a name. Basically.​Doesnt seem to be the case. • - All UAE coins have ruler name. Only some have portrait. • - Non of Qatar coins have portraits. All have ruler name. • but both are monarchies. • So I guess the rule is there is a name if its a monarchy? • As for Syria, its not a monarchy. And only 2 coins have portrait of the previous president Hafiz Al-Assad. • •

[résolu] Lebanon 500 Livres
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Thanks for notifying me Dan. • Yes I can confirm all 6 coins I own of 2012 are WITH latent image. • Hence it should be deleted from the previous page.

Why is this coins title "Shell Oil -...."
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and whats wrong with the date ..

[résolu] German East Africa KM#1
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So? should the dates change to islamic calendar?

Could we have more info on countries included in catalog?
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the ability to have a Wikipedia link preview could be helpful too!

Openness report n.4
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Citation: "Jarcek"​Request validated. Hopefully it ended in right section. • ​ • ​Regarding this, any news about having these sections managed by the country's referee? Not much news here. Still just an idea.​sorry not the right place to discuss this; but maybe tokens and exonumia of each country could be listed under them (while also stay where they are), or maybe at least with links of them under the country page? just a suggestion

Taiwan 10 Yuan Y#574 103(2014) variants
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Small 3 big 3? • also 105(2016) is repeated

Christmas Gift Contest 2016 - already 96 nominees
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Citation: "pnightingale"​That's really sad isn't it? A guy can't send a festive gift to a friend because their damn respective governments can't get along! • ​ • ​It's probably a bridge we don't need to cross, I reckon the easiest solution would be to switch them out with non restricted countries discreetly. Nobody even needs to know it was done. I hate it but that the world we live in. Sigh. • ​ • ​Kinda off topic but if any collectors from the area need to make an exchange I'd be happy to receive the parcels from both of you, re-pack them and mail them on with a US return address. You would have to cover the costs of course but I promise not to steal the contents. Actually it might be cheaper if you could find someone in Europe but the offer is there if y'all need it. • ​ • ​There, I've done my part for international peace, festive goodwill and the furtherance of numismatics for the day. Now to get back to trolling Facebook.... ​And[...]

Reporting a troll
Posté le : 26-10-2016, 23h39 dans Numista website • check his forum posts so far

[résolu] 10, 100 fils 1991 bahrain
Posté le : 26-10-2016, 23h14 dans Numismatic questions

Solved now finally

[résolu] Kurdistan Years
Posté le : 26-10-2016, 18h53 dans Numista catalogue • Please change year to 1424(2003) • • Please change year to 1435(2014) • [i've done also lettering now, pending request]

[résolu] German Democratic Republic?
Posté le : 26-10-2016, 18h35 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "Jarcek"​No, they are tokens. And my requests to move them there are already pending.​I haven't been on the website properly for the past 2 weeks, so I'm doing a quick check now on the new coins added in that period, etc • Post marked as solved, thanks!

Looking for some additional referees
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As I see some issues with Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait • I volunteer to take care of them • However, I will be taking my time, as the work season has just started and at least for the next 1.5 months, I will be working almost full day - with a few days off • I can still spare few hours every week! :)

Posté le : 11-10-2016, 21h34 dans Free discussion

I do! • phone cards, hotel room cards, transportation ,and basically anything and everything lol

Anyone need help getting to the 300 club or just want to increase your countries?
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Citation: "AmerSalmeh"​I'm curious about the middle eastern countries coins • ​so that would be: • ​ • ​Algeria • ​egypt • ​iraq • ​israel • ​lebanon • ​qatar • ​saudi arabia • ​sudan • ​somalia • ​Uae • ​ • ​is it a big lot or more of a 1 coin each?​the pix for these coins look awesome - and im missing! • Let me know how u want to do that

Metal composition of your collection
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Copper-nickel 3128 • Steel 2014 • Bronze 846 • Bi-Metallic 546 • Copper 528 • Stainless 486 • Nickel 233 • Aluminium-bronze 184 • Nickel-brass 183 • Nordic Gold 144 • Others 600

Moon Landings coin
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Citation: "Steve27"​There are two versions of this medal, one in silver and one in bronze. The silver one is numbered from 1-650 (on the edge) and contains over four ounces of silver (obviously that one is much more valuable). Since your example has no number on the edge, I assume they made many more of them, but how many, only they know. I found this info, but there's not much (it's listed about halfway down the page): • ​ • ​ ​this is the info from that page: • Apollo 11/JFK, large 2.8" (7 cm) MACO bronze medal • Issued by the Medallic Art Co., Danbury, CT. • Large medal, 2.8'' in diameter! • It weighs approximately 4.8 ounces (150 grams) • and about the silver type: • Apollo 11/JFK, large 2.2" (5.5 cm) MACO .999 silver medal • Issued by the Medallic Art Co., Danbury, CT. • Large medal, 2.2'' in diameter! • It weighs approximately 4.33 oun[...]

2 euro collections
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Citation: "Frenchlover"​I should be happy if I could complete my 2€ collection by paying two euros per additional coin • ​Besides coins reserved for collectors (Vatican, San Marino, Andorra, Monaco), 2€ commemorative circulating coins have a decreasing mintage and an increasing cost in Europe. • ​In addition we hardly find new foreign 2€ coins in circulation. This is why we often exchange the 2€ coins by other 2€ coins. • ​There are specialty sites like "" where collectors sell cheap circulated 2€ coins since they are often interested only by Unc. coins.​" is for sale"

Happy Birthday Jarek!
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I'm not the best person here to write a long post about how much energy and improvement this young man brought to this community, but I believe you all felt that the past few months! • Without his encouragement and assistance, I wouldn't have done all the work I've done already too, so thanks! • From me, and from all the community here, happy 23rd birthday Jarek! • Have a good day, and a great year ahead! • and please take the day off to celebrate haha

Posté le : 06-10-2016, 14h31 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "Camerinvs"​To get you started, on the first photo one reads: • ​ • ​محافظة القاهرة • ​ • ​which means "Cairo Governorate". So we're in Egypt. • ​ • ​On the other side, inside the shields القاهرة = "Cairo" (three times). Between the shields, on the left: العلم = science. I'm not sure about the other two.​all correct except for the science part • The coin reads • هيئة النقل العامة • Which is • General transportation authority

[résolu] double listing of year
Posté le : 05-10-2016, 0h16 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "Jarcek"​No its not, you are delusional. ​hahaha good quick job as usual!

TILT Token
Posté le : 02-10-2016, 22h36 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "bbybugs"​Yes, that's Chinese • ​ • ​太阳神 - God of Sun • ​电玩城 - Arcade Center​awesome thanks a lot!

[résolu] Coin linking to itself
Posté le : 28-09-2016, 22h39 dans Numista website

Hello, • It's currently possible - but it shouldn't be - for a coin to be linked to itself! • An example I found: • • I think in such cases that the link should be just neglected when added if it links to the coin itself • Thanks!

[résolu] What coin is this?
Posté le : 28-09-2016, 17h30 dans Coin identifications and valuations

then it might be this •

Unknown Coin
Posté le : 25-09-2016, 15h20 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Not Egypt • Ottoman Empire • coin reads ضرب في القسطنطينية • = (Kostantiniyye mint)

Important Administration Announcement
Posté le : 22-09-2016, 15h18 dans Numista website

Another date question: • this coin here is dated 1970 on obverse, with dates 1890-1969 on the reverse for the commemorated person. • • date should be 1970, all good • however, its Essai version is missing the date on the obverse! • • the coin is currently dated ND(1970) • should it stay as such or changed to 1969 - considering the only date available on the reverse? • note: it's dated on Krause as 1970 • They might be just following the date of the original coin, or maybe they haven't seen the actual essai coin • PS: if it needs changing, please do so, thanks!

Australian 1951 Florin KM 47
Posté le : 21-09-2016, 21h38 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "Essor Prof"​I don't understand why this topic is marked as solved. The features column still says 1901-1951, which gives the impression this coin is struck during 50 years while it's only struck during one year. Every coin type in our catalog has in the features column the first year when the type is struck and the last year when the type is struck. Except for those anniversary types. Where is the logic? Where is the common sense? Where is the consistency? • ​ • ​Although I'm already very glad the year line for this coin doesn't say ND but the real date when the coin was struck (1951). • ​ • ​ ​The date was changed already (see the mintage at the bottom of the page). It needs like 24 hours for it to be updated on the "features column" though

[résolu] Help with translation from Latin
Posté le : 21-09-2016, 21h15 dans Numismatic questions

Speaking of spelling mistakes, I believe there is a 2nd mistake on another coin of the same series: • • Year written as: 27 d.c. [should be 27 a.c.] • translates to: AD 27 [should be 27 BC] • (the booklet that comes with the set mentions the current wrong lettering and translation) • However, Roman Empire started in "27 BC" , and Augustus who appears on the coin died in 14 AD, so before AD 27.

Fujairah Pattern Coins
Posté le : 19-09-2016, 7h21 dans Numismatic questions

Hello all, • What would this coin below and rest of the set be considered? • (mintage of 15) • rest of the set: • (mintage of 15) • (mintage of 15) • (mintage of 51) • The coin was added by a member (Zameer) under "Fujairah" then moved later on by Numista team to Fantasy issues. • I couldn't find any extra information online. • They are listed in the "Unusual World Coins" Krause book • The member said that these were minted officially, however they didn't pass. • And other coins were minted later on that became the legal tender. • Any idea if they should be listed under the main country coinage or kept in fantasy? • Thanks!

ID and Value of an Arab Coin Please
Posté le : 19-09-2016, 6h22 dans Coin identifications and valuations

this might help • • if correct, this woud be from Afghanistan

[résolu] Need bulk coins
Posté le : 17-09-2016, 3h05 dans Swaps and trades

Hi Michel, • Have a look at my list and feel free to msg me :)

What is this token? Help!
Posté le : 16-09-2016, 2h09 dans Coin identifications and valuations • Translation: • "Toni Schruf (* 26. September 1863 in Mürzzuschlag ; † 16th February 1932 ) was an Austrian skier, climber and regional entrepreneur and is considered Central European skiing pioneer and Styrian Tourism Manager. According to him, roads are in Mitterdorf im Mürztal , St. Peter (Graz) and in Mürzzuschlag named."

[résolu] Unpublished Coin bug
Posté le : 15-09-2016, 19h41 dans Numista website

Dear Xavier, • This coin was added a year ago by another member, and was approved by you • • However, somehow it says "This page has not been published yet." • and the coin doesn't appear in the search • I only found it by coincidence while on google! • Thanks

[résolu] 1.000 Fineness - no bullion value
Posté le : 14-09-2016, 22h22 dans Numista website

Thanks everyone for the help! • I just found the official decree to issue the coins (dated 1/1/1970) • It says: • - composition and description of silver coins: 1000/1000 • then later on it says: • - fineness of the silver pieces 999 to 1000 pure silver • So I guess issue is solved now! thanks again

[résolu] Ottoman Empire unknown coin
Posté le : 10-09-2016, 15h16 dans Coin identifications and valuations

No worries • A warm welome to Numista!

Request: Coin Photography Guide
Posté le : 10-09-2016, 11h45 dans Free discussion


by hand exchange in U.A.E
Posté le : 07-09-2016, 1h10 dans Swaps and trades

im in UAE • but your swap list is very small ..

coin from ottoman empire ?
Posté le : 07-09-2016, 1h06 dans Coin identifications and valuations

might be this •

Old medal, from IRAN?? - Please help
Posté le : 07-09-2016, 0h52 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "Camerinvs"​The depiction looks like Abraham about to sacrifice his son (Isaac, not Ismael) when the angel appears and stops him.​looks so to me • also I can read on the other side: israfel, jebrael, mekael (names of angels)

Order by Reference
Posté le : 02-09-2016, 12h04 dans Numista website

When ordering by Reference, why does KM# P1 shows after KM# 1 and so on, and not at the end after all the numbers? It doesn't make any sense this way • Example from UAE: • I've checked other countries too, its the same • Thanks!

In your opinion, how good a job does Krause (SCoWC) do representing the coins from your country?
Posté le : 28-08-2016, 20h05 dans Free discussion

UAE: Id say way below expectation • lots of missing coins • at least 2 repetitive coins with different KM# • lots of missing pictures • mintages are missing • even wrong date lines • But then, the UAE Central Bank doesnt provide much info itself, unfortunately • but even some info provided by the Central Bank are not reported by Krause

Which nations don't allow visitors to take their currency out of the nation?
Posté le : 28-08-2016, 19h54 dans Free discussion

Most of my Tunisian coins have been brought to me from Tunisia, by Tunisian nationals • I haven't heard of any issues

[résolu] Year Issue
Posté le : 28-08-2016, 19h49 dans Numista website

Solved now! thanks a lot

[résolu] Arabic lettering for an Israeli coin
Posté le : 15-08-2016, 15h31 dans Numista catalogue


[résolu] No photos of coins
Posté le : 05-08-2016, 12h58 dans Numista website

Citation: "Idolenz"​HERE you go. • ​But if the pictures above were used the coins will not show up in this list because they technically got pictures.​I guess this deserves to become a new project • Jarek?

New referees announcement!
Posté le : 25-07-2016, 22h02 dans Free discussion

And now, let's get to work

[résolu] UAE: Years issues
Posté le : 25-07-2016, 14h20 dans Numista catalogue

Hi, • # A year is missing from the catalog • KM#1 • • Year to be added: 2005 • Source: • • • no mention on "2016 Standard Catalog of World Coins. 2001-Date. 10th Edition - 2015" pdf version • Mintage: 4,000,000 • Source: • • # Years mentioned in the catalog, but were never issued • - KM# 2.2 • • Years to be deleted: 2003, 2004, 2006 • Source: • (source missing 2014) • (scroll down to 1996) • they should be o[...]

[résolu] Penny/Cent hoarder? Help me remember..
Posté le : 22-07-2016, 19h38 dans Free discussion

yes he is! •

(CCIP) Cooperative catalogue improvement project - Catalogue works
Posté le : 21-07-2016, 19h28 dans Free discussion

Haiti coin link is not working

[résolu] Urgent - every new addition or coin moved to Exonumia has broken pictures.
Posté le : 19-07-2016, 9h35 dans Numista website

so I guess you are referring to the same issue I reported 3 months ago •

[résolu] Updating lists of websites which have given permission to use pictures
Posté le : 12-07-2016, 22h09 dans Numista website

Citation: "Xavier"​Hello, • ​ • ​1. The United States Mint and other sources you mentioned didn't gave a specific authorization to reuse their pictures of Numista. They are authorized sources because their public copyright policy is compatible with the usage on Numista. That's why they are not credited on but only on the pages of the coins they illustrate. • ​ • ​2. Thanks. I've just fixed that. • ​ • ​3. Thanks again. It's fixed. • ​ • ​4. I've just added it to the list.​Great, thanks for the quick response

[résolu] Catalog unavailable
Posté le : 11-07-2016, 22h45 dans Numista website

you are searching for tokens

[résolu] Creating "sets" section?
Posté le : 17-06-2016, 4h28 dans Numista website

I can suggest something like: add to a set, when adding a coin to your collection • so in swap page, when selecting the coin, you can also tick the "set", and all coins of that set will be selected • so in other words, these sets are user made, individually • we can also have sets made by admins. so something like "part of mint set" option can be there in the coin page • this is a rough idea. sorry if I'm not making any sense

Change of size
Posté le : 03-06-2016, 19h29 dans Numista website

Yes I noticed that in the change requests page

[résolu] Anyone have any idea?
Posté le : 31-05-2016, 9h04 dans Coin identifications and valuations

face says سلطان مصطفى in Arabic which is Sultan Mustafa • using search, I got this: • Tunisia: 1 Kharub - Mustafa III • • or this? 1 Fals - Sultan Mustafa III •

[résolu] Creating **Exonumia**
Posté le : 29-05-2016, 17h58 dans Numista website

yeah I have been following that's why I didn't want to bother you before, great job! • Have you looked at my updated post above? I went through the whole tokens sections, took me few hours

[résolu] New great source for Iraqi and Islamic Coins
Posté le : 25-05-2016, 15h11 dans Numista website

I obtained permission to use pictures from this great website: • • However, that's only for the ones signed with "Waad Elias", which are majority of the pictures on this website anyway. • Here are the emails: • Should I start adding pictures from there yet, or we have to wait until the website gets added by Xavier?

Addition of new forums: e.g. "Spanish Collectors Forum"
Posté le : 21-05-2016, 1h49 dans Numista website

My 1st topic here • So I was reading this topic: "Translation for Numista (To any language)" • • And I thought of an idea: • How about having a "Spanish Collectors" forum, "Arab Collectors", etc, were members speaking these languages could help each other and discuss things in their preferred language? • I believe this is easily doable, comparing to the translation idea. • And in case that wasn't clear, I do not mean we need to have a Spanish forum just like we have English and French forums. I'm just saying that we can add new forums under the "Most Popular Coin Contest" • Let me know what you think

Help identifying this coin..
Posté le : 06-05-2016, 23h35 dans Coin identifications and valuations

try asking in the french forum

Having trouble with this worn Egyptian...
Posté le : 06-05-2016, 23h29 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Id say its the 2 qirsh coin • the problem is the pic on numista is not clear • see this one here, id say its ur coin •

Help identifying. An Egypt Token/Medal and a Belgian 5 Franc 1939 Counterstamped Coin? Ostende?
Posté le : 06-05-2016, 23h11 dans Coin identifications and valuations

The egyptian token reverse has the verse of "ayat al kursi" written on it, which is a verse of the quran

[résolu] Dirham/Darahim/Dirhams/Dirhamā/Darāham
Posté le : 01-05-2016, 0h23 dans Numismatic questions

An an arab, I have always used the word dirham in search • I would never ever use darahim or dirhama etc

Syrian pounds and direction of the text
Posté le : 24-04-2016, 6h55 dans Numista catalogue

I'm from Syria. I don't see any mistake in the coin description

Token section cleanup - looking for volunteers!
Posté le : 18-04-2016, 13h24 dans Free discussion

Hi • I've been following the discussions, and I agree with the organize-but-don't-delete solution. Finally a movement started, thanks a lot! • And I'm willing to help. • I speak Arabic too, so let me know if I can help you with this. • I'm going to start with my tokens then look for anything simple I can do, then will ask for more tasks. • few questions though: • - for these 2 tokens that I own, they both have the same name, anything we should add to differentiate them? type 1 and type 2 lets say? Also, is this the correct way of naming? to start with " Amusement token -"? •*+Tokens+*%22+Amusement+token+-+Fun+City&c=&co=y&cno=y&cc=y&cn=y&cj=y&ce=y&cu=y&cat=y&mode=simplifie&p=1&e=&d=&ca=3&no=&i=&v=&m=&a=&t=&dg=&w=&g=&f= • - Also for the photos, I usually use my mobile p[...]

Coin shop in Istanbul
Posté le : 11-03-2015, 19h02 dans Free discussion

Omar, I guess I've just found our target! • •

face-to-face swap in Istanbul, Turkey ?
Posté le : 11-03-2015, 18h00 dans Swaps and trades

Hi everyone • Im planning to visit Istanbul by the end of this month for a quick trip, from 29-3 to 1-4 only, will be staying in the green park taksim hotel, afternoons till night i will be free • Im looking mainly for coins from turkey, middle-east, but im open for any interesting coins you may have :) • old is good too, like ottoman empire coins! • world commemoratives as well • or any cheap coins that I dont have • Hope to find some serious swappers! • Thanks

Hong Kong 1 dollar KM#69a 2013
Posté le : 21-01-2015, 14h42 dans Numista catalogue

I have it also! please add the new year!

Kuwait 10 Fulūs: change Gregorian year corresponding to Islamic year
Posté le : 20-08-2014, 21h42 dans Numista catalogue

Hi • for this coin: • • I got a coin with ١٤٣٤ - ٢٠١٢ • which is 2012 - 1434 • while in the catalog it says 1434 (2013) • please change the year from 2013 to 2012 • Thanks!