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Swaziland 1 cent 1995
Posté le : 20-01-2019, 15h23 dans Numismatic questions

Hello, • I have this coin: • However, mine is magnetic, so it can't be bronze, it must be bronze plated steel. Is it rarer, or is it just an error in the catalog? In Krause and on the Swaziland's Central Bank's site it's marked as bronze too: • • PS: If you click on a coin image in the PDF, it redirects to Numista • Regards,

Last Scam of 2018
Posté le : 29-12-2018, 14h09 dans Swaps and trades

A collector from Slovakia (user name: jozefpalik) contacted me today and asked me to write you the following message as he doesn't visit the forum often and his English is not good so he can't write it himself. • This user opened a swap with him a few days ago but as he knew about the previous scams he denied to swap with him, and wrote him that he won't discuss swaps with scammers: • • After a short time, another new profil from Spain wanted to swap with him: • • On his main profile (this one:, the scammer stated that he will open new profiles with different locations than Hungary. Jozefpalik suspects that this new Spanish profile belong to the same Hungarian scammer.

Are there any examples of coins whose counterfeit counterparts may be worth more than the real pieces?
Posté le : 25-12-2018, 11h49 dans Free discussion

In Hungary, during the Regency, contemporary counterfeits were made of the CuNi 50 fillér and silver 1 & 2 pengő. These counterfeits are usually made of tin or lead, and if they are in a nice condition (not corroded or damaged), they worth more than the original pieces.

Coin collecting in communist countries
Posté le : 24-12-2018, 0h55 dans Free discussion

Luckily I was born after the downfall of communism in my country (Hungary), but I hear stories from older collectors. Generally speaking, from the 1970's no one cared if someon collected coins as far as it was not the hoarding of foreign currencies. In the 1980's there were a lot of illegal currency traders too, but the government didn't care if they did their business discreetly. There were no restrictions on silvers or gold coins from the 1970's. • It's important to note that communism in Hungary had 2 different faces: from 1949-1956 there were really cruel and hard communism with all the the horrible things that were present in other countries of the Eastern Block as well. After the revolution of 1956 and a 6-year consolidation period, the Communist Party (lead by János Kádár) introduced a new type of "soft" communism which was later called Goulash Communism (name is derived from the popular Hungarian dish).: • [...]

The oldest currency still in use ?
Posté le : 11-12-2018, 22h47 dans Free discussion

Cowry shells are still in use in East New Britain as a legal currency, which means that this is the oldest currency still in use and also the oldest currency system as it has the same currency unit since it was introduced thousands years ago.

Create your own Roman coin
Posté le : 09-12-2018, 12h30 dans Free discussion

I've just added this common circulating but really old coin to my collection. It was issued by a well known queen to commemorate her victory over an infamous pretender who attacked her country with an army of former slaves & barbarian hordes. The pretender also supported a bloody rebellion in the northern part of the kingdom, but the rebels were later defeated by a brave navy lord who was loyal to the queen. •

Antique reproductions?
Posté le : 09-12-2018, 12h04 dans Numismatic questions

I think they are either early reproductions or original coins that were heavily corroded, cleaned with acid and then painted to look like antique, which is a very common practice for older bronze coins.

Decimalisation around the world
Posté le : 08-12-2018, 19h54 dans Numismatic questions

According to this Numista page, the Vandals used decimal system too, but I don't know how accurate this information is. •

Additions to your collection - December 2018
Posté le : 08-12-2018, 19h41 dans Free discussion

Miniature brass 1 Forint (aluminium circulating coin with the original size is in the middle) •

is He a myth?
Posté le : 01-12-2018, 21h17 dans Free discussion

I don't really understand your question. I've just swapped with him, so I don't think he is a myth.

some kind of scam??
Posté le : 29-11-2018, 23h03 dans Swaps and trades

There are some scammers on sites like this, but I think most of them are easy to avoid if you use your common sense. It won't keep all of them away, but your chances are better. Here is my list, but please take into consideration that it's only my private opinion based on my experience. • 1, If you are a new user, only swap with collectors who have 50+ ratings. Usually 20-30 ratings are good, but as a new user you shold be careful. • 2, Don't swap with profiles that are not at least 1 year old. • 3, Don't swap with anyone who has less than 5 ratings. • 4, If your swap partner's ratings are under 10, check them one by one. If they were given by users with swap history, it's ok. • 5, Swap with users from these countries/regions only: EU (+ other non-EU member Western and Northern European countries), USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Israel (maybe I forgot to mention some other countries, but I think everyone underst[...]

Animal coins wanted (swap)
Posté le : 23-11-2018, 14h15 dans Swaps and trades

Hello, • I have Malaysia 25 sens, all of them with mint lustre. They are in my collection right now (you can view which types from my profile, just click on "view" next to my collection and then select Malaysia). I also have some Russian coins from the Red Book series. • I collect world coins by type, but I always prefer circulating coins. If you have something similar in value to offer, we can talk about it. • Regards,

[résolu] Banknote review if you please.
Posté le : 04-11-2018, 0h35 dans Banknotes

25 korona has 2 varieties, the empty side can be wavy or not wavy. One was sold around 15€ in aUNC condition on a Hungarian auction site a few days ago. It's very common, you can buy it any time in Hungary, VF banknotes sells around 5-6€ or less.

Do you test your silver coins
Posté le : 22-10-2018, 11h59 dans Numismatic questions

I only test silvers that have significantly more value than their metal content or if their melt value is high. And I always test Chinese silvers, especially dollars

Question regarding obverse and reverse not being in line (1 Forint)
Posté le : 22-10-2018, 11h55 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Hello, • Small rotations on aluminium Hungarian coins from the socialist area are very common. Even if the rotation is bigger (90°-180°) it won't bring you much money, as only a few people interested in error coins. For a nice 180° rotation you migh get the equivalent of 5€ here in Hungary. • Regards, • Balázs

October additions to your collection
Posté le : 12-10-2018, 19h19 dans Free discussion

Started the month with this lot from Nepal, all different types: • And still waiting for some Hong Kong coins from CassTaylor, hope they will arrive soon.

Coin ID needed
Posté le : 11-10-2018, 19h32 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I found it: • However I'm still interested in more information about this token.

Ready to swap :)
Posté le : 09-10-2018, 21h45 dans Swaps and trades

Hello, • I didn't find enough coins I need on your swaplist, however, I saw on your profile that you live in the UK. • I'm interested in circulating commemoratives from your country in case you have any doubles. • Regards,

Your Smallest and Largest coin in size
Posté le : 05-10-2018, 16h33 dans Free discussion

My largest coin (61 mm): • • Smallest (13.5 mm): •

Banknotes for swap
Posté le : 01-10-2018, 21h58 dans Banknotes

Württenberg and Hungary 1000 korona (the big banknote) are not available anymore. Others are still for swap until tomorrow evening.

[résolu] need your opinion"1 new penny 1982"
Posté le : 29-09-2018, 13h01 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Don't forget about the "devil face" Canadian dollar: • Or in Hungary, people thought that there is a penis and not a mushroom next to the tree on the (now out-of circulation) 200 forint banknote: •

150 Countries club
Posté le : 29-09-2018, 12h51 dans Free discussion

I started to collect world coins 2 years ago, but I haven't registered them anywhere, I 've just sorted them into boxes by country. I've started to register them on Numista a few weeks ago because I begin a new collection (one of each circulating type), so I kept the coins in the best condition and added everything else to my swaplist, so I can swap them for types I don't have yet. • Currently I have 178 countries (211 issuers) and 2905 different types on Numista, but I still have many boxes and bags to go through.

[résolu] Suriname KM# 14 year 1989
Posté le : 28-09-2018, 14h42 dans Numista catalog

I don't understand why users can't send in change requests for missing years. On the change request page I was informed that I should write on the forum abut missing years. Then here I get a message to write to the referee.... As far as I know referees can see change requests, so this rule just added one more unnecessary step to the process. So let's hope that referees read the forum, because I won't write to anyone else regarding this topic. I hate bureaucracy.

WANTED: Le Petit Prince commemorative 10 euro, any type
Posté le : 20-09-2018, 22h33 dans Swaps and trades

Hi, • If you have this coin, please check my swaplist. I'm also interested in other higher face value euro coins, but this is my top priority. • Regards,

exchange coins for tokens
Posté le : 18-09-2018, 13h44 dans Swaps and trades

Hello, • I have some tokens on myswaplist if you are interested. I have more at home, I can send pictures on the weekend if you are interested. • Regards,

Your Top 3 coins
Posté le : 17-09-2018, 22h49 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Monninen1"​​​The 8 daler is enormous, but not the largest. The largest is the 10 Daler, often also called the "Largest coin of classic numismatics". Its a few kilos bigger than the 8 daler, but sadly only 10 exist anymore from the 12000+ minted. • ​ • ​ • ​So only 10 exist in the world, but if you check its Numista page, someone added a "Rare" comment to year 1645. So if anyone has a spare common one from 1644, feel free to open a new swap.

September additions to your collection
Posté le : 16-09-2018, 16h51 dans Free discussion

Citation: "CassTaylor"​A bunch of nice, old, big silver coins arrived today : • ​ • ​ • ​1946 Romania 100,000 Lei - Mihail I • ​Really like this one! I think I'm going to go after the 25,000 Lei coin too. How many coins (other than the hyperinflation era German Notgeld) do you know with a six digit denomination? • ​Turkish hyperinflation circulating: • • • Turkish hyperinflation non circulating (there are a lot more like this, check catalogue). These coins have the largest number of digits on them as far as I know. • • Ukraine non circulating: • • There are a lot of commemorative coins from other countries as well with 100.000 on them, I won't link them all. • And the coin with the highe[...]

Help needed - British coin values
Posté le : 09-09-2018, 14h51 dans Numismatic questions

ZacUK, thanks for correcting the images. • Thanks for your answers and opinions. I think I will buy the Trade dollar and the Irish penny.

Recruiting new referees!
Posté le : 07-09-2018, 11h04 dans Numista website

If needed I can be a co-referee for Hungary. I collect Chinese coins (including the PRC), so maybe I can help there too.

Becoming familiar with a foreign language via coins
Posté le : 07-09-2018, 10h41 dans Free discussion

Thanks to collecting Soviet coins, I recognize about 80% of the cyrillic alphabet. I can also read Arabic and Chinese (and Japanese, which is the same) numbers. Collecting world coins I picked up some foreign words too (like "Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité" and "Travail, famille, patrie" from French coins). • And I think I know how to say "king" in most European languages.

Anyone collect old books?
Posté le : 01-09-2018, 1h24 dans Free discussion

I like old books. I don't say that I collect them, but if I see something nice for a good price I buy it. Here in my country these kind of books from the late 19th - early 20th centuries are quite cheap (10-15€) and they look beutiful. Also I like the authors too, and it's a good feeling to read from a 100 year old book: • This is my oldest book, it's written in Latin: •

Islamic State (ISIS) original coins
Posté le : 26-08-2018, 0h48 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "CassTaylor"​Pardoned you are. • ​ • ​@BSmith • ​Thanks for that link, maybe I am blind but where are the ISIS coins/tokens on it?​When I copied the link they were at the end of that page. But if someone adds new tokens to exonumia, the page number of the ISIS tokens (and everything in that category) may change, but as the link shows you the page and not the coins, it still guides you to p137. Now you can find them on p138.

[résolu] Coins images don't load
Posté le : 22-08-2018, 22h20 dans Numista website

Same here. And if I click on a swap in Swap Monitor, it takes a long time until it loads.

Why do some monarchs who are the first of their name have a regnal number, but others don't?
Posté le : 17-08-2018, 0h33 dans Numismatic questions

And don't forget about monarchs who had different numbers in different countries they ruled. Like this guy: • No number in Austria (he was the first): • But only No. 2 as a Hungarian king: • There was another interesting case, Charles, who was Charles VI as Holy Roman Emperor, Charles III as Hungarian King and Charles II as Bohemian king. Unfortunately he only used his Holy Roman Emperor regnal numbering on his coins.

Pound currency (not decimalized) and coins of the British monarchs
Posté le : 16-08-2018, 19h48 dans Free discussion

Hello, • I always liked the old pound currency (with the pence, schillings, crowns coins and the unusual not decimal system) and I've decided that from now I will collect them. I'm also interested in the other coins that were/are issued under British monarchs. So today I created a short list on this topic. I went through the Numista country list and marked all countries that has something to do with that coins, so first I can search through my kiloware and start my new collection. • I share the list here, maybe someone finds it useful too. If you find any errors, please write it in a comment so I can correct it. Please note that the years in this list are not always the year since the currency was in circulation. Sometimes it's the year of the last minted coin. • Here is the list: • British Territories Modern Coins • without bracket: pound currency !!!NOT DECIMALIZED!!!............................. :D • in (): circulation coins with the mo[...]

Common planchets
Posté le : 09-08-2018, 17h02 dans Free discussion

In the 1890s, Hungary produced 1, 2 and 5 leva coins for Bulgaria (they even have the mintmark of Körmöcbánya on them). They have the same/identical planchets as the Hungarian 1, 2 and 5 Korona coins of that period. • During the same period, Liechtenstein used the Austro-Hungarian Krone/Korona as its currency. As far as I know, 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 krone coins were minted in Vienna on the same planchets as the Austrian krone coins. Later Liechtenstein adopted the Swiss franc as its official currency, and franc coins were minted in Bern using the same planchets as they used for to mint Swiss coins.

Coin shop in Budapest, Hungary
Posté le : 09-08-2018, 10h55 dans Free discussion

Coin shops in Budapest are overpriced, I don't recommend them. However, the Hungarian Numismatic Society holds a coin-event once a week on Tuesdays where you can buy and sell. Usually there are a lot of sellers, and if you are lucky, you can find good deals. • TUESDAY 14:00-17:00 (you should go there when it opens at 14:00) • Budapest, VI. Vörösmarty u. 65. 1st floor

Massive amount of 1 coin
Posté le : 09-08-2018, 10h25 dans Free discussion

I have 10+ kg of each denomination: • • • They were demonetized in 2008, but these coins were so worthless that not everyone exchanged them (1 forint worth around 1/3 of the US cent). Nowadays they can be sold as scrap metal. • I also have around 20 kg of Hungarian Socialist coinage (from 2 fillér to 20 forint).

Which are the coins you want but may not be able to get for a while yet?
Posté le : 15-03-2018, 17h50 dans Free discussion

These are my favourites, but they are very expensive. •

Looking for some royal portraits
Posté le : 15-03-2018, 11h53 dans Swaps and trades

You should try to get some Roman coins too. There are really beautiful portraits on them.

200 pesetas exchange to euro
Posté le : 13-03-2018, 22h03 dans Free discussion

This coin can't be exchanged.

What's the story behind your Numista profile picture?
Posté le : 11-03-2018, 19h38 dans Free discussion

Mine is the weighing of the heart from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. • You can read about it here: • I choose it because I'm interested in the culture and history of Ancient Egypt.

hello to everyone what do you think of the new version?
Posté le : 25-02-2018, 11h21 dans Numista website

Collection management became very complicated, I don't like it.

Monuments for coins
Posté le : 18-02-2018, 22h16 dans Free discussion

Another one from Japan: • And Canada: •

Solid price guide for 1948 50 filler?
Posté le : 10-02-2018, 12h45 dans Numismatic questions

Hello, • NGC overprices that coin. Here in Hungary you can get VF for ~$4 and UNC for ~$30. • Regards, • BSmith

New facebook page about coins
Posté le : 03-02-2018, 17h40 dans Free discussion

Hi, • I think coin collecting is about sharing our hobby with others, so I've created a new facebook page. • I will take pictures of my whole collection and upload them there. • It takes a lot of time to scan everything, but I will try to upload new pictures often. • • Regards, • BSmith

Open for swap offers
Posté le : 16-01-2018, 11h38 dans Swaps and trades

Hello, • I'm open for swap offers. I have a lot of rare and higher value coins on my swap list. • I can swap them for cheaper coins too, but I will ask for more coins. • Regards, • Balázs

Unknown III. Reich miniature coins
Posté le : 26-10-2017, 14h10 dans Numismatic questions

Hello, • I need information about these coins. •

Looking for swaps
Posté le : 14-08-2017, 11h37 dans Swaps and trades

Hello, • I'm open for new swaps. • Regards,

Open for swap offers
Posté le : 25-07-2017, 17h34 dans Swaps and trades

Hi, • I'm open for swap offers again. • Please, read my profile before opening a new swap. • Regards, • Balázs

Open for swap offers
Posté le : 01-07-2017, 17h53 dans Swaps and trades

Swap list updated.

Roman and Medieval Hungarian coins for swap
Posté le : 17-06-2017, 11h55 dans Swaps and trades

Most of them still available.

Hungary 37 different coins for sale (with commemoratives)
Posté le : 24-05-2017, 22h07 dans Swaps and trades

Reduced price

5 most unexpected finds in bulk lots
Posté le : 17-05-2017, 22h34 dans Free discussion

I know a place here in my country where there are truly unsearched lots, they sell them by the kilo. Of course there are a lots of common coins, but there are some rarities and lucky finds too (with catalogue values): • 10 fillér km547 1950 aUNC $30 • 1 fillér km505 1929 xf+ $25 • 10 fillér km 507 1940 vf+ $30 • $12 CAD in $1 and $2 coins • And a lots of "little" silver coins like Swedish silver öre, US dimes, Russian Empire kopecks and so on.

[résolu] Problem with a trade
Posté le : 02-05-2017, 20h04 dans Swaps and trades

My first swap here was a bad experience too, I sent the coins but after I wrote my partner the tracking number, he didn't answer my messages anymore (and of course I didn't get any coins from him, he was a cheater). I thought in the same way as you, I didn't want more swaps. But after that I got some swap requests so I gave this site a second chance. • Now I have 78 ratings, that means 78 succesful swaps and around ~70 trustworthy swap partners (edit: that's because I had more than one swap with the same persons). So I recommend you to not give up after the first bad experience, it's a good site with a lots of friendly collectors.

Open for swaps
Posté le : 16-04-2017, 21h07 dans Swaps and trades

Hello, • I'm open for new swaps. I'm interested in Euros by country and year, Mongolia, world coins etc. • My swap prices are according to KM, see my profile for swap policies. Please only open a new swap if you read my swap rules. • Best regards, • BSmith

Advice needed please.
Posté le : 08-04-2017, 12h44 dans Swaps and trades

As far as I know, you can give a "no rating" rating.

[résolu] Middle East - Round 1B - CLOSED
Posté le : 30-03-2017, 14h42 dans Most Popular Coin Contest

Number 3 isn't Syria 1959 50 piastres. I's a 10 Qirsh from Egypt, this one: • • Also, picture of the reverse is upside down.

[résolu] Rare numismatic product coin from Bosnia and Herzegovina for swap.
Posté le : 22-02-2017, 23h04 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "COINMAN1"​I think there is another possibility that make the 'rare' issue of a coin even more difficult. Just because a certain number were known to be minted, that may no longer apply to the actual number that is still around, or even available for sale. This sometimes puts the prices up. • ​I have seen silver coins with a 10,000 mintage priced higher than a coin with a 5,000 mintage, just because the dealer had not seen for sometime. • ​This, I think, make the dedication of 'rare' very difficult.​See Hungary KM#518.2 year 1941. 22.500.000 pieces were minted, but a VF coin costs $100-150 here in Hungary, because it's very rare... What happened with the more than 20 million coins? No one knows.

[résolu] Hungary coins for sale
Posté le : 22-02-2017, 22h55 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "ken6528"​Pm sent.​Thank you, coins sold.

Additions to your collection - February 2017
Posté le : 17-02-2017, 13h27 dans Free discussion

I want to finish Socialist Mongolia this year, got some missing coins last week. •

Swaps Welcome
Posté le : 10-02-2017, 21h19 dans Swaps and trades

Hello, • I'm interested in a swap, please, check my swaplist and write me if you found anything you need. • Regards,

Looking to Swap
Posté le : 18-01-2017, 23h41 dans Swaps and trades

Hi, Check my swaplist, I'm interested in some of your coins.

Collecting goals for 2017
Posté le : 03-01-2017, 23h08 dans Free discussion

My goals for 2017: • Complete Socialist Mongolia (1925-1989) • Morocco- extend collection with some pre-1900 coins • Montenegro para coins - finish all years and maybe get some silver perpers • Try to get some key years from Hungary (1892-1989)

Have you ever received fake coins from a trade?
Posté le : 31-12-2016, 19h59 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "ArnoV"​Some time ago, I swapped a 1923 Danzig 5 Pfennige. Based on the image provided, I assumed VF grade with an NGC-value of $4, so not really a big deal: • ​ • ​ • ​When the coin arrived, I was surprised that it was as shiny as a new born baby, grade XF or even AU: • ​ • ​ • ​This raised my suspicion, and close examination with a magnifying glass only raised it more. The coin is struck weakly (green circles), has an uneven surface on the obverse (red circles), and on the reverse, the metal shows a peculiar horizontal striping pattern all over (blue circles, doesn't show well on the pics). • ​ • ​I discussed it with my swapping partner. He shared my suspicion, and he was willing to take it back, but I decided to keep it out of curiosity. • ​ • ​For now, im 95% sure that it is a replica. The only thing which makes me doubt is that a replica never comes alone, and so far I have not been able to [...]

MPCC new competition guidelines
Posté le : 17-12-2016, 11h38 dans Most Popular Coin Contest

Hi, • Before sending you pictures, I'd like to know which sections these countries belong to: Turkey (Europe or Middle East), Russia (Europe or Asia). • Regards,

Perfect/Very Close Coin Matches of Different Countries (size/color/wt.)
Posté le : 16-12-2016, 17h41 dans Numismatic questions

Here are the matches I know about: • Thailand 10 baht used instead of 2 euro • Old French 10 francs used instead of 1 euro • 10 Hungarian forint coins instead of Croatian 2 kuna

Banknotes and Austrian commemoratives
Posté le : 09-12-2016, 14h13 dans Swaps and trades

Hello, • I've just started to collect banknotes, so I need circulating banknotes from the world. • I can offer coins on my swaplist for them. I'm interested in normal banknotes in VF, I can offer fv+10% swap value for them. • I'm also interested in commemorative euro coins (not the circulating 2 euros, I'm looking for the bigger coins) from Austria and 100 & 500 schilling coins. Austrian banknotes are welcomed as well if I don't have the type you offer. • Regards,

Slovenian 3€ commemorative coins
Posté le : 05-12-2016, 21h39 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "jelle"​this let me think about a market in the Netherlands, bought 2 slovenian 3 euro's for 5 euro hahahaha​As a collector of Euro coins, I usually hunt for bigger denomination commemorative coins - and the situation is the same here in Hungary, they can be bought under face value.

10th anniversary of Numista : commemorative token?
Posté le : 24-11-2016, 23h29 dans Free discussion


What countries coins do you think are the easiest and hardest to look up?
Posté le : 13-11-2016, 21h47 dans Free discussion

I live in Hungary, for me: • Easiest: • Hungary • Czechoslovakia (+Czech Republic, Slovakia) • Romania • Yugoslavia • Poland • Soviet Union • Austria (+Habsburg) • Germany (DDR, BRD, Reich) • France • Late Roman Empire • Hardest: • Old (dated before 1945) coins from Africa and Asia

Open for swaps again
Posté le : 12-11-2016, 19h56 dans Swaps and trades

Hi, • I had some time to upload some new coins, so my 5640 coins on my list is for swap. Swap prices are written to every coin, ranging from $0.25-$50. • I collect euro coins by year and world coins by type. • If you live in a country that is not using euro as a currency, I'm also interested in your circulating banknotes. • Waiting for your offers. • Balázs

Krause Prices - Do I have to understand that?
Posté le : 07-10-2016, 23h36 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "Ecapoe"​Hello, • ​There are plenty of nice examples like that. Some errors, some not. • ​I particularly like this one (Hungarian coin): • ​ • ​It is probably not an error. The first coin was presumably destroyed after a change in political regime and hence a change in legend on the coin. It has already been discussed on this forum and others, but KM still does not make a remark. Always a bit annoying for beginners. • ​ • ​Plus the fact that the real market value is ... variable depending on who you buy it from. • ​I got mine for 1 € • ​ • ​Just to say that even official destruction of coins is not always well documented and it creates large discrepancies between mintage and values. • ​ • ​Regards, André​Insane pricing... If it's true that world collectors pay so high prices for that coin, it's time for me to buy them all here in Hungary, where VF costs $2-$3 and XF $20...

Open for swaps
Posté le : 21-09-2016, 9h49 dans Swaps and trades

Thank you very much, I got 10 swap offers. I will answer everyone, but please be patient, it will take some time to seperate all the coins you have chosen. By the end of the week, I will answer to every offer.

What to do with Foreign coins that are not demonitized
Posté le : 11-09-2016, 23h15 dans Free discussion

I accept high-face value foreign coins as an exchange on 80% of the face value ("high" usually means that I don't need the smaller cent/penny denominations, just the dollars, pounds, etc; but for Japan for example, I accept 500 yen coins only). Much better than any exchange sites you have linked. • Check my swaplist if you are interested. • Edit: For bigger amounts, I calculate on 85%.

Ready for swapping
Posté le : 07-09-2016, 9h42 dans Swaps and trades

Hi, I collect 1 and 2 euros by date, please take a look on my swaplist, maybe you find something that will interest you.

What is your country's last circulating silver coin?
Posté le : 02-09-2016, 10h20 dans Free discussion

Last Hungarian silvers were: • 200 forint 1993: • • and 200 forint 1994: • • They were withdrawn from circulation in 1998. • Historical background for these "late" silver coins: • Before they were introduced, the last circulating silver of Hungary was minted in 1947. Just imagine, just 2 years after WWII, it was made of silver in order to advertise the strenght of the new corrency, the Forint which replaced the Pengő (one of the largest hyperinflation in history happened here in Hungary, 1 forint was equal with 400000000000000000000000000000 pengő -29 zeros). This coin was introduced by the Republic of Hungary, so it showed the strength of the new republic as well. Unfortunatelly, in a few years the communists came to power (backed by the occupying Soviet forces), renaming the country to People's Republic of Hungary. • htt[...]

Looking for some additional referees
Posté le : 01-09-2016, 23h28 dans Free discussion

I would like to take Hungary, will write you a PM soon.

[résolu] Does anyone know this user?
Posté le : 01-09-2016, 17h29 dans Swaps and trades

Essor Prof, thank you very much for your help.

1935 Hungary 2 Pengo - Why so Rare ???
Posté le : 22-08-2016, 23h48 dans Numismatic questions

You can say that 2 pengő coins were melted because of their silver content so rare dates are hard to get. • But what about this Hungarian coin? • • In 1941, 22.500.000 pieces were minted (numista catalogue is wrong, I sent a change request). But nowadays, it's a very rare coin, even a rusty Fine piece sells for ~145$ (it's quite a lot money here in Hungary, where minimal wage is only ~$470 per month). I've never seen an UNC piece with original mint lust (not even in picture). • One more thing to note: catalogue value in UNC with mint lust (latest Hungarian one, based on real market prices) of 2 pengő 1935 is ~$875, while 2 fillér 1941 is ~$765 • Even Hungarian collectors don't know what happened with these 22.500.000 coins. Of course, there are theories that they were melted because the industry needed steel for the war, but next year in 1942, another 20.000.000 were produced, and those are very easy to[...]

Chance to buy bulk coins
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Here in Hungary, searched lots sell for $4-5 (US dollars) per kilo, while unsearched mixed coins for $8-10. I usually buy unsearched, but yes, it's like treasure hunting... Sometimes it's only common coins that I can only sell for $4-5/kg, but sometimes they are better. I found some rarer coins in them (could be sold for $40-50), even silver ones, and once a 1 kilo box was full of Canadian dollars coins with a face value of about $10 CAD. • I have never tried ebay, I think all of them are searched.

Old German coins by date and mintmark for swap
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I've added my German collection of old pfennigs on my swaplist, tomorrow I will add some silvers (half marks), too. • Additionally I still have a lot of pre-1945 coins on my list, check them if you are interested.

I'd like to swap
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Hi, • Does anyone want to swap with me? I Have many pre-1945 coins, please see my swaplist. • I'm interested in commemorative 2 euro coins and Hungarian coin, but I collect everything that I like, so If you don't have comm. euros, we can still swap. • Regards,