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[résolu] Buying or finding coins in Madagascar
Posté le : 26-08-2018, 18h18 dans Numismatic questions

Just to finalize this post, just mention that unfortunately I could not check the places suggested by David. • Alternatively, I found an antiques shop in the city of Antsirabe where they did have some coins. • The place is called Broc Mada and is located one street behind the Antsenakely market. • Google Maps says the street is called Rue de la Myre de Villiers, although don't expect to find street signs in Antsirabe!! • Maybe this info helps other people travelling there. • Best regards, • Jordi

Variations in French Indochine 1/2 Cent km#20
Posté le : 18-09-2017, 14h18 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Hi, thanks to all for your fast answer. • I thought about the Zinc variant, but it's not documented for year 1935 and in any case is a super rare coin, so it's like if you win the lottery. Maybe someone knows an easy way to distinguish between Bronze and Zinc without damaging the coin. • The coin is wore down, but you can still see the details on both sides, so it's difficult to think that material reduction and still keeping the details. • A possibility is that this coins was minted with a thinner planchet. • Best regards to all.

[résolu] Type of tree in Tunisian coins
Posté le : 25-07-2017, 19h17 dans Numismatic questions

Michel, many thanks for your fast answer. • Best regards, • Jordi

[résolu] South Africa 1 Rand 2011 and 2013 - Same coin?
Posté le : 28-05-2016, 16h18 dans Numista coin catalogue

Yes, having a detailed look to both years, it's true the initials are in a different position. • It's hard to see any difference in the coat of arms. • Thanks to both for your contribution !!

Argentina 100 Pesos 1981 km85a - Fake coin or not?
Posté le : 13-05-2016, 23h23 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Weeks ago I came across with the following coin from Argentina, which was supposed to be km85a 100 Pesos. • When you look at the edge is like an iron or steel core with two outer yellow metal layers. • This piece is magnetic. • Someone having the same km85a coin, could you please confirm whether this is a real thing or just a fake issue. • Thanks to all for your collaboration.