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[résolu] Turgesh Khaganate
Posté le : 23-02-2020, 22h48 dans Numista catalogue

Turgesh Khaganate was just added.

Error relating to Country List
Posté le : 23-02-2020, 8h27 dans Numista website

This will be fixed soon. :)

Numista is very slow last days
Posté le : 21-02-2020, 20h05 dans Numista website

I was immune up to today. Clear windows instalment, clear google chrome, just add blocker.

Grow the integration with other numismatic services
Posté le : 20-02-2020, 23h34 dans Numista website

As there is not much info we can dig up from competitive sites, I don't think that should even be an option, moreover when we proven that they have been stealing pictures from us. • Some social media connections would be probably an good option, or partnerships with online dealers.

Link Rulers in Different Countries
Posté le : 20-02-2020, 21h04 dans Numista website

Planned, as well as mint search or ruling house search.

[résolu] add coin in catalog
Posté le : 20-02-2020, 19h41 dans Numista catalogue

Rejected this thread, because it is not request for new catalogue entry, so just technicality.

[résolu] Add rulers for the Kingdom of Saxony
Posté le : 20-02-2020, 10h32 dans Numista catalogue

And I forgot to write here that I already fixed that mistake..

[résolu] Add New Category to Advanced Search
Posté le : 20-02-2020, 9h35 dans Numista catalogue

Esaais are in the system tagged as patterns, so deselecting patterns will make both disappear from the search.

[résolu] Add rulers for the Kingdom of Bavaria
Posté le : 19-02-2020, 22h58 dans Numista catalogue

It is done!

[résolu] Kingdom of Prussia - Add rulers
Posté le : 18-02-2020, 20h51 dans Numista catalogue

Those were just added.

Community project: Coins to add - British West Africa
Posté le : 18-02-2020, 20h40 dans Numista catalogue

Hello there! • I am starting more community engagement projects! If you want, you can help Numista grow by working on these. • There are few coins to be added for British West Africa: • https://coins.ha.com/itm/british-west-africa/world-coins/british-west-africa-george-v-14-piece-specimen-uniface-set-1920-kn-total-14-coins-/a/3039-37124.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515 •

Community project: Coins to add - Bolivia
Posté le : 18-02-2020, 20h31 dans Numista catalogue

Hello there! • I am starting more community engagement projects! If you want, you can help Numista grow by working on these. • There are few coins to be added for Bolivia: • https://coins.ha.com/itm/bolivia/world-coins/bolivia-republic-5-piece-silver-pattern-proof-set-1884-total-5-coins-/a/3044-31094.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515 •

Community project: Coins to add - Nicaragua
Posté le : 18-02-2020, 20h27 dans Numista catalogue

Hello there! • I am starting more community engagement projects! If you want, you can help Numista grow by working on these. • There are few coins to be added for Nicaragua: • https://coins.ha.com/itm/nicaragua/world-coins/nicaragua-republic-heaton-mint-trial-strikes-1912-total-6-coins-/a/3008-22588.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515 • https://coins.ha.com/itm/nicaragua/world-coins/nicaragua-republic-2-piece-certified-trial-strike-set-in-nickel-1965-total-2-coins-/a/3051-31168.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515 • https://coins.ha.com/itm/nicaragua/world-coins/nicaragua-republic-3-piece-certified-1-centavo-metal-trial-piefort-pattern-centavo-set-1892-total-3-coins-/a/3057-31322.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515 • https://coins.ha.com/itm/nicaragua/world-coins/nicaragua-republic-3-piece-certified-un-centavo-metal-trial-piefort-pattern-centavo-set-1892-total-3-coins-/a/3057-31323.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515 &bul[...]

Community project: Coins to add - El Salvador
Posté le : 18-02-2020, 18h16 dans Numista catalogue

Hello there! • I am starting more community engagement projects! If you want, you can help Numista grow by working on these. • There are few coins to be added for El Salvador: • https://coins.ha.com/itm/el-salvador/world-coins/el-salvador-republic-6-piece-white-metal-trial-strike-denomination-set-1892-total-6-coins-/a/3054-30673.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515 •

Community project: Coins to add - Knights of Rhodes
Posté le : 18-02-2020, 12h34 dans Numista catalogue

Hello there! • I am starting more community engagement projects! If you want, you can help Numista grow by working on these. • There are few coins to be added for Order of knights of Rhodes: • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=3602034 • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=2129885 • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=6681944 • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=5027301 • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=612041 • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=4719275 • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=2313701 • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=3285518 • https://auctions.stacksbowers.com/lots/view/3-603O2/rhodes-gigliato-nd-ca-1307-19-foulques-de-villaret-1305-19-ngc-ef-details-graffiti •

Community project: Coins to add - Duchy of Athens
Posté le : 17-02-2020, 22h56 dans Numista catalogue

Hello there! • I am starting more community engagement projects! If you want, you can help Numista grow by working on these. • There are few coins to be added for duchy of Athens: • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=4950454 • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=5159412 • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=3305474 •

Community project: Coins to add - Bishopric of Roskilde
Posté le : 17-02-2020, 19h52 dans Numista catalogue

Hello there! • I am starting more community engagement projects! If you want, you can help Numista grow by working on these. • There are few coins to be added for Bishopric of Roskilde: • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=2573054 • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=1090490 • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=4950454 • I am also not sure that the coin we have now is coin of bishopric, as Niels was king of Denmark.

Community project: Coins to add - City of Dulcigno
Posté le : 17-02-2020, 16h27 dans Numista catalogue

Hello there! • I am starting more community engagement projects! If you want, you can help Numista grow by working on these. • There are few coins to be added for city of Dulcigno: • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=1043993 • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=1043992 • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=132803 • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=132802 • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=1043996 • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=1466619 • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=1466620 •

Community project: Coins to add - City of Drivast
Posté le : 17-02-2020, 16h14 dans Numista catalogue

Hello there! • I am starting more community engagement projects! If you want, you can help Numista grow by working on these. • There are two coins to be added for Albanian city of Drivast: • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=1044005 • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=1466599 •

[résolu] Adding several islamic states
Posté le : 17-02-2020, 13h54 dans Numista catalogue

These three were just added.

[résolu] Update of Malaysia's ruling authorities for ALL coins that are 'Unidentified' to 'Republic (1963-date)'
Posté le : 16-02-2020, 15h16 dans Numista catalogue

Robot depends on Xavier's free time. And to be honest, many of us already done some requested parts by hand and you did a lot of the work by scripts recently.

[résolu] Armenia discussion - please vote.
Posté le : 15-02-2020, 22h40 dans Numista catalogue

Ok, I think I heard enough, idea rejected.

Indian states and kingdoms
Posté le : 15-02-2020, 19h19 dans Numista catalogue

Just moved few more issuers around.

[résolu] Khmer Kingdom of Angkor
Posté le : 15-02-2020, 10h42 dans Numista catalogue

This is now reality.

Search by mint
Posté le : 14-02-2020, 20h46 dans Numista website

Yes Imre, • and even ruling houses - all coins from one house shall be searchable.

[résolu] Adding Constatine as a ruling authority for the Russian Empire?
Posté le : 14-02-2020, 18h47 dans Numista catalogue

Ok, I will rename that to Interregnum. Thanks for correction.

[résolu] Canada - Elizabeth II as ruling authority
Posté le : 14-02-2020, 16h37 dans Numista catalogue

Nah, I just forgot to add her.

What Ruling Authority should we put for those coins that cover 2+ rulers???
Posté le : 14-02-2020, 16h31 dans Numista catalogue

Hello, • at this time, it is better to leave those coins be, until we establish what to do with them. • Best regards, • Jarek

[résolu] French Cameroon... Sérieusement...
Posté le : 12-02-2020, 8h42 dans Catalogue Numista

Hello, • Sorry, for English, but I sadly do not speak French. I am currently only one adding new issuers, as Pejounet is not active. And out of us three who can do such change, Xavier can not do everything. • I will add any translations you provide, just fo countries I need two translation, example: • Comté d'Angoulême • (Pieces) du comté d'Angoulême • If you see any more translations, feel free to message me about them. • Kind regards, • Jarek

[résolu] Rulers for tyrol
Posté le : 12-02-2020, 7h14 dans Catalogue Numista


[résolu] Greenland currencies
Posté le : 10-02-2020, 23h06 dans Numista catalogue

Oh, thanks for noticing. Some coins were still using Danish currency, instead of correct Greenlandic one. Should be fixed once requests are accepted.

[résolu] Czechoslovakian sections
Posté le : 10-02-2020, 20h27 dans Numista catalogue

This is done. Now it is up to referee to accept all the requests.

[résolu] 2019 Guernsey Pantomime Coins
Posté le : 10-02-2020, 9h54 dans Numista catalogue

Closing this thread, because this is not discussion about currency setting.

Posté le : 10-02-2020, 9h53 dans Numista catalogue

Closing this request as it is not about currency setting.

[résolu] Missing: 50 Pence - Elizabeth II (5th Portrait; Britannia 50 Years) Silver & Gold
Posté le : 10-02-2020, 9h53 dans Numista catalogue

Radrick had the right anwer. I will close this request, because it is not about a currency setting.

[résolu] Addition of Hungarian rulers
Posté le : 09-02-2020, 20h47 dans Numista catalogue

This was done in the other thread. Thank you.

[résolu] Ruling authorities of Suriname
Posté le : 08-02-2020, 12h19 dans Numista catalogue

Done from earlier thread.

[résolu] Cyprus issuers
Posté le : 07-02-2020, 19h22 dans Numista catalogue

Closing this one, as it lost most of its relevance.

[résolu] Ruling Authorities for (Modern) Cyprus
Posté le : 07-02-2020, 15h05 dans Numista catalogue

Thanks for noticing... I just removed him from there.

Happy National Day!!
Posté le : 07-02-2020, 7h14 dans Free discussion

Happy National Day to Sami people. I fell in love with Joik long time ago.

[résolu] Updating lists of websites which have given permission to use pictures
Posté le : 06-02-2020, 17h26 dans Numista website

Oh, right... I will remove it again..

[résolu] Hispania Ancient coinage
Posté le : 06-02-2020, 0h15 dans Numista catalogue

This should be done already.

[résolu] Bangladesh Taka Coin (KM# 32)
Posté le : 05-02-2020, 23h31 dans Numista catalogue


(CCIP) Cooperative catalogue improvement project (Help us make Numista a better place)
Posté le : 05-02-2020, 23h30 dans Free discussion

Thank you! I added yet more work.

[résolu] Rulers County of tyrol
Posté le : 05-02-2020, 22h48 dans Numista catalogue

All should be added now!

[résolu] Mongolian Currency
Posté le : 03-02-2020, 23h29 dans Numista catalogue

We can disregard NGC mistake.

Contributions filter
Posté le : 31-01-2020, 8h09 dans Numista website

I support this! But I can only advise using CTRL + F in the time being.

I can't see this as a coin
Posté le : 29-01-2020, 21h14 dans Numista catalogue

Cook Islands, what else to say

[résolu] Add Weltmünzkatalog 19. Jahrhundert by Helmut Kahnt, Günther Schön (Battenberg)
Posté le : 27-01-2020, 23h46 dans Numista catalogue

Ok, I just added that!

[résolu] Fake denomination in Cuban coinage
Posté le : 25-01-2020, 8h00 dans Numista catalogue

Yet your example of standars is wrong. Translation is capitaluzed for no reason and it some things do not have to be really translated - as date or name of the engraver. I explained that to you so long ago in the very thread you are now using to make your point. I will ask for this thread to be closed, as there is nothing to change on the coin pages (except Romania coin, thanks for that.)

[résolu] Philippino Sections
Posté le : 23-01-2020, 22h08 dans Numista catalogue

This should be done as well!

World coins chat: Bulgaria
Posté le : 23-01-2020, 17h51 dans Free discussion

Rule of thumb of writing about communism - if source says there was a prosperity and improved living standards, that usually means that oranges were availlable before Christmas and that you could buy a TV if you waited for three months every monday in line for TVs and whole family paid their whole savings for it. Also, stability is always meant from communist point of view - people were so apathetic that they did not rebel.

French notgeld
Posté le : 23-01-2020, 13h28 dans Informations numismatiques

Hello my french colleagues! • Sorry for English here, but I need your expertise. • Easy question: What is French notgeld? How do you define these objects? How you divide what is notgeld and what is just a token? • Merci! • Jarek

[résolu] Greece Currency Type Addition
Posté le : 20-01-2020, 9h05 dans Numista catalogue

It is now done.

Russian tokens - cities of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug
Posté le : 16-01-2020, 19h18 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Added one more picture of the other side. •

Country/Sub-Section/Issuer/Ruling Authority
Posté le : 15-01-2020, 17h31 dans Numista website

No, monetary unions cannot count as more countries sadly. • And yes, some periods may feel wrong, but that is sad reality.

What's your opinion on Nazi coins?
Posté le : 14-01-2020, 17h46 dans Free discussion

4 of course. And I don't believe anyone will publicly vote 5.

[résolu] Czech/Slovak language assistance
Posté le : 14-01-2020, 7h20 dans Numismatic questions

And while it was created in Czechoslovakia, language is Czech btw. Both nations used their own, there is no czechoslovak language. Czech and Slovak are just so similar that we understand each other in daily talk.

New Rus Principalities
Posté le : 13-01-2020, 22h14 dans Numista catalogue

I also believe that some, probably most of which will be Lithuanian ones, should be put somewhere else.

"My coins" information vs. "profile" collection information
Posté le : 13-01-2020, 9h03 dans Numista website

Weird, were you adding or removing coins from your collection recently?

My Numista plans for 2020
Posté le : 12-01-2020, 17h42 dans Free discussion

Hello everyone! • Festive season is now mostly over and so it is time to make some plans regarding Numista for next year. • Personally, plan is rather simple in nature: "Keep working!" There is a lot of work on country list, curencies and rulers to be yet done. • Country list, which will hopefully update this year to allow better search/sort/select functions is still growing. Numista is taking leaps in areas that are arguably very hard to catalog. From thousands of types Roman empire, (for me absolutely illegible) Chinese and Indian ancient coinage and massive amounts of Greek city states to smallest Celtic tribes coins with word we don't even know the meaning of. Medievalists are making progress on the same rate in Latin and Islamic coinage catalogues. For the modern coins, we are even becoming overgrown. While Krause still lists more coins, we left them behind in terms of very recent coins. Being a historian, preserving of knowledge is very important t[...]

[résolu] Flags of Silesia
Posté le : 10-01-2020, 21h14 dans Numista catalogue

No reason I believe Münsterberg-Öls was moved from German states, that would explain that.

[résolu] Russian Ruling Authority
Posté le : 10-01-2020, 16h04 dans Numista catalogue

Please keep in mind that I can modify name of given ruler anytime, so there is no need to be afraid to asign Pyotr, it can be always changed to Peter if there is a consensus on the matter.

[résolu] Kallatis, duplicate issuer
Posté le : 10-01-2020, 13h26 dans Numista catalogue

Sorted out.

[résolu] Tomis, new issuer
Posté le : 10-01-2020, 1h55 dans Numista catalogue

Could you please ask here: https://en.numista.com/forum/topic74331.html ? We keep track of Greece progress there.

[résolu] Iranian currencies
Posté le : 07-01-2020, 21h22 dans Numista catalogue

This is now done! • Many thanks, this change relied heavily on your work!

[résolu] Please add new engraver link
Posté le : 06-01-2020, 14h08 dans Numista catalogue


Sieg catalogue
Posté le : 02-01-2020, 16h25 dans Numismatic questions

That is quite costly still, thank you!!

New Canadian Member
Posté le : 01-01-2020, 15h53 dans Free discussion

Hello and welcome! • Also congratulations on your catalogue edits, not every newcomer starts with that!

[résolu] Hungarian states flags
Posté le : 31-12-2019, 0h00 dans Numista catalogue

Added to Xavier to do list :)

Should the Carolingian Empire be splitted from France Kingdom?
Posté le : 30-12-2019, 23h59 dans Numista catalogue

Hmm, not sure!

[résolu] Romanian Principalities
Posté le : 30-12-2019, 23h01 dans Numista catalogue

Nearly any country change is potential can of worms, especially movements...

[résolu] Niue listing question
Posté le : 30-12-2019, 13h26 dans Numista catalogue

Robot is scheduled to move all coins to its 1987-date currency.

[résolu] A thought on Hungarian States...
Posté le : 28-12-2019, 7h20 dans Numista website

More you go to the east, more are historical borders fluid. It is hard to say what was Hungarian, or whether we can call this Hungarian or not and in most cases, what might have been Hungarian at one point might not be Hungarian today. • PS: You can substitute Hungarian with basically any country in the central and eastern Europe. And this makes it very hard to catalogue.

[résolu] private comment
Posté le : 26-12-2019, 15h16 dans Numista catalogue

Well, Xavier can see everything, and that is agreed in Numista ToS.

Liechtenstein Ducat 1728!?
Posté le : 24-12-2019, 22h50 dans Numista catalogue

That chin makes me want to believe it is genuine. I am still not sure why Munich mint made restrikes with different portrait than the others, if they had genuine examples pictured somewhere. • Too many questions here. I forgot to mention, we are free to use these photos, so you can add them, probably into comments section of that coin.

[résolu] Translation to spanish
Posté le : 24-12-2019, 15h00 dans Numista website

All these 170 000 pages. https://en.numista.com/catalogue/toutes_pieces.php

[résolu] Is Ghanaian cedi inflated so much?
Posté le : 23-12-2019, 17h22 dans Numista website

Does Cedi fluctuate a lot? Because Numista updates only once in a while.

Just dropping in to wish you all a merry Christmas
Posté le : 23-12-2019, 11h15 dans Free discussion

Nice to hear from you! Merry Christmas to you and actually to everyone on Numista!

[résolu] Gulden vs Guilder
Posté le : 17-12-2019, 17h37 dans Numista catalogue

I missed that, should be ok now.

some mistake of referee
Posté le : 17-12-2019, 6h57 dans Numista catalogue

Hello, • Sorry, I was unable to fix this. In the future, it would be best if you specified your creation a little more than just by word "Krause". Referee probably missed the fact that these are gold coins, and thus rejected your request.

[résolu] Latin Empire
Posté le : 17-12-2019, 6h40 dans Numista catalogue

This seems to be done now.

[résolu] Coin Lines to be opened up for Belgian 5 Euro Coin
Posté le : 14-12-2019, 16h41 dans Numista catalogue

I sent a message to one of the referees. :)

[résolu] Engraver bio not showing up
Posté le : 12-12-2019, 16h45 dans Numista website

Oh, so I have doing something wrong after all!

[résolu] Rulers for Romania
Posté le : 12-12-2019, 8h35 dans Numista catalogue

I just added these. Carol I was added twice because of his two titles. Lets see how it looks like and whether it creates any additional problems. If not, this will become new standardized way of adding one ruler with changed titles.

[résolu] Typo error
Posté le : 11-12-2019, 19h02 dans Numista website

American and British versions do not differ on coin pages, so user is not affected anyway. It takes into account your browser language settings.

[résolu] Changing username
Posté le : 11-12-2019, 18h59 dans Numista website

Message Xavier, he can do it.

New proposed issuer: Serbia, Despotate of
Posté le : 11-12-2019, 11h23 dans Numista catalogue

So, this would be a time after Empire fell and before Ottoman conquest, right?

[résolu] Photography permission
Posté le : 10-12-2019, 21h47 dans Numista catalogue

Hey! • This was just added to the database!

Sealand Coins
Posté le : 07-12-2019, 16h23 dans Numista catalogue

Yes, it would mean that while some will go away, some others may appear. Basically, Numista listing will become somehow a measure of success of these "states".

[résolu] Hungarian reference book
Posté le : 07-12-2019, 11h28 dans Numista catalogue

I just added this to the database.

World Coins Chat: Hungary and Hungarian States (i.e. Hungarian related territories)
Posté le : 07-12-2019, 8h43 dans Free discussion

Yes, more reference books the better. Please create new forum thread on the catalogue forum and mark it as request for new reference. Besides name and author, it is good to have publisher (plus city) and date mentioned and of course prefered shortcut, like KM is for Krause (max 10 characters long).

working on catalogue "Lithuanian Coinage of Alexander Jagiellon and Sigismund the Old 1495-1536"
Posté le : 06-12-2019, 18h53 dans Free discussion

• I am still getting a problem here. Do you have any different buying option?

World coins chat: Solomon Islands
Posté le : 05-12-2019, 8h31 dans Free discussion

"Blurb" can be always enhanced upon request. And yes, we should make Numisdocs out of these marvels and link them from country descriptions.

[résolu] British Virgin Islands - Ruling Authority update
Posté le : 04-12-2019, 16h24 dans Numista catalogue

Manufacturing data is clasified.

Indian Princely States Question
Posté le : 04-12-2019, 9h53 dans Numista website

Well; usually, new countries comes with addition of new coins. I would also have to know what these states were (princely states/kingdom/etc.)

The Dashboard map
Posté le : 02-12-2019, 20h40 dans Numista website

Some Rome places were added from top of my head (also just those I remember how their map places are called in the database). I certainly missed some.

Posté le : 30-11-2019, 13h39 dans Swaps and trades

I just contacted the moderators on why this was done.

[résolu] Reunion cannot be found in detailed search!!!!
Posté le : 29-11-2019, 22h12 dans Numista catalogue

All these special characters should be searchable now. Aim your thanks to Xavier.

[résolu] countries devision
Posté le : 29-11-2019, 22h05 dans Numista catalogue

Marking thread as done, we will discuss this among admins further.

[résolu] Muri Abbey
Posté le : 29-11-2019, 12h17 dans Numista catalogue

I guess so. Xavier posted some template here long time ago: https://en.numista.com/forum/topic62020.html

[résolu] France 25 cent
Posté le : 29-11-2019, 12h04 dans Numista catalogue

No, different metal (within reasonable boundaries) is a reason for new page.

[résolu] 2005 - 5 Cents "Jefferson Nickel" Westward Journey
Posté le : 29-11-2019, 10h23 dans Numista catalogue

Hello, please try to contact one of US referees: https://en.numista.com/echanges/profil.php?id=26452 or https://en.numista.com/echanges/profil.php?id=1925

Suggestion for change to sales policy
Posté le : 28-11-2019, 7h24 dans Swaps and trades

This will be discussed on admin meeting. For the x swaps in x months rule, as someone already pointed out, this was because of possible hacking of old accounts. Kind of insurance policy so noone would just come from nowhere and there ripped off buyers just because he HAD swaps in 2012 for example. • Lets see what we agree on.

Report resolution
Posté le : 25-11-2019, 12h58 dans Numista website


Where are my french mods?
Posté le : 24-11-2019, 18h43 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Salaction"​ • Citation: "Jarcek"​Every mod can see a warning, not every mod could have read this post. • ​​ • ​​No, I am saying, that report button makes sure of that.​​Alright so what you actually meant to say is that the report button is the only way to make sure. That seems fair. But I would've guessed with these threads and moderators already having read these threads as they posted in it they could've checked out other sales posts, but you wouldn't know as you are no moderator :)​Well, yes, that is what I am trying to express here, obviously doing that wrong. I cannot check moderator work, or act as one, and forum which is controlled by moderators is really a bad place to argue with a moderator.

[résolu] Priority of KM-References
Posté le : 24-11-2019, 11h54 dans Numista catalogue

Hmm, this is weird, mainly because ALL references listed see it as varieties. This should be probably splitted.

[résolu] Split Austran Schilling
Posté le : 24-11-2019, 11h52 dans Numista catalogue

Ouch, sorry!

UK metal detectorists found guilty of hiding golden Anglo-Saxon haul
Posté le : 24-11-2019, 8h35 dans Numismatic questions

I have conflicted views on this. UK is clear ancestor to Anglo-Saxons so state interest is underatandable. In my country, whatever is found belongs to the state. With that in mind, I would never declare Roman treasure for example, unless I would be approached by Roman praetorian and forced to do so.

2020 predictions
Posté le : 24-11-2019, 8h30 dans Free discussion

1) Numista will reach 2500 issuers. • 2) Even more people will try to copy Numista catalogue • 3) Krause falls deeper down the hole • 4) We will get Numista numbers • 5) We shall reach for stars more, as that is our shared destiny • 6) More people will denounce their religion • PS: 7) If Her Majesty is even mortal, her funeral will be one of most majestic things we shall live to see.

[résolu] Reference books for Switzerland and Celts
Posté le : 23-11-2019, 23h09 dans Numista catalogue

And Swiss as well!

Issuer Difficulty Index
Posté le : 23-11-2019, 22h39 dans Numista website

Still, amazing job you have done!

[résolu] Wrong link at authorized image sources list
Posté le : 23-11-2019, 21h09 dans Numista catalogue

Fixed, I am not sure what happened here.

Fiji 10 cents 1992
Posté le : 23-11-2019, 7h23 dans Numista catalogue

Numbers of people owning it also reflect the mintage and in this case, it is rather consistent, ao I would too go for a mistake.

Rating quality of pictures of coins
Posté le : 22-11-2019, 21h56 dans Numista website

Citation: "Cerulean"​To fill this idea out further, each coin page would have a gallery of user submitted photos. Only the most popular photo would be selected as the representative image for that coin. If a more popular image came along later, it would replace the earlier photo, which would simply move back to the gallery.​While I see the idea, Xavier already rejected multiple photos idea, basically because the server is not infinitely inflatable.

So.... I'm back, at least partially.
Posté le : 21-11-2019, 7h09 dans Free discussion

Welcome back!

Coin Types question on My Coins
Posté le : 21-11-2019, 6h33 dans Numista website

Duplicate Listings
Posté le : 19-11-2019, 22h35 dans Numista catalogue


[résolu] Japanese puppet states: separate into third-level issuers
Posté le : 19-11-2019, 18h41 dans Numista catalogue

It should be done once requests are validated and once system updates.

Another website steal our photo ? - Collectgram
Posté le : 19-11-2019, 12h34 dans Numista website

Rule is that user pictures should be replaced only if they are either really bad or coin is in bad condition.

[résolu] What is better for catalog - have coin with basic info or null?
Posté le : 19-11-2019, 7h36 dans Numista website

Quatity x quality dispute. Some take it one way, some another. I ran into the same problem many times before. • Referees, on the other hand, have a free hand in cases like this and at least photos are often obligatory, especially when you own the coin.

[résolu] Photos from Harlan J. Berk
Posté le : 18-11-2019, 22h32 dans Numista catalogue


[résolu] Number of people who own each year of the coins
Posté le : 18-11-2019, 20h34 dans Numista website

It was not implemented yet. As for estimated date, that is a question for Xavier.

[résolu] Mistake on the name of « Brazil » in French
Posté le : 18-11-2019, 13h34 dans Numista catalogue

Thanks. You made these threads as a request for changing ruling authority, while they should have been as a request for country modification. Nevermind, we will fix them anyway.

Posté le : 16-11-2019, 0h06 dans Free discussion

Oh my. (Facepalm smiley which we miss so much.) • I would like to ask any moderator to lock this permanently and move it to trash, where it belongs.

[résolu] Request about coin tag - Revolution (and some others)
Posté le : 15-11-2019, 11h40 dans Numista catalogue

Some were rejected and some will be discussed further.

Request Tag for Additional Plant Items
Posté le : 15-11-2019, 10h55 dans Numista catalogue

Wreath will be added soon. And probably fruit as well. Other were rejected. https://en.numista.com/forum/topic88966.html

[résolu] Tags for Marsupials
Posté le : 15-11-2019, 10h53 dans Numista catalogue

New tags are arriving: https://en.numista.com/forum/topic88966.html

[résolu] Request for new coin Tag - Mining
Posté le : 15-11-2019, 10h52 dans Numista catalogue

Sorry for the delays! New tags arrived: https://en.numista.com/forum/topic88966.html

[résolu] Coin tag - Dragon
Posté le : 15-11-2019, 10h48 dans Numista catalogue

Sorry for the delays! New tags arrived: https://en.numista.com/forum/topic88966.html

[résolu] Please add Coin TAG (BOAR)1 Cent - Elizabeth II Years 1986-1990 KM# 44
Posté le : 15-11-2019, 10h47 dans Numista catalogue

Sorry for the delays! New tags arrived: https://en.numista.com/forum/topic88966.html

New tags!
Posté le : 15-11-2019, 10h44 dans Numista catalogue

Hello! • After quite a long wait (sorry for that!!) we have or will have in following days some new tags: • Dragon was renamed to Fantastic animals, so it will now include Wywerns, Unicorns, Satyrs etc... • Firearms and handheld weapons • Museum under building • Independence under events • Boxing under sports • Golf under sports • Wreath under symbol • Pigs and porcines under animal • Marsupials under animal • Primates under animal •

Referee not responding?
Posté le : 13-11-2019, 8h14 dans Free discussion

Well, if the referee just disappears from the site (it happened in the past) it will became known exactly in these cases. As Druzhynets said, one of master referees can solve his/her requests in the meantime, which solves the problem momentarily. • If the referee is absent for longer time period, we will just remove him/her from their posts and try to find someone else. With small catalogues with minimum requests, there is a chance we won't find out that referee is missing until regular referee questionaire.

Can Suceava counterfeits have their own page here?
Posté le : 12-11-2019, 14h32 dans Numismatic questions

Just a side note, we actually have listed a lot of barbarian imitations.

Numista officials are required
Posté le : 10-11-2019, 20h29 dans Numista website

By the way, your request was still partly validated. I see no problem here.

[résolu] Roman Coinage
Posté le : 10-11-2019, 19h20 dans Numista catalogue

Hello, • yes, this was just fixed!

Numiscorner and Numista
Posté le : 09-11-2019, 8h23 dans Numista website

Yes, there is, but only Xavier can give you details.

Date and time format
Posté le : 06-11-2019, 14h28 dans Numista website

Nooo, I want my 24 hour time back!!!

[résolu] Please add new engravers
Posté le : 06-11-2019, 9h29 dans Numista catalogue

Done, I am just not sure how to add Stern • ..

[résolu] Kingdom of Romania from 1918 to 1940 included Moldova
Posté le : 06-11-2019, 8h13 dans Numista catalogue

Hello, • It is true, however, there is no way how to set up this. I guess you mean the map, but that can be set only for whole countries, not just their parts. • Best regards, • Jarek

[résolu] Please add new Engravers, Part 2
Posté le : 06-11-2019, 8h11 dans Numista catalogue

It is now done!

Slabing/grading - why bother?
Posté le : 05-11-2019, 21h12 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "neilithicman"​ • ​The tone of "why bother" is a little bit condescending, it's implying that your way of collecting/storing coins is the right way and anyone who does different is wrong.​It was not meant that way, sorry. I was just curious.

[résolu] Liege: 1 liard 1751, km155, 1 over 0 in year
Posté le : 05-11-2019, 17h20 dans Numista catalogue

Yeah, probably. But the number is definite and at least lettering variants could be documented in full.

[résolu] Please add new Engravers
Posté le : 05-11-2019, 8h40 dans Numista catalogue

And... done!! Some of them were already in the database.

Trying on ancient and medieval coins
Posté le : 04-11-2019, 22h23 dans Numismatic questions

It depends on the money, but if you aim for the cheaper ones, you can get medieval feeling without bothering about authenticity.

[résolu] Ethiopia coinage
Posté le : 04-11-2019, 22h19 dans Numista catalogue

Ok, I just added the rulers for Ethiopia!

How do you usually find your coins?
Posté le : 04-11-2019, 16h34 dans Free discussion

Hello and welcome to Numista! • My coins come from either swaps here on Numista or from buys from auction websites.

Rename Ruanda-Urundi to Belgian Congo & Ruanda-Urundi
Posté le : 04-11-2019, 16h33 dans Numista catalogue

I just fixed both name (that will take time to show) and map.

[résolu] Coin without a KM number
Posté le : 30-10-2019, 21h52 dans Numismatic questions

Yes, but that is technical issue for Xavier. :)

Import my coins to Numista website
Posté le : 30-10-2019, 8h36 dans Numista website

Citation: "Rolf"​ • ​ • ​In particular, I would be fine with a way to merge accounts, I have two accounts because I didn't realise "Collections" is a thing...​You can message Xavier about the merge, he can do it for you.

[résolu] Reference book for Hainaut
Posté le : 28-10-2019, 21h40 dans Numista catalogue

It is done!

i am back
Posté le : 28-10-2019, 17h08 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Myeackle"​ • Citation: "Jarcek"​French high member? Her? • ​​ • ​​Reputation? What?​​I think we all know who he is referring to • ​ • ​Matt​It rang the bells as well, but I want some conformation.

Idea for values inconsistency
Posté le : 28-10-2019, 8h32 dans Numista website

In none, and Xavier has this on his to d list already. :)

[résolu] Incorrect years for 1 Öre coin (Karl XI/XII)
Posté le : 28-10-2019, 8h08 dans Numista catalogue

While you are probably right (I will leave that for referee to check) I must correct that misconception at the end. It was not uncommon for a king to mint coins of his predecessor, either because mints have already done that beforehand, or had stocked supplies of dies, or it was a matter of simply honoring the dead one. • And after all, kings usually could do whatever they wished...

[résolu] Proof-reading is required for Cuba 10 centavos 1994-2018
Posté le : 28-10-2019, 7h32 dans Numista catalogue

May I suggest that you could have spared a lot of time, if you just skipped writing all this and made a request to change one word , that is "Force" into "Army"? • Because that is probably only thing that can be considered wrong here.

[résolu] Creative Commons
Posté le : 27-10-2019, 13h20 dans Numista catalogue

For that, just use "Other source" where you can specify it. :)

[résolu] Jägerndorf country name typo
Posté le : 27-10-2019, 13h11 dans Numista catalogue

Updates take up to 24 hours. In this case, I guess Xavier or Pejounet thought there was a typo and "fixed" it back. It should be ok now.

West African States don't exist any more
Posté le : 27-10-2019, 6h52 dans Numista catalogue

What do you mean? This was changed long time ago. Or did I missed something back then?

[résolu] Updating Austria - Habsburg coins to have its ruling authority
Posté le : 25-10-2019, 18h57 dans Numista catalogue

Nevermind, I reposted it myself.

[résolu] Thaler Ferdinand
Posté le : 24-10-2019, 18h33 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I must disagree with the very beginning. Auctioner knew exactly what he was selling.

Ranking of members by number of issuers and types of coins
Posté le : 24-10-2019, 8h19 dans Numista website

Well, yes, GDPR is a hurdle in this case. Also, you can fake results pretty easily.

[résolu] Page for editing catalog
Posté le : 22-10-2019, 8h15 dans Numista catalogue

Hello; • open any country catalogue from our country list a d scroll down to the very bottom. There is a link for adding new coins. • Best regards, • Jarek

[résolu] New reference catalog
Posté le : 20-10-2019, 23h20 dans Numista catalogue


[résolu] Permissions from Davissons Ltd & HKPNC
Posté le : 20-10-2019, 20h52 dans Numista catalogue

It is done!

Split Rome into Rome - Republic and Roman Empire
Posté le : 19-10-2019, 21h35 dans Numista catalogue

I agree, periods. Lets see what referees will say.

Explicit content not allowed
Posté le : 18-10-2019, 22h11 dans Free discussion

Few newly created tokens did. Those are now gone.

Idrisid fals?
Posté le : 17-10-2019, 14h25 dans Coin identifications and valuations


[résolu] Permission from PCGS and Stephen Album
Posté le : 17-10-2019, 7h51 dans Numista catalogue

Non numismatic, yet they gave us pictures :). • Sometimes institutions have different websites for shop and for main site, whatever that might be. I guess this is the case.

What defines a km# number? Or: Major varieties on a single type of coin.
Posté le : 16-10-2019, 7h26 dans Numismatic questions

I also believe it is time for Numista to come up with its own numbering system.

Hutt River Province Coins
Posté le : 16-10-2019, 7h23 dans Numismatic questions

It is not accepted inside Hutt River?

[résolu] Please implement a way to switch all obverse/reverse field data!
Posté le : 15-10-2019, 19h10 dans Numista website

Yes, this is official Numista rule, and contrary to whichever mint says, it is a worldwide rule of coin making... For population of given country, usually the denomination side is obverse, but technically, country comes first. • https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces2150.html This is nice example actually, for me, side with 1 will always be obverse since my childhood (I am actually as old as this coin) but side which says Česká republika is technically obverse.

[résolu] Gibraltar 2.8 ECU 1993 coin or token?
Posté le : 14-10-2019, 21h05 dans Numista catalogue

Hello Peter, • It is a token, no minted ECU ever had a value. • Best regards, • Jarek

[résolu] Portugal Ruling Authority
Posté le : 13-10-2019, 21h51 dans Numista catalogue

Yes, it might be a tough choice, but at least they are already added, so it will be only system change when it happens.

[résolu] Catalog of garbage.
Posté le : 13-10-2019, 13h55 dans Numista catalogue

While translation is fine, rotation error is really redundant, as it can happen with any coin.

[résolu] Arverni
Posté le : 12-10-2019, 21h26 dans Numista catalogue

It is done, you should see it among currencies for Gaul.

[résolu] Begtimurid
Posté le : 12-10-2019, 21h05 dans Numista catalogue

Oh, that would be because my finger slipped and I wrote Bentimurid... I just fixed that in the database, and while it may take a while to take effect, you can freely add your coin now under Bentimurid.

[résolu] Ruling Authorities for (Modern) Greece
Posté le : 12-10-2019, 20h10 dans Numista catalogue

And now they are all up!

[résolu] Brazil issuers division
Posté le : 12-10-2019, 13h05 dans Numista catalogue

Please take note that for changes to appear, action of the referee is needed, and even when that is done, system needs about 24 hours to refresh the country list.

[résolu] Habsburg
Posté le : 12-10-2019, 12h23 dans Numista catalogue

This wont be needed, since we have ruler groups - dynasties in the system.

[résolu] Kunker
Posté le : 12-10-2019, 11h25 dans Numista catalogue

Marking as rejected because, well, Kunker policy.

[résolu] Coin type search problem
Posté le : 12-10-2019, 10h14 dans Numista website

It is working now... • When you went into search, and checked or unchecked some coin type and made a search and then refreshed the page, selected coin types went into default settings.

Pieforts, Essais
Posté le : 12-10-2019, 10h10 dans Numista website

Well, we put them into not so nicely named category of patterns.

[résolu] How many times has a posting been opened (and maybe read)?
Posté le : 11-10-2019, 22h42 dans Numista website

I read every one last of them!

Filter by country (issuer) For Exonumia coins and Tokens
Posté le : 11-10-2019, 15h56 dans Numista website

Well, whole new list for Tokens and Exonumia is planned, so that would make such filter redundant.

[résolu] How to filter Exonumia coins and Tokens by country or issuer?
Posté le : 11-10-2019, 14h32 dans Numista website

Sadly, this is not possible at the moment...

[résolu] Adding ruling authorities for (modern) Belgium
Posté le : 11-10-2019, 9h21 dans Numista catalogue

This was mostly done in other thread.

[résolu] 1954 Swiss 2 franc coin - aluminum
Posté le : 10-10-2019, 19h12 dans Numismatic questions

I see no historical reason for Swiss to skip silver for aluminium in 1954... that said, I see many reasons for Chinese to make Aluminium 5 Francs in 21th century and sell them to unaware collectors.

[résolu] New reference catalogue for Danish medals
Posté le : 09-10-2019, 20h08 dans Numista catalogue

Both added now!

Add Last Login To Start A Swap Page
Posté le : 09-10-2019, 14h21 dans Numista website

I guess it should be possible, but as always, we have to wait for Xavier to say.

Reunite Austria (and also Germany, China, France...)?
Posté le : 07-10-2019, 21h50 dans Numista website

I can agree on most, especially when there is a clear continuity - British Honduras and Belize is quite an example of that.

[résolu] New Zealand Milk tokens
Posté le : 07-10-2019, 18h23 dans Numista catalogue

Just created categories for those.

Ruling Authorities Who Did Not Issue Coinage
Posté le : 05-10-2019, 22h52 dans Numista website

No, it wont be.

Improve Lettering consistency
Posté le : 05-10-2019, 11h28 dans Numista website

Other team member, Pejounet is currently working on new updated guidelines, and I have not seen the draft yet, so I am not sure if your comments are or aren't already included.

Tokens on world map
Posté le : 04-10-2019, 9h24 dans Numista website

Citation: "Ecapoe"​Hello, • ​ • ​I fully agree with the suggestion. • ​ • ​In fact tokens and exonumias are already sorted by country. Hence there is a country field for those in the database. It should be be feasible to give it the same status as the equivalent field of coins to be able to add them (optionaly) to the map. • ​ • ​Trouble is that tokens used to be treated as a country in the old days (yesterday ). • ​ • ​Trouble for Xavier !​This is not entirely true, while they are sorted by country, it was done using currency field. Actual country field in database is same for every one of them (Tokens/Exonumia respectively).

Why are some Issuing Authorities listed as Exonumia and others not?
Posté le : 04-10-2019, 9h21 dans Numista website

Yes, there is. • These "states" or whatever they claim to be are sorted by actual currency circulation. If they managed to create spacetime in which their currency was used (basically like local currency) then it belongs in the country list. If not, then into exonumia it goes. • Please bear in mind that current ones are not sorted properly. • Best regards, • Jarek

[résolu] Exonumia Netherlands
Posté le : 01-10-2019, 21h33 dans Numista catalogue


[résolu] Slovakia: 2 koruny 1993, km13, initials / Venus
Posté le : 30-09-2019, 9h39 dans Numista catalogue

1993 not 1943

[résolu] Malta, 1972 2-cent proof coin information?
Posté le : 30-09-2019, 0h29 dans Numista catalogue

Idolenz got it exactly right.

Getting more help from Numista members
Posté le : 29-09-2019, 21h39 dans Numista website

I used to do community work thread on the forum before, which met with some considerable success, so I guess this would be used as well.

World coins chat: Venezuela
Posté le : 29-09-2019, 9h51 dans Free discussion

Neverending story...

[résolu] Lundy Catalog error
Posté le : 28-09-2019, 8h19 dans Numista catalogue

Yes, you are right, I requested the change.

New Issuer reports
Posté le : 27-09-2019, 18h48 dans Free discussion


What is your pet name for doing something related to coins?
Posté le : 27-09-2019, 10h06 dans Free discussion

Coining as well here.

[résolu] Comune of Piacenza
Posté le : 27-09-2019, 9h22 dans Numista catalogue

Ok, makes sense. Maybe we should also revisit other Italian states, some have only plain name, so maybe some of those were Comunes as well.

[résolu] Empire of Brazil issuer
Posté le : 26-09-2019, 22h07 dans Numista catalogue

Hello, • Well, issuer stuff on Numista is not 100% consistent, even though we made some improvements in that in last years. • From what I gather, this would not count for new issuer as it was just a conquest which was then returned into its previous borders. • But it would surely be reflected in ruling authorities and should probably be mentioned in country descriptions. • Best regards, • Jarek

How to identify the low countries issuing authority?
Posté le : 26-09-2019, 22h01 dans Numista catalogue

It is perfect! What would you say on the possibility of making it into simple Numisdoc? • I also think we are still missing some issuers from this list on Numista are we not?

[résolu] Several repeated entries of Ruling Authorities for France - Modern
Posté le : 26-09-2019, 19h55 dans Numista website

Clearly a bug of some sorts.

Has Germany 1 euro coin 2007-2019 KM 257 ever been  released for circulation?
Posté le : 26-09-2019, 10h24 dans Numismatic questions

Just requested the catalogue change, clearly a mistake. :)

[résolu] Austria 1 Kreuzer 1781 M. Theresia ?? looks like KM #1995
Posté le : 22-09-2019, 9h39 dans Numista catalogue

Well, Hugo here could offer most details at the moment. • Could you please make precise measurements, edge photo etc.? Because you are now sitting on numismatic mystery. • Best regards, • Jarek

Selling French medieval (royal and feudal) 13th century billon coins.
Posté le : 21-09-2019, 9h52 dans Swaps and trades

Awwwww. I am interested, but I should not really spent money since I am just out of university and yet to found a job...

New Member
Posté le : 20-09-2019, 18h36 dans Numismatic questions

Welcome! I might be of some assistance as well if you need. :)

How do I add a Token
Posté le : 20-09-2019, 18h24 dans Numismatic questions

Open any country catalogue and scroll to the very bottom, there is a link for adding coins/tokens. On the page that opens try to fill as much info as you can, but most important is name, pictures and issuing authority field (select ☆Tokens☆ there)

When were the 1938 and 1939 coins for Poland minted?
Posté le : 20-09-2019, 18h22 dans Numismatic questions

While polish mint might seem like obvious answer, it is not that simple. • In Czechoslovakia (or what was left of it) german occupation authority made zinc coinage in furniture company, instead of using old mint.

New member intro
Posté le : 20-09-2019, 18h17 dans Numismatic questions

Hello and welcome! • Metallurgy of coins is somehow wide, what would you want to discuss?

I’m Puzzled ..Small countries coins.
Posté le : 20-09-2019, 18h02 dans Numismatic questions

What I found disgusting is that my country, or rather our own mint, is selling national! coin with national animal! and of course, does not let you see the reverse on their website, where Queen portrait resides with big ugly Niue alongside it.... • No thanks, I am not ever buying that...

Is the Hobby of Numismatics losing interest in the younger generations your opinion?
Posté le : 20-09-2019, 17h56 dans Free discussion

Citation: "redsmithstudios"​ • ​​. Paypal is even old school now... ​Nooo, I am too young to read something like this!

[résolu] Sweden: 2 kronor 1945G, km815, dots / no dots
Posté le : 20-09-2019, 17h51 dans Numista catalogue

Just stopped by to say thank you for all these!!

Geography question
Posté le : 20-09-2019, 17h50 dans Free discussion

Nah, I meant that France should not be marked as being in South America just because they still own colony there (even though they do not call it like that anymore).

Posté le : 20-09-2019, 11h30 dans Numismatic questions

As Bram pointed out, there is a tag, however his link wont show all because of search settings, there are now 157 Moustache tags: https://en.numista.com/catalogue/index.php?mode=avance&p=1&l=&r=&e=&d=&ru=&i=&ca=3&no=&m=&v=&t=&a=&w=&dg=&f=&u=&k%5B%5D=42&g=&c=&tb=y&tc=y&tn=y&tp=y&tt=y&te=y&cat=y

Unknown Coin
Posté le : 18-09-2019, 19h46 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Look here! https://en.numista.com/catalogue/sint_marteen-1.html Nice coin if genuine!

[résolu] Can a coin be listed in country, which at the time never existed on its own
Posté le : 18-09-2019, 19h41 dans Numista catalogue

I will mark this as rejected, because technically it cannot, but since it is a token you found the solution.

Non numismatic gift from my daughter on her wedding day
Posté le : 18-09-2019, 18h48 dans Free discussion

I can second that, awesome!

[résolu] Country name to be changed
Posté le : 18-09-2019, 17h51 dans Numista catalogue

I just solved this temporarily by renaming it to Swaziland/Eswatini.

[résolu] Why Duchy of Pomerania is in German states ?
Posté le : 18-09-2019, 17h36 dans Numista catalogue

Ok, so, once there is a coin on Numista (put it in Polish duchies) I will create new issuer for these coins.

Help to put my coin in Numista
Posté le : 18-09-2019, 11h27 dans Numista website

Only referee for Rome can see link you provided now, so you need to wait until he reacts to that. You can see your requests under catalogue tab - My requests.

Adding an ancient Indian coin
Posté le : 17-09-2019, 17h55 dans Numista catalogue

You can ask referee https://en.numista.com/echanges/profil.php?id=29018 • Although you can also send request without selected currency.

My work is never done....Researching cuneiform tablets over the weekend...
Posté le : 16-09-2019, 21h12 dans Free discussion

Yeah! Nice!

[résolu] Philippines, Coat of Arms (why shield of arms?)
Posté le : 16-09-2019, 21h03 dans Numista catalogue

Marking as rejected, since the terms are interchangeable. (Thanks for that dictionary link)

[résolu] German "Earldoms" are Counties
Posté le : 16-09-2019, 21h01 dans Numista catalogue

Country list is shy and does not like to change its appearance. Usually it takes around full day of worshiping it and sacrificing goats until it makes up its mind. (Server makes changes once a day)

Finally done!
Posté le : 16-09-2019, 15h35 dans Free discussion

Oh No, thanks. I will rather focus on having a full time job on Numista.

[résolu] Kingdom of Thessalonica MISSING
Posté le : 16-09-2019, 2h04 dans Numista catalogue

Kingdom of Thessalonica is now online!

[résolu] Hatem El Mekki (EN)
Posté le : 16-09-2019, 1h54 dans Numista catalogue

Added links.

No more KM#s so now what?
Posté le : 15-09-2019, 14h20 dans Numista website

There were also talks among admins of Numista own numbering system. We postponed the talks to see how Krause goes now.

[résolu] Question about mintages
Posté le : 15-09-2019, 8h52 dans Numista catalogue

I always say we should be precise on Numista, although I agree it does not matter when coins were minted in billions. • It is also nice to find an enthusiastic member willing to contribute!

[résolu] 75 Réis 1754R - Série J
Posté le : 14-09-2019, 9h30 dans Numista catalogue

Hello! • Well, it looks that we are missing a year! • Since the coin year list is locked, only course of action is to ask a referee to take a look at this thread and then either add the year or let you add it. • Contact either https://en.numista.com/echanges/profil.php?id=27628 or https://en.numista.com/echanges/profil.php?id=27511

Impossible evaluations ​​​​​​​
Posté le : 12-09-2019, 10h36 dans Numista catalogue

This is on to do list already.

[résolu] BRAZIL NEW COIN 2019
Posté le : 11-09-2019, 20h18 dans Numista catalogue

Your coin is here: https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces177625.html

[résolu] Small Americas project - Few coins and pictures to add
Posté le : 11-09-2019, 18h43 dans Numista catalogue

Thank you!

Silver/gold coins, value below that of metal
Posté le : 11-09-2019, 16h21 dans Numista catalogue

This is on the to do list already :)

I need HELP with cleaning old silver pesetas.
Posté le : 25-08-2019, 18h43 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "neilithicman"​ • ​Just out of interest, why did you take a picture of it sitting on your foot?​ You beat me on that. Quite an iteresting choice.

[résolu] Crusader States > Latin Empire
Posté le : 23-08-2019, 14h29 dans Numista catalogue

Hello! I just created Latin Empire issuer, you are free to request creation of new coins!

Introduce Mr. ufomechanix to you guys in case you don’t know him
Posté le : 20-08-2019, 19h12 dans Free discussion

What is this about?

[résolu] Most active catalog contributor
Posté le : 18-08-2019, 22h13 dans Numista catalogue

Interesting! Thank you! • PS: I love how Robot was omitted with 438683 coins edited

[résolu] KM#3 1949 Madagascar 1 Franc - Does It Exist
Posté le : 18-08-2019, 15h39 dans Numista catalogue

Got four answers, everyone made a mistake while adding it to their collection. I just removed the year.

[résolu] Coins and Essays of Paraguay by Miguel Ángel Pratt Mayans
Posté le : 16-08-2019, 9h15 dans Numista catalogue

Added! • Small request for next time: Without the capital letters, since I am copying the name from the thread directly to the database. (Although I done it from the thread name in this case)

[résolu] Request for authorization as a source of photos
Posté le : 16-08-2019, 8h49 dans Numista catalogue

Added! Sorry for the delays!

[résolu] 2 annas India a mess
Posté le : 15-08-2019, 15h05 dans Numista catalogue

1. Is correct already. • 2. If they are missing, then you can add them of course.

[résolu] Silver content not showing
Posté le : 14-08-2019, 17h48 dans Numista website

Should be fixed now temporarily.

[résolu] Attention please
Posté le : 11-08-2019, 19h57 dans Numista catalogue

Hello, • What do you mean by Southeast Asia? Different countries may have different referees taking care about them. https://en.numista.com/team.php

Catalogue "Russian Coins 1353-1533" For Free Download In PDF
Posté le : 11-08-2019, 11h47 dans Free discussion

Now added as a catalogue in Numista database!

New catalogue „Early Lithuanian half-groats 1495-1529“
Posté le : 11-08-2019, 11h47 dans Free discussion

Now added as a catalogue in Numista database!

New Book,"Lithuanian Counterstamps 1421-1481 On The Golden Horde's Silvers"
Posté le : 11-08-2019, 11h46 dans Free discussion

Now added as a catalogue in Numista database!

[résolu] Central African Republic - Piedfort / Essai Madness
Posté le : 10-08-2019, 23h56 dans Numista catalogue

Thanks Zac, I just moved and deleted the rest. Thanks Dieter for creating all these!

[résolu] Loading problem, just me?
Posté le : 10-08-2019, 23h54 dans Numista website

Was it just this page? If so, are there may be more?

Posté le : 10-08-2019, 0h24 dans Free discussion

I asked mods to take a look.

What was the reason for deleting the proof/unc sets from Numista? Can we revisit this issue?
Posté le : 09-08-2019, 20h23 dans Numista website

I would say rather conservative than autocratic. And yes, there was meant to be a convenient way how to allow sets on the site. • To be honest, they came in wrong time really. Too many problems on many fronts, so we had to backtrack on them (and of course, actual development rests on Xavier's shoulders). • Btw, I recognized the work that has been put into those pages, and I still keep UK sets that were created back then as offline files. Before I got to New Zealand ones though, they were deleted.

[résolu] Search tip Ruling authority
Posté le : 09-08-2019, 20h13 dans Numista website

Sí, I shall see to it! Good catch.

[résolu] Mistake in price of Latvia KM 164
Posté le : 09-08-2019, 20h11 dans Numista catalogue

Hello, • prices will be updated to limit these errors (lower grades will always have lesser value automatically) • Best regards, • Jarek

[résolu] Help revising rating
Posté le : 09-08-2019, 20h09 dans Numista website

You will have to write directly to Xavier. Only he can change ratings.

Byzantine Empire coin identification help please
Posté le : 09-08-2019, 10h10 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Not really expert on identification of these, but the shape is normal for this type of coinage. Maybe someone will have even more precise answer on why they made it like that.

1 PFENNIG 1970 G
Posté le : 09-08-2019, 10h09 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Or it could be gilded, which is many times less likely...

Medieval European Hammered Coin
Posté le : 09-08-2019, 10h06 dans Coin identifications and valuations

We never had a specialist in that type of coinage. Please note that these coins do not even have catalogue reference. • If you have any information about different variations, I will be happy to validate it or even add it myself. For now, you can of course add your coin to the line which is already there with comment that your variety differs from one we have pictured.

Slow response typing in text
Posté le : 08-08-2019, 16h39 dans Numista website

Happens to me as well ocassionally during PM writing.

[résolu] Placement in catalog - token vs exonumia
Posté le : 08-08-2019, 15h41 dans Numista catalogue

Of course, it is done.

France: 1 franc 1944C
Posté le : 08-08-2019, 15h18 dans Numista catalogue

What is this again?

Coins shops in Venice?
Posté le : 08-08-2019, 13h57 dans Free discussion

Hope you have more than one day for visiting Venice also, it is worth it. I spent a week there and I still feel I missed much. Although I went in single and out engaged, so I guess I did not missed that important stuff.

[résolu] Greenland - 50 Øre
Posté le : 08-08-2019, 11h19 dans Numismatic questions

I guess that is the price for taking weights from users. Low quality of measurements can cause such problems.

[résolu] Mintage line to be removed
Posté le : 07-08-2019, 7h43 dans Numista catalogue


Missing coins in UK that clearly exist in Numista catalog
Posté le : 06-08-2019, 23h07 dans Numista catalogue

Well, its type was set to unknown, maybe you are searching just for circulating and circulating commemoratives for example? • I requested the change already.

Scarce 1902 Peru 1 Dinero
Posté le : 05-08-2019, 10h26 dans Free discussion

I would not say so by the cost (I would question whether it is not a fake, but I am no authority in recognizing them). On Numista, 16 people own this year.

Venice coinage
Posté le : 04-08-2019, 21h20 dans Numista catalogue

Hello! • I recently found auctions for Venetian coinage from Antivari, Shkodër and Cattaro - they all minted coins during their independence, but minting continued after Venice took over. My question is, where we should place this coins? I already found out that we have sections for Venetian Crete and Cyprus (btw Venice currencies are a mess), but I am not sure now. Should we just add more currencies into Venice to keep all Venetian currency together? • https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?term=Shkod%C3%ABr&category=1-2&en=1&de=1&fr=1&it=1&es=1&ot=1&images=1&thesaurus=1&order=0&currency=usd&company= This example, interestingly lists name of someone from Venetian noble families, but not doge himself.

[résolu] 5 Rand 2018
Posté le : 04-08-2019, 20h36 dans Numista catalogue

Requested referee to have a look, year list is locked on that page, so he will have to unlock it and add new line. Thank you!

[résolu] 5 Francs - Albert II (Dutch text) Year "Does not exist"
Posté le : 04-08-2019, 19h49 dans Numista catalogue

Not anymore.

[résolu] Database error
Posté le : 04-08-2019, 19h23 dans Numista website

When this happens?

[résolu] Kazakhstan, 50 tenge, 2018 yearline doubled!
Posté le : 04-08-2019, 10h53 dans Numista catalogue


What is the famous...
Posté le : 04-08-2019, 4h48 dans Free discussion

No, I was not in Montenegro, but I would love to visit. • Rose up is equivalent of "been rebuilt". • It is not Kotor, because those tourists are slowly destroying it, not Ottoman Turks, which already succeded in "my" place. • And you should probably note the "bags". Maybe try different language, to make the word show its true meaning.

[résolu] Sorry Arendil and Quiquengrogne
Posté le : 03-08-2019, 22h32 dans Catalogue Numista

Forgot one year, now it is pending. That will be my 7000th year added into catalogue!

Show me your uniface coins!
Posté le : 02-08-2019, 20h32 dans Free discussion

Sorry, I have only links, but pictures on these pages are mine anyway. • https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces140756.html • https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces140753.html • https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces140754.html • https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces140757.html • https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces140755.html •

Little musical game: find a title
Posté le : 02-08-2019, 20h23 dans Free discussion

Berlin - Take My Breath Away • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bx51eegLTY8 • Next: Daniel's (I am actually curious who will find it )

[résolu] New Caledonia - Piedfort / Essai Madness
Posté le : 02-08-2019, 0h41 dans Numista catalogue

I will gladly do! I saw them added to the catalogue, nice work!

[résolu] Line to Delete
Posté le : 01-08-2019, 16h06 dans Numista catalogue


Unknown object
Posté le : 01-08-2019, 13h55 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Well; these surely have value, so they have been used for payment :)

[résolu] Token - Kutná Hora
Posté le : 01-08-2019, 13h44 dans Coin identifications and valuations

These tourist tokens in Czech Republic cost about 30-50kč (1,5 - 2 Euro).

[résolu] Duplicate Page - One can be deleted.
Posté le : 01-08-2019, 8h17 dans Numista catalogue


Who recognizes this coin?
Posté le : 01-08-2019, 0h24 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Also, alnost any such old coin would be silver, so even metal gives it off. Modern copy :)

Alternative currencies
Posté le : 31-07-2019, 14h20 dans Numismatic questions

Really a thread worth reading!

[résolu] Cambodia - Piedfort / Essai Madness
Posté le : 30-07-2019, 19h41 dans Numista catalogue

And 3 essais and 3 piedforts missing for Cambodia: • https://coins.ha.com/itm/cambodia/world-coins/cambodia-norodom-sihanouk-aluminum-specimen-essai-trio-1953-total-3-coins-/a/3053-35674.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 • https://coins.ha.com/itm/cambodia/world-coins/cambodia-norodom-sihanouk-aluminum-specimen-piefort-essai-10-centimes-1953-sp63-pcgs-/a/3065-31013.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 • https://coins.ha.com/itm/cambodia/world-coins/cambodia-norodom-sihanouk-aluminum-specimen-piefort-essai-20-centimes-1953-sp65-pcgs-/a/3065-31014.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 • https://coins.ha.com/itm/cambodia/world-coins/cambodia-norodom-sihanouk-aluminum-specimen-piefort-essai-50-centimes-1953-sp64-pcgs-/a/3065-31015.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 •

[résolu] South Vietnam - Piedfort / Essai Madness
Posté le : 30-07-2019, 19h39 dans Numista catalogue

3 Coin set for South Vietnam which is missing as well: https://coins.ha.com/itm/vietnam/world-coins/vietnam-south-vietnam-democratic-state-aluminum-piefort-essai-certified-set-1953-total-3-coins-/a/3057-31713.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515

[résolu] Laos - Piedfort / Essai Madness
Posté le : 30-07-2019, 19h38 dans Numista catalogue

3 coin set for Laos we are missing: https://coins.ha.com/itm/laos-sisavang-vong-aluminum-3-piece-piefort-essai-set-1952-unc-total-3-coins-/a/3063-35409.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515

[résolu] 1 Dollar - Elizabeth II Year of the Dog
Posté le : 30-07-2019, 14h37 dans Numista catalogue

Ok, so then please message a referee, he can open year list for you to add your line.

[résolu] Australian 1 cent coin KM# 78. It has 3 listings
Posté le : 30-07-2019, 14h04 dans Numista catalogue

UP, please merge the listings and let us know when to delete the redundant ones.

[résolu] Duplicate half penny tokens
Posté le : 30-07-2019, 13h59 dans Numista catalogue

I asked the referees to look at this. It appears that one listing is for all varieties and already identified ones with pictures are being separated.

[résolu] request to add new year (1800) in Hessen-Darmstadt KM 256
Posté le : 30-07-2019, 13h10 dans Numista catalogue

Addition requested. • I love the faith you put into that little word "yet" on your coin holder. Thanks

[résolu] Updated of canadian coins
Posté le : 30-07-2019, 12h53 dans Numista catalogue

Canadian referee should be informed. This is quite time consuming task amd Canada is one of those countries that mints absurd quantity of commemoratives, so we have gaps in the catalogue. • This forum thread I will mark as rejected (because it is not a request to change a country, but rather to add coins).

[résolu] Drop down box for selecting metal
Posté le : 30-07-2019, 12h50 dans Numista website

Citation: "Cyrillius"​Hello. • ​Perhaps out of place, but is there a possibility of such a function for forms (round, round with cutouts, with a hole, octagonal and so on)?​If I am not mistaken, this is also in future plan. :)

[résolu] Is someone still validating Ottoman Empire coins?
Posté le : 30-07-2019, 12h32 dans Numista catalogue

Rechecked and solved another 5 requests, closing thread.

[résolu] number of coins in BU 2019
Posté le : 30-07-2019, 12h32 dans Numista catalogue

Rejected until evidence.

[résolu] Mexico: 5 centavos 1914, km421, dates
Posté le : 30-07-2019, 1h43 dans Numista catalogue

Hello Ole, • You have several posts such as this here. What is the purpose? Do you need/want confirmation? Because you can easily request adding your image into comment section of the coin(s) in question. • Just asking, because we have a lot of requests like this here pending. • Best regards, • Jarek

Vatican City coins Papal names
Posté le : 29-07-2019, 15h25 dans Numista catalogue

Revisiting this.... • Seaching for Pius gives also results for Pivs, so... is there anything wrong?

[résolu] Rs 2 coin 2004 Calcutta mint
Posté le : 29-07-2019, 9h46 dans Numista catalogue

Done, thank you!

[résolu] Brit. East Indies - Island of Sumatra - duplicate?
Posté le : 29-07-2019, 9h43 dans Numista catalogue


[résolu] Switzerland - Piedfort / Essai Madness
Posté le : 28-07-2019, 17h09 dans Numista catalogue

One coin: https://coins.ha.com/itm/switzerland/world-coins/switzerland-confederation-essai-20-rappen-1851-unc-details-harshly-cleaned-ngc-/a/3073-33764.s?ic4=GalleryView-Thumbnail-071515

[résolu] Monaco - Piedfort / Essai Madness
Posté le : 28-07-2019, 17h09 dans Numista catalogue

One here: https://coins.ha.com/itm/monaco/world-coins/ranier-iii-gold-specimen-essai-50-francs-1974-a-sp66-pcgs-/p/3076-125006.s?ic4=GalleryView-Thumbnail-071515

[résolu] Greece - Piedfort / Essai Madness
Posté le : 28-07-2019, 17h09 dans Numista catalogue

One coin only: https://coins.ha.com/itm/greece/world-coins/greece-constantine-i-copper-nickel-essai-drachma-1915-ms64-ngc-/a/3075-32264.s?ic4=GalleryView-Thumbnail-071515

[résolu] Democratic Republic of Congo - Piedfort / Essai Madness
Posté le : 28-07-2019, 17h07 dans Numista catalogue

Three coins here: • https://coins.ha.com/itm/congo-democratic-republic-aluminum-essai-10-francs-1965-ms65-ngc-/a/3073-32638.s?ic4=GalleryView-Thumbnail-071515 • https://coins.ha.com/itm/congo-republic-silver-piefort-zaire-1970-/a/3009-21245.s?ic4=GalleryView-Thumbnail-071515 • https://coins.ha.com/itm/congo-democratic-republic-essai-zaire-1970-/a/3009-23555.s?ic4=GalleryView-Thumbnail-071515 •

[résolu] Saint Pierre & Miquelon - Piedfort / Essai Madness
Posté le : 28-07-2019, 17h05 dans Numista catalogue

Two lots here: • Just first coin here: KM PE1 https://coins.ha.com/itm/world-lots/world-coins/world-lots-pair-of-french-essai-francs-total-2-coins-/a/231823-61314.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515 • https://coins.ha.com/itm/saint-pierre-andamp-miquelon-french-overseas-department-aluminum-piefort-essai-2-francs-1948-prooflike-unc-/a/231741-62249.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515 •

[résolu] French West Africa - Piedfort / Essai Madness
Posté le : 28-07-2019, 17h03 dans Numista catalogue

Again, two lots here: • https://coins.ha.com/itm/french-west-africa/world-coins/french-west-africa-pair-of-french-colony-piefort-essai-francs-total-2-coins-/a/231815-62168.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 • https://coins.ha.com/itm/french-west-africa/world-coins/french-west-africa-french-colony-essai-trio-1956-a-total-3-coins-/a/231638-64225.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 •

[résolu] French Equatorial Africa - Piedfort / Essai Madness
Posté le : 28-07-2019, 17h02 dans Numista catalogue

Two lots here: • Two coins: https://coins.ha.com/itm/french-equatorial-africa/world-coins/french-equatorial-africa-french-colony-pair-of-aluminum-piefort-essai-coins-1948-total-2-coins-/a/231741-62158.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 • Three coins: https://coins.ha.com/itm/french-equatorial-africa/world-coins/french-equatorial-africa-cameroon-essai-trio-1958-total-3-coins-/a/231351-63056.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 •

[résolu] French Oceania - Piedfort / Essai Madness
Posté le : 28-07-2019, 17h00 dans Numista catalogue

Three coins here: https://coins.ha.com/itm/french-oceania/world-coins/french-oceania-french-overseas-territory-three-coin-piefort-essai-set-prooflike-unc-total-3-coins-/a/231743-64204.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515

[résolu] Togo - Piedfort / Essai Madness
Posté le : 28-07-2019, 16h55 dans Numista catalogue

Two coins to be added here: https://coins.ha.com/itm/togo/world-coins/togo-french-mandate-pair-of-certified-aluminum-piefort-essai-coins-1948-total-2-coins-/a/231721-64358.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515

[résolu] Madagascar - Piedfort / Essai Madness
Posté le : 28-07-2019, 16h54 dans Numista catalogue

Three Pieforts to be added here: • https://coins.ha.com/itm/madagascar/world-coins/madagascar-french-colony-aluminum-piefort-essai-1-franc-1948-/a/231721-64302.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515 • https://coins.ha.com/itm/madagascar/world-coins/madagascar-french-colony-aluminum-piefort-essai-2-francs-1948-prooflike-unc-/a/231741-62216.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515 • https://coins.ha.com/itm/madagascar/world-coins/madagascar-french-colony-aluminum-bronze-piefort-essai-20-francs-1953-prooflike-unc-/a/231721-64304.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515 •

[résolu] French Somaliland - Piedfort / Essai Madness
Posté le : 28-07-2019, 16h52 dans Numista catalogue

Only one coin here, second picture from this link: https://coins.ha.com/itm/french-somaliland-french-overseas-territory-franc-andamp-10-francs-1949-1965-total-2-coins-/a/231638-64223.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515

[résolu] French Afars and Issas - Piedfort / Essai Madness
Posté le : 28-07-2019, 16h51 dans Numista catalogue

Whole lot of 7 Essais to be added: https://coins.ha.com/itm/french-afars-andamp-issas-french-colony-seven-coin-essai-set-1970-unc-total-7-coins-/a/3049-32995.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515 • They are now added as separate lines within their normal counterparts, which is wrong, they should have their own listing.

[résolu] Gabon - Piedfort / Essai Madness
Posté le : 28-07-2019, 16h43 dans Numista catalogue

Three Essais are to be added: • https://coins.ha.com/itm/gabon/world-coins/republic-bronze-specimen-trial-10-francs-1960-sp67-red-pcgs-/p/3076-168140.s?ic4=GalleryView-Thumbnail-071515 • https://coins.ha.com/itm/gabon/world-coins/republic-bronze-specimen-trial-25-francs-1960-sp66-red-pcgs-/p/3076-168141.s?ic4=GalleryView-Thumbnail-071515 • https://coins.ha.com/itm/gabon/world-coins/republic-bronze-specimen-trial-50-francs-1960-sp67-red-pcgs-/p/3076-168232.s?ic4=GalleryView-Thumbnail-071515 •

Banknotes on Numista - questionnaire
Posté le : 25-07-2019, 12h01 dans Banknotes

Let't say we are looking at the tunnel.

Adding my collection to Numista, the journey
Posté le : 24-07-2019, 21h40 dans Free discussion

You can use this as template https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces53396.html • Apuking added that flawlessly.

Lost an Issuer, which one?
Posté le : 21-07-2019, 0h59 dans Numista website

Citation: "Grinya"​ • Citation: "Jarcek"Tatarstan was at most local currency in Russia, similar to what you can find in other countries, like local dollars, local Polish currencies etc..​​...German notgelds, French notgelds... Isn't it? Shall they be moved into tokens section?​These were accepted in whole country.

Show us your Numista collections!
Posté le : 17-07-2019, 12h33 dans Free discussion

Citation: "MIMAEL"​ • Citation: "CassTaylor"​ • ​ • Citation: "Harris79"​I didn't know about this feature, but is looks useful. • ​​​ • ​​​When I create my collections, all my coins are in the default one. Can I move them into another collection in bulk, or do I need to do them all one at a time?​​​One at a time for now it looks like, you need to go into "My coins" to do it. Took me 2 whole weeks to do mine. • ​​ • ​​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ ​Hello friends • ​ I'm also interested in this feature. I'd like to have a separate FAO coin + Medieval and acient coins. It's an area where I want to profile. • ​ I would also welcome the procedure, I'm afraid of losing everyone when I start to manually delete coin collections and leave only the interest. • ​ Please give us a cookbook for a regular user with weak English. • ​ • ​Thank yo[...]

[résolu] Monnaies du duché de Bretagne pas classées comme féodales ?
Posté le : 16-07-2019, 23h14 dans Site Numista

Hello, sorry for English, my french is "non-existant"... • It was decided on 6. 6. that both Lorraine and Bretagne should be moved under France-Feudal. • There is a slight problem with Lorraine, as it would create 4th level issuers (France - France-Feudal - Lorraine (Duchy of Bar for example)).

[résolu] Numista Currencies List
Posté le : 13-07-2019, 21h48 dans Numista website

There is no such list availlable for users, sorry.

[résolu] Slanderous problem kiddie with multiple profiles
Posté le : 12-07-2019, 8h27 dans Numista website

This is weird. He has 3 ratings, yet lists a looong list of "bad swappers".

Elephant skin headdress??
Posté le : 09-07-2019, 16h11 dans Free discussion

It looks weird, but by rule of thumb, more weird thing is, then it is more probable that it existed.

[résolu] Addition request for new image source - 蓝风银泉阁
Posté le : 07-07-2019, 20h23 dans Numista catalogue

No problem, done.

How are scammers dealt with?
Posté le : 07-07-2019, 17h55 dans Free discussion

First thing is to report the member on his profile page (right top corner).

Grab your torches and pitchforks!
Posté le : 04-07-2019, 23h55 dans Free discussion

You are out of ban already?

Numista Robot - Upgrade(s)
Posté le : 04-07-2019, 10h03 dans Numista website

Could you please send this request either directly to Xavier or post it here? https://en.numista.com/forum/topic83948.html

[résolu] Pieces to be moved to Exonumia
Posté le : 03-07-2019, 12h08 dans Numista catalogue

Watch out, one may explode if too much pride is acumulated.

First Coin in Numista Database?
Posté le : 02-07-2019, 20h12 dans Numista website

Modification history is lost for all "early added" coins.

[résolu] Byzantine States 
Posté le : 02-07-2019, 17h26 dans Numista catalogue

Wish fullfilled. Christmas in July!

[résolu] Byzantine Empire > Empire of Nicea
Posté le : 02-07-2019, 17h23 dans Numista catalogue

Well, it has been a long time. It is done!

German States Flags for the Country List
Posté le : 01-07-2019, 10h40 dans Numista catalogue

Thank you for the explanation!

Table with all the coins of a monetary period
Posté le : 30-06-2019, 11h03 dans Numista website

Hello! • Thanks for the kind words! It is true that there is no such table, although you can at least partially substitute that by ordering your search by date.

Those last few difficult common countries
Posté le : 28-06-2019, 12h16 dans Free discussion

Map wisely, I am missing only Andorra, Monaco and Gibraltar from Europe. Montenegro and Liechtenstein were tough though.

[résolu] Issuer Eswatini sould be created (or Swaziland renamed)
Posté le : 26-06-2019, 14h49 dans Numista catalogue

Lets track it there then. I will mark this thread as rejected.

[résolu] New German State requested: BIrkenfeld
Posté le : 26-06-2019, 12h07 dans Numista website

Asked mod to move.

[résolu] Ayyubid dynasty
Posté le : 26-06-2019, 9h23 dans Numista catalogue

May I ask how this progressed? Is any further action needed here?

Favorites on the top of the catalogue list
Posté le : 25-06-2019, 22h33 dans Numista website

Will Xavier pick the glove up? • I was pressing for something similar on the last meeting, and frankly, over a year back as well.

[résolu] Hyderabad, Kutch (and a few other IPS) are not listed as third level issuers?
Posté le : 22-06-2019, 15h15 dans Numista catalogue

This is done!

Mapping out German Notgeld
Posté le : 22-06-2019, 9h57 dans Free discussion

Yes please! Could not google maps be used as well?

[résolu] Specifics of adding new coin pages
Posté le : 22-06-2019, 9h56 dans Numista catalogue

No problem, contributions should be always encouraged, and it also took me like 30 seconds to find this particular mistake to fix.

control of collection.
Posté le : 21-06-2019, 11h39 dans Free discussion

Citation: "blue-m"​ • Citation: "JRo69"​colnect.com has a category where you can inventory stamps​​The one problem with colnect stamps is that it is separated by year of issue. Without a catalog and with undated stamps it takes some digging to find what year it was issued. You can do a denomination search but for common denominations it still might take awhile. • ​Numista is still king for user friendliness.​

Tokens guidelines need seriuos update
Posté le : 21-06-2019, 9h56 dans Numista website

Tokens guidelines are being worked on, you are right, that these are obsolete. • I can agree that it should have been fixed long time ago. • For the simple solution of moving them all into relevant countries, it looks nice in the currency menu, but that is about everything. US catalogue stands on nearly 900 coins, that is 9 pages (assuming one orders by 100), with just tokens added there (not counting Exonumia) this number would soar into 8400 ! pieces, that is 84 pages...

[résolu] Do the 2018-19 Tajikistan coins really have silver(silver-nickel) in them?
Posté le : 19-06-2019, 8h59 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "radrick007"​Agreed. Nickel silver is a common term but obviously misleading. I have seen it described elsewhere as copper-nickel-zinc which may be more accurate and less confusing.​I have tried to eradicate it few years back. I now tend to believe it is alive, as life always finds its way. Anyway, automatic corrections are on Xavier's to do list, and those will ensure such cases like this won't happen again.

[résolu] Finland 1 penni 1893 dot after date
Posté le : 18-06-2019, 18h39 dans Numista catalogue

I disagree, that would be very long and boring post.

[résolu] Authorities-periods Austria Habsburg
Posté le : 10-06-2019, 22h09 dans Numista catalogue

And on top of that, some of these ruled Austria/Hungary/Bohemia in different times. But mostly in medieval times. We shall get there.

[résolu] Gibraltar - Operation Gunnerside
Posté le : 10-06-2019, 17h33 dans Numista catalogue

Try contacting Gibraltar referee: https://en.numista.com/echanges/profil.php?id=66345 • I will close the request, as this is not request for creating new country entry.

Posté le : 10-06-2019, 13h45 dans Free discussion

Citation: "druzhynets"​ • Citation: "Jarcek"​Lol, do you really have to remind me, that I am old collector?! ​​When I look at your contribution to the catalog statistics, I think you might've spent some 25 years only editing the catalog ​Look at Cyrillius

[résolu] 10 Pfennig 1916 - 1922
Posté le : 10-06-2019, 13h19 dans Numista catalogue

Hello, • we do not write republics into coin names, but newly introduced feature, which shows who ruled (or what republic was) in given time will be showing this coin as both under Wilhelm and the Weimar republic. • Best regards, • Jarek

[résolu] Historical periods / rulers on Numista
Posté le : 10-06-2019, 10h18 dans Numista website

Citation: "geraltttt82"​ • ​I know the answer, before I will ask for it, and answer will be "no, no no, for what such changes? we dont need this" • ​​How nice is to be wrong sometimes.

Bullion value missing from 5 Cents US Jefferson Wartime Nickel (1942-1945)
Posté le : 10-06-2019, 9h54 dans Numista catalogue

Regardless of how this is handled in the future, there were spaces missing before those metals, so I requested fixing that.

Portuguese colonial coinage definition of obverse and reverse, for example Timor 1958 60 centavos
Posté le : 10-06-2019, 9h52 dans Numista catalogue

And I just requested fixing of last three that were done wrong on Numista, thanks for heads-up!

Czechoslovakia: Jan Evangelista Purkyne" 100 Korun 1969 Gold
Posté le : 25-04-2019, 13h00 dans Numista catalogue

It should be put in exonumia category.

New referees recruitment
Posté le : 19-04-2019, 23h55 dans Numista website

Citation: "Stavros"​I see that Greece ( ancient) is on the list too! Am i let off? • ​ • ​Also, i still want to remain the referee for Crusader Cyprus, as i see that you seek for a referee for all the Crusader states. What is the status there?​No, I guess this is because other referees for aforementioned areas has left and Pejounet just overlooked you. Since I am preoccupied with school work, he manages all alone here and to be honest, everyone makes mistakes.

April 1st country names
Posté le : 01-04-2019, 16h17 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Arnhemcoin"​When looking at my swap list, I still see the years all messed up, not in order though, is that also part of the joke?​Nope, nothing beside names was part of the joke.

Countries will gradually change names into what best describes them.
Posté le : 01-04-2019, 13h56 dans Free discussion


[résolu] Numista Hacked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posté le : 01-04-2019, 12h45 dans Numista website

Of course it was not hacked. I just decided to throw some typos and sometimes maybe little offending jokes around. Maybe people who feel offended should think about themselves. Since Xavier's mailbox is being bombarded, which I did not wanted, I am now returning it to normal.

Krause has filed for §11, a chance for Numista?
Posté le : 23-03-2019, 17h07 dans Numista website

I sincerely dont think continutation would have any meaning.

How's the condition of my recent picks?
Posté le : 22-02-2019, 21h03 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I personally hate grading. Only thing I really understand is UNC and AUNC - that is UNC with some scratches. Other than that, I grade them beautiful, good looking, ugly, recognizable, piece of metal.

Does your post office allow you to send coins?
Posté le : 20-02-2019, 17h22 dans Numismatic questions

Our customs office obviously tried to guess what is inside (without outright ripping it open) and they failed miserably obviously, since they written that the package includes 500g of metal buttons....

[résolu] Albania coins to add
Posté le : 20-02-2019, 14h34 dans Numista catalogue

Done! Thanks!

(CCIP) Cooperative catalogue improvement project - German States coins addition
Posté le : 20-02-2019, 11h51 dans Free discussion

Just seen those in my daily new coins check-up. Good work!

Value of collection
Posté le : 20-02-2019, 11h48 dans Numista website

Values are input from users or from auctions (only small percentage so far) and it is able to value only half because only half of your coins have prices inputted.

[résolu] San Marino - Coins to add
Posté le : 18-02-2019, 1h58 dans Numista catalogue

Back again with some work being added for anyone willing and with enough free time: • KM Pr 7 https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=3317159 • KM PR 1 https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=924900 • Reportedly no KM https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=924899 • Also, reportedly no KM https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=4323928 • No Km reportedly https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=5236714 • No KM reportedly https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=5236715 • NO Km reportedly https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=5236716 • 10 Lire https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=5236717 • 10 Lire 1937 https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=5236720 • KM PrA12 https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=5236722 • No Km again https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=5236723 •

[résolu] Croatia coins to add
Posté le : 17-02-2019, 23h53 dans Numista catalogue

Back again with some work being added for anyone willing and with enough free time: • KM Pn 16 https://www.coinarchives.com/w/lotviewer.php?LotID=3696628&AucID=3800&Lot=1114&Val=730b243f40ae1d80804f88603263e986 • KM Pn 12 https://www.coinarchives.com/w/lotviewer.php?LotID=3696629&AucID=3800&Lot=1115&Val=6b66f63582f68ad6c2ee14b2c6dbd877 • no KM https://www.coinarchives.com/w/lotviewer.php?LotID=3696630&AucID=3800&Lot=1116&Val=a1a280cd45c386550b1388e9c14ee1d7 • KM Pn 26 https://www.coinarchives.com/w/lotviewer.php?LotID=3696632&AucID=3800&Lot=1118&Val=a99d2cbc6c3e4ed95753c57838f73a3a • KM Pn 24 https://www.coinarchives.com/w/lotviewer.php?LotID=3696633&AucID=3800&Lot=1119&Val=f41465629b485c0d028114fa66d05bd1 • KM Pn 25 https://www.coinarchives.com/w/lotviewer.php?LotID=3696634&AucID=3800&Lot=1120&Val=0f95ed51a62e1b4898da75a96dd00c5d • KM Pn 22 https://www.acsearch.info[...]

[résolu] Falkland Islands 2 pounds 2003
Posté le : 17-02-2019, 23h49 dans Numista catalogue

There is, but subject of these coins is entirely different, why the merge?

Problems about the mintage of 100 drachmes coin of Greece
Posté le : 17-02-2019, 23h47 dans Numista catalogue

Referee might not be able to do that, since it might not be possible to establish who added the mintage and from where.

Thanks - this catalog is great!
Posté le : 16-02-2019, 21h43 dans Numista catalogue

Thanks, this warms my heart, as a contributor. • Also, welcome!

New discord server
Posté le : 16-02-2019, 21h40 dans Free discussion

I would only like to add that no harm is done if you send that code to more that one of us. Actually, verification can be done much faster then.

New Feature explanation - coin prices linking from auctions
Posté le : 16-02-2019, 21h36 dans Numista website

Xavier was informed about your bug • Yes, more sites are planned • Values need one day to appear •

Posté le : 16-02-2019, 12h31 dans Numismatic questions

Yeah, it probably is. Maybe I should ask Xavier to rename that profile to: Go to colnect, where your pictures already are!

[résolu] UK 2 pence 1999 to 2004
Posté le : 15-02-2019, 12h37 dans Numista catalogue

This should be now fixed.

[résolu] Bi-Metallic vs Bimetallic
Posté le : 14-02-2019, 23h24 dans Numista catalogue

This shall be soon unified by Numista Robot.

[résolu] bug fix
Posté le : 14-02-2019, 23h23 dans Numista website

Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

Thematic tag list
Posté le : 13-02-2019, 15h13 dans Numista website

Citation: "BramVB"​ • Citation: "Jarcek"​I would not consider these coins as something that should be tagged with Eagle tag, I would rather go for CoA. ​​+1​Just a friendly note - correct your forum signature. I am sure people wont be attracted to LOST swap coins.

[résolu] Incorrect image showing
Posté le : 11-02-2019, 23h44 dans Numista website

All kind of weird stuff happened apparently. Xavier made some cleanup and now it should work fine. Lets hope it lasts.

[résolu] 504 Gateway Time-Out
Posté le : 11-02-2019, 21h01 dans Numista website

For now, it seems that it periodically jumps back into normal state of being and into some kind of slow motion, which ultimately results in errors, since browsers (and/or Numista server, I am not sure) wont let you to have pending request for so long time. In other words, sometimes it looks that it works fine, and sometimes it is obvious it isn't.

Modifications requests not being done
Posté le : 10-02-2019, 17h49 dans Free discussion

Hello everyone, • Numista went into crash this afternoon, and we found out that verification page (which is accessible only by referees and into which all your requests go) was to blame for recent slowdowns. • So to make Numista availlable, Verifications page was taken down, so no requests can be checked and accepted. • Please be patient, Xavier is working on bringing it back. Requests still DO work, so you can freely modify pages, it will take some time to accept those. • Best regards, • Jarek

[résolu] Unable to modify requests bug report
Posté le : 10-02-2019, 17h41 dans Numista website

If it happened right now, Numista went into unexpected crash and was restarted. This might have brought unforeseen consequences.

2019 Silver 1 penny
Posté le : 10-02-2019, 17h40 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Well they are a bit different.

[résolu] What does this "Private Issue" mean?
Posté le : 10-02-2019, 11h53 dans Numismatic questions

Did you ask the referee first?

[résolu] Unified font
Posté le : 09-02-2019, 14h38 dans Numista website

My pictures copied and used on Colnect
Posté le : 09-02-2019, 9h42 dans Numista website

Maybe we could crowfound DDOS at one particular site. (joking of course)

Discord server for numista?
Posté le : 08-02-2019, 23h01 dans Free discussion

We will discuss it and test it.

[résolu] Will Krause assign KM#s to new coins?
Posté le : 08-02-2019, 12h08 dans Free discussion

I am a bit more sceptic. Of course it is the NCLT scourge that is to blame, and not Krause, but I doubt they will issue any more catalogues (splits) with their current speed of inclusion of newly minted coins, it would be just an empty shell catalogue. • More and more countries jump on the NCLT scourge wave, and it is hard to keep up even on Numista.

[résolu] Coins from.....
Posté le : 06-02-2019, 13h50 dans Numista catalogue

It is now fixed.

[résolu] Slow Response
Posté le : 04-02-2019, 9h48 dans Numista website

We noticed, and Xavier was informed.

[résolu] Year field bug or intentional bugger
Posté le : 04-02-2019, 9h48 dans Numista website

If it is still pending, you can also safely remove it from your collection, change a year and add it back into collection.

[résolu] Adding coin pages
Posté le : 03-02-2019, 19h34 dans Numista website

Coins went through, so either this was some numista connection temporary problem, or problem with your browser/cookies.

Recruiting new referees
Posté le : 30-01-2019, 23h30 dans Numista website

Here it is still today.

Marie Kondo - my worst enemy
Posté le : 30-01-2019, 10h24 dans Free discussion

Burn the house. Get existential problems. Forget about Kondo.

[résolu] Uniface Hungarian coin - Ferdinand I ?
Posté le : 28-01-2019, 10h42 dans Coin identifications and valuations

And it is now published.

[résolu] No notification email bug
Posté le : 28-01-2019, 10h25 dans Numista website

Until the bug is resolved, I shall first comment and then change status.

Let authors of forum threads move their threads between forums?
Posté le : 26-01-2019, 13h19 dans Numista website

Maybe for limited time only?

Request for coin sheets to have a limited selection of shapes in a drop down list
Posté le : 24-01-2019, 15h57 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "ngdawa"​ • Citation: "SRV5490"​I checked the pages for the square coins that I have and discovered the following shape descriptions for a square coin. • ​​ • ​​quadrangular • ​​quadrangular (4-sided) • ​​quadrangular (4-sided, rotated on edge) • ​​quadrangular (4-sided, rounded) • ​​rounded quadrangonal (4-sided) • ​​square with rounded corners • ​​square with rounded edges • ​​square (irregular) • ​​square/quadrangular (4-sided with rounded edges, rotated on edge) • ​​square/quadrangular (4-sided) with rounded corners • ​​square/quadrangular (4-sided) with cut corners • ​​ • ​​I would bet this same thing occurs with other shapes. Maybe the technical data section on the coin sheet should have a finite selection of shapes in a drop down list.​​this could be a job for each referee to do, to go through their catalogues and change to the a more standardis[...]

Curaçao or Suriname
Posté le : 24-01-2019, 14h36 dans Numista catalogue

My answers were aimed at futility of such discussion, and I was quite tired at the time. • Maybe, we should held a vote. We already did that once on the main page, when we asked members what they would like to use Smooth or Plain. • Of course, referees of mentioned countries and people from there would have greater voting power in this matter.

[résolu] Please add engraver - Gustave Fischweiler
Posté le : 23-01-2019, 13h33 dans Numista catalogue

Well, google translator progressed dramatically, and I guess it cannot harm us to have italian or german link, but I will ask others on next meeting about this.

[résolu] Managing separate collections on the same profile
Posté le : 23-01-2019, 12h05 dans Numista website

I just did, but I am little busy, so it is just a placeholder.

Can I choose a default for catalogue references?
Posté le : 22-01-2019, 22h52 dans Numista website

That is not possible sadly.

[résolu] New Engraver: Laura Cretara
Posté le : 22-01-2019, 9h44 dans Numista catalogue

Not added, it just updated from French side.

Say no to snow campaign!
Posté le : 18-01-2019, 17h30 dans Free discussion

Citation: "ngdawa"​ • Citation: "pnightingale"It's been mostly 70 - 80 for the entire winter for the fifth year running. ​​70-80? What's that in real degrees? ​With no disrespect, I loved how NASA engineers was giving out temperatures in celsius on NASA TV.

[résolu] Morroco Hammered coinage
Posté le : 17-01-2019, 21h15 dans Numista catalogue

Nah, you can just mention it in the name and in the comments, there are many such rebel coins.

Double names/better country search
Posté le : 15-01-2019, 16h12 dans Numista catalogue

Updated the list.

[résolu] Saadi Dynasty
Posté le : 15-01-2019, 13h44 dans Numista catalogue

This is now created, please keep in mind that first coin have to be moved from another issuer, rather than created right into it.

East Africa
Posté le : 14-01-2019, 9h49 dans Numista catalogue

Hello, • everyone can send me country short country descriptions to be added. If I had to write them all myself, I would had to scrap my master thesis

Wallachia - Coins to add
Posté le : 13-01-2019, 17h45 dans Numista catalogue

I found several Wallachian coins which could be added. These are mostly lettering variants of the existing coins, so it is up to referee whether to split these listings, or group them under one coin (with new lines and pictures in comments) Whatever the decision, it would be nice to have these pictures and variants described and shown on the site. • Main catalogue for these is MBR# it seems, so I will add coins by its numbering. Also, there are currently some coins without MBR number, it would be great to identify those. • MBR 9 https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=2349162 • MBR 69 https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=2349165 • MBR 80 https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=2349166 • MBR 206 https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=2349167 • MBR 254 https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=1826198 • MBR 254a https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=1004675 • MBR 253 https://www.acsearch.info/search.html?id=1183226 • [...]

New User Stats >> December 2018
Posté le : 12-01-2019, 13h55 dans Numista website

I did not fix anything, so Xavier had to do that.

[résolu] Kiev Principality
Posté le : 10-01-2019, 1h09 dans Numista catalogue

Hello, • I saw you asking. Well, in my opinion Lithuania should be split between modern country and medieval state. We done it in countries where the continuity is long broken. As there is already one "lonely" coin in Lithuania, you can add it there for the time being. • Best regards, • Jarek

[résolu] Revision request
Posté le : 10-01-2019, 1h02 dans Numista catalogue

Sadly, links cannot be opened this way, only you can see it. In the top of your request page, there is a link to "normal" coin page, send us that one.

Numista coin numbers
Posté le : 09-01-2019, 11h06 dans Numista website

While I am positively inclined, Apuking is right on this one. It might work on some issuers but with others we are still miles behind. • Since I can only add regular catalogue numbering and not something special, what could be in the page corner for example, I fear this will be put on hold.

Inconsistent moderation?
Posté le : 08-01-2019, 23h31 dans Free discussion

Citation: "neilithicman"​ • Citation: "Jarcek"​And criteria - no problematic behaviour, willingness to spend a lot of time going through petty forum arguments, being able to take some criticism for job they are doing. • ​​ • ​​ ​​That kind of sarcastic answer to a legitimate question isn't helping your cause any.​How sarcastic it might seem, it was not. These are real criteria for moderators. We are not doing psychiatric evaluation and personal interviews. Furthermore, I am not sure I have a case here.

[résolu] Taiwan's currency - Yuan or Dollar?
Posté le : 07-01-2019, 13h47 dans Numista catalogue

I see you already did.

[résolu] Romanian border for the period from 1920 to 1940
Posté le : 07-01-2019, 11h43 dans Numista catalogue

Hello • We ommited these changes because there would be simply too many sections. • Just in case of Romania, different section would have to be created for wartime Romania and yet another for after war. • Bulgaria would be divided into pre-war and after war and so on... Germany would have to be divided year by year, which does not make any sense.

Ghaznavid dinar (Mahmud) - heavier than usual?
Posté le : 06-01-2019, 12h22 dans Numismatic questions

Not an expert, but in medieval times coins were rather weighted than having some given rate of exchange, especially when coins frequently changed appearance and many foreign coins circulated among domestic coinage. Coin designs were usually made for "trust" in the coin known purity (aside from prestige for ruler, which took a hit if the coins were debased) . • So if your coin has the same purity as other dinars (I am not sure how hard is to find out) it might not be an error in any way. Just the smith took a slightly bigger chunk of gold a said to himself: "whatever" and tossed this one on the pile. In medieval exchange, it would be weighted and yours would be something around 1,25 dinar value.

Your use of Numista
Posté le : 05-01-2019, 19h55 dans Numismatic questions

I run the whole thing. • Besides that, I searched for way to keep track of my collection at first. It was quite a ride since then.

[résolu] Do not show signup/signin section if user already logged in
Posté le : 05-01-2019, 17h27 dans Numista website

Never noticed. Good catch. :)

[résolu] Censorship on numista
Posté le : 05-01-2019, 15h38 dans Free discussion

Citation: "ngdawa"​Well, this thread has become an embarrassment for everyone involved here. Just stop it before it gets even more pathetic. Please.​Yeah, agreed. Please lock it mods.

Decimalisation around the world
Posté le : 01-01-2019, 2h53 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "ciscoins"​ • Citation: "Jarcek"​​Czechoslovakia used 1/5 and 1/3. Soviet union used 1/15...​​What do you mean? I've never heard of 1/15 of a rouble. There was 15/100 coin (15 kopeks) but it is decimal. As well as 3/100 and 5/100.​You are of course right, my bad.

(CSIP) Co-operative site improvement project - map + related issuers links
Posté le : 27-12-2018, 18h12 dans Numista website

Yes please, go through tickets. Multiple countries at once is ok, I can cope with that better than with endless forum thread.

Another verdigris discussion!
Posté le : 27-12-2018, 14h23 dans Free discussion

Finally some good news!!

Flags of Indian princely states not different.
Posté le : 27-12-2018, 11h16 dans Numista catalogue

Only Xavier can add flags for now. If we can gather a considerable number of those, he will add them though.

Aggressive mob trying to stop coin thiefs in Cirencester! NSFW
Posté le : 26-12-2018, 12h00 dans Free discussion

Oh, your ban has ended. Funny video though.

Merry Christmas to everyone!
Posté le : 24-12-2018, 20h55 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Salaction"​You know when Christmas has started when Home Alone has started xD just started here on tv :P​Damn, same goes in our country.

Should Trial Strike currencies be located after their normal currency or together at the end?
Posté le : 24-12-2018, 16h15 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "zegeri"​When will we have the new Guidelines with definitions of what to put in coins and what in tokens or Exonumia? ​Added to New Year wishes.

Coin collecting in communist countries
Posté le : 24-12-2018, 0h56 dans Free discussion

Well, my parents gave me some coins as a start. They did not really explained how Swedish 10 Ore happened to be there among Eastern Bloc countries coinage.

Portuguese Guinea. Guinea-Bissau?
Posté le : 23-12-2018, 12h59 dans Numista catalogue

Yes, colonies. It all devolves into question of where to put coins of colonial Peru - under Peru, under some sort of new colonial Peru or under Spain?

[résolu] Renaming the Kandy issuer
Posté le : 23-12-2018, 12h58 dans Numista catalogue

This is now fixed.

German handheller real or fake?
Posté le : 23-12-2018, 11h35 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Speaking of exceptions, there are some hand coins from Bohemia as well. https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces113498.html • But you would be quite lucky to found it and also quite rich. :)

[résolu] Question about Sri Lanka
Posté le : 23-12-2018, 0h51 dans Numista catalogue

Lanka Medieval it is.

Creating an index table within a thread
Posté le : 21-12-2018, 11h40 dans Numista website

I used quote way described above to do my referee FAQ.

Three new Numisdocs!
Posté le : 16-12-2018, 14h57 dans Free discussion

Thanks, just fixed that.

Is there a way to sort by metal content?
Posté le : 14-12-2018, 17h21 dans Numista website

Daily work rests mostly on referees, they are the real drive behind all this.

[résolu] Two new entries for reference catalogues
Posté le : 12-12-2018, 1h53 dans Numista catalogue


[résolu] Fritz Rudolf Künker GmbH & Co. KG
Posté le : 11-12-2018, 1h37 dans Numista catalogue

I just set this request as rejected. But it was not me who rejected that.

[résolu] Denom clarity
Posté le : 05-12-2018, 10h48 dans Numista website

Usually, this happens when coin is called by two different names. By having it like this, it can be searched by both terms quickly.

Peru currencies
Posté le : 04-12-2018, 9h37 dans Numista catalogue

I can do that, it takes a few seconds, let me know once coins are moved.

Heads up, German states collectors!
Posté le : 02-12-2018, 17h32 dans Free discussion

I am working with what I got.

Posté le : 02-12-2018, 8h12 dans Free discussion

20000+ is comparable to Cerulean stats - https://en.numista.com/forum/topic73499.html • Although he lists only coins added by new members, not all members, but 91400 by just newcomers is not that bad.

Numista's pictures on other coin site
Posté le : 29-11-2018, 20h04 dans Numista website

Yes, you can openly talk about Colnect and not get censored. Censorship of opponents is quite cowardly tactics.

[résolu] What do these forum icons mean?
Posté le : 25-11-2018, 16h23 dans Numista website

Unread thread?

Proper etiquette for asking referees to review additions and modifications
Posté le : 07-11-2018, 14h59 dans Numista catalogue

So you are bright example .

[résolu] New reference (4)
Posté le : 07-11-2018, 14h56 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New reference (5)
Posté le : 07-11-2018, 14h56 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New reference (6)
Posté le : 07-11-2018, 14h56 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New reference (7)
Posté le : 07-11-2018, 14h56 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New reference (8)
Posté le : 07-11-2018, 14h56 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New reference (3)
Posté le : 07-11-2018, 14h31 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New reference (10)
Posté le : 07-11-2018, 14h06 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New reference (11)
Posté le : 07-11-2018, 14h06 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New reference (9)
Posté le : 07-11-2018, 14h06 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New reference (1)
Posté le : 07-11-2018, 14h06 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New reference (2)
Posté le : 07-11-2018, 14h05 dans Numista catalogue

Added as Bona. I am not sure system supports those characters.

[résolu] New trial strikes currencies created for Congo - Republic
Posté le : 07-11-2018, 14h00 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] French Cochinchina
Posté le : 07-11-2018, 13h57 dans Numista catalogue

CassTaylor reply is 100% right.

Catalog modification of Chinese cash coins
Posté le : 07-11-2018, 13h50 dans Numista website

Some of the modifications are pending since May.

[résolu] Request to merging 50 Cents (KM# 30, KM# 34) and 1 Dollar (KM# 31, KM# 35) from Hong Kong into single coin types
Posté le : 04-11-2018, 10h59 dans Numista catalogue

Merge pages, correct Krause mistakes, make note on the pages that were corrected and optionally contact Krause or Ole who works with them.

[résolu] Imitative ayyubid dirham to move under the County of Tripoli
Posté le : 02-11-2018, 16h54 dans Numista catalogue


[résolu] New reference (3)
Posté le : 02-11-2018, 15h05 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New reference (2)
Posté le : 02-11-2018, 15h04 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New reference (1)
Posté le : 02-11-2018, 15h03 dans Numista catalogue


[résolu] Empire of Trebizond
Posté le : 31-10-2018, 13h01 dans Numista catalogue

It is now up. Remember, first coin has to be moved from elsewhere, not created.

[résolu] The Add a coin screen seems to have a problem
Posté le : 31-10-2018, 10h53 dans Numista catalogue

This functionality is disabled, so we retain control of new issuers.

Example of the problem with the value system as it currently stands
Posté le : 30-10-2018, 15h00 dans Numista website

It was actually accepted (but not implemented yet) that lower grade cannot have higher price than high grade and that circulating coins will always have lowest price of their actual monetary value.

[résolu] New reference (1)
Posté le : 30-10-2018, 11h48 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New reference (5)
Posté le : 30-10-2018, 11h47 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New reference (4)
Posté le : 30-10-2018, 11h47 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New reference (3)
Posté le : 30-10-2018, 11h47 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New reference (2)
Posté le : 30-10-2018, 10h52 dans Numista catalogue

Biaggi already exists.

Counting Countries
Posté le : 29-10-2018, 17h24 dans Numista website

We tried to create country list somehow coherent and balance that with desire not to create controversy. • I would just like to say that if country is issuer, it does not mean that it was not independent or something like that.

Bonjour French people - French side modifications
Posté le : 28-10-2018, 18h21 dans Salon

Pejounet has some health issues. He told us after some time that he is ok, but I guess he needed some time to rehabilitation. (I am not sure he would like me to say details) This was months ago already, that is why I offered help. • Xavier is also responding only sporadically, so I am a bit alone on these tasks.

[résolu] Khanate of Khoqand
Posté le : 28-10-2018, 17h20 dans Numista catalogue

Ok, added, please mind that first coin has to be moved there and not created.

[résolu] Are we allowed to replace coin photos copyrighted ©Numista?
Posté le : 28-10-2018, 14h48 dans Numista catalogue

These are pictures made by Xavier himself. It is not forbidden to replace them, if we have some that are better.

[résolu] Modifying an existing reference
Posté le : 28-10-2018, 12h28 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New reference (5)
Posté le : 28-10-2018, 12h27 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New reference (4)
Posté le : 28-10-2018, 12h26 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New reference (3)
Posté le : 28-10-2018, 12h25 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New reference (2)
Posté le : 28-10-2018, 12h23 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New reference (1)
Posté le : 28-10-2018, 12h23 dans Numista catalogue

Bonjour French people -- French side modifications
Posté le : 28-10-2018, 12h19 dans Site Numista

Hello all, • We do not meet much, as I am primarily in charge of English part of the catalogue. However, since Pejounet is now inactive since July, I would like to help you out. If you see any currency or country (or the phrase "coins of the xxxxx") that is not translated into French, let me know and I can fix it. Obviously, my French is very limited, so please try to write in English or at least copy the English name of the country/currency, so I know where to find it. You can get in touch by opening a ticket(Requetes) on the Catalogue forum, which I can see. Or you can write me PM, but tickets are much better. • Cordialement, • Jarek

Bonjour French people and French side modifications
Posté le : 28-10-2018, 12h19 dans Catalogue Numista

Hello all, • We do not meet much, as I am primarily in charge of English part of the catalogue. However, since Pejounet is now inactive since July, I would like to help you out. If you see any currency or country (or the phrase "coins of the xxxxx") that is not translated into French, let me know and I can fix it. Obviously, my French is very limited, so please try to write in English or at least copy the English name of the country/currency, so I know where to find it. You can get in touch by opening a ticket(Requetes) on the Catalogue forum, which I can see. Or you can write me PM, but tickets are much better. • Cordialement, • Jarek

[résolu] Alphabetizing Ancient Greece's New Currencies
Posté le : 28-10-2018, 11h33 dans Numista catalogue

Marking this as done, because of Greece split start.

Your prayers appreciated...
Posté le : 28-10-2018, 11h13 dans Free discussion

Glad to know you are relatively ok! Wishing you speedy recovery!

[résolu] Muzaffarids
Posté le : 21-10-2018, 13h21 dans Numista catalogue

Done! Keep in mind coin has to be created in different country and then moved into this new one. Also please notify Simoneo about creation of this new country (you can that when creating new coin).

[résolu] Coin weights
Posté le : 21-10-2018, 12h14 dans Numista catalogue

Hmm, coin weights are something that is actually more related to coins than most of exonumia. It makes some sense, but it would have to be approved by whole admin board.

[résolu] Numista MVP's
Posté le : 21-10-2018, 11h01 dans Numista website

Only thing that remains is your actual contribution score on profile page, and as you pointed out, you can calculate how much of the current catalogue you added/modified. • PS: The fact that I modified roughly every 6th coin scares me.

[résolu] Verona
Posté le : 18-10-2018, 19h56 dans Numista catalogue

Thank you, both are now fixed!

[résolu] Help adding an Ecuadorian coin
Posté le : 18-10-2018, 11h25 dans Numista catalogue

I added the coin. Was this used only in the penal colony, or could it be paid with in the whole Equador?

[résolu] "The Coinage of the Mamlûk Sultans of Egypt and Syria"
Posté le : 18-10-2018, 11h22 dans Numista catalogue

This is now fixed!

[résolu] Czech Republic 20 korun 2018 commemoratives - coming soon
Posté le : 17-10-2018, 15h48 dans Numista catalogue

And 3 others are coming in 2019! With 200,000 it will be quite sought after. And they will be released as circulating.

Can the SCWC use the images from Numista?
Posté le : 17-10-2018, 14h39 dans Numista website

That is question directly for Xavier. Problem is that members and auction sites gave permission to us (to Numista) and not to SCWC. Many might not have problem with that, but we cannot know for sure.

[résolu] Tokelau: Tala or Dollar?
Posté le : 16-10-2018, 17h57 dans Numista catalogue

Tokelau now uses New Zealand currency. Unless referee is willing to change all coins there, I will take it to Xavier to do at once. Fixing this might take some time this way though.

[résolu] Checklist of islamic coins by Stephen Album
Posté le : 16-10-2018, 17h33 dans Numista catalogue

Done. • No words were laid on stream or stone

Does anyone here play the historical Paradox games?
Posté le : 16-10-2018, 17h25 dans Free discussion

Oh Paradox. Ocassionally, but they take away so much precious time.

[résolu] Abkhazia?
Posté le : 16-10-2018, 10h39 dans Numista catalogue

But North American native tribes are. SCWC is not a credible reference on this matters. We put Abkhazia (that undoubtedly exists, whether anyone likes it or not) into non-UN states category, which harbors all unrecognized current (not historical) territories, so we limit the controversy. • I would like to ask moderator to lock this thread, as this is not negotiable and will only stir up unnecessary debate over nothing.

Do you often get foreign ads on Numista?
Posté le : 14-10-2018, 18h27 dans Free discussion

Usually, google knows so little of me that even slightest search (or opened links) trigger adds based on that. And I often get that one ad again and again.

[résolu] A new "currency": Finland - Markka pattern and trial strikes
Posté le : 13-10-2018, 11h10 dans Numista catalogue

Fixed currency order and name.

[résolu] Countries aren't showing up on map when I add coins
Posté le : 10-10-2018, 15h24 dans Numista website

Pcarey assumption is right. Only coins in collection are shown on the map. • Although it is now redundant note, I can see your profile, but since your collection is private, I wouldn't be able to identify which countries are probably missing.

[résolu] New currency under City of Jülich, Thaler.
Posté le : 05-10-2018, 11h53 dans Numista catalogue

Coins that you have been adding
Posté le : 02-10-2018, 14h49 dans Free discussion

Standing proudly on 3480 added coins. (Mostly Bohemia/Moravia/Silesia, but countless others) Even though the passion for adding is quite gone now.

[résolu] correction requests
Posté le : 28-09-2018, 8h31 dans Numista catalogue

Ok, parentheses. Besides the name which was mentioned, it is now ok.

[résolu] 1894 Mozambique coin is dated 1984
Posté le : 25-09-2018, 13h25 dans Numista catalogue

Weird, I did that myself now.

[résolu] Savona, Italia
Posté le : 25-09-2018, 12h12 dans Numista catalogue

I just created the new issuer. • Please take into account an error which makes it impossible to create new coin into country that does not exist. Please either ask the referee to move one coin there from other issuers they manage (and which will be then moved back) or create your coin in other issuer which the referees of Italian States manage, and let them know that they should move the coin to the newly created country. • Best regards, • Jarek

[résolu] Italian States > Frinco, Lordship of (Fr : "Frinco, Seigneurie de")
Posté le : 25-09-2018, 12h12 dans Numista catalogue

I just created the new issuer. • Please take into account an error which makes it impossible to create new coin into country that does not exist. Please either ask the referee to move one coin there from other issuers they manage (and which will be then moved back) or create your coin in other issuer which the referees of Italian States manage, and let them know that they should move the coin to the newly created country. • Best regards, • Jarek

Recruiting new referees!
Posté le : 24-09-2018, 15h07 dans Numista website

I added your applications to the next meeting agenda.

Basic currency subdivisions for France Feudal subissuers
Posté le : 24-09-2018, 14h43 dans Numista catalogue

A referee for Feudal france will have to explain the others, I do not know what to do with these.

[résolu] São Tomé and Príncipe currency order
Posté le : 24-09-2018, 14h36 dans Numista catalogue

Old/Classic/Antique/Collectible firearms
Posté le : 24-09-2018, 11h24 dans Free discussion

Liberal hippie Europe has psychiatric evaluations for people wanting to buy a gun. You know, it solves a lot of things.

Weirdest moments in the history of coin collecting
Posté le : 22-09-2018, 9h00 dans Free discussion

1953 monetary reform in Czechoslovakia. The government robbed all inhabitants in one day of all their savings.

[résolu] What criteria determines "issuer" vs "subheading"?
Posté le : 19-09-2018, 20h17 dans Numista website

More intuitive country list is planned, question is when...

Finnish pre-1917 coins ruler names
Posté le : 19-09-2018, 20h08 dans Numista website

Let's not start arguing. Whole thing is a bit more complex, as search by ruler is planned. Even today, without Aleksanteri/Alexander/Alexandr/Aleksandr, there are some rulers who have coins in different countries and are there named differently. • In terms of search, are these to be separate or connected? There are still many unanswered questions.

What books have you been reading recently?
Posté le : 18-09-2018, 15h52 dans Free discussion

Kartlis Tskhovreba ! Or rather Georgian Chronicles. I am digging out information of Eurasian steppe nations of Pechenegs and Cumans for my thesis or possibly a book. • Just finished Alexiad by Byzantine princess Anna Comnena.

Name of denominations?
Posté le : 17-09-2018, 16h11 dans Numista catalogue

It is not question whether haléřů and đồng are ok, but they are searchable by haleru and dong , while so‘m is not searchable by Som. I suggested that face value field solution because search modification might take way long or might be hard to make.

[résolu] Palestine uncommon demonetization of Eshkol
Posté le : 17-09-2018, 9h04 dans Numista catalogue

I understand you want to change something. Ok. But maybe this petty thing could be solved by modification request? It is quite easy, and probably just a mistake.

What countries do you collect?
Posté le : 15-09-2018, 11h44 dans Free discussion

All European! • Especially medieval.

[résolu] Rename this awkwardly named issuer to "Navarre, Kingdom of"
Posté le : 12-09-2018, 9h52 dans Numista catalogue

So let me get this clear. Navarre gets invaded, splitted, starts using different currencies and both sides are still calling themselves Navarre? History still amazes me.

Remove "Rare" tag from catalogue
Posté le : 12-09-2018, 9h44 dans Numista catalogue

I would rather have automatically imported some price lists from auctions, and then the price would eliminate need for rare comments (not tags!). You all are also free to request deletion of these comments.

TURKU: From a currency under Finland to a "country/area" page under Finland
Posté le : 12-09-2018, 9h40 dans Numista catalogue

Was this indigenous Finnish coinage, or are these Swedish coins/mint in Finland?

[résolu] When is ok to contact a country ref?
Posté le : 11-09-2018, 12h10 dans Numista catalogue

I modified the status, because this is not about currency, but rather about specific coin. It changes nothing in regards to your question - usually after 2 weeks it is ok to contact.

Do you have other passions besides collecting coins/other stuff?
Posté le : 09-09-2018, 12h53 dans Free discussion

I like traveling, even though I don't travel as much as I would have wanted. I keep photos of any churches or chapels I travel by and I keep map of them here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1G_FDDFYqSdaT-sLzLiWmeefZKDg&usp=sharing • I also love history, especially my study area, medieval eurasian steppes and their nations. • I also play mainly strategic pc games.

Rarer coins, give me ideas!
Posté le : 09-09-2018, 11h52 dans Free discussion

Well, let me invite you to look through Bohemia catalogue. • If you are aiming at quite expensive coins, look for "Counts of" sections. Coins there are exquisite, but costs a fortune. • https://en.numista.com/catalogue/lobkowicz_counts-1.html • https://en.numista.com/catalogue/rosenbergs-1.html • https://en.numista.com/catalogue/schlick_counts-1.html • https://en.numista.com/catalogue/eggenberg_counts-1.html • If you want some Numista rare, but otherwise quite cheap coins, look for the coinage of cities - Jihlava, Brno, Znojmo from Bohemia and others from Silesia. • If you want to create some sort of collection, look for Olmutz bishopric, its coins were produced in larger quatities than king's own in some times. • If you want some more costly collections, look for Silesian duchies. They often produced a lot of denominations with same design, so that makes them nice target. Although, high denominations are often very e[...]

[résolu] Add Thomas Halliday to the list of engravers
Posté le : 08-09-2018, 19h29 dans Numista catalogue

I don't know. Engravers was Pejounet's agenda before.

[résolu] Ludwig Oswald Wenckebach
Posté le : 08-09-2018, 17h34 dans Numista catalogue

Added. ​

[résolu] Robert-Ralph Carmichael
Posté le : 08-09-2018, 17h34 dans Numista catalogue


[résolu] "France-Feudal > Dreux - County of"
Posté le : 08-09-2018, 17h17 dans Numista catalogue

Added, you can move the coin.

Becoming familiar with a foreign language via coins
Posté le : 07-09-2018, 21h52 dans Free discussion

I collect Europe coinage, and because I learnt Russian, Latin and German at school, my possibilities are limited. I nevertheless picked up some French words, mainly from managing french side of Numista and I learned to read Greek. • (But latin, cyrillic and greek alphabets are so similar in fact, just rotate them or use a mirror and you shall see most letters match up.)

From "Crimea" to "Mongol States > Crimean Khanate" and "Russia > Crimea"
Posté le : 07-09-2018, 16h03 dans Numista catalogue

Split makes sense here. Will add it for discussion on next meeting.

Weird issuers
Posté le : 06-09-2018, 21h52 dans Free discussion

Citation: "phfoticus"​British Antarctic Territory -- I wonder what percentage of these coins ever saw circulation in Antarctica?​None. • Icenlandic and Greenland mining colonies are very scarce and intriguing. Some weird are medieval cities, which minted only few coins.

Joining the Numista team
Posté le : 04-09-2018, 23h51 dans Free discussion

Hello, • from time to time, we open such threads about recruitments like this: https://en.numista.com/forum/topic72209.html • Best regards, • Jarek

[résolu] Add Harald Conradsen to the list of engravers
Posté le : 03-09-2018, 11h51 dans Numista catalogue

Now selectable.

[résolu] Lars Englund
Posté le : 03-09-2018, 11h50 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] Holmasto & SNY catalogues
Posté le : 03-09-2018, 0h25 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] New issuer needs to be added under German States
Posté le : 02-09-2018, 23h30 dans Numista catalogue


[résolu] Countries how changed name+rajime
Posté le : 02-09-2018, 20h53 dans Numista catalogue

Coutries will be searchable by their different names in the future.

[résolu] Dutch republic
Posté le : 02-09-2018, 20h39 dans Numista catalogue

I marked it as done. If you need any modification to existing currency, just let us know by another ticket.

[résolu] Notification of forum replies doesn't work
Posté le : 01-09-2018, 8h34 dans Numista website

Yay, it works. Although my gmail put Numista email into promo offer folder instead of notification one, but I am not sure if that is something you can influence.

Islamic State (ISIS) original coins
Posté le : 26-08-2018, 16h36 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Forgive numismatic community. We have soft spot for fakes and we even established guides on how to spot those both generally and in specific cases. I posted some sort of proof that these (and silver ones) actually circulated in some old forum thread. Market is small as we are afraid of financing that "thing". And even though it is most probable that European YPG members brought some home, without proving yourself, (with photos, fb or other page, witnesses etc.) there will be always doubt. • Official numista policy is to keep them in exonumia, which can be updated when they are finally obliterated and thus become a history.

Wladislav coin details
Posté le : 26-08-2018, 12h37 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Too round, too clean letters. A fake I presume.

[résolu] Slash no longer allowed in "Face value in figure form" area?
Posté le : 25-08-2018, 8h39 dans Numista website

New feature, guess it does not work as intended.

[résolu] Azores coins
Posté le : 23-08-2018, 20h05 dans Numismatic questions

What amazes me some more is that Krause was unable to fix this.

[résolu] Date addition needed
Posté le : 23-08-2018, 14h44 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "Cyrillius"​Hello. • ​I do not know if I should now answer in the topics with this ticketing system. But I changed dates. • ​Thank you.​Well, it is not necessary I guess.

Posté le : 22-08-2018, 22h29 dans Free discussion

Sorry, my bad. Sent you a wrong way.

New feature -- Ticket system
Posté le : 22-08-2018, 22h29 dans Numista catalogue

Request to modify a coin.

New issuer under Islamic states
Posté le : 22-08-2018, 22h28 dans Numista catalogue

Well, you can choose either, it will be moved afterwards anyway.

[résolu] Poland: Congress, Kingdom of Poland according to krause????
Posté le : 22-08-2018, 17h52 dans Numista catalogue

It is in russian partition of Poland. https://en.numista.com/catalogue/russian_partition-1.html

[résolu] CSIP - Links to the engravers
Posté le : 22-08-2018, 12h42 dans Numista website

Hello all! • Xavier should soon implement Ticket system for various tasks done by admins. • You will be able to create tickets for changes in engravers and then watch the progress on its solving. • This will bring gradual end to various "endless" forum threads and should allow some work load overview. • ​Any questions? Let me know! • Best regards, • Jarek

Overview of Country list changes
Posté le : 22-08-2018, 12h41 dans Numista website

Hello all! • Xavier should soon implement Ticket system for various tasks done by admins. • You will be able to create tickets for changes in currencies/countries and then watch the progress on its solving. • This will bring gradual end to various "endless" forum threads and should allow some work load overview. • ​Any questions? Let me know! • Best regards, • Jarek

Can someone confirm who exactly has the authority to create "forum rules"?
Posté le : 19-08-2018, 18h40 dans Numista website

Citation: "druzhynets"​I'm sorry to read this, but you're absolutely right. I like Sophie for her proactiveness and participation on the forum but recently she has crossed the line far too often. • ​I sadly have to corelate to this. Line was breached with "cretins". • To answer the original question. Xavier has right to change and impose forum rules. Moderators should enforce them, and are highest authority on everyday basis on the forum. They can pin-up the thread they deem is worthy and which adds something to the community or is in some way important. Guidelines for adding identification requests is something that surely passes all these points, but personally, I would have deleted the "rule/must/have to" words and replaced them with "guidelines and should". I am going to request exactly that. Moderators should have come to Xavier, or at least to me or Pejounet before adding this as pinned thread. • To be fair, this threa[...]

(CCIP) Cooperative Catalogue Improvement Project - Arabic lettering
Posté le : 18-08-2018, 17h59 dans Free discussion

Khorezm can be found under Russia now.

Siege coins!
Posté le : 18-08-2018, 14h56 dans Free discussion

Nice thread! It should be mentioned in the thematic threads topic. • Siege coinage is usually quite rare. Nice work on adding more!

Madagascar coins
Posté le : 17-08-2018, 13h02 dans Numista catalogue

Omg, more mumbling.

Coin shopping in Prague, Czech Republic
Posté le : 16-08-2018, 12h04 dans Free discussion

I don't know about any export problems.

Milestone reached
Posté le : 15-08-2018, 14h21 dans Free discussion

Besides obvious "wow!", I like the fact that out of 10 000, we were missing "just" 111 in the catalogue. • How are you adding them, randomly, or by countries, by different eras or by difficulty of identification?

Georgian imitation of a John II asper
Posté le : 09-08-2018, 19h25 dans Numista catalogue

If you think it is Georgian, try asking Georgia referee, he is very knowledgeable.

[résolu] Agenda for improvements.
Posté le : 08-08-2018, 6h16 dans Numista website

Hello, • Xavier is currently working on two things. First is Numista Robot, which autocorrects and autotranslates a lot of things between French and English versions: https://en.numista.com/echanges/profil.php?id=110280 • Second it ticket system, which will make easier tracking current problems (other than regular requests) on various levels of administration. • Best regards, • Jarek

Local Coin Shops: The People's List (Going on a trip? Want to visit some local dealers? Check out our list!)
Posté le : 07-08-2018, 23h52 dans Free discussion

I cannot really keep up. Outings will have to wait.

[résolu] How long is reasonable time to have modification request open?
Posté le : 07-08-2018, 18h11 dans Numista catalogue

Omg, stop arguing over some petty thing.

[résolu] View "My coins": new ways to sort coins
Posté le : 07-08-2018, 9h42 dans Numista website

It is not perfect, but some results can be achieved by using advanced search set to search only coins in your collection.

Numismatic quiz question of the day. Well worth a look and guess
Posté le : 06-08-2018, 20h50 dans Free discussion

Nope, I just counted my palm lines.

Pool on exonumia/token section sorting
Posté le : 06-08-2018, 14h54 dans Free discussion

To Worth: Token Exonumia split is actually being finalized.

Translation for Numista (To any language)
Posté le : 06-08-2018, 12h26 dans Numista website

I thought as well that there could be a translation of menu and its links. Numisdocs, Outings and most of all the catalogue should stay english/french only. • Forum is international already, and there is no problem with posts in another languages.

Looking for new countries for my collection
Posté le : 04-08-2018, 17h03 dans Swaps and trades

I would have Swedish Livonia, but I swap that only for other medieval coins. :(

[résolu] "Needs more information"
Posté le : 04-08-2018, 10h29 dans Numista website

Hmmm, this would be quite extensive list. In some fields in advanced search, you can put "missing" as well as you can put /no-picture/ into normal search. This way you can find many coins that need some info.

Arabic(?) Coin found in 17th century New England Archaeological Site
Posté le : 02-08-2018, 6h14 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Something from India?

Open to new swaps - some medieval coins as well.
Posté le : 01-08-2018, 23h31 dans Swaps and trades

I am open to new swaps, just let me know if you fancy something from my list.

I added 301 coins :)
Posté le : 01-08-2018, 12h54 dans Numista website

Nice! It is always nice to see someone happy that he could add something to the catalogue!

Another milestone reached
Posté le : 01-08-2018, 8h17 dans Free discussion

Not really. I fixed some catalogue mistakes where the value was not calculated and Xavier launched some automatic corrections.

Topic for reporting coins not yet here
Posté le : 31-07-2018, 23h45 dans Free discussion

I will be adding Volga Bulgar and Khazaria coins in the next few days.

[résolu] New Issuer: Gotland?
Posté le : 31-07-2018, 22h03 dans Numista catalogue


[résolu] Celts ?
Posté le : 30-07-2018, 17h00 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Hmm, some of those will probably be new issuers.

Recruiting new referees!
Posté le : 30-07-2018, 14h48 dans Free discussion

We are now recruiting new referees - see more info here: https://en.numista.com/forum/topic72209.html

[résolu] Incorrect silver price
Posté le : 30-07-2018, 9h53 dans Numista website

Numista silver value is not updated continually, but I believe only once a day.

New Issuer: Kingdom of the Franks?
Posté le : 28-07-2018, 0h04 dans Numista catalogue

I guesswe should not make more divisions, the one we have causes enough problems.

Adding new pictures
Posté le : 27-07-2018, 15h06 dans Free discussion

Hopefully someone can, I am use MS Paint and I suck at using it.

World Coins Chat: Czechoslovakia, and Czech Republic/Czechia
Posté le : 26-07-2018, 23h17 dans Free discussion

Found this long time ago. He tries nicely. And no, he is not correct.

[résolu] Mongolian script
Posté le : 25-07-2018, 20h26 dans Numista catalogue

Chinghis Khan?

[résolu] Medieval by century - countdown finished...
Posté le : 23-07-2018, 8h59 dans Free discussion

Again, sorry for no pictures, but these Carinthia pages are my own: • 1 Pfennig - Berthold von Aquileia https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces131325.html • 1 Pfennig - Bernhard von Spanheim https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces105065.html • 1 Pfennig - Bernhard von Spanheim https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces105066.html •

Can anyone help me add an Irish POW WW2 token to catalog?
Posté le : 23-07-2018, 8h41 dans Numista catalogue

What confuses you exactly? Issuing authority should be Tokens and currency should be Ireland - Tokens.

Principality of Achaea
Posté le : 22-07-2018, 15h06 dans Numista catalogue

Ok, thanks! I just added the catalogue as Metcalf1 - could you please add that number again? (Admins can only validate requests older than 1 week, so it will have to wait.)

New short game: Plain or Smooth?
Posté le : 17-07-2018, 20h15 dans Free discussion

Since the result is so close, I am not sure we should push it forcefully. More discussion is needed and we already have some ideas on how to skip it entirely - for example, search with synonyms which would take both plain and smooth into account when searching. On top of that, automatic corrections should take care of "plain", "plein" and "smoth", "smoooth" and similar typos.

Coinage of Georgia
Posté le : 13-07-2018, 15h58 dans Numista catalogue

Awesome! We recently made Kingdom of Georgia an independent issuer, as well as Ancient Georgia.

[résolu] Volunteers wanted for making pages for Finnish pattern coins
Posté le : 05-07-2018, 9h09 dans Free discussion

Here is one: https://coins.ha.com/itm/finland/world-coins/finland-republic-iron-pattern-10-pennia-1941-ms63-ngc-/a/3045-33113.s?ic4=GalleryView-Thumbnail-071515

Mint marks
Posté le : 04-07-2018, 17h07 dans Numismatic questions

Fairly new numisdoc for France: https://fr.numista.com/numisdoc/les-points-secrets-et-les-differents-d-ateliers-sur-les-monnaies-royales-francaises-109.html

Numista on Wikipedia
Posté le : 02-07-2018, 12h21 dans Numista website

Maybe because of this comment on Numista deletion page...: • "Comment"-Colnect, which could be considered a similar website, has 17 refences, out of which 10 are links on Colnect itself. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 16:05, 28 June 2018 (UTC)

Hyderabad is missing in Country and territory list
Posté le : 02-07-2018, 11h32 dans Numista catalogue

Yes, not separated yet.

Values and new collection management
Posté le : 01-07-2018, 17h53 dans Numista website

Value is for coins one buys, not swaps.

[résolu] Date range being shown in lettering fields
Posté le : 01-07-2018, 13h27 dans Numista catalogue

Ugh, this is not right. • While it might seems ok and it might be in some cases ok, it is not (not even here) and won't become policy. • For example, 1943 is missing so the lettering would be • IN GOD WE TRUST • LIBERTY • (1909-1942)/(1944-1958) • and mintmark is also alternating, so it would be • IN GOD WE TRUST • LIBERTY • (1909-1942)/(1944-1958) • /D/S • No, please no. Let's just use the year shown.

[résolu] Islamic calendar date inconsistencies
Posté le : 30-06-2018, 9h59 dans Numista catalogue

You could have messaged the referee first. :)

Geography motifs on coins
Posté le : 28-06-2018, 19h28 dans Free discussion

Tags would be generic, at least for a start, so we can see how this develops.

Jefferson Wartime Nickel
Posté le : 28-06-2018, 17h40 dans Numista catalogue

Sent request as well. Are there more coins done this way in US catalogue?

Collection Records on Home page
Posté le : 28-06-2018, 17h37 dans Numista website

As mentioned above, some crazy people will always appear making tests or unrealistic collections and thus such data would be totally unrealiable.

Collapsable countries in Swap Lists?
Posté le : 27-06-2018, 14h13 dans Numista website

... wrong post

Overstruck coin and Numista catalog
Posté le : 26-06-2018, 18h52 dans Numista catalogue

Just saw those new coins! I love medieval coinage as well, you collect medieval only?

What is this page doing?
Posté le : 25-06-2018, 7h44 dans Numista catalogue

If I am not mistaken, we agreed to make a basis of Numisdoc out of it and once done, it will be deleted.

Guidelines as to when it's appropriate to split/combine coin pages?
Posté le : 24-06-2018, 12h34 dans Numista catalogue

We are slowly putting together new guidelines, but there is no document published yet. • Reasons for new page: • Different metal purity • Different metal (unless the difference is very tiny and cannot be noticed by normal means (weight/color) • Different measurements - for example Piedforts • Different usage (pattern/essai) • Big lettering difference/Big design difference (obvious in modern, but old coins have usually a lot of different coins under one KM) • Different denomination • These are proposed guidelines. World coins vary greatly, so I dont know if there will be any problems with these rules. If you see some, let me know. • Reasons for not splitting the coins: • Different ruler if the coin design is same • Different KM when coin is the same (ie. when Krause is wrong) (This applies to any catalogue) • Tiny metal variation (see above) • Slight design changes • The above implies that[...]

How far back can we go? The Sequel continuation (currently at 1497)
Posté le : 22-06-2018, 17h25 dans Free discussion

There are 2 others that have 1496 as ND year. Still, nobody owns those.

[résolu] How to take good pictures of small coins?
Posté le : 21-06-2018, 13h06 dans Free discussion

Oh dear, that is Iphone camera? They really should work on that. • Here are my results from Samsung on really small coins: • https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces105066.html • https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces105065.html • It is hard to focus the camera, but I usually take it from greater distance, where I can see that it still focuses, and then crop it.

Roman coin Maximinus I
Posté le : 20-06-2018, 23h16 dans Numista catalogue

Hello Alex, • It is indeed possible that we do not have it here yet. • You can add it by the form below: • https://en.numista.com/catalogue/contributions/nouveau.php • Best regards, • Jarek

[résolu] Oman versus Muscat and Oman
Posté le : 20-06-2018, 18h10 dans Numista catalogue

Thanks, I already found it, and Xavier needs to add it.

[résolu] Let's get tags for thematic coins!
Posté le : 20-06-2018, 17h22 dans Numista website

I have good news on all fronts it seems. Yes, tags will be bilingual from the beginning and automated translations and corrections are only waiting to be implemented by Xavier.

[résolu] New issuer for pre-colonial Ceylon
Posté le : 20-06-2018, 14h53 dans Numista catalogue

Kingdom of Kandy is now alive!

How are these listings getting published in the main catalogue
Posté le : 19-06-2018, 15h26 dans Numista catalogue

I already messaged the respective referee. These look horrible.

[résolu] Still a member?
Posté le : 19-06-2018, 11h22 dans Numista website

Numista was largely down and full of bugs recently. Probably it caused also this issue.

[résolu] Is there a way to find Numista pages with your picture credits?
Posté le : 19-06-2018, 11h20 dans Numista catalogue

Only Xavier could do that, and we don't plan to introduce such search possibility.

[résolu] Links to other coins
Posté le : 18-06-2018, 11h17 dans Numista website

Oh my! Sorry!!

Estimate for 19% of my coins €836
Posté le : 17-06-2018, 23h01 dans Numista website

It is calculated by median values which are added by members when they add coin in their collection. • The percentage is growing because more and more coins are being added with value and the values are being calculated.

Please crop your coin photos if you want them to be used in the catalogue!
Posté le : 17-06-2018, 22h58 dans Numista catalogue

It is indeed true that catalogue looks better with cropped images, although there are many coins where any image is a win for catalogue.

Polite demand to substitute a referee
Posté le : 17-06-2018, 16h10 dans Numista catalogue

I reported that myself, I dont want to get insulted once in a month when this guy, not knowing basic principles and politeness, appears again.

[résolu] Glitch with dates
Posté le : 17-06-2018, 14h28 dans Numista website

Coin is fine. It is a glitch on statistics page.

Luxembourg listings not using KM# as primary ref
Posté le : 17-06-2018, 10h32 dans Numista catalogue

Krause itself uses Y and C references for some countries.

[résolu] World Cup FIFA 2018 - Russia
Posté le : 15-06-2018, 16h07 dans Free discussion

Am I the only one supporting Iceland here?

[résolu] 2500 Francs Abolition of Slavery Burkina Faso - some explanations.
Posté le : 14-06-2018, 20h34 dans Numista catalogue

Did not they disprove their own page in the emails? • Unfortunately we don’t have any information about who minted it or whether it was authorised. Although we have it on display we have never claimed as such either way. • Thank you for your enquiry. I’m afraid we have no information about whether the coins of this series ever entered circulation or were considered tender. Our example did not – it was purchased from a dealer in commemorative coins, but I do not know about the others.​

[résolu] Nauru Coins in Exonumia?
Posté le : 14-06-2018, 16h57 dans Free discussion

Best way would be messaging government/central bank of Burkina Faso directly. That is not an easy task I guess. • Anyway, since all other coins of the set are in the Exonumia currently, I moved it to Exonumia for the time being. We have a policy of not dividing dubious sets. Once this is solved, it will either stay or be moved into its respective countries.

Personal notes in the Philippines 10 sentimo 1995-2017 article
Posté le : 14-06-2018, 14h24 dans Numista catalogue

I thought I understand English, but I apparently do not. Solution is so easy and Sjoelund just gave it to you. We can upload the image to the 10 Sentimo page.

[résolu] Create a Change Log
Posté le : 12-06-2018, 22h42 dans Numista website

I just wrote down latest changes into that thread - see last post. I will update the first post accordingly as well.

[résolu] Alderney in country list
Posté le : 12-06-2018, 12h30 dans Numista website

We would move nowhere if we blindly followed Krause.

Japanese Netherlands East Indies Trials
Posté le : 11-06-2018, 16h53 dans Numismatic questions

Oh, so we can add these three?

Where have you visited in the world?
Posté le : 09-06-2018, 14h12 dans Free discussion

Citation: "ngdawa"​ • Citation: "Jarcek"​.... http://www.atlasdigitalmaps.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/e/c/eckertivus100main.png • ​​ • ​​ ​​​To have the Americas in the centre must be the worst version of the world map, since you cut Asia in two. ​Whatever your heart wishes. Here you go, double Greenland. I wish there was twice as many good Icelandic footballers though. • http://bpsettlement.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/world-map-india-centric-fresh-australian-map-world-australia-centric-world-map-australian-valid-download-australian-map-world-of-world-map-india-centric-fresh-australian-map-world-australia-centric-wo.png

[résolu] Begginer coin grading
Posté le : 08-06-2018, 9h10 dans Numismatic questions

My beginner level grading : • new and super shiny - UNC • new and shiny - XF • all details vissible - VF • Some details out - F • barely can recognize what it is - VG • I learnt to live with this, I dont need professional grading and I usually send photos if needed for swaps.

Portuguese colonial prova (essai, pattern) coins
Posté le : 07-06-2018, 16h26 dans Numista catalogue

There is no such button, but some browsers allow to duplicate opened page.

[résolu] Platinum and Palladium bullion value
Posté le : 05-06-2018, 21h31 dans Numista website

Yes, that is also right.

[résolu] Additional edge picture
Posté le : 04-06-2018, 9h39 dans Numista catalogue

Hi there! • You can add it to comments section with proper explanation. This way we can show both. • Welcome to the forum! • Best regards, • Jarek

The Numista playlist - what are you listening to?
Posté le : 02-06-2018, 19h19 dans Free discussion

My music preferences change over time. • Currently it is • John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vrEljMfXYo • And Tarzan soundrack from Phill freakin Collins.

[résolu] Denominations
Posté le : 02-06-2018, 18h43 dans Numista catalogue

Sure a bug, special characters should be normally searchable.

[résolu] coin that was transformed into a button
Posté le : 02-06-2018, 18h42 dans Numista catalogue

Deleted coins cannot be brought back sadly. I am sorry I rejected it that way, I did not know that we do not have the coin in the catalogue yet and that it is being added as a coin - it should have been added to German states, and maybe it could have been mentioned that no better pictures are availlable. • Lecture for all of us it seems. Once more, sorry for the harsh rejection but as Pejounet said, we would have pendants, rings etc soon.

[résolu] Czechoslovakia 5 korun 1974 varieties
Posté le : 02-06-2018, 11h00 dans Numista catalogue

Nice! Could you please add your picture to the comment section of the coin. I actually could not find any pictures of this on the internet - these variants were still a mystery for me. Now it is partially solved.

To change the order of Czechoslovakia coins
Posté le : 02-06-2018, 10h59 dans Numista catalogue

Thanks, will fix.

Montenegro restrikes
Posté le : 02-06-2018, 10h57 dans Numista catalogue

Hmm, I never thought about it, but it seems to me that they indeed should be in tokens. It would also eliminate that hundred year minting span.

Canadian Provinces Sub-sections
Posté le : 23-05-2018, 16h12 dans Numista catalogue

Well I am not sure where we should move these: • Blacksmith Tokens • Canada Pre-Confederation Commercial Tokens • Currency tokens (1798-1816) • But generally yes, Canadian Provinces should be divided as well.

[résolu] Bishopric of Courland
Posté le : 23-05-2018, 8h49 dans Numista catalogue

Maybe, I havent studied it thoroughly and I do not own Haljak at all.

How many issuers do you have?
Posté le : 22-05-2018, 13h43 dans Free discussion

Only Europe (hi Bram! :D) 52 countries, 80 issuers.

Coins listed in 'other' in the metal listing
Posté le : 20-05-2018, 10h51 dans Numista website

There are some possibilities on how to check those mistakes, but these are very time consuming and I am not sure if we could make it collaborative. I can only appeal to members to keep their eyes open and if they see a mistake in metal field then they can correct it.

[résolu] Errors / or bugs on pages PLC and Kingdom of Poland - mixed order
Posté le : 18-05-2018, 18h30 dans Numista website

Judea is also fixed. Xavier somehow happened to destroy it.

[résolu] Georgia - Ancient and Kingdom of Georgia  ?
Posté le : 18-05-2018, 17h07 dans Numista catalogue

Oh, it is long time planned already.

New Issuer?
Posté le : 14-05-2018, 20h20 dans Numista catalogue

Nah, I just study history and it brings me happiness :)

[résolu] Updating missing data or low quality pictures on Numista
Posté le : 14-05-2018, 15h44 dans Numista website

Well, there are few options. Not so nice and not fully operable but you can try. • Open search, select IN your collection in options. And search exactly this: /no-picture/ • Also you can try using advanced search (again IN your collection) and write the word MISSING into different fields. Not all work though, I know that Shape field works and few others.

[résolu] Crusader States : Duchy of Athens
Posté le : 08-05-2018, 17h11 dans Numista catalogue

I just created it.

Baltics country list reorganization - discussion
Posté le : 08-05-2018, 16h12 dans Free discussion

All three are now added.

Guidelines for what is allowed in the tokens section
Posté le : 01-05-2018, 11h09 dans Numista website

So far, it is just informal. It was needed because of great number of pictureless tokens abandoned and unidentifiable. • However, they can be added when they have reference numbers. • In both cases, you can precisely identify the object, and that is what we need.

Ottoman list
Posté le : 01-05-2018, 10h56 dans Numista catalogue

So a mistake after all.

Which information do you write on coin holders?
Posté le : 01-05-2018, 10h51 dans Numismatic questions

Name/value, ruler, catalogue numbers, metal, year, mintmark, issuer. Nothing more.

Two New Issuers: Danish Estonia and the Bishopric of Riga
Posté le : 30-04-2018, 11h51 dans Numista catalogue

No, I guess there is no reason for new currency. You can also make a name like this: • 1 Mark - Bishop's name/Secular lord's name • This should clear it up.

Creation of New Issuer: Bishopric of Ösel–Wiek
Posté le : 27-04-2018, 8h09 dans Numista catalogue

You can do it the same way. • There should be admin meeting on monday, so it should not take much time.

German Notgeld vs French Notgeld?
Posté le : 25-04-2018, 11h20 dans Numismatic questions

Wow, some kind of great mixing up is going on here. • First of all, some of the classifications: • Things (coins and tokens) that circulated in the entire country are supposed to be in respective countries. Things which were used for payments are in the "country" named "tokens". Things that were used for payment either locally or for specific things are there. Things which were not used for payment at all should be in Exonumia. • Secondly, there is a coin type setting. Among different kind of coins, (circulating, non-circulating etc.) and patterns (trials, coins that were supposed to be etc..) there is also an option "Token". This option is used in two cases. First is when the object is placed in country "Tokens " or in Exonumia. Secondly, it is used when non-government authority minted "things" that were used for payment in whole country. • Now to notgelds - the fact that they are present in the country list[...]

Any Armenian here?
Posté le : 23-04-2018, 13h07 dans Free discussion

Hello, • any Armenian here who could enlighten me on current events in the country? Please PM me, as I do not want to take politics on the forum. • Best regards, • Jarek

[résolu] Double Estonia
Posté le : 16-04-2018, 19h03 dans Numista website

It is a bug, will be fixed.

[résolu] Is There A Way To Change Your Username?
Posté le : 09-04-2018, 18h36 dans Numista website

Questions specifically intended for the creator, owner and administrator of the website • » Xavier: postmaster@numista.com • This is your only way. Beware of long response time.

RE: Open letter to Xavier and membership in general ...
Posté le : 09-04-2018, 9h30 dans Free discussion

Even though we often disagreed, I am very glad you stay.

Respecting others despite their political beliefs
Posté le : 08-04-2018, 16h22 dans Free discussion

I will have a word with Xavier tommorow, not just on this, but sure I will mention the "banhammer" (I love that word) option.

[résolu] Numista Search
Posté le : 08-04-2018, 0h05 dans Numista website

I cannot check, but search takes into account all text on the page. So if there are some comments on those pages, that would include "10 dollars" or something similar, it gave it as a result. You can try it with searching for goat. Outside of coins with goats, you will find some Bohemia results where goat is mentioned in comments.

[résolu] Is it Abdülḥamīd II or Abdul Hamid II - consistency required
Posté le : 07-04-2018, 23h57 dans Numista catalogue

English side refers to language of the site itself. If it was the other way around and french was predominant world language, frech side would be international amd english just English.

[résolu] Antonin Dvorak & Bedrich Smetana
Posté le : 03-04-2018, 13h30 dans Numista website

Oh. • Ř Ť Ž Š Ď Ň • ř ť ž š ď ň • You are welcome. It is true that they are missing.

[résolu] Where to place this coin, under 5 countries ?
Posté le : 02-04-2018, 14h54 dans Numista catalogue

This is now fixed. Thanks!

West African States don't exist any more
Posté le : 02-04-2018, 14h53 dans Numista catalogue

This is now fixed. Thanks.

[résolu] Can a catalogue admin do this for me please?
Posté le : 02-04-2018, 14h46 dans Numista catalogue

Currencies problems thread on the referee forum. I will be back home soon, so I can start working there again.

Another tool for referees/admins suggestion: Moving a whole section at once
Posté le : 01-04-2018, 15h24 dans Numista website

Xavier can do that, but not in this case when it was needed to make a difference between those which belong to tokens and exonumia.

To all of you who use a Colnect.com ! Beware - they are Thieves !
Posté le : 22-03-2018, 14h27 dans Free discussion

Citation: "doc_man"​Now they ask me to send them my id with photo....​That is their normal behaviour - they want unacceptable things so they deter you from doing anything...

[résolu] Cropping request
Posté le : 13-03-2018, 8h42 dans Numista catalogue

It is still active I guess.

Euros from Churriana
Posté le : 12-03-2018, 22h38 dans Numista catalogue

Typical local coinage, they should be in tokens.

[résolu] New grade/No grade?
Posté le : 11-03-2018, 20h35 dans Numista website

Ok, that is weird.

What's the story behind your Numista profile picture?
Posté le : 11-03-2018, 11h43 dans Free discussion

Coin of first Bohemian king. Guess I have power complex, as it show throne seated guy. • From coin comment: • Vratislaus II, second son of Bretislaus I, taken control of Duchy of Bohemia in 1061. He is known for being the very first king of Bohemia. We was active in the Investiture contests, and as a token of gratitude, he recieved royal coronation from the hands of the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV, although the title was not hereditary. Thus he ruled as a king from 1085 until 1092. • https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces77797.html

Should colonial coinage be in a separate issuer to their post-independence equivalent?
Posté le : 11-03-2018, 11h39 dans Numista catalogue

Whole idea is to make country list more manageable and configurable. • One of the features would be checkboxes for some searches. Some for historical epochs - like medieval, or modern, some for continents and few for colonial empires. Clicking on some of those will hide or show parts of country list. • One small feature would be also expand all/collapse all for all the subsections. • A nice hidden feature will be new search words. For example, you could start typing "great brit.." and it would show United Kingdom, or USA would show United States. This would solve some obvious naming problems as well - Burma/Myanmar for example. • And maybe we could get an option for saving "our own" country list search settings. So you could open country list of only those countries you are interested in and save it for later use.

Duchy of Merania - New Issuer ? - medieval Slovenia Austrian States ?
Posté le : 09-03-2018, 23h18 dans Numista catalogue

You can, I will create new issuer afterwards (it will need the currency anyway).

Czechoslovakia, First Republic (1918-1939), 1 haler?
Posté le : 08-03-2018, 11h43 dans Numismatic questions

Too low value is the correct answer. • Austria-Hungary coins were taken out of circulation in 1919, Czechoslovakia had stamped banknotes and first coins emerged in 1922.

Thread for coins not yet on this site
Posté le : 05-03-2018, 23h35 dans Free discussion

For a start, here are the KM numbers we miss for Tokelau. • Pre-2000 • 5a • 7 • 8.2 • 13 • 15 • 16 • 17 • 25 • 29 • 34 • 35 • 36 • 37 • 38 • 39 • 41 • 42 • 44 • 45 • 24 • 2001-2017 • 54 • 55 • 56 • 51 • 30 • 47 • 48 • 33 • 49 • 53 • 52

[résolu] Fake coins in Isle of Man. Is it a bug?
Posté le : 04-03-2018, 11h27 dans Numista website

Mintmarks are enough described - quite thoroughly in comments section. One you intentionally cropped from your screenshots. • Solved.

New coins for Moldova - 2018 1 Leu, 2, 5, & 10 Lei
Posté le : 02-03-2018, 20h15 dans Numista catalogue

I like them as well!

Posté le : 27-02-2018, 17h03 dans Free discussion

My post was modified my moderators. It lost its meaning.

Would you buy an ISIS gold, silver or copper coin?
Posté le : 27-02-2018, 14h49 dans Free discussion

I collect only Europe coins, but I guess nobody would mind if you just found them on ground.

hello to everyone what do you think of the new version?
Posté le : 26-02-2018, 22h28 dans Numista website

Citation: "Xavier"​Hello, • ​For those who prefer the previous interface, you may go to your account settings and choose the second option for "Display of my collection". • ​The old version is available for the coin pages, display of your coins and fast input in search results. The rest will come soon.​It is not so hard to spot.

New Update...
Posté le : 26-02-2018, 21h54 dans Free discussion

Almost at the very end - Personal Options. • Display of my collection

New Numista layout - do you like it?
Posté le : 26-02-2018, 20h47 dans Free discussion

You now have option to revert back in account settings.

[résolu] Messaging does not work for certain accounts
Posté le : 26-02-2018, 15h03 dans Numista website

Just a bug waiting to be fixed.

Values showing up
Posté le : 26-02-2018, 13h01 dans Free discussion

There will be more options for values - some automatic taken from somewhere (I do not know from where), some could be added by referees (so these could be added by requests, from auctions etc..).

[résolu] Add Gregorian dates back for coins dated in other calendars
Posté le : 26-02-2018, 10h48 dans Numista website

I believe this is a bug, these obviously should be shown.

Anyone can help me id Bohemian Bracteate
Posté le : 25-02-2018, 18h00 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Cach catalogue, Ottokar II, more in pm.

Numista Upgrade Sunday 6-7 GMT
Posté le : 25-02-2018, 0h55 dans Numista website

Let's say that I am not saying anything by saying that you should look what the message above says about what will be temporarily disabled.

[résolu] Numista, are we ready for values?
Posté le : 24-02-2018, 20h59 dans Numista website

Oh, I saw it, and it surely goes few steps further than this thread.

Is coin collecting really a dying hobby? (No, it isn't!)
Posté le : 23-02-2018, 17h41 dans Free discussion

24 here. But I agree, younglings just collect Pokemons.

Zimbabwe includes Rhodesia and Southern Rhodesia!
Posté le : 22-02-2018, 22h14 dans Numista catalogue

I must admit that this feature looks weird when there are just two issuers... it works best with many issuers - see German States - if you click them, it will open all the states and you can search them all at once. It works same way here although it looks weird.

Public morality in societies (share about your country)
Posté le : 22-02-2018, 10h18 dans Free discussion

I will return to original post. • I would very much like to invite you to Czech Republic now, during flu season. Nobody and I mean it, I never saw that in my whole life, wears mask. • People are sneezing and coughing right next to you in the tram. Actually, person with mask would be considered weird. • I would not comment the mass of chewing gum on the streets (people still believe that it stays in them for 10 years if they it, haahahaa) • Internet trolls and idiots - this is usually one big category, together with drunkards and gypsies, who steal everything are quite normal here as well.

[résolu] British Trade Dollar is it Asian Coin or European ?
Posté le : 19-02-2018, 12h18 dans Numista catalogue

Lovely discussion here. • Few points: • 1. Final decision is with UK referee, unless Team decides to override (believe me, we do it rarely and do not want to do that) • 2. It was issued for two "countries" but later used only in one of them. That makes its classification somehow hard, we cannot have the same coin on two places. • 3. What makes some confusion is the name United Kingdom, all of you, please make a note that this is coin not of United Kingdom as we know it today, but rather of British Empire, something entirely different in terms of control of the colonies. If they wanted, maybe they could make it circulate in Australia as well. My point is that it is British control what matters. • 4. If the Krause is obviously wrong, we should not follow it. Not this case, but take this note. • 5. It would be nice to have this info - where it circulated, for whom it was destined etc.. on the page in the comment section. • Best r[...]

France 10 centimes Napoleon III bare head inconsistencies
Posté le : 19-02-2018, 11h53 dans Numista catalogue

More than 90 people claim possession of that not-confirmed year. Referee should make an effort to message good portion of those to make sure this year does or does not exist.

4 long pending requests
Posté le : 15-02-2018, 21h38 dans Numista catalogue

All belong to one referee. You are right, since October is quite a long time. Let me message him. In the meantime, you can message one of master referees, they can have a look on those requests.

Re-name 'North Borneo' to 'British North Borneo'
Posté le : 15-02-2018, 10h43 dans Numista catalogue

And official name was?

Why China, Egypt, India, Greece, Mauretania ancient are in the Ancienct coins section while other countries aren't ?
Posté le : 11-02-2018, 23h52 dans Numista catalogue

Pending issue. Licchavi kingdom seams very feasible. We still have some problematic coins there: https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces58991.html - hint - check the date.

[résolu] Danish West Indies why are not under Denmark ?
Posté le : 11-02-2018, 15h56 dans Numista catalogue

Since it does not make sense to have it under territorial overlord, and it is not possesion of Denmark anymore, it stays on its own. • It is also irrelevant in light of future improvements of country list search. These however, depend entirely on xavier's time.

[résolu] Suggestion: change the "Common coin" type to "Regular coin" or "Normal coin"
Posté le : 11-02-2018, 12h36 dans Numista website

Regular sounds good.

Female Coin Collectors
Posté le : 07-02-2018, 8h33 dans Free discussion

Not me, but there are two female referees here. I wont name though, since I have to respect privacy of such info.

World coins chat: Spanish Netherlands
Posté le : 06-02-2018, 22h56 dans Free discussion

Not to forgot - thanks to Jokinen for making the article - did I mention that we could start transforming those into Numisdocs?

Position A and B....
Posté le : 02-02-2018, 16h22 dans Numista catalogue

Oh my, to which poor soul I promised to get rid of all those! Anyway I am sorry.

[résolu] Messages not being sent
Posté le : 02-02-2018, 8h17 dans Numista website

Reported already to Xavier. I guess he is on some vacation, because of no response.

[résolu] Marshall Islands 10 Dollars KM#141 (Listed twice)
Posté le : 01-02-2018, 22h38 dans Numista catalogue

Not published coins get deleted after some set amount of time - I believe several months.

Unnecessary and sometimes misleading information!
Posté le : 01-02-2018, 17h41 dans Numista catalogue

Sometimes I feel I would need to live 2 lives to get everything done. • It is especially sad when my pleas for community lay empty on the forum. I could come up with tons of work community could help with, but without interaction, it just died out. I am not blaming anyone, especially not you Ole or referees who have their own work already.

[résolu] Show personal comments on exchange page
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It is there for several months already. Xavier does all the work himself.

5 Złotych 1975-1988, Y# 81 - why not splitted into two types
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For me, these are very minor changes. I would like to invite you to check Czech Republic 10, 20 and 50 haleru pages - there are so many minor differences through the years, and splitting them to 4 or more pages would be quite crazy.

Rarest Coin/Token in your Collection
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Got a few "97" as well - • https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces96766.html • https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces93611.html • https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces107369.html • https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces82129.html • Quite easy actually, when collecting medieval coinage.

Country Lists . . .
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Several hours? You could have searched a date.

How far back can YOU go?
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Citation: "Quant-Geek"​Unless I have pocket change, I can't even go to 2017...​I guess if we were in year 1000, you would go quite very far.

Cyprus: currencies
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Thanks for this confirmation, I guess we should gather opinion of Cyprus referee now. • EDIT: Wrote to him now.

Missing years !!
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Welcome to the forum. For these kinds of trouble, contact respective referee for the country. Here is the one concerned: https://en.numista.com/echanges/profil.php?id=45053

4 New Numisdocs!
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You cannot, but we can. Just copy the article, highlight the mistakes and send it to me by PM.

Additions to your collection - January, 2018
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Got San Marino 5 Centesimi 1864, 2 1/2 Centimes 1854 from Luxembourg and Montenegro 1 and 2 Perpera, alongside Liegnitz-Brieg 3 Kreuzer. Did not made photos before they went into holders sadly.

[résolu] 'Non-circulating coins'
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Commemorativness is marked purely by writing something to commemorative field, not by type. • Common coins have no commemorativity, circulating commemoratives have it (obviously) and rest can be chosen, if they are commemorative or not - any non-circulating coin, pattern or even token can either be commemorative or not.

[résolu] Adding a language
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And will be. :)

1533 schilling/szelag (Wolter von Plettenberg) needs added
Posté le : 13-01-2018, 0h25 dans Numista catalogue

Livonia - Livonian confederation - see how the last coin there is named, that is correct way. • Great coin, would love to have it!

World coins chat : Bohemia and Moravia
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I would argue on nationalistic and authoritarian Czechoslovakia quite strongly. How to prevent unsatisfactory voting outcomes in Saarland and Austria? Somebody across the sea believes Austria really voted? Austria voted after German invasion... • The fact that Britain and France decided to give Sudentenland for peace, ok their call, their mistake. They fixed that afterwards, and proclaimed guarantee to Poland after Czechoslovakia de-facto anexation. • Czechoslovakia slowly turned to autoritarian only after Munich treaty, considerably later than any central european state.

World Coins Chat: Index
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We are now able to modify current Numisdoc articles and delete them as well. So I would like to encourage start of recreation of these forum articles to Numisdocs.

How should the ruler's name be written?
Posté le : 10-01-2018, 17h46 dans Numista catalogue

Oh, now I see the mistake that was eluding me the whole time. • I guess the new guideline will say - English or LATIN ALPHABET FORM... • We will discuss that.

[résolu] Rarity index for individual years
Posté le : 06-01-2018, 13h11 dans Numista website

Proposal noted, I will ask Xavier to look at this. :)

Referees please give your opinion: Status on unimportant lettering in catalogue
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If there is some motto used repeatedly, using "motto" X3 also does no harm.

[résolu] Suggestion: Drop down menu for Metal in coin editing page?
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Already in development.

Sysmä - Small new currency
Posté le : 23-12-2017, 19h40 dans Free discussion

Tokens- Finland - Local Tokens.

Posté le : 23-12-2017, 9h48 dans Numista catalogue

Correct. Mules have their own pages.

Do you think this is OK?
Posté le : 23-12-2017, 1h00 dans Free discussion

It was not deemed good to have it for the whole website or for the whole team.

Looking for full set of Iceland - New króna
Posté le : 22-12-2017, 12h55 dans Swaps and trades

I am looking for any year combination, just not too worn. (It is about those animals.) • Feel free to PM me or start swap, if you fancy anything of mine.

Another Newbie, First Post!
Posté le : 22-12-2017, 12h17 dans Free discussion

Wish you very best on Numista. If you are going to swap, do not hesitate to get advice on the forum and do not be hasty. • Most of all, enjoy!

Netherlands Ship money
Posté le : 22-12-2017, 1h20 dans Numismatic questions

Hello Yvon, • Surely we can add them. Notgeld is not really my thing, but if you could supply us photos somehow, we could do it. • I would suggest contacting Michael, a referee for Netherlands. https://en.numista.com/echanges/profil.php?id=23514

[résolu] Copy rights documentation?
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Hi Ole, • Yes, this is a little bit complicated. • Nice festive holidays to you as well! • Jarek

Unidentified variants
Posté le : 18-12-2017, 23h11 dans Numista catalogue

If you add one more line, people will check that one too. Type collectors do this, as they want to have double green tick in catalogue view, so they add all years in their collection...

Iran currencies in catalogue
Posté le : 18-12-2017, 15h29 dans Numista catalogue

Firstly - Ole - that is a clear bug, will report it for fixing. • Secondly. Point taken. Please let me bring it to some perspective. • I did reworked Czechoslovakia more than a year ago. This is not something that has been done now. And at least, Czechoslovakia divisions respect the changes in coinage - there was a great political change in 1948 and I haven't included it because the coinage stayed the same. Also, I followed Krause, there it is divided the same way. • On the other hand, things that happened more recently, in Iran or PLC in this matter, make political divisions fully, with no regard to currencies. I am not trying to make it look right, when this showed up I was sorry that I ever done the change in Czechoslovakia. • So that is what we need to discuss - even Krause recognized that political change was worth noting, and we need to establish, when and where we should make these divisions or not. (And whether to follow suit from Krause, I often di[...]

Why is Numista so slo-o-ow today?
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Noticed some bad connections yesterday already.

Burkina Faso coins
Posté le : 17-12-2017, 1h50 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "Quodlibet"​So, should we start to add the coins to his own section? ​They are here: https://en.numista.com/catalogue/burkina-faso-1.html

Is there any extinct coins?
Posté le : 16-12-2017, 19h56 dans Numismatic questions

I believe that I read it about this one: https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces87581.html • Reportedly none was ever found, only thing out there is a contemporary drawing. • There is no note in KM nor Fedorov catalogue.

Indian states in map
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Not a bug, just not done yet.

[résolu] French-English mistakes
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While seatching for Ronde yields 4 results on English side. French side is seriously lagging behind for some time now, but that is given by number of active users.

Stamp statistics?
Posté le : 14-12-2017, 13h47 dans Numista catalogue

There are much more painful issues that this, we can delete it after numisdoc will be made.

[résolu] Problem with Tunisian coins dates
Posté le : 13-12-2017, 14h33 dans Numista catalogue

It should be ok now.

Posté le : 13-12-2017, 11h12 dans Free discussion

Welcome to Numista!

Czech republik
Posté le : 12-12-2017, 18h25 dans Numista catalogue

I just modified the page to say that in comments.

Badges or achievements
Posté le : 12-12-2017, 13h34 dans Numista website

We would like it to be pro activity but not at the expense of catalogue quality - so it would not be a race for a badge.

(CCIP) Co-operative catalogue improvement project - Image cropping
Posté le : 12-12-2017, 13h25 dans Numista catalogue


Anyone else ashamed of their generation?
Posté le : 11-12-2017, 22h12 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Cerulean"​​ • ​​In my city, it is illegal for children under the age of 8 to be outside without a parent, and illegal to be home alone until age 13. • ​ • ​Seriously? • This is crazy.

Coins from Golden Horde
Posté le : 11-12-2017, 17h03 dans Numista catalogue

You just have been pointed to the guy you can help with Golden Horde catalogue. We welcome all contributions.

Updates for tutorials
Posté le : 11-12-2017, 17h02 dans Numista website

There is way too much to be done and too little time.

How old coinage do you prefer?
Posté le : 09-12-2017, 0h13 dans Free discussion

Medieval - so much history.

Unique Coins & Banknotes Auction Presented by Catawiki
Posté le : 07-12-2017, 21h15 dans Swaps and trades

Some confusion arised about this, so to clear up - Yes, the above is posted with permission from Xavier.

[résolu] Netherlands Beatrix 1982-2001 Issues
Posté le : 06-12-2017, 18h06 dans Numista catalogue

I thought it was some prophetical meaning of all Netherlands drowning due to global warming. • I also thought there was something wrong, but apparently, this is shown right in the catalogue.

People from how many countries use Numista?
Posté le : 06-12-2017, 11h42 dans Free discussion

Sure, but I do not see a point of lying in this matter...

Sometimes when we quote on Numista, the stuff we type below it doesn't show up in the reply to a thread, just the quote
Posté le : 06-12-2017, 9h26 dans Numista website


Stats November 2017
Posté le : 06-12-2017, 9h25 dans Numista website

I would like to encourage everyone who sees this and is interested in this to comment this time. This is some terrific work, thank you!

[résolu] Singapore problem
Posté le : 04-12-2017, 10h01 dans Numista catalogue

Referee FAQ 2.4.

Lettering in Korean coins
Posté le : 01-12-2017, 10h11 dans Numista catalogue

New guidelines elimitate need for typing x times same words... they are nearly done.

Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Name Change
Posté le : 24-11-2017, 12h23 dans Numista catalogue

In the future, country list page will get enhanced searc feature, meaning search for Artsakh would give you Nagorno-Karabach as well. • This will solve all dual naming issues (Burma) and would allow for some other tricks - search for USA would give United States and so on.

Coins minted in name of the city you live
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I do not own any from my home city yet, but I plan to get some! It is the city of Brno: https://en.numista.com/catalogue/brno_city-1.html • Just medieval hellers, nothing as shiny as gold Stuttgart klippe. • Brno also acted as mint town for Duchy of Brno way before and as well as Habsburg mint after but that is not really city coinage.

[résolu] bug
Posté le : 22-11-2017, 19h14 dans Numista website

Not a numista bug obviously.

[résolu] Copy an existing coin page
Posté le : 20-11-2017, 16h17 dans Numista website

It needs time.

Tokens for Greece
Posté le : 20-11-2017, 12h58 dans Numista catalogue

In the tokens, there are several Greek tokens sections: https://en.numista.com/catalogue/tokens-93.html#devise5615 • You can add info to them by clicking modify on the bottom of the respective token pages. • Or if you want to add new ones, scroll the link I gave you to the very bottom - there ia a link for adding new coins/tokens into catalogue. :)

FAO Series Catalog - Project
Posté le : 18-11-2017, 10h33 dans Numista catalogue

To clarify, letterings field should show exactly what is on the coin so if there are dots, it should include them.

Personal milestone
Posté le : 14-11-2017, 18h08 dans Free discussion

Great! I slowed down due to school duties and driving school.

Tokens Exonumia
Posté le : 12-11-2017, 16h52 dans Numista website

Citation: "derf"​ • Citation: "Jarcek"​Some countries indeed have bullion coinage category, for easier search.​​Why is it only be some. It should be all ...​Mainly it is those that have many such coins.

[résolu] Extra long copyright messes up page format
Posté le : 12-11-2017, 15h03 dans Numista website

O.o Ok then.

[résolu] Something strange in advanced search
Posté le : 07-11-2017, 20h41 dans Numista website

I could not reproduce this bug :(

New search function
Posté le : 02-11-2017, 15h07 dans Free discussion

You sure? It works fine everytime for me.

Silesia & Prussia
Posté le : 01-11-2017, 20h50 dans Numista website

Well, they should be. Nobody added them yet! That is the answer then.

Divide nation reign/republic
Posté le : 30-10-2017, 14h33 dans Numista catalogue

1. I see nothing wrong on deviation from Krause if we can prove it is better or more correct. • 2. Yes, Numista was build for currency system and will be this way. • 3. Krause system is very simplified and it thus allows international use. We try to do the same. But we also aim for being professional and complete catalogue. This is quite contradicting to Krause. • 4. Because that system based on reigns (or however national catalogues divide the coinage) is more proffessional and sometimes it would make more sense. Thus I will be proposing new sorting method in addition to Face value/Date/Reference. It will be the already mentioned reign or rule. So member will open catalogue, see normal currency menu (which is mostly based on Krause) but by one click he would be able to sort out all coins by rules. • In other words, I want both usability and profesionality.

Difference between Countries and Issuers
Posté le : 30-10-2017, 1h03 dans Numista catalogue

It is done this way, because sometimes issuer was just a single city or even a house of some lords. You cannot call that a country, it is simply issuer. That would put a lot of deciding on admins, which would not be politically correct all the time. So as was said already, Countries are big sections, and issuers are everything else. You own anything from Germany, you have Germany country. You have Saxon and Hessen coin, you have two issuers and one Country.

Byzantine Translation
Posté le : 22-10-2017, 12h07 dans Numista catalogue

You can request modification on your own. I guess it will have no problem with validation since you have book source.

Brandenburg-Prussia 3 groscher question
Posté le : 22-10-2017, 11h28 dans Numista catalogue

True, contact apuking - the referee of all German states.

UK Overseas Territories are they better "countries" then others dependent territories ?
Posté le : 17-10-2017, 23h14 dans Numista catalogue

Krause gives numbers to Creek native tribe... No thanks, we are quite fully capable of doing this ourselves.

[résolu] Search for currently used currency
Posté le : 15-10-2017, 10h50 dans Numista website

Citation: "SpuDy"​I entered "2017" and it gives Me coins from 1982 that are demonetized​Then these are mistakes waiting to be fixed.

How to sort gold Ducats in the thaler world ?
Posté le : 12-10-2017, 20h37 dans Numista catalogue

Also, if value is known, they do not have to be separated.

[résolu] Different totals in 'my coins' and in 'my profile'
Posté le : 08-10-2017, 11h00 dans Numista website

And if the coin was removed and comment stayed behind, it makes the difference.

Call to volunteer to build coin search by image
Posté le : 05-10-2017, 9h11 dans Numista website

I can second that idea - user input will eliminate need of advanced AI.

Guess what Xavier just added?!
Posté le : 03-10-2017, 22h53 dans Free discussion

Yeah, that is me, serious leaker of news.

Let me be the first!
Posté le : 03-10-2017, 21h54 dans Banknotes

Moderators should decide this one. What is more convenient for you?

Catalog for banknotes?
Posté le : 03-10-2017, 21h18 dans Banknotes

For the time being, it does not. We have enough troubles with coins. • Forum also tests how many people show interest.

[résolu] Addition of "Bullion coin" as a "Type of coin"
Posté le : 03-10-2017, 16h06 dans Numista website

No offense, but finding anything in Australia or Canada for that matter is quite hard task. They mint so many so fast. • The separate currency is not ideal solution, also defining new type is tricky. • Unchecking non-circulating coins makes them all dissappear, true, but not really a solution either. • I am puzzled.

Unsplit Samoa/Kiribati coin
Posté le : 02-10-2017, 19h57 dans Numista catalogue

Isn't that just Error coin?

Recruitment of new Referees, Master Referees, Translators, Moderator!
Posté le : 02-10-2017, 14h38 dans Numista website

Citation: "Ecapoe"​Still forgot to remove Austrian Netherlands from the list • ​André​Thanks!

Ordering of Philippines currencies
Posté le : 02-10-2017, 10h42 dans Numista catalogue

System for currency management stopped working. We will talk with Xavier today, so it should be fixed in fillowing days.

What are we going to do without Neil?
Posté le : 01-10-2017, 14h47 dans Free discussion

I love childish people not able to grasp the sense of their previous punishment.

Personal Milestone
Posté le : 01-10-2017, 9h49 dans Free discussion

Impressive! Only thing I ever managed to complete is Iceland after-1981 circulation coinage.

[résolu] tracing
Posté le : 30-09-2017, 17h27 dans Free discussion

You meant Pejounet?

Czech coat of arms?
Posté le : 30-09-2017, 9h26 dans Free discussion

Yes it is. Two tails. ;)

[résolu] Issuers link to home country
Posté le : 27-09-2017, 14h05 dans Numista website

Yes, this is one of the unexpected issues of country list rework and it actually makes pretty good sense. I will add it to another admin meeting agenda.

Posté le : 27-09-2017, 13h46 dans Free discussion

I am sorry as well to see Neil go. Sad thing, we lost a good person and collector. • Sad thing is that I must defend the team here as well. When he added sets, he apologized for overstepping referee authority by adding something that did not belong there. At the time, I left them be personally to put pressure on Xavier to add some good format for sets. • As the time progressed, I even "accidentaly forgot" the admin decision to remove sets about half a year ago. • Even when sets appeared in UK recently, we wanted to keep them for additional pressure. Because Xavier sidelined sets format in favor of country list rework, we had to act before there would be many of them. We archived all those pages, so no data is lost and can be added back easily once sets format is created. • For the gap between referees and admin team, I think that we are good contact with most of them, and we are planning to do monthly bulletin meant for all referees. Some of them [...]

Help Adding Theodosius 1 Coin (Ancient Rome)
Posté le : 26-09-2017, 0h22 dans Numista catalogue

Look up referee for Ancient Rome, they will help you. You can find they under Rome catalogue or on the team page - link is at the bottom of the page.

[résolu] "Serbian Empire" issuer flag
Posté le : 25-09-2017, 19h33 dans Numista website

I meant sending Personal message, but whatever.

Countries and Issuers
Posté le : 23-09-2017, 17h44 dans Free discussion

Germany counts as country. • German Democratic Republic • Germany - Federal Republic • Bavaria duchy and all German states count as issuers. • Owning just one of them will give you one issuer and one country (of Germany). • Standalone countries like Andorra count as both country and issuer.

Recruitment of new Referees, Master Referees, Translators, Moderator
Posté le : 23-09-2017, 17h42 dans Numista catalogue


Recruitment of new Referees, Master Referees, Translators, Moderator.
Posté le : 23-09-2017, 17h42 dans Free discussion


Elongated Pennies
Posté le : 23-09-2017, 0h07 dans Numismatic questions

Reason is simple. We had to draw a line somewhere. We stopped adding tokens without pictures, cropping atarted and we drawed a line on some new additions. • It is easy to say what should be included and that we should recpect each collector wishes. But who is going to manage that. Some elongated pennies are arguably tourist tokens. Are we going to filter those which are and those which are not? • Tokens and exonumia will have their own lists in the future. Even there, lines will have to be drawn somehow. We can rethink those lines once we give them separate lists. If you wish to be really helpful, then look up recruitment thread, we are looking for new team members, or work on CCIP or work with referees by enhancing national catalogues. That can really help us and you as the final users of numista catalogue.

[résolu] Sets?
Posté le : 21-09-2017, 19h03 dans Numista catalogue

And I now, albeit reluctantly, made that decision reality. New Zealand sets will have to follow as well.

100 000 Euro Vienna Philharmonic
Posté le : 21-09-2017, 11h54 dans Free discussion

I personally hate this monstrosities. Some overly rich people obviously do not know what to do with their money.

Outings Calendar Updated
Posté le : 20-09-2017, 18h47 dans Numista website

Great work!!

[résolu] Why is my 1966 half penny colour different?
Posté le : 19-09-2017, 17h49 dans Numismatic questions

Washing machine? I got similar german pfennig.

[résolu] Your Wishes country levels
Posté le : 17-09-2017, 16h01 dans Numista website

Thank Xavier, we only send these problems to him and he solves them.

[résolu] Rejected
Posté le : 17-09-2017, 8h58 dans Numista website

I see everything. • Brandon Stark.

[résolu] Can we have drop down menus for the catalogue
Posté le : 16-09-2017, 22h16 dans Numista website

And if you mean country list page, then before it was impossible to navigate through German states and took too long to find particular currency there.

[résolu] Kampen duit KM#51 extra years
Posté le : 14-09-2017, 23h30 dans Numista catalogue

I would advise asking referee directly: https://en.numista.com/echanges/profil.php?id=30234 • You can see his name at the end of catalogue page for given country if there is one.

[résolu] corrections / change requests (EN/FR)
Posté le : 14-09-2017, 22h46 dans Numista website

Well, that is because problems in translation too. English x French coop is not going really smoothly. There should be translators trying to help this soon. • TAAF. Well, not within countries, but we will be dividing tokens and Exonumia too in the future.

My requests section addon
Posté le : 14-09-2017, 22h44 dans Numista website

I can only say that system was not ready for really active contributors! Thanks for all your updates!!

[résolu] Date format not working on the "Add a new outing" page
Posté le : 14-09-2017, 20h51 dans Numista website

It works for me, maybe it is browser related?

[résolu] Mexico - Revolutionary - what they are?
Posté le : 11-09-2017, 8h49 dans Free discussion

Ok, thank you!! Solved.

[résolu] Hungarian history and coinage enthusiasts.
Posté le : 10-09-2017, 17h36 dans Free discussion

Thank you! Solved.

Guess my newest coin!
Posté le : 09-09-2017, 10h10 dans Free discussion

It has a monarch, so the country is monarchy?

What's your oldest coin in collection? (non-Roman Empire)
Posté le : 08-09-2017, 18h24 dans Free discussion

Somebody likes dolphins!!! Yeeeees!!

[résolu] Greenland Tokens
Posté le : 07-09-2017, 12h31 dans Numista website

Any tokens that were used as money in the whole country stay in the country listing. This is basically notgeld. • You can always filter they out by unclicking Tokens from your search.

[résolu] Map updates
Posté le : 06-09-2017, 19h50 dans Numista website

See here: https://en.numista.com/forum/topic62471.html • It will be updated, it just takes a lot of work and time.

[résolu] Sacagawea Dollar inconsistency
Posté le : 04-09-2017, 21h38 dans Numista catalogue

American sense for symbolism will just keep amaze me. Line is missing, even though good luck with getting it out of Fort Knox.

[résolu] How can I see my list of countries and issuers separately. Still totally confused by this change
Posté le : 04-09-2017, 17h15 dans Numista website

There are two counters - one for countries and one for issuers. • Everything that is first level counts as country. From above picture, almost everything is counted as a country. These "standalone" as Afghanistan or Andorra for example, also count as one section in addition to being counted as a country. • Everything that is second/third/fourth level counts only as issuer. From the picture - Kenya and Mombasa are two different issuers on second level, under mother country (first level) Kenya. • Owning one of those two will result in adding one issuer and one country. Owning both will give you 2 issuers and one country. • Aachen, Anhalt etc. are examples of third level. Each of them is an issuer, and owning just one will result in gaining one more country - Germany in this example. German states (which will become empty category) do not count as a section. Having Baden and Augsburg coins will result in gaining 2 sections (German states on second lev[...]

Any micronations enthusiast here?
Posté le : 04-09-2017, 1h30 dans Free discussion

You do not have to. Liberland was refused already.

New Hebrides
Posté le : 01-09-2017, 19h43 dans Numista catalogue

Discussion about guideline for all these problems.

5 Francs 1865-1878 Belgium article inconsistencies
Posté le : 30-08-2017, 21h26 dans Numista catalogue

From now on, please call me "His Majesty, The contradicting". I will answer no messages without this introduction. Thanks for understanding.

curious re "royal mint" as part of a country name
Posté le : 30-08-2017, 9h18 dans Free discussion

Partially it was answered by Pejounet. More specifically - yes, there were more entities that made coinage in the kingdom, which could be used by everyone. Minting was not just kings privilege. • These other entities minted coins from two reasons - either shortage of kings coins (mostly cities) or for glory/personal use (you are quite rich when you can mint your own coins and pay with them). This is the case of bishoprics and counts coinages. For example, bishopric of Olomouc made so much coins under one bishop (I think it was Karl II, but I am not sure) that it was more common than kings own coinage. • One exception is Schlick family. Started minting coins without any right. They copied guldiner from Tyrol, creating Joachimsthaler and forcing king to change the currency entirely. It has givem standard (sort of) and name to all thalers to come after. Furthermore, it names lives/live on for centuries: Thaler/Daler/Daalder/Yefimok/Dollar/Birr/Riyal/Talero etc... • [...]

Anyone found some 2017 coins in circulation yet?
Posté le : 29-08-2017, 0h14 dans Free discussion

50 kč Czech Republic :)

World coins chat: Low Countries - Feudal
Posté le : 27-08-2017, 20h11 dans Free discussion

Only those we have coins from added were created for now.

UAR as a separate currency within Egypt? Why?
Posté le : 27-08-2017, 16h22 dans Numista catalogue

At least part of this is in development. It should be possible to have customizable (hide some countries, group them according to some options) country list page. We also thought about showing one section under several countries.

It begins - apology beforehand/ Country list reorganization
Posté le : 27-08-2017, 11h35 dans Free discussion

I just created overview for all these changes here: https://en.numista.com/forum/topic62219.html

[résolu] Update a forum thread when a country name changes?
Posté le : 27-08-2017, 1h50 dans Numista website

I will keep updating that tommorow.

[résolu] Is there a way for me to generate a list of only what is now a "Country"?
Posté le : 24-08-2017, 19h19 dans Numista website

Bohemia and Moravia is ww2 protectorate, and it was preceded and succeded by Czechoslovakia.

[résolu] Isn't this a bit ridiculous? :D
Posté le : 23-08-2017, 19h35 dans Free discussion

Shortening to just German states would do the trick, but what to do if Apuking had some and somebody else would have some too. Who would you refer to with Bavaria coin if you saw just German states at both?

2 bani 1879 romania
Posté le : 20-08-2017, 12h10 dans Numista catalogue

Sorry, my mistake.

[résolu] "Baden, Grand-duchy of" is what now?
Posté le : 19-08-2017, 18h46 dans Numista website

Exactly said. Creation of these separate entities takes times, because it includes creation of section itself, naming a referee, moving/correcting the currency and of course, moving all the coins.

Suggestion: Option to hide one of the picture fields
Posté le : 18-08-2017, 14h07 dans Numista website

Citation: "Xavier"​For brakteats, even if the reverse picture doesn't add information, I think it's still nice to have the reverse picture, at least to visually identify it is a brakteat. So I would be in favor of adding the reverse picture when you have one. Still I understand there is a need for when you don't have the reverse picture.​Most pictures sources like auctions show usually only obverse side.

It's called free discussion. How is it free???
Posté le : 18-08-2017, 9h06 dans Free discussion

It is Palmyra. And I did no such thing.

World coins chat: Reckheim
Posté le : 18-08-2017, 8h04 dans Free discussion

We need a clear distinction between German states and Low countries feudal (will be renamed from Belgium Feudal) • for these cases.

A question to the US members
Posté le : 16-08-2017, 12h32 dans Free discussion

And that is almost impossible task, to explain something to people with IQ of a donut.

[résolu] Imperial abbey of Stavelot-Malmedy (651-1795)
Posté le : 16-08-2017, 8h59 dans Numista catalogue

Yes, waiting for technicality, will let you know once you can add it. :)

[résolu] Put flag images here for Italian states sections
Posté le : 14-08-2017, 8h28 dans Numista catalogue

Thanks, only Xavier can add them, so I will point him here.

Hello, I am here. Right here. Jarek
Posté le : 13-08-2017, 17h12 dans Free discussion

Or they can send me a PM, but sending messages to other admins is not the right way to do.

Newest issuer added to your collection (2nd edit)
Posté le : 13-08-2017, 12h28 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Sulfur"​ • Citation: "January First-of-May"​294. Tokens [I think - can't find anything else it could be] • ​ • ​ ​​Yeah, it seems 'Tokens' now counts as a section. I have no tokens catalogued in my collection, and just adding a random one, my sections increases by one. • ​ ​Tokens and Exonumia temporarily count as sections.

[résolu] I am assuming that this "Section" as opposed to "Country" will trickle down to the other lists?
Posté le : 11-08-2017, 20h31 dans Numista website

We thought about it for a year. There is no good solution, and nobody would accept us politically decide what we see as a country and what we think is not a country. • We will dismember those packed states into separate countries somehow historically, without usurping authority to tell you what is a country.

Nombre de pays dans ma collection
Posté le : 11-08-2017, 20h25 dans Catalogue Numista

Hello, • ​I will give my answer in English and I asked Apuking to translate it. • Main goal is to give historical entities countrylike listing so they will stop being listed as currencies. • German states are best example, independent countries lumped into one country, all together equal to Tonkin? Not anymore. • For those who were counting countries, just look at sections count. That shows all the countries and there will be many more. Country count is for bigger groups. • Best regards, • Jarek

300 Countries club - the 2017 blog
Posté le : 11-08-2017, 20h22 dans Free discussion

Citation: "apuking"​I think its an extension from the idea of a country to a wider view of coin issuing entity. • ​back to the example of for example German states, usually it is a single country that mints their coins but some places in the past such as the German States, the country was split up by several States, cities and bishoprics that enjoyed their independence with sometimes their own ruler under the Holy Roman Empire. • ​Many of these Cities, States, Bishoprics... had the right to mint their own coins. • ​ • ​Different topic for Jarek, on the french side there seems to be some confusion. • ​do we have someone that will explain the changes that have and will be made? • ​ • ​ ​My colleague, Pejounet is not here at the moment. Any my French is non existent. Could you please translate my last two messages from here and post it here: https://fr.numista.com/forum/topic61822.html • I would be most thankful.

Varieties Menu
Posté le : 10-08-2017, 22h52 dans Numista website

Also being worked on I believe.

colnect.com - Use of pictures without owner permission
Posté le : 10-08-2017, 21h39 dans Numista website

Yes, I requested deletion of about 50 coin images from their database. Got rejected as nonsense even after presenting proofs in most cases. Main admin deleted my threads on their forum about this problem. • Same admin told Xavier that he will do nothing about it. Other individual members got banned from colnect when they came up with the same issue. I am glad you are examining something you know nothing of.

[résolu] "Type of coin" => "Name of coin"
Posté le : 09-08-2017, 23h45 dans Numista website

Haha. Yes, but now it is vice versa.

My Time as a Referee is Over
Posté le : 08-08-2017, 22h19 dans Free discussion

I feel I have to write it here also, the same thing I wrote into PM. • You were one the first responders to my own requests, when I started modifying catalogue. On the very few of those that convinced me that this site is still living. Thank you, for starting some sort of passion in me.

Cabo Verde
Posté le : 08-08-2017, 17h47 dans Numista website

Citation: "Xavier"​From the search engine perspective, "Cabo Verde" and "Cape Verde" are exactly the same.​I also meant search on Country list page.

[résolu] Livonia/Riga Missing from Map?
Posté le : 04-08-2017, 20h31 dans Numista website

There is always so much that needs to be done when creating new countries. Map is one of the least important in this regard. Map also has regions, that are given and cannot be altered. I guess these should show under current Latvia/Estonia.

[résolu] Tatarstan coins
Posté le : 04-08-2017, 9h29 dans Numista catalogue

This thread deserves a lock.

Missing period during the Habsburg empire in The Netherlands
Posté le : 02-08-2017, 15h58 dans Numista catalogue

Looks great. Takes some knowledge to read correctly, but I am sure concerned referees will gladly have a look!

[résolu] Something's wrong with the sorting of Forum's topics
Posté le : 01-08-2017, 8h49 dans Numista website

They still work as intended. Spammer used some very old threads, and these were pushed to first places as unread. His posts were deleted, but posts stayed unread for users. And you cannot see them because they moved back into forum history.

1st Anniversary as a Referee & 3rd Anniversary on Numista
Posté le : 31-07-2017, 22h49 dans Free discussion

With the amount of work you have done since you became referee, I am proud to have introduced you as one. Well done! Wish you more fruitful years!

3 New countries
Posté le : 31-07-2017, 0h09 dans Free discussion

3 New countries were added today. • Firstly: • St. Marteen - Dutch Carribean island, that eluded us somehow. • and then two very early medieval kingdoms: • Ostrogothic Kingdom • Vandal Kingdom • Enjoy hunting for rarities!

Unlisted coins - listed on Colnect, but unlisted on Numista.
Posté le : 30-07-2017, 19h34 dans Numista catalogue

Why would I bother? Individuals had their [work being reused without consent]. That is enough for me. Maybe they are not doing anything unlawful in US (I would not like to have intelectual property in US, if it can be used freely without my consent to be honest) but in other countries, these rights are protected. • [Message edited by Xavier]

Venice - engagement!
Posté le : 29-07-2017, 19h33 dans Free discussion

Citation: "i_getsov"​Well done Jarcek!!!(i just got the big YES myself too so...yes it is awesome:) • ​Congratulations,and a lot of health,happiness,and successes to your family!!!​Congratulations to you too!!!

Bulgarian coin KM#104
Posté le : 26-07-2017, 13h56 dans Numista catalogue

Piedforts should not be new lines, but rather new coin pages. Feel free to add it as a new page.

Aruba listed wrong
Posté le : 26-07-2017, 11h35 dans Numista catalogue

Aruba separated from Netherlands Antilles before its dissolution. Historically, there would be some reason to list it under heading of Netherlands Antilles, but its coinage history began only after they left. • We do not list South Sudan inside of Sudan, just because they were together for long time. South Sudan coinage history began after separation and that is why. • If you have better idea how to organize logically all these Dutch Carribean territorries, I am all ears, it is not so hard to reorganize them. Their history is just complex.

Silver in 'Your coins' against silver in 'Advanced search'
Posté le : 24-07-2017, 20h30 dans Numista website

It would be nice if you could identify one which is missing in Your coins and is present in Advanced search.

Why are you referee if you have no motivation?
Posté le : 23-07-2017, 18h18 dans Numista website

​This should belong to some other topic. Nevertheless, he was moving to his new house, that would be the reason for not responding.

World coins chat: Serbia
Posté le : 23-07-2017, 13h18 dans Free discussion

Nice one, really. Question of strenght equaling is ages-long one. It is however very hard to maintain such unity.

New Zealand KM#134
Posté le : 23-07-2017, 13h09 dans Numista catalogue

Threads like this always show one single outcome. Inevitable Numista superiority over Krause, which will happen at some future point.

1 Dollar 2005 Australia "Year of the Rooster" - partially gilt
Posté le : 17-07-2017, 8h46 dans Numista catalogue

Those are two more reasons to create new coin page though...

[résolu] Help with Russian Wire(?) coins
Posté le : 15-07-2017, 14h21 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Look through Russia Empire and Ivan IV., or later. I would guess some hits there. • Compare letterings and try to read them.

[résolu] Just Wondering: will Reval Become a Country?
Posté le : 15-07-2017, 10h12 dans Numista catalogue

Well, other Livonian countries have become separate, and Reval got stuck in Estonia as it occupied really just Estonian territorry. • There are more coins to be listed under Reval, and I guess we could have it separated from Estonia, as it lacks immediate continuity. We will need to discuss this on admin level, because if we do this here, same would apply for Bosnia, Serbia and Bulgatia medieval kingdoms, which are now listed in their modern counterparts. • Continuity will be major problem here. We have continuous Hungary in onenl piece and continuous France separated in several countries. • Speaking for myself, I would go for separation.

New numisdoc calendar.
Posté le : 14-07-2017, 13h10 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Subha Barua"​ • Citation: "Jarcek"​Apuking and I finally published new Numisdoc. We now have new Numisdoc calendar converter for Burma (Myanmar) thanks to Spookie! ​​At last they had done.​?

[résolu] Where to place these two British Guiana/Essequibo and Demerary coins?
Posté le : 14-07-2017, 10h34 dans Numista catalogue

And as Demerara & Essequibo starts from KM#4, I guess three different coins are missing from there.

Irian Barat and Riau listings seem wrong
Posté le : 13-07-2017, 11h45 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "Essor Prof"​ • Citation: "Oklahoman"So...they were territories with currency unique to the territory and different from Indonesia and its currency. Soooo...if Numista is a money website and not a geographical website, then the independent and unique rupiah of both territories should be honoured with equal status to Indonesia's rupiah. It was only secondarily that the currency of Riau and West Irian were cancelled and changed to the much weaker Indonesian rupiah. I believe they deserve status that isn't secondary to Indonesia. • ​ • ​ ​​I strongly believe the same thing, like I already told before. It's not because they are part of contemporary Indonesia they have to be listed under Indonesia. At a certain moment in time they had their own currency, except for the name totally different from the Indonesian rupiah, so I certainly don't understand why calling this a "third level country". They both deserve their own listing.[...]

[résolu] Will West Irian have its catalog?
Posté le : 13-07-2017, 10h46 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "January First-of-May"​ • Citation: "Subha Barua"​I don'tlike this suggestion! They were never independent countries! It should be catalogued into Indonesia.​​Sure, and German New Guinea was never an independent country either. Should it be catalogued into Germany? • ​ • ​Less snarkily, I don't see why West Irian and Riau have any less claims of being separate coin-issuing countries than Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, or Gibraltar. (Or, you know, all the other assorted British islands with their own coins. Or for a non-British example, Aruba.) • ​I'm pretty sure that Gibraltar, or Aruba for that matter, also was never an independent country. • ​ • ​(OTOH, we do count North Peru and South Peru together, when they probably were independent...)​Good point. Definition of country is always tough.

[résolu] New types in searches not quite presenting correctly
Posté le : 12-07-2017, 21h37 dans Numista website

Unknown types are now solved, so searches should be working fine again.

Banknotes with peacocks...
Posté le : 12-07-2017, 0h55 dans Banknotes


Justice for Abigail - Your Help is Urgently Needed
Posté le : 11-07-2017, 19h36 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Euromunt"​ • Citation: "Jarcek"​And you dared to ask for respect? How low you are. ​ • ​​It's called Freedom of Speech, not everyone has to think like you dear Jarcek. ​Let me ask some moderators what they think of freedom of speech. :)

[résolu] France - Kingdom coins, removal into.
Posté le : 11-07-2017, 17h32 dans Numista catalogue

Because you would have all pre 1792 French coins in Kingdom, then few in France and then again in Kingdom. And then in France again.

[résolu] reference collector
Posté le : 10-07-2017, 11h02 dans Numista website

I guess you mean referees. • There is a Numista team page: https://en.numista.com/team.php • Link for it is on every Numista page on the bottom.

[résolu] a bug in modification requests.
Posté le : 09-07-2017, 23h08 dans Numista website

Reported already. Being solved - Xavier is on vacation. It is harmless regardless of whether referee accepts it or refuses it.

Wonder Women
Posté le : 09-07-2017, 21h59 dans Free discussion

Surely that is not an actual portrait, and I do not own the coin - I belive only few exists, but it probably belongs here. This is late 10th century Bohemian Denar of Duchess Emma, second wife of Boleslaus II. You can actually even read Emma Regina on the coin. • https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces91633.html

Austrian coinage rejected
Posté le : 08-07-2017, 19h16 dans Numista catalogue

You added new year to 100 Euro coin, while your link goes to 4 Euro coin.

[résolu] Search is not working anymore
Posté le : 08-07-2017, 2h17 dans Numista website

Citation: "Nicolas74"​Sorry about that, ... it was a misocnfiguration on my side • ​I had unselect all type in the search !! ;(​Every week somebody reports this. You are not first and you wont be last. Everyone one of us run into same situation. :D

[résolu] New sources for pictures
Posté le : 06-07-2017, 22h06 dans Numista website

Citation: "superagentman"​I will post his response back as soon as I receive it then. ​I forgot about this thread, I will look through previous permissions tommorow. • We need clear statement, so we can store it if any problems arise in future.

Trouble listing new coin... Type?
Posté le : 06-07-2017, 19h43 dans Numista catalogue

Sorry, I was not precise. Name of the coin. • You can see how other Korean coins are named. Usually, it is denomination followed by ruler: 5 Dollars - Elizabeth II

[résolu] circulating coins-missing info in the catalogue
Posté le : 06-07-2017, 18h27 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "Jesse11"​Jarcek, should we be entering requests for coins that don't have a Type field set (and therefore don't appear in searches for "common coin" and "circulating commemorative coin"? Or are referees already taking care of this systematically?​It is being done systematically. I guess half of the catalogue is done already.

Isle of Man template
Posté le : 05-07-2017, 9h11 dans Numista catalogue

Referees for ancient Rome are preparing document for Numisdoc, on how they manage it, how they write names etc. etc. I believe the same can be done for other countries, for Isle of Man especially. Mintmarks there are very complex, and confusing for begginers, so it should be explained thoroughly, and that should be done in comments. • Catalogue should provide info and respect country's coinage. • See those two: • https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces93807.html • https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces92297.html • One lists all lettering variants and other lists mintmark information in comments.

Numista Versions ?
Posté le : 04-07-2017, 16h26 dans Free discussion

So no, there is no other version availlable to download.

Rant for other referees
Posté le : 03-07-2017, 9h43 dans Free discussion

These countries are full of wonders. Big piles of stinky wonders.

5 groschen
Posté le : 01-07-2017, 21h24 dans Numista catalogue

It has same weight and other dimensions. And of course, new Zinc look.

[résolu] Error relating to modification requests ("Commemorative issue (en): Unknown")?
Posté le : 01-07-2017, 16h55 dans Numista website

Seem like new system for coin types has some side-effects. I will take this to Xavier. Thanks.

Posté le : 01-07-2017, 16h54 dans Free discussion

Citation: "MonaSeaclaid"​ • Citation: "Jarcek"​ • ​ • Citation: "xblamecanadax"​HAPPY ¢ANADA DAY!!! • ​​​BE¢AU$E ¢ANADA KI¢K$ A$$ • ​​​​​​​If Canada is so great, why dishonor the flag? • ​​ ​​Because in Canada you're free to do as you wish with the flag as a protected form of expression. • ​ • ​Happy 150th Canada!​Wow really? You would be jailed for this here.

Coins of Lesbos - where to put them?
Posté le : 01-07-2017, 15h13 dans Numismatic questions

Thank you!! So my original thought was mostly ok.

[résolu] Search Tokens
Posté le : 30-06-2017, 22h36 dans Numista website

Citation: "Shadoko"​And how do we do with patterns which have all the same characteristics as the circulating coin? • ​ • ​Does this mean creating 2 forms repeating the same information twice? • ​ • ​Honestly, this is a waste of time entering the information twice, maintaining coherency between the 2 forms. And in terms of database scheme, this is not in line with one of the canonical forms (don't remember which one, sorry).​Usually, patterns are somehow different from normal coins - different metals or added word or something. And they mostly have different catalogue number. This combined creates need for new coin page.

[résolu] Delete this
Posté le : 30-06-2017, 16h24 dans Numista catalogue


Coins not received
Posté le : 29-06-2017, 10h03 dans Free discussion

Citation: "apuking"​Hello, try to contact Bam777 he is the moderator to take care of such issues https://en.numista.com/echanges/profil.php?id=11545​Bam777 resigned from that position.

How to edit a modification request
Posté le : 28-06-2017, 22h33 dans Numista website

Citation: "Jasanche"​Thank you for your replies. • ​ • ​I was wondering if I was missing something or doing something wrong. • ​ • ​In the future, it would be nice to have the ability to edit the modification request instead of having to completely delete it and redo all over. I say this, though, with the advantage of not having any clue as to how difficult it would be to implement such a change... • ​ • ​John​You can edit new coin requests. Normal modifications cannot be edited. You can howerver submit several request about single coin at once, nothing holds you back.

435 Countries
Posté le : 28-06-2017, 9h02 dans Free discussion

There is already 444 countries.

[résolu] Search function
Posté le : 27-06-2017, 19h58 dans Numista website

Of course, keep the saving. It would be crazy without it.

[résolu] Deleted medals I recently added?
Posté le : 27-06-2017, 11h21 dans Numista catalogue

Citation: "Cyrillius"​Well, if you want, let's move them to just medals? • ​Although for me the inscription "1 OZ FINE GOLD 999.9" says that it is an ingot / bullion. Commemorative. ​That is exactly the problem.

New referees!!
Posté le : 25-06-2017, 18h18 dans Free discussion

As I already announced, chomp-master is leaving all his referee positions. Thanks for all the great work and best wishes for any future endeavours of yours.!! • We have several old referees on new positions though. • Sakrificed replaced gef as a referee for Thailand. • pejounet became a referee for: • Aksum • China Empire • Mauretania (ancient) • Mesopotamia (ancient) • Nabataean Kingdom • Numidia • Phoenician cities • Radrick007 became a referee for Celtic Britain • CassTaylor became a referee for: • Central Africa (BEAC) • Equatorial Guinea • Equatorial African states • Guinea • Western Africa (BCEAO) • Seborga • Sealand • Hutt River • and Amersalmeh became a referee for: • Morroco • Algeria • Zanzibar • Comoro Islands • Pakistan • Western Sahara • Mauritania • Maldives • In [...]

Moldavia / Wallachia currencies
Posté le : 25-06-2017, 16h11 dans Numismatic questions

Thanks. It surely is complicated.

Italian states reaches 1500 coins!
Posté le : 25-06-2017, 11h38 dans Free discussion

Great work everyone!

Chomp-master resignation / New referees wanted for several countries
Posté le : 23-06-2017, 22h53 dans Free discussion

It is my sad duty to announce that Chomp-master is resigning from his positions due to lack of time. • We are thus searching for new referee positions. All of them require knowledge about the coinage, dedication, time and passion. • We are looking for referee for: • Aksum • Celtic Britain • China Empire • Hispania (ancient) • Lorraine • Mauretania (ancient) • Mesopotamia (ancient) • Nabataean Kingdom • Numidia • Phoenician cities • Other countries are also availlable. If you would like to become a referee, do not hesitate to ask me which countries are still availlable. Most of all, we would appreciate some exotic language skills.

Error South Korea Catalog, 10 Won KM# 33.2a
Posté le : 23-06-2017, 22h42 dans Numista catalogue

It is open/incomplete now. Don't ask.

New admin news
Posté le : 23-06-2017, 18h38 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Subha Barua"​ • Citation: "Jarcek"​Hello all, • ​​ • ​​Tommorow, I will be adding new countries decided on admin meeting. • ​​ • ​​Rus principalities will become separate countries - so far, it will be three new countries, but more will be added. • ​​ • ​​Moldavia and Wallachia will become separate countries as well. • ​​ • ​​All crusader states will become countries as well, with new additions. • ​​ • ​​I will also start several new recruitments :)​​You can't ever divide countries, as you're no king or president, as long as history claims and can't be changed!!!!!!!​Shall I remind you, that you wanted to become a referee just few hours ago?

Qatar countermark?
Posté le : 23-06-2017, 13h22 dans Numismatic questions

That is a goat. I am sure! • I guess this is one of many countermarks from early moder arab peninsula coins?

[résolu] Mint letter numeric value
Posté le : 22-06-2017, 0h29 dans Numista website

Write it as 10 and you can put error in the comment field. That is done with wrong dates.

Posté le : 21-06-2017, 22h19 dans Numista website

Citation: "apuking"​Unfortunatelly Krause is not always correct if something should be KM# or X# I have seen mistakes by them both ways.​Sure. If Krause is proven wrong, then we should provide correct info.

A new milestone: 100,000
Posté le : 21-06-2017, 20h16 dans News

Citation: "BatmanBlade"​ • ​ • ​My little Roman coin https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces115062.html was added on 18th June by Numista member Pejounet on my behalf and must have been around 99,990 and some I guess in the catalogue - but does anyone know is there an estimate of how many coins there have been in existence? • ​ • ​ ​Probably few millions. Definition of coin differs as well what is a variety and what is new coin.

Something I don't understand
Posté le : 20-06-2017, 23h12 dans Free discussion

No, it does not. Sometimes denomination can be on same side where is identification of the country.

[résolu] Please remove duplicate
Posté le : 19-06-2017, 23h15 dans Numista catalogue

Done. Please use this thread in the future: https://en.numista.com/forum/topic50987.html It guarranties more swift response.

100,000 world coins - The ultimate reference !
Posté le : 19-06-2017, 20h06 dans Free discussion

I love when people do not know me. Numista offers more info, surely on earlier coinage, rather than modern commemoratives. • Just for info though.. when individual property of art (photograph) copyright became questionable?

[résolu] Coin will not open
Posté le : 18-06-2017, 21h43 dans Numista website

It was deleted already. It will take some time before it dissapears from searches (latest coins is nothing else than search)

[résolu] Ner reference
Posté le : 17-06-2017, 11h25 dans Numismatic questions

Thanks! Time to work for a living!

[résolu] Request for changing metal text box as list box in search option
Posté le : 17-06-2017, 9h37 dans Numista website

Thanks, I keep forgetting simple things...

Can proof coins be cleaned?
Posté le : 16-06-2017, 17h15 dans Numismatic questions

It was meant to be a joke, and I believe it was not met with wrong feelings. To stay on the issue, I have some fingerprinted Proofs too, which were bought before I knew what Proof means.

Request for feedback/suggestions on MPCC
Posté le : 16-06-2017, 9h22 dans Free discussion

Yes, with no prize, just prestige. To see if new one can unseat the current champion.

Look at THIS collection!
Posté le : 15-06-2017, 10h52 dans Free discussion

And he has door to team open if he ever wishes to join. • Such experts do not exactly grow on trees.

If you had an unlimited budget
Posté le : 13-06-2017, 16h49 dans Free discussion

I would seriously collected medieval coinage.

Language Joke- My daughter told me this (she transcribes French and Hebrew for the USN)
Posté le : 11-06-2017, 22h04 dans Free discussion

Secondary school?! Wow. • Here, kids are taught English at last year (and only one obligatory) of kidergarten. That is at the age of five. I was last generation that started in third year of school - at age of 9... • Gymnasium or non-technically oriented secondary school means start of learning of second foreign language. At the gymnasium, you can also be taught basics of latin. • I had to learn basic German and read Polish on university, so that would be my 4th and 5th foreign language. • But besides English, Russian is only one of them I can handle.

[résolu] 100.000 coins
Posté le : 11-06-2017, 21h51 dans Free discussion

Citation: "AmerSalmeh"​ • Citation: "druzhynets"​I hope that this day will come before the 30th of June - my 3rd anniversary on Numista ​​Interesting. my 3rd is on the 29th of July.​And my 3rd is on 22nd of December

Latest coins list
Posté le : 11-06-2017, 12h53 dans Numista website

Use: country:Russia /new30/

Edit: "Thailand 20 Baht - Rama IX (Prince Héritier)" Y# 398
Posté le : 11-06-2017, 10h36 dans Numista catalogue

Ok, sorry for being unresponsive. Current referee is clearly not active, and we should look for new one.

Calm appeal/New countries
Posté le : 09-06-2017, 16h53 dans Free discussion

Just upped this. All changes are done now and surprisingly, it works.

[résolu] American Space Program Commemoratives
Posté le : 09-06-2017, 9h24 dans Numista catalogue

Tokens are managed cooperatively by catalague master referees.

[résolu] Does "Exists in coin aligment", mean possibly or always?
Posté le : 06-06-2017, 22h21 dans Numista catalogue

I modified it to say "also" in the coin alignment. It should be ok now.

Missing reference
Posté le : 06-06-2017, 21h05 dans Numista catalogue

[résolu] An Arabic dating question
Posté le : 03-06-2017, 12h56 dans Numista catalogue

Referee can modify the date, if it is wrong - not this case. Some commemorative coins have AH date and system does give it wrong Gregorian date. Then referee have to step in and change it manually.

MPCC Grand final up now for voting...5 day poll
Posté le : 02-06-2017, 23h32 dans Free discussion

Citation: "neilithic"​It's not that I hate the design or anything...but my least favourite coins is this one...purely because it's so common that I always seem to find tons of them when I get bulk lots and it annoys the hell out of me. • ​ • ​​And where the hell are the good ones?! It is always so worn and discoloured.

[résolu] Mainz - Mayence
Posté le : 02-06-2017, 17h44 dans Numista catalogue

Apuking is periodically giving me translations for German states. But chomp-master is not so active for few months already, so French side is lagging behind. • Though if anybody messages me with wrong country and currency translations, I can change French sides too.

Posté le : 02-06-2017, 17h37 dans Numista catalogue

Alphabetical option would be also possible.

Wrong calendar in Indian states coins
Posté le : 01-06-2017, 23h49 dans Numista catalogue

So the thing is that it is not wrong in general, just wrongly named?

[résolu] List of countries that don't have a referee
Posté le : 31-05-2017, 15h49 dans Numista website

I do have conversation with applicants. • I will also ask what is wrong with the country they (want to) manage and what they will do about that. • Guess I will make second referee bulletin.

[résolu] Romania moderator
Posté le : 30-05-2017, 10h59 dans Free discussion

Yes, I took care of it. If this persist, Romania will need a new referee.

The alphabet game
Posté le : 30-05-2017, 9h56 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Quant.Geek"​ • Citation: "Jarcek"​Quant.Geek? Where are you taking those maps from? They are awesome!! • ​​ • ​​Please, let it be free source, so we can add them to Numisdoc!!! ​​Aside from wikimedia/wikipedia, the two other sites that have oodles of maps that I use extensively are (especially the first one): • ​ • ​http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps (contains a lot of maps from historical atlas' that are freely usable, including Shepard's awesome atlas at http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/historical/history_shepherd_1923.html ) • ​ • ​http://www.forumancientcoins.com/Ancient-Maps/index.php (contains Ancient Maps from FORVM Ancient Coins) • ​ • ​Regards, • ​ • ​QG • ​ ​Thanks!! And for others, sorry for spamming

[résolu] Tristan da Cunha. Mixed up value order?
Posté le : 29-05-2017, 11h32 dans Numista website

It should take no more than two weeks, I presume even less.

[résolu] French Indochina 5 Cents
Posté le : 28-05-2017, 20h51 dans Numista catalogue

Link please?

A must read for everyone
Posté le : 26-05-2017, 0h51 dans Free discussion

That is not some new creation, it was always been that way.

All winners have now been found for MPCC
Posté le : 22-05-2017, 19h01 dans Free discussion

Nobody likes dolphins it seems. You barbarians!

Posté le : 21-05-2017, 10h13 dans Free discussion

There was a problem with security certificate. Xavier fixed that.

Kievan Rus/Rus principalities organization
Posté le : 20-05-2017, 20h44 dans Free discussion

That categories is something I missed. Nicely summarized, thanks. • There is also a question where to place it in the country list. But I believe it can be separate now, and once Xavier updates country list to include possibility of showing one country on several places, it can be moved under Russia, Ukraine, Belarus if needed. With separation of Principalities, individual ones can be also shown under different countries. • If Kievan Rus will be near impossible country, well, in the end, that is not my problem really. I try to create catalogue, not easy country statistics for users.

Your country needs you! Writers, ethusiasts, report here! (CCIP-Country Introductions)
Posté le : 20-05-2017, 19h56 dans Free discussion

Ok, I had enough for one day. Or months? I do not know. What I know that I forgot this. But you should start seeing your creations - usually those shorter - now on the country pages. • I did not have time to shorten some long ones, so I will give it a rest now.

[résolu] Slow website
Posté le : 20-05-2017, 10h06 dans Numista website

Reply was quick, he noticed that too, looking into issue.

Posté le : 19-05-2017, 19h45 dans Free discussion

On the Numista homepage, lower right corner shows latest Numisdoc published. I would not like to push Xavier for indicators, while we are trying to get better modification tools.

All EURO-coins minted before 31-12-1998 contains NO EURO-currency but only ECU-currency.
Posté le : 19-05-2017, 14h56 dans Numista catalogue

Well, technically you are right. Euro can stay in the name, if the coin is denominated as Euro, but ECU is the actual value. • Furthermore, there is a question where ECU should be located. As they could not be used as a currency - they should stay among exonumia.

[résolu] Searching for circulating coins in my collection
Posté le : 19-05-2017, 14h50 dans Numista website

You are right, it should be easy. I will ask Xavier about it. • Regarding CCIP, I have a lot of work-to-do listed, and there is only minimal interest in getting it done...

Why isn't there an Ionia province for Rome?
Posté le : 16-05-2017, 20h00 dans Numista catalogue

• Here. :)

[résolu] 1 Dollar Silver Eagle - 2011
Posté le : 16-05-2017, 13h46 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you both!

[résolu] Czechoslovakia lot - proceeds go to Pnightingale's fund fo Abby
Posté le : 16-05-2017, 8h59 dans Swaps and trades


[résolu] Zinc as metal for the "Your coins" statistics
Posté le : 15-05-2017, 23h59 dans Numista website

Maybe? Should not be so hard. I will ask Xavier, maybe something can be done easily about this.

Morocco Set, BU or Proof?
Posté le : 15-05-2017, 14h49 dans Numismatic questions

That Ebay listing is schizophrenic - Title claims Proof, descriptions says BU...

5 most unexpected finds in bulk lots
Posté le : 15-05-2017, 12h10 dans Free discussion

I got chocolate coin once.

Meanwhile in my statistics...
Posté le : 14-05-2017, 14h58 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Cricket"​That dwarfs my upcoming Milestone but I am still gonna throw a small party when I reach 200 unique coins! So close! I can't imagine having thousands! If I ever hold on to 1000 that will be a miracle!​There is a difference between coins I have, and coins I added to the catalogue. I would be a millionaire, if I owned all of them.

2017 coins world birth year help?
Posté le : 14-05-2017, 13h17 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Mark240590"​ • Citation: "Jarcek"​Czech mint also does this: https://ceskamincovna.cz/en/set-of-circulation-coins-2017-baby-and-christening-stand-1516-9730-d/​​that's actually very nice I may just get one of those ! I bought a royal mint baby set too for him :) ​If you decide, I can help you if needed.

Duplicate Listings
Posté le : 14-05-2017, 12h55 dans Numista catalogue

80 Done. I must have been asleep when I created those.

Finland euro cents
Posté le : 12-05-2017, 15h31 dans Numista catalogue

KM is not a bible or any other holy book. If referee knows that Krause is wrong, or could be better, there is no point sticking to Krause. • Arguments like: "Everyone has Krause, let's be the same!" "Everyone collects by KM, and this is obstructing!" are senseless. Catalogue should be as perfect as it can, without making it simple because somebody else failed to spot a mistake or difference before. • That was just a general talk. If difference is only mintmark, it usually stays on one page.

Tough? Challenge? Austrian Vienna Pfennig?
Posté le : 12-05-2017, 11h02 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you!!! I just went through it, but not success.

[résolu] Incorrect image displayed
Posté le : 11-05-2017, 15h41 dans Numista website

Hello, • I have two sad news for you. • Sometimes, pictures go wrong. It happened few times, old ones are stored in modification history, so we can retrieve them. • However, I cannot do this now, because another error happened. From time to time, requests go missing, and cannot be retrieved. I cannot see your request, so now there are two possibilities: • 1st - you still have it in your change requests, with status *Requested modifications* in case referee send it back to you to rework something. • It if is NOT there, then it is forever lost and must be deleted and created again. • I am sorry it worked out badly for you here. • Best regards, • Jarek

Are orders, decorations and military medals allowed to be added to the Numista catalog?
Posté le : 10-05-2017, 22h03 dans Numista catalogue

Main reason is that we barely manage to manage coin catalogue.

Is the country list really consistent?
Posté le : 10-05-2017, 10h32 dans Numista catalogue

Points taken.

Venetian Copper Verdigris Removal
Posté le : 10-05-2017, 9h50 dans Free discussion

Oh, so my zinc arrived to you? I am glad it did, they are pretty damaged, so it should be fun. Keep in mind that you do not have to return those, they are discarded as junk.

Any year swappers? Low cost swaps?
Posté le : 08-05-2017, 23h46 dans Swaps and trades

Got some full sets to sell/swap: • Czech 2Kč - all circulating years 1993-2016 • Czech 1Kč - all circulating years 1993-2015 • 2X Czech 1 Kč circulating years 2006 - 2015 • Some medieval swaps are also possible!

Last team member wanted!
Posté le : 08-05-2017, 23h37 dans Free discussion

Up. Don't forget the PM, if you are interested.

Last team member wanted
Posté le : 08-05-2017, 23h37 dans Salon

Up. Don't forget the PM, if you are interested.

[résolu] CSS Error
Posté le : 08-05-2017, 18h21 dans Numista website

That is pretty long commemorative.

[résolu] Map problems
Posté le : 08-05-2017, 10h57 dans Numista website

Thank Xavier, he fixed it.

Blank posts when using "quote"
Posté le : 08-05-2017, 10h43 dans Numista website

Citation: "pnightingale"​You may have noticed several blank posts recently. I've just encountered the same problem when trying to make a reply to another member via the "quote" button. The quoted text doesn't appear in the field and once you hit submit... nothing.​Worked for me?

Pakistan: 2 rupee 2015, two year lines
Posté le : 08-05-2017, 3h29 dans Numista catalogue

Sadly, addition of year lines is not saved into modification history.

So how much are these metals worth?
Posté le : 05-05-2017, 13h29 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Cerulean"​Right now, I think the most valuable material are moon rocks.​Antimatter would probably beg to differ.

Any other runners here?
Posté le : 04-05-2017, 18h06 dans Free discussion

I used to run, but school took my free time, so I quit the proffesional thing.

Some absence from Numista
Posté le : 04-05-2017, 15h46 dans Free discussion

Congratulations!! Don't you dare to be online! Family first.

how many different coins might be in the world?
Posté le : 04-05-2017, 10h54 dans Free discussion

Well, Numista lists 75 000 of those. Still long way to go.

[résolu] Exonumia/Ancients (Exonumia) - Round 2B - CLOSED
Posté le : 03-05-2017, 17h33 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


New Numisdoc admins.
Posté le : 03-05-2017, 12h56 dans Free discussion

Also not yet. That is why nothing new was published yet, as we have no roll-back option.

(CCIP) Cooperative catalogue improvement project - Image cropping TOKENS
Posté le : 03-05-2017, 10h12 dans Free discussion

I can only aplaud on what you are doing here! Great work!

Numista Referee Recruiting
Posté le : 02-05-2017, 0h04 dans Free discussion

I just noticed Kiribati, a small catalogue that needs only English and care, is without referee. I would like to encourage those who would like to try what it means to be a referee.

World coins chat: Burgundian Netherlands
Posté le : 01-05-2017, 14h01 dans Free discussion

This has been discussed several times already. We are still waiting for Xavier to implement new country system, thus allowing to show same countries in different groups. • I have little knowledge about Low countries area, but one of nice examples will be Lorraine, that could show both under France amd German states. • Same could be done for Corsica.

Round 2 of MPCC Europe and Exonumia/Ancients up now
Posté le : 01-05-2017, 11h34 dans Free discussion

My petty entries got eliminated, as I presumed!

Who is the forum moderator?
Posté le : 30-04-2017, 15h38 dans Free discussion

You are on right track of being banned from forum.

[résolu] Correct event date
Posté le : 30-04-2017, 13h07 dans Numista website

Hello, • Sadly, I cannot change it, and only Xavier can. I will try to ask him, how are Outings managed. Sorry I cannot help you more. • Best regards, • Jarek

[résolu] Error in Rarity index Function!
Posté le : 30-04-2017, 13h03 dans Numista website

Rarity index is working fine. • Zero members - 100 rarity index. • With one member, it goes to 97. And then it decreases proportionally. Whole calculation is not public. And I do not know it neither.

Posté le : 29-04-2017, 2h49 dans Free discussion

Hello, • I have totally coin unrelated message. Do you live in Peru? I have a friend going to Lima in few days, and he has nowhere to stay for a day - he then flies to Iquitos I believe and then by boat to the jungle to live among natives. He has got a cancer and doctors here just do not give him much chances. • I would be very glad for any help - if you have some contact in Lima or if you know some collectors there. Just some tips on where to stay for a night would be nice. • Could you please contact Peru referee - Oceans or some collectors living in Lima and bring their attention to this thread. I would do that myself, but Numista does not allow me to contact more than 40 people a day, and I crossed that limit today (I wrote informational messages to referees). • It would mean very much to me, • Jarek

[résolu] Invisible coin that I can't validate
Posté le : 27-04-2017, 23h50 dans Numista website

Thanks, I cannot really keep up with everything.

[résolu] Myanmar Calendar
Posté le : 27-04-2017, 0h18 dans Numista website

Apuking and I were just named Numisdoc admins. It is quite late here, but I checked your article already and it looks good. As I can see it now and also modify it, we can discuss it and make it published soon.

World coins chat: Iceland
Posté le : 25-04-2017, 18h23 dans Free discussion

Article is missing info on Iceland tokens. Since few days ago, catalogue of Iceland was completed, as few remaining tokens were added. :)

World coins chat: Greenland
Posté le : 25-04-2017, 18h20 dans Free discussion

Old thread revival. Since yesterday, I believe Greenland catalogue is complete as all missing tokens were added. :)

1871 Jersey 1/26 Shilling 'Restoration'
Posté le : 25-04-2017, 18h09 dans Free discussion

I forgot, I still have some lost cause cases for you if you want to try some zinc.

[résolu] Jordan 5 Piastres: Possibly wrong date 2005
Posté le : 24-04-2017, 8h39 dans Numista catalogue

I can give you the members.

Hello! Introduction story and fun question!
Posté le : 23-04-2017, 21h14 dans Free discussion


UK £1 & £2 Trial Coins
Posté le : 23-04-2017, 10h36 dans Numista catalogue

I was unaware of somehow difficult UK situation regarding patterns and just thought it was ommited because Krause forgotten it. • After this explanation, it seems reasonable, that there are doubts about their status. What I wanted to imply, is that we do not have to necessarily to follow Krause or any other catalogue if they are wrong.

What is and where do I put this medieval coin?
Posté le : 22-04-2017, 22h25 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Zegeri is active, but I do not see your request among his requests. Please see your modification requests, if it was not send back to you for modifications. If not, it might be lost and need to be recreated again.

Hide button for "Proof" coins
Posté le : 22-04-2017, 11h48 dans Numista website

Xavier is working on enhanced coin page. I am not sure if he plans to include this, but it would be good.

Currency tokens should be listed in the coin catalogues
Posté le : 22-04-2017, 11h02 dans Numista catalogue

Guidelines admins should be appointed soon, so this should finally solve itself.

The Gambia 2015 1,000 Dalasis.
Posté le : 21-04-2017, 13h24 dans Numista catalogue

And we do not harvest them. Colnect does that.

sending coins from USA to Bulgaria
Posté le : 21-04-2017, 2h39 dans Free discussion

It is somehow useful not to tell the postal service that you are sending coins. I am not certain about US post, but it works here in Europe.

Really need help, admin or someone (no other way to contact someone)
Posté le : 20-04-2017, 14h56 dans Free discussion

I will tell him about this tommorow on the meeting.

What characteristics does your ideal country collection have? And which country best fits your ideal
Posté le : 20-04-2017, 12h52 dans Free discussion

Symbol of stability? Of course. Album will be big, but consistent.

[résolu] Impossible to view catalogue using a mobile browser
Posté le : 20-04-2017, 9h30 dans Numista website

Click options and see if you have selected "all" in coin type selection. ;)

Tracking Number for the Numista Token
Posté le : 19-04-2017, 22h29 dans Free discussion

I believe so.

Suggestion: Creating Collections
Posté le : 19-04-2017, 21h25 dans Numista website

Will present to Xavier on Friday. I like this.

South Africa-Boer Republics
Posté le : 18-04-2017, 17h58 dans Numista catalogue

There is already request for renaming Boer Republics to South Africa - Pre Union. That would solve the issue.

The German States have just reached the 3000 different coin type mark!
Posté le : 18-04-2017, 17h08 dans Free discussion

I will sure be adding some if I find them in Czech auctions.

Colombia KM#267 25c 1980?
Posté le : 17-04-2017, 21h49 dans Numista catalogue

4th message, error.

Problem with the Euro period for different countries
Posté le : 17-04-2017, 12h34 dans Numista catalogue

This is because those coins technically (on Numista) share one currency.

Coins listed by metal
Posté le : 15-04-2017, 19h26 dans Numista website

I did that on purpose, to demonstrate how metal list statistic works. • I do not actually own any gold coins. Two, if I count two gold plated ones. Poor students do not have gold coins really.

Search function on Numista
Posté le : 15-04-2017, 10h43 dans Free discussion

There is one search line. What could be simpler?

Posté le : 14-04-2017, 18h57 dans Numista catalogue

After reading those instructions, open any country catalogue, and scroll down to the bottom, there is a link for adding new coins. You can also modify current ones by clicking modify link on the coin page - it is good to strart there, as you get some experience with catalogue modifications.

Very lucky find!!
Posté le : 13-04-2017, 13h32 dans Free discussion

Lego is always good buy. Lucky find. As always, I must say that I would not entrust such thing to our administration. And police here surely would not bother pricing it! • Heaven's land you live in.

Announcement regarding MPCC
Posté le : 12-04-2017, 17h38 dans Free discussion

Yes, great work! • I cannot wait to see my entries suffer tremendous defeat in both Europe and Ancients categories!

Mintage ? - 1 Denar (2000 Years of Christianity) Macedonia
Posté le : 12-04-2017, 8h52 dans Numista catalogue

This one https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces7980.html - with written mintage of 1000 is owned by 586 members...

What are your other hobbies besides coin collecting?
Posté le : 10-04-2017, 14h31 dans Free discussion

Thanks for the invitation, but I have problem to "collect" even all churches and chapels in my hometown. :D

Token/Jeton subgroups
Posté le : 09-04-2017, 20h37 dans Numista website

This is on hold until Xavier updates one tool for administrators.

ISIS coins
Posté le : 09-04-2017, 13h48 dans Free discussion

Having one of them does not equal support of terror. But there is possibility of doing so by obtaining one. • I will modify the disclaimers myself in near future, and I would like to end this discussion as this ventured somewhere I never wanted. There should be no discussion on political matters and surely not about Numista policy on these issues. I will ask moderator for a lock.

Cuba: 25 centavos 2006?????
Posté le : 06-04-2017, 19h30 dans Numista catalogue

It can be accepted if there is written documentation in some catalogue, or if the referee saw the documentation elsewhere amd just does not have the rights for images.

Do collectors here value their coins pedigree?
Posté le : 05-04-2017, 16h23 dans Free discussion

By having sentimental coins, you inevitably value them. I also have sentimental ones, usually those gifted by now deceased family members.

[résolu] Federated States of Micronesia?
Posté le : 03-04-2017, 14h21 dans Numista website

Reason why you could not replicate it is that there is no country listing for Micronesia, as it never issued coins. Writing only "Micronesia" should help. • Exonumia is a conglomerate of many things, among them are fantasy (private issues) coinages, which include also fantasy Micronesia set.

Austria - Habsburg: 12 Kipperkreuzer
Posté le : 30-03-2017, 19h05 dans Numista catalogue

Nice coin by the way, these are often ugly.

Design contest for the 2017 Numista token
Posté le : 27-03-2017, 23h06 dans Free discussion

See Numista homepage-

Just a suggestion
Posté le : 27-03-2017, 21h32 dans Numista website

From what I understood there will be fields to write-in value for conditions - maybe somehow like it is on NGC? Referees would be able to type in the values.

Uploading coin information
Posté le : 25-03-2017, 17h00 dans Numista catalogue

Sadly not, only one thing that could help you - upon opening some country, go to display options and click on fast input. You can also modify your view so it would match your own records elsewhere, so you can add them quickly.

What kind of TV shows are you into?
Posté le : 22-03-2017, 22h28 dans Free discussion

Oh, and I forgot... this has become my TV show too: http://syria.liveuamap.com/

Identifying counterfeits
Posté le : 22-03-2017, 22h27 dans Numista catalogue

Modification history records no change. I bet you did something wrong. Nevermind, I just fixed it now.

Coins without a KM#
Posté le : 21-03-2017, 16h08 dans Numismatic questions

I do not believe they will ever catch up. There is just too much work to do for them.