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[résolu] World Coin Gallery
Posté le : 26-06-2020, 17h06 dans Swaps and trades

I purchased some coins from him before. The coins came as advertised. He's legitimate.

Sending Coins from Italy and France to US possible due to coronaviur?
Posté le : 17-06-2020, 23h21 dans Free discussion

In the past few weeks, I have received coins from Monaco and from France. The most recent package from France took 16 days by regular mail. The package from Monaco was registered mail.

What is she doing?
Posté le : 16-06-2020, 20h46 dans Free discussion

She's doing the work of 3 men.

Online Stores
Posté le : 28-05-2020, 22h44 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Mr. Midnight"​ok, I will spill my secret source in the usa. • ​not many pictures, you can call and ask, • ​but i have never been unhappy with many sight-unseen purchases. • ​ • ​i might delete this later • ​ • ​ ​Allens is my local coin shop. I have purchased many coins and banknotes from them. At their physical location, they have great bargain bins with world coins and banknotes. They have a great online selection too.

Do you guys go to coin shows or conventions ?
Posté le : 15-05-2020, 13h27 dans Numismatic questions

The local coin club in my town hosts a monthly show with about 20-30 dealers. I try to go each month and pick up a small amount of coins and banknotes I want. There is also larger yearly show I attend that has more dealers. • I like the variety the dealers have - there is something for everyone. and it's nice to deal face-to-face with people rather than through the internet. Also, in the age of declining brick-and-mortar stores, it's one of the few ways to see and touch the coins and banknotes you want up close.

Tremendous Job
Posté le : 29-04-2020, 3h52 dans Banknotes

I want to thank all the people responsible for creating the banknote catalog. You are doing a tremendous job.

Smallest areas and countries by population that have issued coins (19th century)
Posté le : 19-04-2020, 21h30 dans Free discussion


Unusual Display is a Tribute to my father
Posté le : 09-04-2020, 13h53 dans Free discussion

Citation: "FLcoinguy"​Hello, I put together an unusual display to honor my Father. Just thought Id share and give you guys something different to look at. Some of the elements were hard to obtain and have meaning. • ​Please do not be offended by the bullets or shells, it is a Military tribute. • ​ • ​ • ​Top left to right • ​12 Gague Shell, 5oz Copper Penny Replica, Silver Money Clip, 60 Cal Shell, Military Dog Tag, 2oz Buffalo Replica, Two Pound USA Iron Round, One Pound USA Titanium Round, 12 Gauge Shell, 5oz USA Magnesium Round, 7oz Zirconium Cube, Arrow heads, 1oz Zinc Bar, Metal Driver License, 1oz Indium Bar, SSC Metal ID, 1oz Nickel Bar, MailBox Key, Arrow Heds, Damascus Knife • ​Centered 5 x TWO POUND COPPER BARS • ​Centered 5 x ONE POUND TITANIUM BARS​Very Nice!!!

Trading during COVID19 crisis
Posté le : 27-03-2020, 13h57 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "iiruig"​Update to US-Europe postal service. • ​ • ​I mailed an envelope on March 16 from the USA to UK, it got there safely on March 25. • ​ • ​So, everything works fine so far.​Works fine I wish - I have letter to Monaco that I mailed March 9 that has yet to arrive, and I have a letter incoming from Israel that left Israel on March 9 that also has yet to arrive. I am hoping both parcels arrive soon, but that is a small concern. I am more worried about stopping the spread of this disease.

Wrong swaplist
Posté le : 18-03-2020, 15h15 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "Sjoelund"​ • Citation: "JRo69"​I don't collect by variety, so I don't look for all the varieties. If I happen to get two coins of the same type, it is extremely likely - unless the variety is blatantly obvious - that I am not going to list it. Could this affect my swaps, yes. But I can't apologize for that. There are too many coins on my wish list to then subdivide that list into the varieties.​​but it's NOT your wish list we talk about here, but your doubles list.... • ​ • ​Ole​It applies to my doubles list too. If I have a double to swap, I am not going to be terribly concerned over it's variant, unless a potential trade partner points it out to me. I wonder if I am the exception or the rule

Wake up Corona!
Posté le : 15-03-2020, 14h46 dans Free discussion

Here in the USA, we're late to the party as usual, but as the numbers climb, more and more information is coming out. And as usual in the USA, most of it is helpful, but some is nonsense. We have a love of the absurd in this country. I.E. hording toilet paper. • In my state, schools are closed for three weeks, so parents and other people are stocking up (NOT HORDING) foodstuffs like soup, peanut butter and meat. Cleaning products and other essentials - like toilet paper and facial tissue - are hard to find in the stores too. • It seems common sense is winning out at the moment. Our leaders are encouraging and legislating "Self-isolation," so most sports and public events like concerts have canceled and most work places have implemented a work from home schedule. • I am sure things will return to normal once medical science catches up to this virus. Until then, I'll do my best to self-isolate, because while I am not in a high-risk group, I know many peop[...]

U.S. coins
Posté le : 13-03-2020, 13h26 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Cerulean"​As others have already pointed out, US coins only circulate in one direction. So many people treat our coins as disposable. • ​ • ​The US has no 2cent coin, and no high value coins. If the Eurozone didn't have the 2c, 50c, 1euro and 2euro coins, you'd see a lot more of the others. • ​ • ​Approximately half of the world's coins are American. • ​ • ​Two thirds of USD cash is in other countries. • ​ • ​The USA has been slower to adopt cashless technology. Politically, "going cashless" is viewed as discrimination against the poor.​Part of going cashless - where people feel it is discriminatory against the poor - is the fees charged by the banks and the credit card companies to use debit and credit cards. • I think the US should produce 10C, 25C, 50C, $1 and $2 coins. Maybe even a $5 coin. Ditch the 1C and 5C coins and $1 and $2 bills.

[résolu] Please help to identify the Coin
Posté le : 10-03-2020, 19h26 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "Idolenz"​Were these quotes really necessary?​Yes, they were.

2019S United States Silver Proof Set/2019W Reverse Proof Lincoln Cent
Posté le : 10-03-2020, 0h55 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "JRo69"​Still Available​I am lowering my asking price to $50 for the mint set and $10 for the penny. Would still like to trade these for world silver coins.

Shipping Coins from USA, Please Advice
Posté le : 03-03-2020, 14h29 dans Swaps and trades

Cerulean and TCon, • The kiosk at my post office works sporadically at best. I still use it as much as possible, but have found that it is not very user friendly. I have assisted at least two people in using the machine. • I prefer using it for the reasons TCon said. I just wish it was more user friendly.

Shipping Coins from USA, Help Needed
Posté le : 26-02-2020, 17h28 dans Free discussion

A lot will depend on how many coins you send and where you are sending them to. Many countries have less than reliable mail service, unfortunately; but all packages run the risk of being stolen, damaged or confiscated. Check with your swap partner on their wants, some won't swap without certified mail. • If the coins have a high value, certified or registered mail with a customs form is best, even with the higher cost. That is your best bet to be compensated if the coins are lost or stolen. • When filling out a customers form, hobby supplies usually works, or you can flat out lie. • The cheapest option is to put the coins securely between two pieces of cardboard (thickness depends on your want) and mail in a simple envelope. Try to hide the coins so they are not easily detectable by postal workers or others. This is also the riskiest way to send, because you have no protections, as you would with registered mail. • I think the way most members here are going[...]

What does your change look like?
Posté le : 24-02-2020, 14h36 dans Free discussion

Citation: "jokinen"​ • ​Which coin does not belong here? • ​ • ​Here is Australia you do see quite a few circulating commemoratives. It's nice to have 50 years of circulating coins, although the oldies are often quite worn and corroded. As for the newest portrait of Queen Elizabeth, I have not seen any so far.​Finnish euro coin. Nice catch

Free - che guevara 3 pesos notes and coins
Posté le : 22-02-2020, 15h46 dans Swaps and trades

HI Joe, • I would love to get one of the 3 pesos coins. Check my swap list to see if there is something you'd like. • Thanks, • John

[résolu] Banknotes
Posté le : 20-02-2020, 3h07 dans Numista website

I use Colnect for my banknotes simply because Numista does not have this feature. I also feel we should implement Notista here or as a parallel website, run and administered by the same great people, because as most, if not all of us members here feel, this is the best coin site out there. We'll create the same thing for banknotes. • I find Numista superior in every way but one - on Colnect, for an individual coin, I can not only see who has it in their swap list, but I can also see who would like to swap for this coin. To me, this will enhance the ability for members to swap. • The swap feature on Colnect is virtually non-existent. On Numista/Notista, swapping is really easy. • I close by saying since I joined this website five years ago, I have dramatically increased my coin collection and have also increased my knowledge of world coins, but also of the world itself. I am very appreciative of the people who work so hard to share their love and knowledge of the h[...]

What part of your coin collection have you seen in person?
Posté le : 17-02-2020, 23h39 dans Free discussion

I have been to the Lincoln Memorial (USA 1 Cent) and the Statue of Liberty (New York State Quarter). • Nope, not my personal pics.

For Swap or Sale
Posté le : 10-02-2020, 14h40 dans Swaps and trades

I have a 2019S United States Silver Proof Set, still in mint packaging for sale or swap. Included with this is the 2019W Reverse Proof Lincoln Cent. I will not break up the set, but will swap/sell the Lincoln Cent separately • Value is about $60 for the proof set and $15 for the Lincoln Cent. • I want to swap for world or US silver for these coins. Will sell as a second option, but prefer to swap. • Thanks, • John

Looking for new swaps
Posté le : 05-02-2020, 14h02 dans Swaps and trades

PM sent

Coin star hit or miss ?
Posté le : 27-01-2020, 20h44 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "trickyd"​Do you just take the coins from the reject tray ? They have these machines in the UK, but pretty sure they'd do you for theft if you took them here.​Yes, I do. I try not to be super obvious about it though. In my opinion, it's the same as a coin on the floor. If the previous owner is not there, it's free game.

China coins
Posté le : 20-01-2020, 2h57 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Frenchlover"​There are all "non circulating coins"​Thank you for the response. Many coins of this denomination are listed in the catalog as circulating commemoratives. • I find it hard to know which are actually in circulation and which ones are for collectors. In the USA, the state and national park 25 cent pieces are listed as circulating commemoratives, and you find them in common circulation.

Coolest coin star finds !!!!
Posté le : 17-01-2020, 14h35 dans Numismatic questions

My best haul from a coin star was the day Mexico played the US in men's soccer team at Crew Stadium.I found about 10 Mexican pesos in 1 peso and 50 centavos coins at the Kroger grocery store.

Bank of Canada to make new $5 note
Posté le : 15-01-2020, 15h34 dans Banknotes

Stan Rogers

State Quarters Box
Posté le : 08-01-2020, 20h15 dans Free discussion

Citation: "ngdawa"​Cool! That's a really nice way to store them. But you can only fit 50 in there. What about US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, and America Samoa? And then there's the D and P mintmark as well. So that's 110. I think it needs to be second level. ​You forgot District of Columbia, so that makes 112.

Happy New Year's
Posté le : 31-12-2019, 19h11 dans Free discussion

As I post this, many of you are already celebrating the new year and many more are eagerly anticipating it. • I hope the upcoming year is a great one for you all, full of many joys!

New Canadian Member
Posté le : 31-12-2019, 14h57 dans Free discussion

Welcome. This really is an amazing site with many amazing collectors and coin enthusiasts.

US most convenient city for numismatic shops?
Posté le : 15-12-2019, 15h20 dans Free discussion

Citation: "JustforFun"​ • Citation: "JRo69"​Did you check out the list here: • ​​ • ​​It should give you a good idea of where to start. • ​​Here in Columbus, I know of 3 shops, but I don't think that's worth the drive from Houston. • ​​Happy hunting.​​basically I need to take a flight anywhere I could do Canada and Mexico too on increase my options... are any of those 3 shops having a decent inventory of world coins and bank notes? Or just slab shinny dollars?​Allen's in Westerville has a great selection, most of which is on its website: • That is my go-to store. The other local stores deal more in silver and gold coins.

Weird attachment on my coin
Posté le : 14-12-2019, 19h10 dans Numismatic questions

most likely, someone was trying to attach a tie-back or cuff link to the coin. I've seen that before.

Neat, and different
Posté le : 14-12-2019, 18h44 dans Free discussion

Hi Spider, • It looks like this might be your token: • • According to the page, it's copper-nickel.

Ashtrays... yeah
Posté le : 13-12-2019, 20h02 dans Free discussion

One man's treasure is another man's trash

Challenge - Find the rare coin
Posté le : 13-12-2019, 3h23 dans Free discussion

I want to play, but I can't see the coins well enough to make out the fine details. Can we get some more detailed pics? • Is that a Croatia 1941 2 Kune coin in the top row? If so, you've made your money. If not, still a great lot for the price.

Posté le : 21-11-2019, 20h12 dans Free discussion

Thanks for the Link. I got one wrong.

How many different countries have you had trades with?
Posté le : 19-11-2019, 13h33 dans Free discussion

I forgot my swap with Agulis from Armenia, so that makes 28 with one pending. • I highly recommend a swap with Agulis. His coins were amazing.

be careful to swap Italy versus USA
Posté le : 17-11-2019, 16h16 dans Swaps and trades

I just sent 3 international parcels from the US. The postal clerk recognized me, so he didn't ask for a customs form for each letter, even though two were padded envelopes and one was a regular letter (38, 15 and 8 coins per parcel). I paid $20 total, instead of the $42 if I had customs forms. • I am anxious to see if the three parcels reach their destinations, because in about 100 swaps, I have only had one non-registered letter not reach its destination. • I was told by one of the potential recipients that his country won't accept non-registered parcels or parcels without customs forms, so it will be returned to me and I'll have to send it with tracking. • I appreciate the clerk trying to save me money, but I hope it doesn't cost me more money in the end or prevent my swap partners from receiving their coins.

Let's design a currency!
Posté le : 13-11-2019, 14h53 dans Free discussion

I think all coins and notes would be in the form of a credit card - 50 x 76 mm and very thin, so you could keep them in your wallet, purse or satchel; solid, but flexible and most likely made of plastic or a new kind of metal or material that resembles the look and feel of today's modern credit cards. These coins/banknotes are meant to be easily exchangeable - you don't reuse it as a credit card, but as a coin/banknote. If I buy something for $1, I give the card to the person/machine I am getting the product from, and they keep the coin/banknote. • The denomination would be part of the design, which I will leave up to you.

How do you usually find your coins?
Posté le : 04-11-2019, 17h37 dans Free discussion

I usually go to stores and look in their 'take a penny' bins for anything that looks a bit off. If I find something, I'll replace it with an equivalent. Look on the ground too, lots of people will drop small change and not bother to pick it up. • Also, on the ground under fast food restaurant drive through windows is a great place to find change that has fallen out of customers' hands. Just try not to pick it up when there are cars using the drive though. • Happy hunting.

[résolu] Does anyone on here collect sports or trading cards?
Posté le : 29-10-2019, 15h04 dans Free discussion

Hi Matt, • Have you made any progress on selling your cards? I am in a similar situation, trying to get rid of cards from my childhood. I am thinking Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, but have yet to put the work in towards selling them. • Let me know how it goes for you.

Posté le : 27-09-2019, 18h43 dans Numismatic questions

Does the facial hair of Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria, count as a beard or a moustache or some variation? I would love to hear the members' opinions on this.

Coins found In UK
Posté le : 26-09-2019, 16h42 dans Free discussion

Citation: "harryg"​This never happens to me. • ​ is how you make it happen: • ​1) Move to England • 2) Take up metal detecting • 3) Tread farm fields for 30 years • Good luck. •

Non numismatic gift from my daughter on her wedding day
Posté le : 18-09-2019, 17h58 dans Free discussion

That is awesome.

Looking for any of the Japanese Occupation Money for world war II.
Posté le : 13-09-2019, 13h11 dans Banknotes

Hi Darryl, • I have none to trade with you, but I know many of these notes can easily found in the bargain bin at your local coin store at a low cost. You should be able to get many of the notes in pristine condition for a buck or two. • If you need more detail about them, Wikipedia has a comprehensive explanation of these notes. • • Have fun tracking these notes down. • John

What is the date on this envelope?
Posté le : 28-08-2019, 20h31 dans Free discussion

Citation: "COINMAN1"​Received this envelope today from Romania, but cannot work out the counterstamp date. • ​ • ​It reads 2008 19 12, which seems to me to be 19th December 2008. This interpretation of mine cannot be correct, surely. • ​The town is Gherla • ​Postcode 405300 • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​Off to referee a football game now, so will pick up answers later or tomorrow • ​Thanks to anyone who can solve this • ​Geoff (coinman1) • Sorry for my previous answer. It has to be ​August 12, 2019. • Not sure why they did it in that format though.

Which would you buy from the three items on offer
Posté le : 23-08-2019, 17h23 dans Free discussion

Citation: "COINMAN1"​JRo69, • ​What they were equally difficult to get? I am trying to make this choice as difficult as possible. • ​As for me, I have no idea which I would choose. • ​My imaginary choices at this time are below, but will never happen. • ​1. Coin. A good coin that would fill a gap in my collection • ​2. Banknote. As stated above, a GB White £5 note with my full birth date • ​3. Medal. Again, a gap filled that would really enhance my collection. • ​ • ​This is never going to happen, but what a difficult situation you find yourself. • ​ • ​Would you be happy with your final choice of extremely sad at what you had to leave behind.​Sorry, didn't quite understand. • I wouldn't get the banknote, as I like them, but not a huge banknote fan. It would have to be a really special banknote for me to choose it. • I don't collect medals/tokens/fantasy pieces. • So that leaves the coi[...]

Foreign Coin Collection
Posté le : 15-08-2019, 16h31 dans Free discussion

Awesome job Matt.

[résolu] MPCC 2019 - SILVER - FINAL
Posté le : 14-08-2019, 21h03 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


What is the famous...
Posté le : 02-08-2019, 21h41 dans Free discussion

is this famous something man made, as in a building, or a natural item, like a waterfall?

Good lot?
Posté le : 26-07-2019, 20h07 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Raibas"​I noticed that shipping costs is a big factor in deciding. Shipping is free, so that isn't a factor on this lot. I wish my local coin shop had poundage buckets, but it sadly doesn't. It's very small and focuses on junk silver. The list of countries I still need for my world collection is extensive and full of common coins. Do ya'll think I might find a few of those in that lot? The part of collecting I enjoy the most is researching and identifying coins. To put it more eloquently, I enjoy going to battle with the unknown and defeating it with knowledge and research. ​the last bulk lot I received was a gift from my father. He went into a store and bought 3 pounds of coins. It was a good mix, but also had 20 Brazilian 10 centavo coins of the same KM#. • Bulk lots can contain a little bit of everything. They can be a crapshoot, so to speak

Banknotes on Numista - questionnaire
Posté le : 25-07-2019, 14h23 dans Banknotes

Citation: "JRo69"​1) Yes, I am interested. • ​2) a) Add a "banknotes catalog" tab on the Numista header, which mirrors the one for coins. • ​ b) add a "My Banknotes" tab for your personal collection. • c) Merge the banknotes into the exchanges. • d) Merge the banknotes information into other sections of this site as needed, just as you added a banknotes tab in the Forum. • 3). Yes, I will help add to the catalog in any way necessary. Maybe we can break it up into sections assigned to different people - like someone enters France notes and someone else enters Australia banknotes. A collective approach will work, as it has done for other implemented changes. •

2021 CC Morgan Dollars?
Posté le : 18-07-2019, 20h48 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Camerinvs"​They'll obviously be non-circulating, though we will be reminded that they're legal tender (which doesn't mean much when you mean "non-circulating legal tender"). In Canada we're used to such money-making schemes...​Money-making scheme perfectly describes what I think about it. I am betting the price will be about $59.99 each.

Lost an Issuer, which one?
Posté le : 16-07-2019, 16h21 dans Numista website

Citation: "Jarcek"​Well, it should not have been there in the first place. Those are just local tokens, and not even currency ones.​Aren't the Cocos (Keeling) Islands coins just tokens as well? Or did they count as currency?

Best Shipping Method Out of US?
Posté le : 09-07-2019, 13h39 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Basileia Rhomaion"​ • Citation: "JRo69"​ • ​ • Citation: "Basileia Rhomaion"​So do you think that if I just tape the coins to the inside of the envelope it will be fine? Or should I cover them in a folded paper?​​​I wrap them in foil or paper, then tape it inside a thin piece of carboard, like a food box. Then I tape that to the inside of a regular envelope. • ​​I usually go to the automated machine inside the post office, thereby avoiding the clerk. Follow the prompts. Most inter-US swaps are less than a dollar, while most of my international swaps this way are $2-$7. • ​​If you can't use the automated machine, when you go to the clerk, tell them you are mailing hobby supplies or something similar that doesn't require a customs form, as that pushes up the price. • ​​ ​​Well any non paper goods, including hobby supplies necessitate a parcel according to the clerk.​I usually lie and say photographs or bir[...]

Austrian collector
Posté le : 09-07-2019, 1h41 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Petr"​Hello and thank you. • ​ • ​Yes i got a few coins from my grandpa after he died. • ​ • ​I went to a coin shop in vienna after school and they offered me 1 Euro per coin. Is that a fair price to sell? • ​ • ​Where can i buy more valueable coins? • ​ • ​I hope you didn't sell them. 1 Euro per coin is not fair, as those are much more valuable than 1 Euro each. You can find their value on this site and on other websites. Your grandpa left you some very nice coins.

Seinfeld is 30 today !
Posté le : 06-07-2019, 22h03 dans Free discussion

Citation: "ZacUK"​ Thanks for the three replies! • ​I like the backwards episode; and the 'contest', and many others ... • ​Yada yada yada ... ​The Glamour Magazine/Mom catching George episode is still my favorite.

help to identify the correct location of this currency on the web
Posté le : 03-07-2019, 17h13 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "Coinman48"​Here is eBay listing for 1979 with the marking above pound. • ​ • ​Will​I bought mine from a dealer at a coin fair for about $2. He might have discounted it to get it out the door.

£3,000 for a 1971 2 New Pence?????
Posté le : 02-07-2019, 17h17 dans Free discussion

Citation: "DecimalHunter"​My flatmate suggested I contact him offering to sell him 10 more. I am beginning to think trolling people like him will make a cool new hobby.​You should offer to sell him your similar coins for $2,000 each, then he can flip them for $3,000. I think he'd go for the $1,000 profit.

Those last few difficult common countries
Posté le : 28-06-2019, 17h05 dans Free discussion

The problem with Liechtenstein and Montenegro is that they only released 15 and 18 non-gold coins for circulation, the last ones in 1930 and 1914 respectively. There are just not that many coins of either country out there.

unknown China/Japan/Korea victory coin/token
Posté le : 27-06-2019, 14h39 dans Coin identifications and valuations

You will most likely find what you're looking for at this site: •

New Trend Elongated Cents?
Posté le : 27-06-2019, 14h27 dans Numismatic questions

When we were kids, and for at least a generation before me, we'd put coins on the railroad tracks and let the trains flatten and elongate them. The only threat was the coin getting too hot and sticking to a wheel. Coating the coin with mud usually prevented that though. • When I find my quarter, I'll post a picture of it. I am sure it's not worth a quarter now, but was never worth more than a quarter at the time it was flattened/elongated. • Most of the coins people elongated were common currency when they were elongated, either through trains or machines or other methods. I am betting those indian head pennies were common coinage when they were flattened/elongated. • Those flattened penny machines are at every tourist/recreation spot in the USA as a cheap souvenir, so unless you're willing to drop a valuable coin in there, it's just a penny. • No one seems to complain about coin damage from the artists who cut out the designs for coins to make jewelry. &bul[...]

Posté le : 21-06-2019, 13h48 dans Free discussion

My local monthly coin show is this weekend and I am struggling mentally, trying to convince myself not to go and spend money I don't have. So yeah, it's an addiction for me too.

control of collection.
Posté le : 21-06-2019, 13h43 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Jarcek"​ • Citation: "blue-m"​ • ​ • Citation: "JRo69"​ has a category where you can inventory stamps​​​The one problem with colnect stamps is that it is separated by year of issue. Without a catalog and with undated stamps it takes some digging to find what year it was issued. You can do a denomination search but for common denominations it still might take awhile. • ​​Numista is still king for user friendliness.​​​I am not saying Numista is not king, it is. If we had a banknotes section, I'd clear out of colnect and never go back. But Numista doesn't have anything for stamps, which was the original question. Also, I am sure colnect's stamp section is just as unwieldy and not user friendly as their coins and banknote sections are.

[résolu] Do the 2018-19 Tajikistan coins really have silver(silver-nickel) in them?
Posté le : 19-06-2019, 16h36 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "Moneytane"​Yes but very few people would be dumb enough to think some worthless coins of a "Stan" country would contain precious metals. The coins look cheap and probably are cheap and worth 2 rubleniks or whatever! • ​ • ​Then again, when the $1 and $2 coins came out here (New Zealand) in early 1991, some news reporters called them "Gold coins" and some of the low IQ fraternity believed they had real gold in them and were trying to sell the coins aas real gold to dealers (Actually aluminium brass). The name "Gold coin" has stuck and you often see fundraisers and donations appeals as "Gold coin entry" and "Bring a gold coin donation" I love to tell them I can not afford to donate $220 (The cost of a half sovereign) every time​We still call the dollar coins in the US "Gold" or "Golden" Dollars because of their color, not their metal content. I hope no one thinks they contain any real[...]

UK coin issue plan for 2019
Posté le : 07-06-2019, 14h02 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "Merv"​I only collect coins that have been issued and entered for circulation. • ​If it is only issue in sets or/and not for circulation , in my opinion , it is just an over-priced trinket. • ​Am I the only one or does anybody else think this? • ​thanks, Merv • ​ps • ​Why have they got all these coins for 2019 when they have a shed load of 2018 not released yet because there is not enough demand for them in circulation? Is it just to rob gullible people by getting them to pay for the over-priced trinkets?​Are they releasing pennies into circulation for 2018 and 2019? I have seen no references to whether pennies are being released into circulation.

[résolu] MPCC 2019 - AFRICA - FINAL
Posté le : 06-06-2019, 20h17 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


Indian Head Cents
Posté le : 22-05-2019, 15h15 dans Free discussion

Citation: "redsmithstudios"​You pour them into a kitty pool and lay in them, have you never seen scrooge mcduck? • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ Or you follow the sane and sensible advice mentioned by Mr. Midnight...​HAHAHA

Spam from user
Posté le : 16-05-2019, 17h16 dans Numista website

Was her husband a Nigerian Prince who won the national lottery?

[résolu] Where is this from?
Posté le : 15-05-2019, 22h03 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "JRo69"​Japan 1972 10 Yen • ​​Sorry, I believe it is 1982, not 1972.

$2500 Bronze Medal
Posté le : 15-05-2019, 13h36 dans Free discussion

Here is a wikipedia article about the theater, if anyone is interested in the building behind the medal, which is absolutely awesome. •

Cleaned coin?
Posté le : 10-05-2019, 18h21 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "KLiao"​Surface hairlines, very shiny, no mint luster, lines going in a certain direction. • ​ • ​this video helps • ​ • ​​Thank you. I will watch this video when I get home.

1979 lincoln cent mint error
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Error coin or not, it's in such bad condition that it is worth $0.01.

Does somebody collecting austria-hungary?
Posté le : 26-04-2019, 13h51 dans Numismatic questions

I collect the Hungarian coins, but not the Austrian ones, because as a child, my aunt gave me this coin: • 5 Korona - I. Ferenc József (Franz Joseph I - 1848/1867-1916) KM# 488

Your banknote with a story behind it (poignant)
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My first silver certificate (and second and third) came from my paper route when I was 11. I was doing my monthly collections for the $1.40 newspaper and the customer gave me 2 $1 bills. One was like nothing I had ever seen (the 25-year-old silver certificate) and asked him if it was legitimate. When he told me what it was, I told him I couldn't accept it, but he insisted. • I still have the note to this day, even though I haven't talked to the man since I quit paper route. He ended up giving me at least two more silver certificates before quitting the route.

UK Alphabet 10pence coins. Anyone have any spare?
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Citation: "COINMAN1"​I was given both 'F' & 'S' today, by my daughter, whose colleagues at the company she works for in London, have been hunting them down. • ​Will add a photograph tomorrow of my completed set.Cheers to a mission accomplished.​

Looking for old postcards
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Have you checked out They have many postcards on their site.

Ghana banknote is so hard to find...why?
Posté le : 06-03-2019, 14h02 dans Banknotes

Citation: "Oklahoman"​Thanks for the link. My question was supposed to read how hard it is to find this note to buy. All others are super easy to find.​ • They have 28 for sale, as low as $1.15. • I have no idea why they are so hard to find. • Hope this helps.

The Great Weimar Commemorative 3 Mark Hunt! (11/19 down!)
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Citation: "jokinen"​That is a beautiful coin indeed! It reminds me of this German patriotic song called Die Wacht Am Rhein: • ​ • ​With English translations and enacted scenes from the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1): • ​ • ​ • ​There's also a version of this song by Heino (Germany's Roy Orbison, erm... in some way), but couldn't find a video with Germany's most famous sunglassed singer singing it. • ​ • ​​How do we know Roy Orbison is not America's Heino?

Does your post office allow you to send coins?
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At my local post office in the US, I either use the automated kiosk, so I can avoid talking to the clerks, or I don't tell them it's coins. I've used photos, hobby supplies and gifts, rather than coins. Sometimes, they make me use a customs form, and sometimes they don't. • I try to use a regular envelope and not a padded one, as the padded ones are now considered packages and cost more to send. I wrap the coins in paper or foil and sandwich them between cardboard so you can't tell there are coins. • In all my swaps, I have had no problems with people receiving my coins, including a swap or two to Australia.

Coins not delivered
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I swapped with a member whose coins to me were lost in the mail. I received a torn and empty envelope from the post office. The member was gracious enough to replace the coins, and again, I received an envelope that was torn open. But, he secured the coins to the inside of the envelope, so when it was torn, the coins did not fall out. • I think the torn envelope was a result of the post office machines ripping the envelopes during the processing and not theft by an employee. I wrap the coins so they are flat and don't rattle, and then tape them to the inside of the envelope so they don't fall out if the envelope rips. I suggest this for all senders.

Just joined from San Francisco
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Welcome Randy, • You'll find many fellow Pennyholics here.

Where to buy bulk lots of banknotes
Posté le : 16-02-2019, 20h18 dans Banknotes has a good number of bulk and individual notes for sale. they are also on EBay

Bad Ebay Sellers
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I don't know if this seller has been discussed. • • The seller has many listings like this. Bad form

[résolu] All coins from all countries around the world
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Hi Nickolas, • The best way to get a catalog of all coins from all countries is to use the catalogue here. The organizers of this site have done a tremendous job of catagorizing the coins of each country. Just use this database as a guideline, cross-reference it with a map or atlas, and you're on your way. • You'll also find this site helpful in locating people world wide who are willing to swap coins with you. • Enjoy and good luck on your quest.

Macedonia name change
Posté le : 13-02-2019, 18h01 dans Banknotes

It should be catalogued like Burma is under Myanmar. The Macedonia coins and notes should be a subset of the North Macedonia coins and notes.

Posté le : 08-02-2019, 2h05 dans Numismatic questions

"In all this time, I have never used Colnect for swapping, nor have I ever used their Marketplace." = Cerulean • I use Colnect to swap, but it is much more difficult to swap there because there is no inherent swap mechanism like we have here. I have to identify the coins/banknotes I want and so does the other person and detail them in an email, rather than just clicking a button. Then we have to agree to the swap. This makes it much harder. • The only way I feel Colnect is superior is you can see the wish list of other people. Here, I can only see what coins someone wants to swap, but not what they want. This would be an advantage if I had a coin and could see who wants to get that coin.

Next US quarter series
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Citation: "Cerulean"​The legislation that created the America The Beautiful quarters allows Congress to authorize a second series of Parks. If this doesn't happen, the 1932 eagle design could return.​I am in favor of returning to the 1932 eagle design, or another single, permanent design. I am done with all the circulating commemorative quarters. It's OK in limited release, but collecting 112 quarters over 10+ years is too much.

[résolu] Vinyl vs. Polypropylene
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Citation: "CassTaylor"​ • Citation: "JRo69"​I am looking to buy some new sheets to hold my 2 x 2 flips for display, and wondering which material, vinyl or polypropylene, is preferred among the collectors here.​​A few years ago I had a shortage of flips, so I cut up a few of those vinyl sheets to make them into individual flips, with some help from a stapler too. • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​But from what you say it sounds like the material of the sheet doesn't really matter (at least for preservation purposes), since they won't be touching your coins themselves, but the 2x2s they're already in, right? • ​ • ​ ​I bought cardboard flips with mylar.

New set of Moldova
Posté le : 02-02-2019, 18h15 dans Swaps and trades

Are they still available?

Marie Kondo - my worst enemy
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When I saw the description of her show, I knew it would bring up issues I don't want to deal with, so I've made a concerted effort not to watch her or let my wife watch her. My wife tolerates and even encourages my coin hoarding, but not my other hoarding and general messiness.

Say no to snow campaign!
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Citation: "xblamecanadax"​I think I should also start a Say No to Cold campaign also... • ​The Weather Channel here says that some parts of the Untied States are going to be colder than Antarctica over the next two days... • ​-65 F • ​Totally R I D I C U L O U S • ​ ​This is perfect weather to stay inside and play with your coins. That is what I plan to do, even though it's only supposed to be about -10 F where I live.

Numista Banknotes
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One of the things Colnect does with their banknotes that I like is they list the note by issuer as well. That has helped me find a particular note more than once. We should implement that information as well.

US dollar coins in circulation
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I only find them in banks - you have to ask the clerk for them - and occasionally in the spare change jar at my local gas station. Someone pays with them, but they don't fit in the register's change machine, so the cashier's set them aside. • The post office used to have them in the automated stamp machine, but those machines were eliminated long ago. But if you paid for a book of stamps with a $20, your change came back in dollar coins, SBA and Sacagewas. • There is no metro where I live, so I can't take advantage of those change machines.

Christmas and new year additions to your collection
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I received these coins as a Christmas gift from my wife, courtesy of Andrej-Oslo, from who she purchased them. • All 6 coins. • A 1982 50 Ore from Norway. • A 1963 50 Ore from Norway. • A 1973 Kroner from Norway. • ] • A 1991 10 Kroner from Norway. • A 19692 Kroner from Sweden. • And last but not, the true gift, which is normally out of my price range, so it's the wife's gift, a 1917 2 Kroner from Norway. • This makes an excellent Christmas gift, thanks to my wife and Andrej-Oslo.

[résolu] 2018 Numista holiday exchange - GENERAL EXCHANGE LIST
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I just opened my Christmas gift from Miragex. I really like the old European and Egyptian coins and Egyptian banknote he sent. • Thank you and Merry Christmas, Olivier.

My pictures copied and used on Colnect
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Citation: "Oklahoman"​I dont even go to their website. [...]​I am on that site for my banknotes, but will abandon it as soon as Notista is up and running.

Discover the object
Posté le : 07-12-2018, 19h15 dans Free discussion

Croquet mallet?

A little rant about USPS
Posté le : 07-12-2018, 16h50 dans Free discussion

I have also found that using the automated kiosk to get the proper postage, then applying the postage myself, allows me to mail the package without interacting with the clerk and the machine. I have done this several times and only had the post office return one package. Ironically, the clerk accepted that package with a custom form and didn't charge me the higher price.

Additions to your collection - December 2018
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Citation: "CassTaylor"​December is still a few hours off, but just earlier today I received two letters of acceptance to universities, and what better way to celebrate than to add to your collection? • ​ • ​Haven't arrived yet, so these are the photos from Maison Palombo, but I reallocated some money to buy these pretty French and colonial notes: • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​There is still a very hard decision I face; to enroll in Paris or to enroll in Rome? ​1) Nice Notes. • 2) I say enroll in Rome. Never underestimate the value of immersing yourself in another culture.

Who is the famous...
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Citation: "CassTaylor"​I was actually listening to this song by Billy Joel when I thought of him as an answer: • ​ • ​It's awesome if you're a (20th century) history buff. • ​ • ​Anyway, my person is also related (in a way) to space, but nobody ever went to space in his lifetime; in fact he died long before he could see them, but still managed to inspire a great feat of space exploration. • ​His work also inspired one of the most famous scenes in film history. • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​Copernicus?

Best loose change or dropped coin finds
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Got a 1910 Barber Nickel, KM112, in change at the cafeteria at my workplace yesterday. You don't see them very often circulating. The condition is good to very good, but still a great find for loose change.

Looking to Purchase One Euro Cent Coins
Posté le : 28-11-2018, 21h24 dans Swaps and trades

Check with worldcoins96

Hey, I just posted my 100th message
Posté le : 21-11-2018, 2h59 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Holindaze"​I believe I get a free chocolate chip cookie for every 100 posts, but please do not mail it from Canada, I heard their postal service is on strike.​

Trying to collect a coin from every country.
Posté le : 21-11-2018, 2h58 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "halfdisme"​ • Citation: "KennyG"​Find a store that sells poundage. Try paying no more than $8, and if it has a lot of the same stuff, aim for $5.​​Better yet, if they have a bin of poundage, ask for their price if you pick what you want. Even if it is double their mixed poundage rate, you could focus on what you want, and avoid a bunch of duplicates you do not want.I go to coin shows and coin shops and search the 5 for $1 bins, which are usually loaded with cheap coins from many countries. The more exotic countries are harder to find, but like with any good treasure hunt, you never know what gems you might find. Happy hunting.​

Out of pure curiosity. The single coin with the highest mintage
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Citation: "druzhynets"​ • Citation: "ZacUK"​ More than that, from this 2014 topic > • ​​ • ​​ • ​​'United States of America 1 Cent • ​​1982 (Large Date) 10,712,525,000' • ​​ • ​​ ​Why do Americans need so many cents? ​Because we have no sense.

Back "Home"
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I am glad you and the family are safe.

2018 Numista holiday exchange - LAST CALL
Posté le : 05-11-2018, 0h51 dans Free discussion

General category from me. Shipping from Columbus, OH

Hamstergame: Unlocking tier 3
Posté le : 04-11-2018, 16h25 dans Free discussion

27, without cheating

The 111 1 penny and 1cent club or should I say .01 and under coin club
Posté le : 04-11-2018, 16h20 dans Free discussion

This thread formed before I joined Nusmista, so I am now just seeing it. • Between cents, centimes, centavos and pennies, I have 136 different KMs and still more to go.

Puzzle of the day. (Not coin related) Worth a look.
Posté le : 26-10-2018, 17h25 dans Free discussion

Citation: "COINMAN1"​Cannot leave you to wreck your brains before the weekend, so answer is below, starting from one letter and building it up one letter at a time until we reach the nine letter word. • ​I • ​IN • ​SIN • ​SING • ​STING • ​STRING • ​STARING • ​STARTING • ​STARTLING • ​ • ​ ​I cheated and googled it; therefore, I did not answer. But fun quest

Can somebody explain this please??
Posté le : 26-10-2018, 14h02 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Muenzenhamster"​ • ​ • ​ • ​I would have thrown that away or assumed a kid was playing with it. • ​ • ​Thank you • ​ ​Someone was testing their metal punch tool

Your prayers appreciated...
Posté le : 24-10-2018, 20h59 dans Free discussion

Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the members. I can only echo your sentiments of a speedy recovery for Matt and his family.

Favorite musician
Posté le : 18-10-2018, 13h50 dans Free discussion

Citation: "sc.rednek"​Chris LeDoux. Without a doubt. I always piss everyone off at the bar by either requesting from the dj or finding it on the jukebox​A while back, my wife and I were playing a video game, and there were two Chris LeDoux songs on the soundtrack. Love them both. Really good music.

Collective Noun for Coin Collectors
Posté le : 10-10-2018, 21h13 dans Numismatic questions

A loop of numismatists

Etsy as a valid coin source?
Posté le : 21-09-2018, 20h22 dans Free discussion

Citation: "cncote10"​ • Citation: "pnightingale"​I don't think so. • ​​ • ​​ • ​​ • ​​1776 Corder Dollar • ​​ • ​​WTF is wrong with these people?​​But hey at the right price it could be had...and it is their baby to be fair!​Not the right price, he wants the "rite" price for it.

The future of coins
Posté le : 21-09-2018, 18h24 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Monninen1"​This topic was not for "Coins are not going to be used in X years" I forgot to mention that in the first post, but I still thought it was going that way. I have doubted the use of coinage, but there are over 200 countries and coins have been used for thousands of years. 50 years is a small time. • ​ • ​ ​My timeline could be off and I hope I am wrong. Clearly all of us here love coins and currency and don't want to see them go away.

What does everyone think of those Italian coin flips?
Posté le : 21-09-2018, 15h42 dans Free discussion

I'll pass. Seems too extravagant for common coins.

Lincoln cent 1944, help with identification
Posté le : 07-09-2018, 21h42 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "Mr-IQBAL001"​ • Citation: "CassTaylor"​In case its what you're wondering; 1944 copper Lincoln cents are very common, its the 1943 copper Lincoln cent that's rare. Conversely, 1943 steel cents are common, but 1944 steel ones are rare.​​sometimes, I like coins that look weird • ​Does my coin include a lamination error?​No error, just plenty of abuse

Just curious
Posté le : 07-09-2018, 14h04 dans Free discussion

Citation: "CassTaylor"​Just turned 18 myself, some smashing birthday presents are on their way. • ​ • ​But back to the subject matter, I haven't given it much thought either given my age, but perhaps I'd like to have my collection buried with me like the pharaohs did when the time comes*. • ​ • ​Maybe I'm just being selfish; but then again, if word ever did get out about it, the same thing that happened to them would probably also happen here.... So donating it to a reproductive rights, LGBT+, or climate change organisation/charity might also be on the table; a good cause is a good cause! • ​ • ​*I'm actually crossing my fingers and hoping this guy's right on the money: • ​​Danggit, I just turned 49. Missed the cutoff by two weeks.

[résolu] El Salvador 1997 5 Colones
Posté le : 31-08-2018, 17h24 dans Numista coin catalogue

Why is this coin listed as a common coin in the catalog? • • It clearly states not released for circulation. Can we get the status changed to non-circulating coin please?

How many of the Numista header coins do you own?
Posté le : 29-08-2018, 13h57 dans Free discussion

I have 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 17.

My stamp collection (proselytizing)
Posté le : 17-08-2018, 14h29 dans Free discussion

PM me if you'd like four stamps from Libya. I received them in a swap, but I don't collect stamps. Better to go to someone who wants them. They are used, but I saw several used stamps in your collection.

U. S. International Shipping Regulations
Posté le : 11-08-2018, 17h54 dans Free discussion

I just got bit by that. I was sending coins to Australia as part of a swap, and my letter came back because it didn't have a customs form. Apparently, the post office considers it a package now. I had to pay $14.25 instead of $6.04 for the package to be shipped. • Unless I find a way to send coins more cheaply, my swapping days are done. Suggestions are welcome, because I really love swapping coins with people on this site.

Newest issuer added to your collection (2nd edit)
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Just picked up Saarland for my 261st.

Did you get your Big Mac coin(s) on Thursday?
Posté le : 08-08-2018, 21h32 dans Numismatic questions

I have 4 of the 5 and my friend has the other for me. I have an extra one to swap if anyone wants or needs it. • I collected them all because I grew up eating Big Macs. It's harmless fun.

Numismatic quiz question of the day. Well worth a look and guess
Posté le : 07-08-2018, 18h33 dans Free discussion

Citation: "JRo69"​272 • ​ ​I cancel this answer

Did you hear about Mc Coins ?
Posté le : 07-08-2018, 14h00 dans Free discussion

Citation: "JRo69"​I got 3 of the tokens on Saturday and had to ask for them. Received them with no problem. I am sure they'll give them away as long as they have them and people keep buying Big Macs. Just make sure to ask. • ​By the way, all 3 are available for swaps.​Still one available for swap, and for less than Ebay prices.

Interesting shaped coins
Posté le : 02-08-2018, 15h48 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Coinman48"​First curved coin from US, modeled on an Australian coin. • ​ • ​ • ​Perth Mint legal tender figure 8 dragon coin • ​ • ​ • ​Will​The figure 8 coin is cool.

Post your coin infatuation
Posté le : 01-08-2018, 18h23 dans Free discussion

Citation: "WHATEVERR"​ • Citation: "JRo69"​Okay, maybe not in this condition, but in general: • ​​​​How much is it actually worth. I don't collect US coins, or know anything about them. ​NGC lists an MS67 at $20,000. Production was 484,000, which is lowest ever for the US circulation Lincoln Penny.

How can anyone ignore this offer?
Posté le : 27-07-2018, 14h08 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "CassTaylor"​ • Citation: "JRo69"​220 Euros, tops.​​Probably way too generous, that. • ​just roughly based on the standard going rate of $10 per pound of bulk world coins - minus a bit for a bulk discount

Missing banknote countries. Can you help fill in gaps
Posté le : 03-07-2018, 14h09 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "COINMAN1"​Yes, and was shocked. Did not realise it until too late. I can still dream though.​Me too!

[résolu] Laos
Posté le : 29-06-2018, 0h59 dans Swaps and trades

I received my coins today. They are stunningly beautiful. • Thank you again for your generosity.

Australian silver sixpences and shillings for sale/swap
Posté le : 25-06-2018, 14h37 dans Swaps and trades

PM Sent

Does someone want these stamps ?
Posté le : 21-06-2018, 3h25 dans Free discussion

I have stamps from New Zealand, Libya, Finland, the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Netherlands, Ukraine, Mozambique, Greece, Italy, Canada, Poland and Czech Republic that I will give away or include as a bonus in a swap for whomever wants to add them to their collection.

[résolu] Banknotes for swap ... this group gone
Posté le : 19-06-2018, 2h22 dans Banknotes

I am interested in the Yemen note. What is your value and what would you like in exchange for it?

[résolu] Shipping question !
Posté le : 18-06-2018, 13h40 dans Swaps and trades

I normally ship the coins in paper flips, but if I have a big swap, I wrap them in foil or paper towels and tape them to cardboard to save weight and space, which cuts down on shipping costs.

[résolu] World Cup FIFA 2018 - Russia
Posté le : 16-06-2018, 18h27 dans Free discussion

With the USA, Italy and Netherlands not present, I don't have a side to root for. So I am just hoping to watch some fun and interesting soccer for the next few weeks. So far, so good.

[résolu] Additions to your collection - June 2018
Posté le : 07-06-2018, 23h45 dans Free discussion

Just got these beauties in the mail, thanks to swaps with Bas A. Warwick and Bookshelf. • First set, are pre-decimal coins from New Zealand - 1 Crown, 1/2 Crown, 1 Florin and Six Pence. Real beauties. • The second group, from Bookshelf, are common circulation coins from Colombia, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Nicaragua, Philippines, Russia, Slovenia, Uruguay and Venezuela, but very nice and welcome additions to my collection. •

Coin usage in other countries
Posté le : 06-06-2018, 15h16 dans Numismatic questions

I am interested in the comparative value of money. • For example, in the US, I can get a bottle of soda at the convenience store for $1.50 to $2. What does a bottle of soda in South Africa sell for? 1 Rand, 2 Rand? • What does a bottle of soda sell for in Euros in Milan, Munich or Amsterdam? • What can you buy for 1 Bhat in Thailand? • Right now, $10 US is equal to 1095.77 Yen in Japan, if the exchange calculators are correct. But what can I buy with that money and is that considered a lot of money or a little? • That is what fascinates me about the exchange rate and money's value in other countries.

[résolu] Post your defaced banknotes
Posté le : 06-06-2018, 14h39 dans Banknotes

One very ugly US dime. That looks like big die failure. And post mint damage
Posté le : 22-05-2018, 15h05 dans Numismatic questions

I'd say post-minting vandalism, not die error.

[résolu] FREE 1 Cent Ndebele Legend - ISEWULA AFRIKA
Posté le : 18-05-2018, 13h46 dans Swaps and trades

Hello, • I'll swap with you. Besides this coin, you have several coins I'd like to swap for. • PM me. • John

Let's see if we can post bank notes by the catalog country list. For the countries J-L
Posté le : 05-05-2018, 2h27 dans Banknotes

Citation: "derf"​ • Citation: "JRo69"​Does anyone have any Jordanian notes for swap? I need one for my collection and am having a hard time getting one. • ​​ ​​ • ​ I prefer to swap vs. buy​

World Currency Collection 1980s
Posté le : 02-05-2018, 21h09 dans Banknotes

I picked up about 10 of these at a local garage sale. The notes are top quality and are valued at more than what the person was selling them for. You can find them on Ebay, but cost varies. I would like to complete the set, but can't afford it.

Buying North Korea Coins from
Posté le : 30-04-2018, 19h55 dans Free discussion

I bought a North Korean coin at local coin swap market/show. Guess I am lucky that one slipped by.

Serbian Post and their problems with coins
Posté le : 25-04-2018, 15h14 dans Free discussion

Citation: "alfonz"​The german post doesnt want to send coins at all so I just dont tell them whats in the letter and everyone is fine ;)​Same with the U.S.

When did you start collecting?
Posté le : 17-04-2018, 20h15 dans Free discussion

I was 7 or 8 and accompanying my mom to the bank so she could do some banking. I noticed a stack of huge coins at the cashier's window. I asked mom if I could have one, having never seen one before. She agreed. • Turns out the coin was an Eisenhower dollar, which would soon be out of circulation. After that, I started getting coins as Christmas and Easter presents from my mom and dad. I also raided the cash register at my dad's store for old wheat pennies, nickels and silver dimes and quarters. Got quite a few old coins that way. • Then, my aunts started giving me extra Canadian and German coins from their own collections, but I didn't get serious into world coins until my wife gave me a 50 coins from 50 nations set as a Christmas present a few years back. • After that, I found Numista and have more than quadrupled my nations thanks to the many excellent members here.

Hey you coin collectors, have a question. On Mexico 5 centavos 1971 KM427
Posté le : 13-04-2018, 21h08 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "ALLRED1950"​ It like the die wear, breakage, in the 2000 US New Hampshire quarter. Two big areas and a very thin line between them. The last 0 will slowly touch the mountain. • ​ • ​Somewhere in my mess have one with no space between them. • ​Edit - a little better • ​ • I picked up a New Hampshire without a mint mark - no P or D. I have since spent it, but wondered about the lack of a mint mark. Couldn't find anything on that. • ​on this one it is the mountain, chin. sharp edge rounding over. • ​

[résolu] Pre-decimal Fiji coins for sale, 50c each
Posté le : 05-04-2018, 13h41 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "JRo69"​Do you have any Florins left? I'd like one if you do I'd like to buy a 3 pence or two as well. • Thanks

Anyone found some 2018 coins in circulation yet?
Posté le : 03-04-2018, 17h02 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Cerulean"​ • Citation: "JRo69"​Found a 2018 USA Penny on the floor of the gas station. Not sure why they took the P off for this year.​​The "P" in 2017 was a one-year commemoration of the 225th anniversary of the Philadelphia Mint. • Thanks. I forgot why they had the P. Makes sense.​

This is new for me
Posté le : 23-03-2018, 23h37 dans Free discussion

So I got my coins in the mail from a recent swap, only to find the envelope was cut open, and to have a band of green tape with the words "US Customs and Border Protection EXAMINED" written on it. • Thankfully, all the promised coins were still inside. But I have not had any of my incoming packages come to me in this condition. • Has anyone else experienced this?​

New coins for Moldova - 2018 1 Leu, 2, 5, & 10 Lei
Posté le : 02-03-2018, 14h05 dans Numista coin catalogue

Citation: "jokinen"​They look quite nice actually!​Agreed. I like them.

[résolu] Contest Number 2! - Open to all members! Contest run dates: January 14, 2018 to February 14, 2018! What Hemisphere will the coins be from?!
Posté le : 01-03-2018, 1h12 dans Free discussion


New Numista layout - do you like it?
Posté le : 26-02-2018, 15h16 dans Free discussion

I really don't like it. I am not worried about values, because numerous previous forum post have proven value is subjective. • But now they've added a new 'swap category' that wiped out the condition of the coin to be swapped. Plus, I am not sure if I am supposed to count the coin as a collection coin or a swap coin. For example, if I have two 1963 Denmark two kroner coins, but want to swap one, do I put 2 in my collection spot and 1 in my swap spot, or 1 in each spot. I don't want to mis-represent to other collectors and potential swap partners my collection or swap offerings and their values. • In the long run, this might be a case of getting used to the new changes and growing to love them, but they are inconvenient in the short run, especially since I am going to have to go through my swap list and add the condition to each one. Thankfully I have a short swap list. I can't imagine what those members with large swap lists will do.

Coins with animals
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Some of my favorite coins in this category: • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

My collection
Posté le : 16-02-2018, 14h04 dans Banknotes

This is a good place to start: •

Contest # 3 ~ Contest Run Dates: Thursday, February 15, 2018 to Thursday, March 15, 2018!!! What the Heck Kind of Animal is on these Here Two Coins?!
Posté le : 15-02-2018, 16h50 dans Free discussion


Stamps forum
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I had an idea, I threw it against the wall, it didn't stick. I am perfectly fine with that. • I agree with Cass and Oklahoman. I love Numista and don't want to see it become Colnect. • I was just merely pointing out that there seems to be interest in stamps among the collectors here. Many people collect more than just coins and banknotes. I would love to see a Notista site similar to Numista, as well as a Philista site. • I appreciate every opinion that was presented on the matter.

Pope John Paul II - Euro Coinage
Posté le : 14-02-2018, 14h24 dans Swaps and trades

There is a website that sells the blister pack from 2003-06: • • Here is one that has some from 2002 and 2005: • • Hope this helps

[résolu] 20 x silver Latvia 1 lats 1924
Posté le : 13-02-2018, 14h10 dans Swaps and trades

Would you be willing to swap one of them at a time, or must it be for all 20?

Free Israel coins
Posté le : 09-02-2018, 13h45 dans Swaps and trades

I'll take one or some.

What do you do when your elderly neighbor is taking $43 in pennies to the bank?
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I was going to say - Buy them!

What would your ideal coin be?
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UNC or Proof 1909S VDB Lincoln Cent. • Or any condition, actually

1 € Portugal
Posté le : 25-01-2018, 15h13 dans Numismatic questions

The one on the left looks like a cheap fake, because the characters are much thicker than the ones on the coin on the right. But I am no expert on fakes, so don't take my word for it. But I think I am correct on the character thickness.

[résolu] 3 Coin Give Away! Open to all Members!!! Contest Run Dates: December 01, 2017 to December 31, 2017!!! Open to all members!!!
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This was a fun game. Thank you xblamecanadax.

Is Numiscorner marketing affecting your swaps?
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Their prices are way too high. I don't buy from them or use them as guideline for coin values.

Calling Royal Mint presentation pack/coin collectors!
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Check the coin supply stores like Lighthouse. They have all sorts of different storage and display products, like album sheets. I am sure you can find some to store/display your coins in.

How to ship coins from USA to Europe?
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Phil is right. The US Postal Service clerks in my town have told me they won't allow me to mail 'coins,' 'currency' or 'money,' so what I do is either use the automated machine or tell the clerk the package contains other items, such as hobby supplies, pictures, and in one instance, a compact disc. I haven't had any trouble shipping coins using this method. • If you package the items so they are secure and cannot be detected or identified, that makes it easier. Most collectors I've talked to and heard from on this site put their coins in holders and secure them between solid sheets of cardboard or paper, so they don't rattle or can be felt through the envelope. • I hope this helps.

European dealers of modern date UNC coins - I need recommendation
Posté le : 04-01-2018, 14h56 dans Free discussion - Euros and Greek coins and notes • - good selection of coins, notes and accessories

Let's see if we can post bank notes by the catalog country list. For the countries A -C
Posté le : 01-01-2018, 15h01 dans Banknotes

Citation: "ALLRED1950"​Wow you guys are great. It is truly great the job you doing .loved the Canada. I wish I had more time. The post is getting long should we divide it up. Like this one just A-C. Your thoughts thank you A new thread starting with D would be good.​

Happy New Year, dears !
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A happy and safe new year for everyone.

Do you also collect world paper money?
Posté le : 28-12-2017, 2h33 dans Banknotes

Citation: "ngdawa"​Here's a map of my humble collection How did you get that map on Colnect?​

Quality of postal services for countries
Posté le : 27-12-2017, 14h38 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "JRo69"​Earlier this summer, I tried to do a swap with a collector in Libya. He never received my coins and I never received his. His package is registered, but mine is not. Mine is lost in the wind because I didn't register it because the US doesn't encourage sending items to Libya. According to the Libyan post office, the coins he sent are in a "domestic bag,' whatever that means. It doesn't look like I am going to get them. • ​Has anyone had any experience trying to send items to Libya? Should I just chalk up the items as lost/stolen and move on?​UPDATE: The collector in Libya finally received my coins - after 6 months - safe and sound and still nicely wrapped. So I am happy he received them, although I haven't received mine from him. Hopefully they will arrive.

The 2017 Numista holiday gift exchange
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Citation: "JRo69"​I received my gift from Relief. I am waiting until Christmas to open it. • ​It was worth the wait for these French beauties - 1939 25 Centimes, 1949 10 Francs, 1961 5 Centimes and 1986 10 Francs. All in XF to AU condition. Beautiful. • Thank you Philippe

Merry Christmas Everyone!
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Merry Christmas Victoria. Glad you received some nice coins and had a great holiday.

Would you buy an ISIS gold, silver or copper coin?
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I would not buy one, because the proceeds would go to supporting an entity I don't believe in or want to support. Buying Nazi Germany coins is different, because the proceeds don't support the Nazi cause. It's buying a piece of history.

Where can I see some death in paradise TV show episodes?
Posté le : 19-12-2017, 18h01 dans Free discussion

Net Neutrality claims its first victim.

Anybody here into collecting other items, like instruments?
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Citation: "numinis"​Electronic dictionaries; manhole covers (not physically); foreign words and characters, also rare words of my mother tongue. • ​Manhole covers look almost like coins: • ​ • ​What does "(not physically)" mean? Do you take pictures of them?

New to swaps
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I would be interested in such a swap. There are many D quarters I still need. Check out my swaplist for any P quarters you need.

Anyone else ashamed of their generation?
Posté le : 09-12-2017, 16h20 dans Free discussion

I know and work with people of all ages. I have found positives and negatives in all of them, but mainly positives. • If your ashamed of something, work to change it.

Fair or foul?
Posté le : 09-12-2017, 16h17 dans Free discussion

I recently went to the store and found 52 cents on the shelf of the CoinStar machine. Is it fair game of foul play to take this change, because it was not in the reject bin?

If you get my card in the mail, let me know!!!
Posté le : 05-12-2017, 15h00 dans Free discussion

HI. • I received the card and coin in the mail yesterday. Love them both. • Thank you.

Latin monetary union
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Citation: "Monninen1"​Just asking, does anybody own coins from the times of the LMU? • ​for • ​I have some but not many: • ​First, Finland - The country where i have most coins from: • ​about 10 1 penniä coins and the amount of 5 (or 4) 5 penniä coins and the same amount of 10 penniä coins, and 2pcs 25 penniä coins but also 3pcs 50 penniä coins. • ​Larger silver coins: 2 of both 1 and 2 markkaa coins. One with thin lettering and one with the thicker lettering. • ​ • ​And then there is the jewel of my collection: The 20 markkaa-1879 gold coin (as large as the french gold 20 franc)! a 6.4 gram gold coin that was the most worth coin of Finland, probably ever. It could be used to buy a horse. We could even say it is not worth as much as it was in the 1880's, when either a hard working man kept it as his only treasure, or a rich Russian businessman kept it in his secret vault. Nobody knows. It can be both! • ​ • ​I al[...]

Dumb things you did with a coin
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Swallowed a quarter.

Web site like this for banknotes
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One good thing about Colnect is it lists specifically who wants a particular note or coin. If I have a 1976 Jamaica $5 note or a 2017 UK 1 Penny, I have a list of those people who want to add it to their collection. I like that and wish it could be implemented here for the coins. I can't search a coin by those who want it here.

big guessing game from the hamster
Posté le : 17-11-2017, 20h37 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Muenzenhamster"​in a few days the competition will be closed and will begin starting to count. Last chance to modify your estimates. Please give me some time for that task ​Whatever your final count is, that's my guess.

Labels for flips
Posté le : 13-11-2017, 16h43 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "alamir"​ • Citation: "JustforFun"​Something like this... • ​​ • ​​I have them at home for mailing but I haven't try them for the flips yet. • ​​​​Yes, these labels I use at the moment. But I have to cut them and put them on the flips. The same work I have with normal paper and glue, but it´s cheaper. Do you think the glue makes problems to the coins?​If you use the 2 x 2 flips, Avery should make a label in that size.

Modern high mintage coins that are rare/scarce
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I think this one qualifies: •

Foreign finds! (2017 edition)
Posté le : 04-11-2017, 19h04 dans Free discussion

Coin Star find: • 1973 Canadian nickel • 2016 Canadian dime. • First non-US coins from Coin Star in a while.

What is the best bargain you ever got when buying coins?
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At my local coin show yesterday, I picked up one of these from the quarter bin, not knowing what it was, but I figured I'd take a risk. • • I was pretty excited until I noticed the stamped C below the cross - signifying that the coin is a copy. Oh well, it's only a quarter.

[résolu] The State of Alabama 50 Cents dated January 1st 1863. Real or fake
Posté le : 14-10-2017, 15h32 dans Banknotes

That's a great addition to your collection. Congrats.

A charitable collection for xblamecanadax
Posté le : 09-10-2017, 19h58 dans Free discussion

Citation: "pnightingale"​ • Citation: "JRo69"​ • ​ • Citation: "pnightingale"​I can find whitmans for all the UK and US coins, no Canadian folders though. I do know from conversations with Michael that he very much enjoyed filling up these with inexpensive coins. As I don't want to spoil what I hope will be a very pleasant surprise I'll try to coordinate the mailing with johnspa so that they arrive at the same time. • ​​​ • ​​​I can fill some of the UK 1d gaps in Daryl's list, plus a lot of farthings and some 1/2d's. Once we get a list of dates already pledged I'll try to fill as many gaps as possible and mail these to John. (perhaps a sticky at the top of the page?)​​​Hi Phil, • ​​I am going to the coin store today. What Canadian folders are you looking for? If I can find them, I'll pick them up for Michael.​I'm sorry, I completely missed this. I don't have any Canadian folders and as his user name implies, that'[...]

Coins of Transnistria
Posté le : 09-10-2017, 14h01 dans Swaps and trades

Sent you a PM

20 US Dollars with 'unique serial number'?
Posté le : 07-10-2017, 2h06 dans Banknotes

Citation: "Cerulean"​ • Citation: "JRo69"​The Serial Number starts with ML. I am no expert, but most US banknote serial numbers start with one letter, not two. That is probably what this person is referring to.​​All US banknotes $5 and above have a two-letter serial prefix since 1996. • Thank you for the clarification. I was not aware of that. Guess I need to get more money above $5 bills. • ​

Reference sites for banknotes
Posté le : 05-10-2017, 13h43 dans Banknotes

This is a good reference site as well. I have found it very helpful: •

Will she or won't she?
Posté le : 04-10-2017, 19h15 dans Banknotes

Citation: "Oklahoman"​So many to be honored. I wish they would replace all periodically.​I am not very familiar with non-US country's banknotes, but it seems like I see a lot of countries that change their designs and images on a regular basis, at least more than the US does.

I am so excited to see that we have this new tool!!
Posté le : 04-10-2017, 18h59 dans Banknotes

Citation: "ngdawa"​After 5 years of waiting we've finally got a forum just for banknotes. Hopefully we won't have to wait another 5 years before the first banknote is added to the site. • ​ • ​I have several completed countries, so it will go fast to fill the catalogue, just so you know, admins and Xavier. ​I am eager to see your collection.!

Catalog for banknotes?
Posté le : 03-10-2017, 20h59 dans Banknotes

Does this mean there will soon be a place on Numista where we can catalog our banknotes like we do our coins?

[résolu] Issuers link to home country
Posté le : 27-09-2017, 19h55 dans Numista website

Thank you Pott and Jarcek. • That is what I was intending.

Coins, horses and riders
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Citation: "Oklahoman"​JRo69...intetestingly, it was the Royal Mounted Police who gave the Queen Burmese, her mount of choice.​Good to know. Thanks!

Dropping out of the pursuit of the 300 country club
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Good luck collecting each issuer. German states is well over 100 and they are not through the Hs yet. And I am terrified to see what happens when the Indian States and Kingdoms is distributed.

Pennies and Halfpennies to swap/sell
Posté le : 30-08-2017, 1h31 dans Swaps and trades

Hi Victoria, • I am interested in swapping for the pennies. • I need the 1905, 1906, 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1917, 1918, 1921, 1927, 1930, 1936, 1940, 1945, 1949, 1961 and 1965. • Let me know what you'd like in exchange. • Thanks, • John

Today is Eclipse day!
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I saw as much as I could from Columbus, which was about 85%. But in 7 years, another one swipes through Ohio and I'll be in the swath of totality.

[résolu] Croatian Currency
Posté le : 15-08-2017, 0h21 dans Free discussion


[résolu] Looking to Purchase Modern U.S. Washington Quarters
Posté le : 11-08-2017, 13h33 dans Swaps and trades

I can get uncirculated coins from a local store for $0.50. That is as cheap as I can find not from circulation.

Kissa Currancy Ka on netflix
Posté le : 10-08-2017, 14h25 dans Free discussion

I watched the first four episodes. Hard to follow the subtitles, but I am a learning a lot about the history of India, not just the coinage. • I recommend it to all coin enthusiasts.

Well, I did it finally.
Posté le : 02-08-2017, 13h35 dans Free discussion

One of us, one of us, gooble goble, gooble goble. •

Kremnica Mint-Experience
Posté le : 27-07-2017, 16h48 dans Free discussion

AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing.

[résolu] Tatarstan coins
Posté le : 20-07-2017, 15h15 dans Numista coin catalogue

The bottom line is these are not coins that circulate as currency in this country. Therefore, Tatarstan should not be in the county list, because it doesn't have any circulating currency of its own, similarly to Micronesia, which uses US money.

Banknotes with peacocks...
Posté le : 05-07-2017, 13h57 dans Banknotes

The only peacock note I know of is the Macedonian 10 Denari. But, if this is the note referred to, I am not sure what the twist is.

I've got too many coins!
Posté le : 23-06-2017, 18h30 dans Free discussion

Cats never stay at the scene of the crime

If you had an unlimited budget
Posté le : 13-06-2017, 14h19 dans Free discussion

This one: •

Your favorite bird design on any coin, or what is your favorite bird from your country?
Posté le : 10-06-2017, 6h20 dans Free discussion

Citation: "ngdawa"​seems like people missed (or simply ignoring) the line "from your country" in the headline........You missed the "or"​

Is there a website similar to Numista archiving BILLS instead of coins?
Posté le : 07-06-2017, 19h10 dans Banknotes

I have found this is a good site for research, but not for archiving your collection. Still, tons of useful information. •

[résolu] GRAND FINAL!! (Closed)
Posté le : 30-05-2017, 14h05 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


I have some bad news
Posté le : 29-05-2017, 4h54 dans Free discussion

I am glad the accident was 'minor' and that you and your mom are ok. • Hang in there. Things will be better tomorrow. • Hugs for you and your mom.

[résolu] Canadian Cents Lot
Posté le : 28-05-2017, 17h43 dans Swaps and trades

Are you wanting to swap or sell these, because I am interested. • PM me.

Vikings on banknotes...
Posté le : 27-05-2017, 21h57 dans Banknotes

Was your note this one? •

[résolu] Semi-final 2 - CLOSED
Posté le : 26-05-2017, 13h39 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Semi-final 1 - CLOSED
Posté le : 26-05-2017, 13h39 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Raffle for Abby - Gold & Silver
Posté le : 24-05-2017, 17h29 dans Free discussion

Hi Phil, • I don't know if you've realized this, but members from at least 9 countries bought raffle tickets. And many others have come forward to support you in your efforts. • It amazes me and makes me extremely happy that this little coin community can come together and rally for a good cause. I just wish we could be a model for the entire world.

[résolu] Categories D vs E (South America vs Africa) CLOSED
Posté le : 22-05-2017, 14h35 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Categories C vs F (North America vs Middle East) CLOSED
Posté le : 22-05-2017, 14h34 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Categories B vs G (Asia vs Europe) CLOSED
Posté le : 22-05-2017, 14h34 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Categories A vs H (Australasia/Pacific vs Exonumia/Ancients) CLOSED
Posté le : 22-05-2017, 14h34 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Exonumia/Ancients - Final - CLOSED
Posté le : 16-05-2017, 19h14 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Europe - Final - CLOSED
Posté le : 16-05-2017, 19h13 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


Additions to your collection - the May 2017 edition
Posté le : 11-05-2017, 18h37 dans Free discussion

My wife was nice enough to buy me both sets of Canadian 2017 coins as an early birthday present. • Just so you know, I am using this picture without permission. I know how much Numista frowns on this, but it's easier than using my own picture.

[résolu] Is this normal on 5 kroner Swedish coins?
Posté le : 10-05-2017, 19h11 dans Numismatic questions

I have never seen a groove that deep from a rolling machine. I suspect someone did some independent tool and die work on for fun on this coin.

[résolu] Europe - Round 3B - CLOSED
Posté le : 08-05-2017, 14h33 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Europe - Round 3A - CLOSED
Posté le : 08-05-2017, 14h32 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Exonumia/Ancients (Ancients) - Round 3B - CLOSED
Posté le : 08-05-2017, 14h32 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Exonumia/Ancients (Exonumia) - Round 3A - CLOSED
Posté le : 08-05-2017, 14h32 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


how many different coins might be in the world?
Posté le : 05-05-2017, 15h16 dans Free discussion

Citation: "kommodore"​Hey, • ​I was wondering, how many different coins might be in the world, I mean since the beginning of coins until now? • ​Don't know but I heard there's like 1 million different roman coins, and the rest might also be 1 million. • ​So I will assume 2 million different coins struck since the first coin. • ​What do you think?​Do you mean different types of KM#s, or do you mean the total number of coins produced?

Pay the message forward!
Posté le : 04-05-2017, 17h15 dans Free discussion

I just put this note into the Mountain Dew vending machine at my workplace in Columbus, Ohio. • Keeping with ngdawa's theme, I wrote 'thank you' on it.

Some absence from Numista
Posté le : 04-05-2017, 13h36 dans Free discussion


[résolu] Exonumia/Ancients (Ancients) - Round 2D - CLOSED
Posté le : 01-05-2017, 12h55 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Exonumia/Ancients (Ancients) - Round 2C - CLOSED
Posté le : 01-05-2017, 12h54 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Exonumia/Ancients (Exonumia) - Round 2B - CLOSED
Posté le : 01-05-2017, 12h54 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Exonumia/Ancients (Exonumia) - Round 2A - CLOSED
Posté le : 01-05-2017, 12h53 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Europe - Round 2D - CLOSED
Posté le : 01-05-2017, 12h53 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Europe - Round 2C - CLOSED
Posté le : 01-05-2017, 12h53 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Europe - Round 2B - CLOSED
Posté le : 01-05-2017, 12h52 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Europe - Round 2A - CLOSED
Posté le : 01-05-2017, 12h52 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


What do you know about this banknote?
Posté le : 25-04-2017, 14h29 dans Banknotes

According to PMG, the value in its current condition is about $35. • • Hope this helps.

[résolu] Ancients/Exonumia (Ancients) - Round 1H - CLOSED
Posté le : 24-04-2017, 16h27 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Ancients/Exonumia (Ancients) - Round 1G - CLOSED
Posté le : 24-04-2017, 16h26 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Ancients/Exonumia (Ancients) - Round 1F - CLOSED
Posté le : 24-04-2017, 16h25 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Ancients/Exonumia (Ancients) - Round 1E - CLOSED
Posté le : 24-04-2017, 16h25 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Ancients/Exonumia (Exonumia) - Round 1D - CLOSED
Posté le : 24-04-2017, 16h24 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Ancients/Exonumia (Exonumia) - Round 1C - CLOSED
Posté le : 24-04-2017, 16h24 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Ancients/Exonumia (Exonumia) - Round 1B - CLOSED
Posté le : 24-04-2017, 16h23 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Ancients/Exonumia (Exonumia) - Round 1A - CLOSED
Posté le : 24-04-2017, 16h22 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Europe - Round 1H - CLOSED
Posté le : 24-04-2017, 16h21 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Europe - Round 1G - CLOSED
Posté le : 24-04-2017, 16h20 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Europe - Round 1F - CLOSED
Posté le : 24-04-2017, 16h19 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Europe - Round 1E - CLOSED
Posté le : 24-04-2017, 16h19 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Europe - Round 1D - CLOSED
Posté le : 24-04-2017, 16h18 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Europe - Round 1C - CLOSED
Posté le : 24-04-2017, 16h17 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Europe - Round 1B - CLOSED
Posté le : 24-04-2017, 16h16 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Europe - Round 1A - CLOSED
Posté le : 24-04-2017, 16h15 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


sending coins from USA to Bulgaria
Posté le : 21-04-2017, 13h38 dans Free discussion

It's best to not tell the US post office you are sending coins. Popular substitutes are 'pictures' or 'hobby supplies.' • That works for me when I have to mail outside the US. I also use the automated kiosks and avoid the clerks. • Hope this helps.

[résolu] Africa - Final - CLOSED
Posté le : 17-04-2017, 14h51 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Middle East - Final - CLOSED
Posté le : 17-04-2017, 14h51 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


Very lucky find!!
Posté le : 15-04-2017, 17h42 dans Free discussion

Citation: "neilithic"​I think the value they give is more the insurance value rather than the purchase price. The police gave the name of the jeweler and said to take it to him to see if he would buy it. If not I could at least get a certificate of appraisal. • ​ • ​I think lego is only worth it as an investment if you keep the sets in the box. But judging from the ankle-deep pile of lego on his bedroom, I doubt that would happen.We all have/had a fortune in toys that we pulled out of the box and made worthless, except for the happiness those toys brought us.​

What are your other hobbies besides coin collecting?
Posté le : 14-04-2017, 13h45 dans Free discussion

I don't know if disc golfing can be considered a hobby, but that is what I am into now, besides coin and banknote collecting. It's fun, gets me out of the house for a couple hours and is a pretty good, low-impact workout. Plus I get to hang out with friends each week.

[résolu] Africa - Round 3B CLOSED
Posté le : 11-04-2017, 2h12 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Africa - Round 3A CLOSED
Posté le : 11-04-2017, 2h11 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Middle East - Round 3B - CLOSED
Posté le : 11-04-2017, 2h11 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Middle East - Round 3A - CLOSED
Posté le : 11-04-2017, 2h10 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Middle East - Round 2D CLOSED
Posté le : 03-04-2017, 13h51 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Middle East - Round 2C - CLOSED
Posté le : 03-04-2017, 13h51 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Middle East - Round 2B - CLOSED
Posté le : 03-04-2017, 13h51 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Middle East - Round 2A - CLOSED
Posté le : 03-04-2017, 13h50 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Africa - Round 2D - CLOSED
Posté le : 03-04-2017, 13h50 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Africa - Round 2C - CLOSED
Posté le : 03-04-2017, 13h50 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Africa - Round 2B - CLOSED
Posté le : 03-04-2017, 13h49 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Africa - Round 2A - CLOSED
Posté le : 03-04-2017, 13h49 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


Is This Coin on Ebay Real?
Posté le : 03-04-2017, 13h48 dans Free discussion

[résolu] Africa - Round 1H - CLOSED
Posté le : 27-03-2017, 14h39 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Africa - Round 1G - CLOSED
Posté le : 27-03-2017, 14h39 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Africa - Round 1F - CLOSED
Posté le : 27-03-2017, 14h38 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Africa - Round 1E - CLOSED
Posté le : 27-03-2017, 14h38 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Africa - Round 1D - CLOSED
Posté le : 27-03-2017, 14h37 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Africa - Round 1C - CLOSED
Posté le : 27-03-2017, 14h36 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Africa - Round 1B - CLOSED
Posté le : 27-03-2017, 14h36 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Africa -Round 1A - CLOSED
Posté le : 27-03-2017, 14h35 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Middle East - Round 1H - CLOSED
Posté le : 27-03-2017, 14h35 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Middle East - Round 1G - CLOSED
Posté le : 27-03-2017, 14h34 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Middle East - Round 1F - CLOSED
Posté le : 27-03-2017, 14h33 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Middle East - Round 1E - CLOSED
Posté le : 27-03-2017, 14h33 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Middle East - Round 1D - CLOSED
Posté le : 27-03-2017, 14h33 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Middle East - Round 1C - CLOSED
Posté le : 27-03-2017, 14h32 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Middle East - Round 1B - CLOSED
Posté le : 27-03-2017, 14h31 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Middle East - Round 1A - CLOSED
Posté le : 27-03-2017, 14h31 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


Found a couple of 80 year old coins in change
Posté le : 24-03-2017, 12h53 dans Free discussion

Citation: "redsmithstudios"​ • Citation: "Beekeeper"​Glad it worked out with your brother's package. Pain in the butt, but at least he got it. • ​​Did you ask the person at the store to watch for more? If it is some kid there might be some daily!​​Definitely ask, I once got 10 rolls of wheat pennies after getting several back in change and then just asking if they had more in the till!​I had that happen to me. Went to a store and noticed the give a penny, take a penny dish was loaded with wheats. Every trip back to that store for a few weeks resulted in a large haul of wheats for me.

What kind of TV shows are you into?
Posté le : 22-03-2017, 22h50 dans Free discussion

I am glad I am not the only person on this site who think he watched too much TV. I guess maybe this hobby lends itself to couch potatoes.

[résolu] North America - FINAL CLOSED
Posté le : 20-03-2017, 16h37 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] South America - FINAL CLOSED
Posté le : 20-03-2017, 16h36 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


Well.... everyone give me blessings
Posté le : 16-03-2017, 16h12 dans Free discussion

Hi Sayan, • Feel better soon and here's hoping you have a quick recovery. • John

[résolu] South America - Round 3B CLOSED
Posté le : 13-03-2017, 14h27 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] South America - Round 3A CLOSED
Posté le : 13-03-2017, 14h26 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] North America - Round 3B CLOSED
Posté le : 13-03-2017, 14h26 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] North America - Round 3A SOLVED
Posté le : 13-03-2017, 14h26 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] North America - Round 2D CLOSED
Posté le : 06-03-2017, 14h27 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] North America - Round 2C CLOSED
Posté le : 06-03-2017, 14h26 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] North America - Round 2B CLOSED
Posté le : 06-03-2017, 14h26 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] North America - Round 2A CLOSED
Posté le : 06-03-2017, 14h25 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] South America - Round 2D CLOSED
Posté le : 06-03-2017, 14h25 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] South America - Round 2C CLOSED
Posté le : 06-03-2017, 14h25 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] South America - Round 2B CLOSED
Posté le : 06-03-2017, 14h24 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] South America - Round 2A CLOSED
Posté le : 06-03-2017, 14h24 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] South America Round 1H CLOSED
Posté le : 27-02-2017, 14h04 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] South America Round 1G CLOSED
Posté le : 27-02-2017, 14h03 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] South America Round 1F CLOSED
Posté le : 27-02-2017, 14h03 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] South America Round 1E CLOSED
Posté le : 27-02-2017, 14h03 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] South America Round 1D CLOSED
Posté le : 27-02-2017, 14h02 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] South America Round 1C CLOSED
Posté le : 27-02-2017, 14h01 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] South America Round 1B CLOSED
Posté le : 27-02-2017, 14h01 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] South America Round 1A CLOSED
Posté le : 27-02-2017, 14h00 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] North America - Round 1H CLOSED
Posté le : 27-02-2017, 14h00 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] North America - Round 1G CLOSED
Posté le : 27-02-2017, 13h59 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] North America - Round 1F CLOSED
Posté le : 27-02-2017, 13h59 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] North America - Round 1E CLOSED
Posté le : 27-02-2017, 13h58 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] North America - Round 1D CLOSED
Posté le : 27-02-2017, 13h58 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] North America - Round 1C CLOSED
Posté le : 27-02-2017, 13h57 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] North America - Round 1B CLOSED
Posté le : 27-02-2017, 13h57 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] North America - Round 1A CLOSED
Posté le : 27-02-2017, 13h56 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] FINAL - Asia CLOSED
Posté le : 21-02-2017, 13h48 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] FINAL - Australasia/Pacific CLOSED
Posté le : 21-02-2017, 13h47 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


Greenland currently uses the Danish Krone, why isn't it shown when you hover on the map?
Posté le : 18-02-2017, 18h21 dans Numista coin catalogue

Citation: "Cerulean"​If French coins count for Guadeloupe and Reunion, than Danish coins should count for Greenland.For consistency, French coins should not count for Guadeloupe, Reunion and French Guiana.​

Circulating currency for sale below exchange rates. (free shipping)
Posté le : 18-02-2017, 16h39 dans Swaps and trades

What is DMK? And, does your DKK include a banknote or just coins?

[résolu] Asia Round 3B - CLOSED
Posté le : 13-02-2017, 13h13 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Asia Round 3A - CLOSED
Posté le : 13-02-2017, 13h13 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Australasia/Pacific Round 3B - CLOSED
Posté le : 13-02-2017, 13h13 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Australasia/Pacific Round 3A - CLOSED
Posté le : 13-02-2017, 13h12 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


A beautifully engraved banknote with a parachute...
Posté le : 08-02-2017, 0h52 dans Banknotes

Opened or packed? • because the Russian 5 Ruble has a man holding a packed chute.

2x2 coin holders
Posté le : 07-02-2017, 13h47 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Eerovisser"​So I finally finished putting all my current coins in 2x2 holders. Took me 10 months but finally done. Now I have about 4 pounds of coin from a bulk lot to go through and add them to my double list. Fun times. One day I will be all caught up.​Better busy than bored.

[résolu] Australasia/Pacific Round 2C CLOSED
Posté le : 06-02-2017, 15h51 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Australasia/Pacific Round 2B CLOSED
Posté le : 06-02-2017, 15h51 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Australasia/Pacific Round 2A CLOSED
Posté le : 06-02-2017, 15h47 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Asia round 2D CLOSED
Posté le : 06-02-2017, 15h47 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Australasia/Pacific Round 2D CLOSED
Posté le : 06-02-2017, 15h46 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Asia round 2C CLOSED
Posté le : 06-02-2017, 15h46 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Asia round 2B CLOSED
Posté le : 06-02-2017, 15h45 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Asia round 2A CLOSED
Posté le : 06-02-2017, 15h45 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


Bank Notes
Posté le : 06-02-2017, 13h57 dans Banknotes • A great site for banknotes and a good site for coins, but not as good as this one.

I am Back!
Posté le : 03-02-2017, 13h46 dans Free discussion

Welcome back.

Does Numista have a site for banknotes?
Posté le : 02-02-2017, 17h13 dans Banknotes

While I actively collect banknotes and have traded with many people on this site, I don't mind Numista being coins only. Sometimes it's just easier to accept things for what they are. Numista is a coin site, and a great one. I have learned a lot and expanded my coin collection greatly here. I am thrilled with it as it is.

World coins chat: Faroe Islands
Posté le : 31-01-2017, 14h10 dans Free discussion

"During World War 2 the British minted Danish coin designs without mint and privy marks for exclusive use on the Faroe Islands. These Faroese issues from 1941 were not backed by Denmark which was occupied by Germany, but instead linked to the pre-war exchange rate between Kroner and Sterling which had been equal to 22.4Kr/£ since 1933. Older Danish banknotes were overstamped so that they became Faroese." • Can you show examples of the Faroese issues and the Denmark issues, so people can see the difference? I think that would help people looking for these rare coins find them easier and not buy Denmark issues by mistake. • Thanks, • John

[résolu] Australasia/Pacific Round 1c CLOSED
Posté le : 30-01-2017, 14h35 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Asia round 1e CLOSED
Posté le : 30-01-2017, 14h34 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Asia round 1h CLOSED
Posté le : 30-01-2017, 14h34 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Australasia/Pacific Round 1b CLOSED
Posté le : 30-01-2017, 14h33 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Asia round 1f CLOSED
Posté le : 30-01-2017, 14h32 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Asia round 1g CLOSED
Posté le : 30-01-2017, 14h31 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Australasia/Pacific Round 1d CLOSED
Posté le : 30-01-2017, 14h31 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Australasia/Pacific Round 1e CLOSED
Posté le : 30-01-2017, 14h30 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Australasia/Pacific Round 1f CLOSED
Posté le : 30-01-2017, 14h29 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Australasia/Pacific Round 1g CLOSED
Posté le : 30-01-2017, 14h29 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Australasia/Pacific Round 1h CLOSED
Posté le : 30-01-2017, 14h29 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Asia round 1a CLOSED
Posté le : 30-01-2017, 14h28 dans Most Popular Coin Contest

1. Two dragons top one elephant

[résolu] Australasia/Pacific Round 1a CLOSED
Posté le : 30-01-2017, 14h27 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Asia round 1b CLOSED
Posté le : 30-01-2017, 14h26 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Asia round 1d CLOSED
Posté le : 30-01-2017, 14h25 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] Asia round 1c CLOSED
Posté le : 30-01-2017, 14h25 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


300 Countries club - the 2017 blog
Posté le : 27-01-2017, 14h00 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Frenchlover"​ • Citation: "JRo69"​I am not sure why North Korea is in the purple category. More than 23 members have coins from this country.​​Only one member of the club is missing North Korea. Surely an oversight, or ... he waits to get a coin that really circulated in North Korea and it's more difficult to get than the bunch of coins which never circulated that are on sale from this country. ​I am sorry. I misunderstood. These are stats for members of the 300 Club, not overall Numista membership. • I have several nations in the lists, but not 300 nations total. Someday soon I hope to a member of this club. Thanks for the clarification.

Jewellery made of coins
Posté le : 26-01-2017, 14h20 dans Free discussion

I like it. I am thinking of getting a coin ring as my engagement ring. I just wonder what my wife will think.

[résolu] World Banknotes
Posté le : 17-01-2017, 13h37 dans Banknotes

Citation: "Oklahoman"​Fingers crossed that someday you can go to numista to find your numismatic banknotes.​Agreed. I think there is enough interested among members of this site that the same quality collection and members' expertise could be duplicated for banknotes on Numista.

300 different types from one country club
Posté le : 05-01-2017, 20h04 dans Free discussion

I don't have 300 coins from any country besides the US, much less 300 types per country. That is quite an accomplishment.

Coins of Australia are really huge
Posté le : 05-01-2017, 14h07 dans Numismatic questions

I have found the older coins of Mexico to be very large and very heavy.

Coin sawing
Posté le : 02-01-2017, 17h21 dans Free discussion

Back in the 80s, someone was doing this in Ohio. I still have a JFK cut out bust from a 1964 half dollar.

Foreign finds! (2016 edition)
Posté le : 27-12-2016, 13h25 dans Free discussion

Christmas Eve CoinStar find: 2011 Canadian Quarter! Thanks to Cerulean and others for tipping me off to this goldmine. I've found several Canadian, Mexican and Euro coins, as well as U.S. coins in my searches of CoinStar machines in my area.

A little hello to warm up colleagues of Northern Tier
Posté le : 16-12-2016, 13h38 dans Free discussion

Citation: "ALLRED1950"​ Forget the snow. it is the wind that sucks. We have an air temp of 9 degrees F with 10 to 20 mph wind.​Technically, the wind blows, not sucks

John Glenn
Posté le : 11-12-2016, 15h51 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Frenchlover"​On Tuesday, the twentieth of nineteen sixty two, when John Glenn was rotating around the earth, there was no question of letting the cat out of the bag, but me out of my mother's belly That's awesome. Now we too have a connection, for Feb. 20 is my parent's wedding anniversary.​

New Coin?
Posté le : 10-12-2016, 20h59 dans Numista coin catalogue

Citation: "monge"​It is open! • ​Can you please try to get a better picture? • ​, that is the best I can do. I am not much of a photographer, and the quality of the coin is pretty poor, which is why it was in the bargain bin. • ​

Help to identify please
Posté le : 09-12-2016, 16h56 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "pabandom"​#1 • ​1 heller Hessen-Cassel 179something. • ​ • ​ • ​Cant find it on numista. • ​ • ​ • ​Are you sure diameter is 8.6mm not 18.6? • ​ • Can we get this added to the Numista Catalog?​

Christmas gift contest, the draw
Posté le : 07-12-2016, 1h49 dans Free discussion

Received my gift from Redcclise96. I, being the adult child I am, couldn't wait until Christmas to open it. • A beautiful 5 Zlotych commemorative coin: • • I love it, and very nice Christmas card. • Thank you Michael and a Merry Christmas to you too.

[résolu] Language in advanced search
Posté le : 06-12-2016, 3h20 dans Numista website

Where has the language feature gone in the advanced search. You can no longer search for a coins using the Arabic, Asian, Cyrillic and other languages. This was a great tool for identifying coins. • Can we please put this feature back?

I just found in my change a 59 year old nickel in XF. Of all the things
Posté le : 30-11-2016, 14h06 dans Free discussion

That it is a P is amazing. I have 30 Ds from 57 and only 5 Ps. Great find Darryl

2016 Walking Liberty Gold Half Dollar on sale
Posté le : 18-11-2016, 1h12 dans Free discussion

I would love one, but don't have the money to spend on it. The original coin was beautiful and this is too. • Anyone want to "lend me" $900?

Micronesia and Northern Mariana Islands
Posté le : 16-11-2016, 13h55 dans Numista coin catalogue

The circulating currency in these two territories is the US Dollar, just like the circulating currency in French Guiana is the Euro. On the map, French Guiana is lit up when the member has French coins. The Azores and Madiera Islands are lit up for Portugal for the same reason. Yes, if those members have coins from those territories, their spot on the map will reflect that. • All I am asking for is consistency. Light up the Mariana Islands and Micronesia for members who have the US. It counts against these two territories because they don't have coins of their own, only tokens, according the countries list.

New Zealand Earthquake
Posté le : 13-11-2016, 18h02 dans Free discussion

I hope all our New Zealand brethren, and all New Zealanders, are safe after this earthquake.

Christmas Gift Contest 2016 - already 96 nominees
Posté le : 04-11-2016, 2h46 dans Free discussion

Citation: "ALLRED1950"​ Just a thought, There is one guy from Brazil. I know they are have issues sending coins out of Brazil. He can send a bank note. If it helps match with me, I have no new notes from Brazil. I have 15 to 20 notes ,but no new ones. Just a thought , I don't think there are any issues with me send a coin to him.I recently completed a swap with a Brazilian member. I sent him coins and he sent me banknotes. No problems and an excellent swap on both sides. • ​

A topic just on US Lincoln cents
Posté le : 29-10-2016, 16h07 dans Free discussion

I have found many spectacular wheat pennies in the leave a penny take a penny bins at local convenience stores. I think mainly, people held on to them for years in change bins in their homes, then cashed them in for face value, not realizing their age or value. • Not sure I've seen a 1958 with a filled in 8 though. I'll have to check mine.

Christmas gift contest 2015 - 36 nominees
Posté le : 25-10-2016, 17h50 dans Free discussion

I am in again this year!

Goals for 2016
Posté le : 25-10-2016, 13h49 dans Free discussion

Citation: "JRo69"​Goal Added: To complete the Numista Map.Nine dots to go. ​Missed this one thanks to my air conditioner dying before my birthday. So instead of coins, I chose cool and comfort. • This is an achievable goal for 2017.

A dark topic...¿What will happen?
Posté le : 24-10-2016, 13h49 dans Free discussion

I am looking forward to passing on my collection, as humble as it is, to a niece or nephew who would appreciate it and enjoy it as much as I do. And if I can't find that, I'll give it to or sell it to someone who wants it. • I knew when I started collecting as a boy, that my coins would outlive me, as they outlived the person who originally handled them. I am OK with that.

France bans sending coins via mail
Posté le : 12-10-2016, 17h03 dans Free discussion

Citation: "PajaSkot"​Good, this makes me feel better. :) • ​I am from Serbia, but currently live in USA. When I visited Serbia earlier this year, I wanted to swap some coins, and I went to the post office and they refused to take my mail. I thought only my country is crazy :) • ​ • ​Sending coins from USA is not illegal. I heard that sending silver and gold to other countries (including coins) is illegal, but I am not sure about that. • ​ • ​​The postal officers in the US have made it clear to me on several occasions that sending coins and currency through the mail is prohibited. They have flat out refused to send packages containing these items (so muchfor honesty). Now I tell them I am sending magazines or pictures.

[résolu] Searching by coins wanted
Posté le : 10-10-2016, 17h32 dans Numista website

I know at the bottom of each coin's page is a list of users who want to swap the coin, but can we implement a list of users who want/wish for the coin as well?

New country
Posté le : 10-10-2016, 15h42 dans Numista coin catalogue

Since you added Darfur, can you finally merge Burma and Myanmar, merger Spitsbergen and Svalbard, and remove Tanganyika? • Burma and Myanmar, and Spitsbergen and Svalbard share the same coins, so I propose to the leadership council/decision makers that they have one listing each, such as Burma/Myanmar and Spitsbergen/Svalbard. • Tanganyika is Tanzania and should be removed from the country list unless Tanganyika specific coins are found. • This should reduce the country list to 404.

Hurricane Matthew
Posté le : 07-10-2016, 13h47 dans Free discussion

My friend, coincidentally named Matthew, had his trip to Myrtle Beach, SC, delayed by a few days because of the storm. But at least he's not going to face the wrath of the storm.

Looking for Transit tokens
Posté le : 07-10-2016, 13h39 dans Swaps and trades

I have transit tokens from NYC and Sidney, OH, if you'd like them.

The Numista Car Topic
Posté le : 06-10-2016, 17h02 dans Free discussion

• My dream car - a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. • But I drive a Hyundai Accent. • Beer Budget, Champagne Taste

Redesign the dime
Posté le : 06-10-2016, 16h57 dans Free discussion

I like the idea.

[résolu] I'd like to thank someone I can't find the username of
Posté le : 29-09-2016, 20h16 dans Free discussion

I am betting it's Allred1950. Darryl said in a different topic (200 Banknotes Club) that he had some notes for you. • And they are nice ones too.

Is it just me - coin clubs
Posté le : 27-09-2016, 18h00 dans Free discussion

This company sells Crown sized coins: •

Weird lot purchase
Posté le : 24-09-2016, 0h19 dans Free discussion


Micronesia and Northern Mariana Islands Map
Posté le : 20-09-2016, 14h44 dans Numista coin catalogue

I have a suggestion/question. • Because these two countries have been removed from the countries list and wiped off the map, can their dots on the map be highlighted if a person has USA coins, similar to other countries that are using a different currency, such as French Guiana and Cocos (Keeling) Islands? Or, can we light the dots on the map if you have coins from these countries, even if they are tokens or fantasy issue.

Anyone found some 2016 coins in circulation yet?
Posté le : 14-09-2016, 15h55 dans Free discussion

200 countries banknotes club
Posté le : 12-09-2016, 15h55 dans Banknotes

UP to 99 with the arrival of an Aruba 10 Florin note today. Plus 4 other countries on the way.

Problems with Brazilian post
Posté le : 09-09-2016, 19h12 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "Elby Anderson"​ • Citation: "JRo69"​As pessoas podem ainda moedas de correio para o Brasil?​ • ​​Yes, arriving Ok. • ​ • ​The problem is sending abroadObrigado​

[résolu] Tanganyika
Posté le : 02-09-2016, 14h30 dans Numista website

Can we please get Tanganyika removed from the country list? There are no coins from Tanganyika, they are all Tanzania. • When you click on Tanganyika, it shows Tanzanian coins. • This country should be removed from the list.

Can anyone help me finish off my 30's 40's, 50's U.S.A. Nickel Book?  Looking for some common coins to trade please :-)
Posté le : 30-08-2016, 13h49 dans Swaps and trades

I can help. • I have a 39D, 41SD, 2 46Ds, a 47D, a 48D, 2 49Ps, a 49D, 2 51Ps, a 52D and a 52S, a 53P and a 53D. • Unfortunately, I don't have spares of the rest of the coins. • Send me a PM so we can work out a swap. • John

Coin Collecting
Posté le : 27-08-2016, 16h11 dans Swaps and trades

Finding lots of countries is definitely difficult. One tip is to find dealers or sellers who have bulk bins - but sell coins individually - then scour through them looking for the countries you want. You can find some rare countries in there for cheap - I found a French Indochina, French Afars and isaas and others this way. • Also find a world coin dealer who sells coins individually and find his bargain coins. I have increased my country total that way by spending only $1 to $5 per coin. • Another tip is to try and swap with members on this site. Many are in the same situation you are in and are willing to trade for coins they like. It's a very nice community and there are many treasures to be found here. • Put your coins - even your common ones - on your swap list, because you never know what people are looking for - many people want coins by year, so your common coin could fulfill someone's need. • All that being said, for some countries, you will have to[...]

Anyone want to trade their coins for uncirculated world currency?
Posté le : 18-08-2016, 13h36 dans Swaps and trades

Yes, Steve. The link provided takes the user to their own wish list, not to yours. Sorry about that.

750 pesos Colombia coin silver PROOF, Hummingbird - Thomas Cipriano
Posté le : 12-08-2016, 13h59 dans Swaps and trades

Here is another ebay seller: • • A little more affordable.

Additions to your collection August 2016
Posté le : 09-08-2016, 20h51 dans Free discussion

No pictures, but I received the current selection of Icelandic kronurs - 1, 5, 10, 50, and 100 - from a friend's daughter who was passing through the country. And a 500 kronur note. •

Looking to buy/swap all french coins 1795-1959
Posté le : 04-08-2016, 13h16 dans Swaps and trades

I only have a few coins you are looking for on my swap list, but if you check my collection, I am sure we can work out a swap for some of my older French coins.

Share your favorite banknotes here! :)
Posté le : 03-08-2016, 2h15 dans Free discussion

Citation: "neilithic"​The most boss banknote ever....the Cook Islands $3 note has a naked female riding on the back of a shark. • ​ • ​ • ​ • Is this is a circulated note that one could get today?​

Postal restrictions on mailing coins/currency
Posté le : 27-07-2016, 14h05 dans Free discussion

So far this year, I have read posts from people in Nepal and Brazil talking about how the postal services in these countries are restricting/banning the mailing of coins and currency to other countries. At my local post office, they mention the same restrictions. At first, it was just certain to countries, such as Ukraine. But now, it's a blanket ban on mailing all coins and currencies. • I find this to be a big problem towards swapping. • Is anyone else experiencing this problem and do you have any solutions - with the exception of lying to the clerks?

[résolu] South Arabia
Posté le : 14-07-2016, 3h53 dans Numista website

Thank you Xavier!

Sydney, Ohio is a country?
Posté le : 03-07-2016, 5h15 dans Numista coin catalogue

I might be able to solve this. I have 5 transit tokens from Sidney, Ohio that I put up for swap. I think that is why they are listed in the swap section. I don't think they are listed in the country list though. • if you want one, send me a PM.

Numista members' banknote swap list and collection on Colnect
Posté le : 03-07-2016, 5h00 dans Banknotes

JRo69 (same as here) • Collection: • Swap list: • My swap list is small, but I am sure we can work out swaps of notes from my country list, particularly of countries I have two or more of.

What are the biggest Numista problems?
Posté le : 24-06-2016, 3h14 dans Free discussion

Consistency with the Map

[résolu] Surprised by Post
Posté le : 10-06-2016, 13h52 dans Swaps and trades

I have found the US Postal Service won't ship coins or currency to any country. I have to tell the postal clerk that I am sending documents or photos. Otherwise they refuse to ship the parcel.

[résolu] Stopping The Capitals.
Posté le : 04-06-2016, 18h55 dans Free discussion

Agree. • I like what you have to say, but not how you say it.

Muhammad Ali
Posté le : 04-06-2016, 16h57 dans Free discussion

Anyone else sad to see the passing of Muhammad Ali? • He was a great boxer and was a better person. • The world is lessened a bit without him in it.

Inexplicable generosity from a perfect stranger
Posté le : 02-06-2016, 13h38 dans Free discussion

Reds' story is proof of why I love being a member of this site. While there are a small number of scammers and trolls, the vast majority of members are generous to a fault, including with their knowledge of coins and willingness to educate newbies.

Possible Japanese coin
Posté le : 02-06-2016, 13h36 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I have found this site is extremely helpful for determining Japanese medals: •

[résolu] Double Countries in Countries List
Posté le : 30-05-2016, 0h57 dans Numista website

I recently bought a coin of Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, and when I looked it up on the Internet, I learned that was the name of the country known as Yugoslavia before the name was officially adopted. • So I am not sure if it should be its own country or a subset of Yugoslavia.

This is why we shouldn't change US banknotes
Posté le : 25-05-2016, 3h33 dans Free discussion

Chicken nuggets aren't mashed up as much as they pureed into a paste and poured into a mold, then coated in 'breading.' • Still gross though.

Coin crimes
Posté le : 20-05-2016, 2h49 dans Free discussion

Making art like that has been done for years. In high school, many moons ago, I had an Eagle necklace that was the reverse of a standing liberty quarter (US). Still upset that I lost it.

Additions to your collection May 2016
Posté le : 19-05-2016, 18h20 dans Free discussion

Citation: "apuking"​5 new Medals and Tokens for me in May • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​Those are AWESOME!!!!!

Pretty rounded score
Posté le : 15-05-2016, 23h50 dans Free discussion

Keep doing that voodoo that you do so well!

Just because I'm bored.....
Posté le : 11-05-2016, 17h23 dans Free discussion

Back to the topic. • I would get everyone in a room, get them all really, really high, and work out all our differences over a big bowl of Doritos.

Posté le : 10-05-2016, 14h38 dans Free discussion

Hahaha. • As always, sound advice Phil. Thanks

(For My USA Fellow Members) Any Tips on the Safest and Possible Cheapest Way to Ship to Europe
Posté le : 27-04-2016, 17h23 dans Swaps and trades

Using bubble mailers adds to the cost. I have found that out. The postal service in my town uses the thickness of the envelope as a barometer, and bubble mailers, while adding security, add to the cost. • I am still trying to find a cheap method as well. Hopefully we'll get some good advice.

Does the USA have enough artisans to replace the dead presidents on banknotes?
Posté le : 26-04-2016, 15h37 dans Free discussion

I am just wondering after looking at other countries' banknotes, many of which feature artists and other famous people, but not politicians, does the USA have enough of these - and could this nation ever come to a consensus - to replace our litany of dead presidents and politicians on USA banknotes? • Thoughts?

Any idea what token this is?
Posté le : 22-04-2016, 3h55 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I don't know what that is, but it looks like thes symbol is the Russian Eagle. • That might give you a starting point. Good luck.

Members of Numista; what is your age?
Posté le : 19-04-2016, 15h40 dans Free discussion

Negative 5 on the Mayan calendar, 46+ on the Gregorian calendar.

Looking for Canadian $1000 note
Posté le : 18-04-2016, 20h06 dans Swaps and trades • They have 3, but they are $1,400, $1,400 and $1,500.

I found silver in circulation!
Posté le : 18-04-2016, 18h45 dans Free discussion

I often worry about finding old/silver coins in my change. • It makes me wonder if a person down on their luck had to spend it because they were out of cash. • My other thought is it might be a friendly collector trying to make someone's day. • I hope for the latter.

Should the Northern Mariana Islands coins count as tokens?
Posté le : 17-04-2016, 23h03 dans Numista website

So if Northern Mariana Islands are removed from the coins list, shouldn't it be lit up on the map for people with US coins, similar to other nations on the map?

Guidelines for what is allowed in the tokens section
Posté le : 14-04-2016, 15h41 dans Numista website

Can we have a section for countries that use coins strictly as ceremonial or for collections, hence they are called tokens, such as Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Northern Mariana Islands. • These should be separated from the tokens that represent businesses and industries, such as transportation tokens and telephone tokens. • Thanks, • John

200 country club
Posté le : 11-04-2016, 18h52 dans Free discussion

Just made the 200 club in March and now at 206

Suggestion on birthday gift
Posté le : 10-04-2016, 23h57 dans Free discussion

Citation: "neilithic"​Well George III was in the 4th movie, so that will give you an idea of when it was set • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​You know, my wife wanted me to be more like a pirate like Jack Sparrow, so I gave her what she wanted, I started drinking copious amounts of rum, didn't shave or brush my hair or wash myself for a couple of months.....I guess women are never satisfied. • Hahahahahahahaha​!!!!

[résolu] gone I am trying something new in gave away. Netherlands 1 cent ONLY OPEN FROM 4/9/16 to 4/15/16 gone
Posté le : 10-04-2016, 16h48 dans Free discussion

Hi Darryl, • I have only the 48 from your list, but also a 57, and several other earlier cents from 1877-1942). I would like to be considered to receive a few of these coins as I would like to get a set of the Netherlands' cents coins. • Thanks, • John

Philippines coins subdivision
Posté le : 09-04-2016, 17h35 dans Numista coin catalogue

Talk to the team. They just did the same thing with Czechoslovakia

She's gonna kill me...
Posté le : 08-04-2016, 15h52 dans Free discussion

Try being 1500 percent nicer to her. That might be your only hope

Banknotes with sequential serial numbers
Posté le : 07-04-2016, 14h20 dans Swaps and trades

I would like one of the 2031 notes please

2016-Dated Coins Found in Circulation
Posté le : 04-04-2016, 2h01 dans Free discussion

Just picked up a 2016 P Dime, in of all places, the coin star machine at my local Kroger. It counts as my first coin star find, along with a quarter, another dime and two pennies. 47 cents in all.

[résolu] MPCC V: D2 (reset round)
Posté le : 01-04-2016, 20h05 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] MPCC V: G3
Posté le : 01-04-2016, 20h04 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] MPCC V: F3
Posté le : 01-04-2016, 20h04 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] MPCC V: E3
Posté le : 01-04-2016, 20h04 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] MPCC V: B3
Posté le : 01-04-2016, 20h03 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] MPCC V: A3
Posté le : 01-04-2016, 20h03 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] MPCC V: C2
Posté le : 01-04-2016, 20h03 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] MPCC V: H2
Posté le : 01-04-2016, 20h03 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] MPCC V: B2
Posté le : 23-03-2016, 23h08 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] MPCC V: G2
Posté le : 23-03-2016, 23h07 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] MPCC V: F2
Posté le : 23-03-2016, 23h06 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] MPCC V: E2
Posté le : 23-03-2016, 23h05 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


Posté le : 23-03-2016, 23h05 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] MPCC V: A2
Posté le : 23-03-2016, 23h04 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


Proposal to Depict Lady Liberty as a Black Woman Meets Widespread Resistance
Posté le : 23-03-2016, 18h14 dans Free discussion

Yeah, as much as I would like one, I don't have that much money for this one coin - gold or silver.

[résolu] MPCC V: E1
Posté le : 19-03-2016, 3h02 dans Most Popular Coin Contest

No one, even me, mentioned that SHA is not Northern America. At best it should be Africa. • Just saying.

Additions to your collection March 2016
Posté le : 11-03-2016, 3h09 dans Free discussion

I added three great coins thanks to a swap with Hambi: • - complete with first day cover and five stamps. • - 1970 • - sealed on a presentation card. • I also got a 1965 Churchill crown coin from polisciprof, which is my first crown. I also received several other excellent coins in this swap. • So my March additions have been very strong.

[résolu] MPCC V: B1
Posté le : 10-03-2016, 18h51 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] MPCC V: C1
Posté le : 10-03-2016, 18h51 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] MPCC V: F1
Posté le : 10-03-2016, 18h50 dans Most Popular Coin Contest

#1. Great options. Both are awesome.

[résolu] MPCC V: G1
Posté le : 10-03-2016, 18h20 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] MPCC V: H1
Posté le : 10-03-2016, 18h20 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] MPCC V: A1
Posté le : 10-03-2016, 18h19 dans Most Popular Coin Contest

# 1

[résolu] MPCC V: D1
Posté le : 10-03-2016, 18h18 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


Anyone want to swap gold with me
Posté le : 08-03-2016, 22h52 dans Swaps and trades

I'll swap some gold coins I have from Atlantis.

MAP - Relative values of every country's highest-valued coins
Posté le : 27-02-2016, 17h14 dans Free discussion

Citation: "ngdawa"​ • Citation: "dptashny"​Nah - we almost never use dollar coins (ever). • ​​ • ​​The only place dollar coins are used is for public transportation (and even then mostly in the Northeast).​​Alright, well that's too bad. I was hoping I could expand my USA collection a little with a few more dollar coins, since I'm going to the States this summer. Hopefully I'll manage to pic some up on my roadtrip from Arizona to Seattle Maybe they're all out there in the wild west? • When you are in the US, go into any bank branch and ask a teller if they have any $1coins. They probably won't be in uncirculated condition, but many tellers have them. Good luck and enjoy your trip.​

Need coins gone
Posté le : 23-02-2016, 1h20 dans Swaps and trades

PM sent!

Coming to America ... (from Kyrgyzstan)
Posté le : 11-02-2016, 14h05 dans Swaps and trades

Unfortunately, you will not be near me during your visit, but have fun and happy swapping!!!

Ethics... How to deal with Registered Mail
Posté le : 11-02-2016, 13h55 dans Swaps and trades

It's odd. When I go to my town's post office, the clerk tells me I can't send registered mail to overseas addresses. Luckily, I have completed several overseas swaps without incident (knock on wood).

[résolu] Any Python Experts?
Posté le : 05-02-2016, 20h22 dans Free discussion

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Say no more!

Guidance needed on coins missing in swap
Posté le : 03-02-2016, 18h04 dans Swaps and trades

How long has it been since the swap? Also, I would check with the post office from where you sent the coins, as in my first international swap, I mailed the coins to Israel, but the clerk typed in Ireland on the postal form, so it took about a month longer than it should have for the person to receive the coins. • If patience doesn't solve the problem, I think you should return all the coins to your swap partner. • But that is just one person's advice. I am eager to see what others in this forum think.

Questions about swap rules
Posté le : 29-01-2016, 13h04 dans Swaps and trades

Great advice from a great member of this site. We should all be so wise!

Micronesia tokens - official??
Posté le : 25-01-2016, 15h22 dans Numismatic questions

I am confused by the map policy as well. • Several nations that no longer produce their own currency or haven't in years - Azores, Reunion, Madeira Islands, British Indian Ocean Territory, French Guiana for example - show on the map as the country whose currency they use - Portugal, England, France. (So if I have French coins, Reunion shows up on my map, even though I don't have a coin from Reunion.) • But other nations that don't produce their own currency or haven't in years - Micronesia, St. Pierre and Miquelon, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Spitsbergen - do not show up on the map if I have coins from the country whose currency they produce. • Based on this logic, shouldn't the countries of Micronesia, St. Pierre and Miquelon, Greenland, Faroe islands, and Spitsbergen light up if I have coins of the USA, France, Denmark and Norway/Russia? • Can someone clarify the guidelines for the Numista map in terms of these countries? • Thank [...]

Question (Urgent)
Posté le : 25-01-2016, 14h02 dans Swaps and trades

If the postal clerk asks, I tell them I am sending photos. That worked when the clerk wouldn't let me send coins to Ukraine. I went to a different post office and told them the package was photos and no problem.

Denied swap. Click, which really don't have a sense
Posté le : 10-01-2016, 16h28 dans Numista website

If denied swaps are removed, some people might continue to try and make swaps with people who already denied them. And you know there are members who will do that. • Nobody wants that. • Maybe denied swaps can be minimalized or placed in the folder so they cannot be so prominently viewed, but they should not be removed.

Your first purchase of 2016
Posté le : 05-01-2016, 14h14 dans Free discussion

I just purchased an uncirculated St. Pierre and Miquelon 1 Franc (KM1) for $10 from my local coin shop. • Pretty happy with my purchase, even if I overpaid. • Sorry, no picture at the moment.

Mega coin for Christmas!
Posté le : 29-12-2015, 17h22 dans Free discussion

That is a cool gift. You have a nice sister.

Happy Christmas
Posté le : 24-12-2015, 16h00 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Coinman48"​Jingling coins, jingling coins, • ​Jingle all the way • ​ • ​Merry Christmas (or holiday of choice or just the solstice or new year) to all in Numista. Their God bless them everyone! • ​ • ​Will • ​Well said Will. • Every have a safe and happy holiday season and upcoming year!

December 2015 - additions to your collection
Posté le : 10-12-2015, 21h19 dans Free discussion

Just added 5 new coins, thanks to Pipo7 in Belgium: • Bhutan 1975 5 Chetrums • Falkland islands 1985 1 Cent • Isle of Man 1977 1/2 Penny • Maldives 2012 10 Laari • Myanmar 1991 25 Pyas • Very nice coins and a very nice addition to my collection

Which Would You Leave Your Daughter or Granddaughter....
Posté le : 06-12-2015, 14h41 dans Numismatic questions

The Morgan, based on age alone.

For all US collectors that collect by year
Posté le : 25-11-2015, 14h54 dans Swaps and trades

Maybe you should be a little more specific on the coins you need. Your post doesn't give any indication of the specific coins you need.

What are your most wished for coins up to now?
Posté le : 19-11-2015, 2h36 dans Free discussion

My most wished for coins is the Belarus 1 Ruble Sedov or any ship coin in that series.

[résolu] Add grades on swap selection page
Posté le : 17-11-2015, 2h43 dans Numista website

I agree. This will help to better identify the coins to be swapped without having to go on a wild goose chase.

A prayer for Paris
Posté le : 14-11-2015, 2h25 dans Free discussion

Prayers for the people of Paris and the world tonight.

Additions to your collections: November 2015
Posté le : 06-11-2015, 1h40 dans Free discussion

Received a super nice Kiribati 2 cent coin from 1979 to complete my swap with Babymomo. It is also my 150th nation!!!! • Sorry, no pic

[résolu] Links
Posté le : 19-10-2015, 21h12 dans Numista website

Thanks House of Ham, • That works for me.

New Swedish banknotes
Posté le : 15-10-2015, 17h28 dans Banknotes

Is anyone who has one of the new 20 Kronor notes interested in swapping it? I would like to get one, so you can send me a PM. • Thanks

[résolu] Should I clean the coin?
Posté le : 14-10-2015, 1h56 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "Fluke"​Leave it, if you clean it all numismatic value will be lost. • ​ • ​You should never clean a coin unless it is unidentifiable, for example covered in verdigris, the green cancer.If I have a coin with verdigris, what is the best way to remove it without damaging the coin or ruining its value. I picked up a nice Argentine coin in a bulk swap, but there is a big verdigris spot on it. Any suggestions or thoughts? • Thanks, • John​

[résolu] What is your opinion on the status of AUSTRIA in the Numista catalog?
Posté le : 12-10-2015, 0h47 dans Free discussion


Sports topic
Posté le : 28-09-2015, 4h02 dans Free discussion

Whoo, a vote for Disc Golf, a sport I was turned onto last year and really enjoy. Good to know there are other enthusiasts out there.

International shipping advice?
Posté le : 27-09-2015, 19h45 dans Swaps and trades

My advice is to make sure the postal clerk gets the country code correct. My first international shipment was supposed to go to Israel, but the clerk marked Ireland on the shipping label. So instead of 1-2 weeks, it took more than 1 month for the coins to arrive. • I just completed a swap with a member in the Netherlands that took 1 week.

Which is your favorite coin?
Posté le : 27-09-2015, 6h58 dans Free discussion

• This one, that I received from my aunt when I was a child.

Foreign Finds >> 2015 edition
Posté le : 23-09-2015, 23h30 dans Free discussion

Last year at work, I found a $20 Jamaica coin under the cash register in the cafeteria. Nice!

Queen Elizabeth becomes the longest-reigning British monarch!
Posté le : 23-09-2015, 3h21 dans Free discussion

With her four portraits and all the countries under the empire, has Queen Elizabeth II appeared on the most coins in history?

Redesigning US coinage
Posté le : 19-09-2015, 1h35 dans Free discussion

How about a square or non-round shaped coin? A nice rounded-edged triangle would be different. • Plus, we went to smaller coins, because, as you said, people didn't like the larger dollar coins. And we went to bills because as goods became more expensive, people didn't want pockets full of change. • I don't agree that the new dollar coins are hated, I just think people view them as a novelty or a collectible. If the US were to eliminate the $1 note, I think the $1 coins would be more readily used in daily circulation. Not marketing them as commemorative would probably help that. • I still think a little variety in size would help too. Four coins between 22 and 26 MM is not very different. • It would be fun to see though, if the US Government had enough guts to make a change.