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Klippe 1733 Mexico
Posté le : 29-04-2020, 11h53 dans Coin identifications and valuations

By matching the coin closely your coin has very blunt edges of design where as the fine lines are more thicker than the coin in NGC ,this is a clear sign of cast.The design of your coin is thicker .I believe your coin will be heavier then specified weight . • Still Best of Luck ,I may be wrong and you get a pleasant surprise .

[résolu] 50 Lipa
Posté le : 29-04-2020, 6h26 dans Numismatic questions

An easy option is just type the text on Google - 50 lipa 2000 and you will get a right Numista page ,it works great . • Numista has a great catalog but I find Numista search engine too complicate and for common coins Google gives straight right Numista page .

New swap list
Posté le : 27-04-2020, 8h20 dans Numista website

Thank you Xavier for this great update, the new format is great ! Still not able to preview my selection on one page before Add to swap. The display only shows number of coin selected to - My selection ,to view the coins I have to add it swap , its same as before. • kindly add a button "View My Slection" beside the button "Add to swap" .By clicking "View My Selection" , We can see selected coins in a single page same as Add to swap page only to modify and final click to Add to swap to add them.

The passing of Derf
Posté le : 25-04-2020, 9h40 dans Free discussion

Thank you Aaron for sharing such a heartwarming story ,its really impressive to know how kind hearted and helpfull Person he was. • Although I never had any chance to have a conversation with him its very sad to know this. • My prayers are with you and you family . • The world need more people like father to make this world a better place. • My condolences are with to you and the whole family

Trading during COVID19 crisis
Posté le : 10-04-2020, 3h05 dans Swaps and trades

Its unbelievable still people are not serious !!! • People should resist themselves for this temptation of swapping for this difficult period. • At present there is focus on providing basic facilities such as food and medicine to everyone. Don't get fooled about the research on how long this virus stay on surface, what if the post man taking the letter or passing get the virus,you yourself can get infected risking you family. By NOT staying home and doing unessintial things you are just risking your and entire society life at risk . • This is the time you can do something for your Nation/Society by staying at home and doing nothing unessintial. • We all know the statement by UK premier- I keep shaking hands and keep washing them as by washing hands all virus get killed ,rest is history !

Denomination on both Obverse and reverse of a coin
Posté le : 07-04-2020, 12h18 dans Free discussion

Citation: "ZacUK"​ I have a few - will have to find them. • ​Also I have this, with the opposite - no denomination either side ... • ​ • ​ • ​ ​Thanks, That's also cool ,Coins with no denomination ! I didn't thought that

[résolu] Help Identifying these 2 Hindi or Nepalese coins
Posté le : 06-04-2020, 2h52 dans Coin identifications and valuations

The 1st is from Chola kingdom somthing like this •

Belgium 1915 5 centimes missing first digit in date.
Posté le : 04-04-2020, 12h10 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "yvon"​ • Citation: "Mr. Midnight"​There is visible difference between place where the 1 should be and the flat field around it . That does not prove it is filed off. The photo is not good enough to observe tool marks. • ​​Actually one would use a chisel to do this act not a file. • ​​ ​​That is true, filing would have damaged the edge of the coin, but with a very small and sharp chisel • ​ it must be possible.​In technical field there is numerous ways to do a single job .I belive you people must heard of jewellery files ,belt Sanders, dremel tool ,die grinders etc .A file is a basic tool to do this job very efficiently and easily ! Ofcourse you can do with a chisel but still you have to use a file to get smooth surface and with other tools which I have mentioned its as easy as scooping an ice cream. • If you want a demonstration, just send me a coin and I will make one for you .

Identification please
Posté le : 01-04-2020, 17h57 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Its seems from India bull and horse jital coin .

COVID-19 and grading certification
Posté le : 01-04-2020, 17h52 dans Free discussion

We all have different prospective to our life!!

Stay safe during the Coronavirus pandemic
Posté le : 22-03-2020, 17h57 dans Free discussion

Citation: "raduga7"​I live in Italy, in a region called Marche. We have 2153 infected on 5740 test done. • ​Last week I worked (the factory where I work produce plastic stuff for home and garden...) we are not used to masks as in Asia but we learned immediately and isn't not a shame anymore, by the masks we respect each other because we have fear, fear of infecting our families, our parents and our grannies (many die alone because covid). My granpa is 99 yo since thursday 19 march and you can imagine we didn't have a big party. Here not even neighbors can meet and you can't take a walk (max 200 meters from your house). • ​Last night our premier blocked a lot of activities maybe also the factory where I work but I still don't know. • ​There is a good thing that you can do, a message of hope, I did it with my daughter, take a white sheet, draw a rainbow, write "everything will be OK" and hang it outside the window or terrace. • ​​W[...]

I don't like this suggestion button
Posté le : 17-03-2020, 1h32 dans Numista website

A copper indian coin?
Posté le : 11-03-2020, 15h25 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Yes it's from Indian Princely state Jodhpur

Post NL changed the rules
Posté le : 16-02-2020, 15h55 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "Dutchgalego"​ • Citation: "arvin11"​I believe you are taking about CN 22 /23 declaration form ,If that is the case then it's nothing new ,I am using it from my first swap since 2017 and it's used in many countries ,we mention "Hobby supplies " !! With no problem. ​​Well the problem is, as I mention before, the new rules concerning letters and parcels. • ​Use can only use letters to send papers, may you insert other materials ( as example: leather, metal, plastic) than it becomes a parcel and than other rules are applied. The form is one of them, as well as the right to open a parcel in order to check what's inside. Besides that the post costs increased too (at least 10 euro ). • ​ • ​Positive is that you get a barcode (no track and trace). So you can prove that a letter has been sent.​Ok so its bit Canada bit UK ,I mean Canadian Post treat anything other than paper by post as Parcel ,I was very surprised when my fi[...]

Cleaned coins
Posté le : 14-02-2020, 16h57 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "manny57"​Posting I avoiding? • ​Seen so much bullshit about cleaning coins! • ​NGC) pcgs? • ​Have restoration? • ​How any numista think RENOVATION done ? • ​Cleaning! Dipping!! • ​So hope settled cleaning/ restoration! • ​First step? Dip coin/ rinse/ • ​Acetone final rinse? • ​all done! • ​Yea not usual idiot?.have sent dozens coins grading? • ​Have dipped coins? • ​Not ONE oin came back grade cleaned ! • ​300 years AGO? • ​They cleaned coins! • ​Horse/ goat hair! • ​So all? Think safe cleaning? • ​Lindner dip? Good rinse water; • ​Extra rinse distilled water! • ​Pat dry! Soak acetone? • ​Any liar out there want prove me wrong? • ​I don't post much; • ​The​I totally agree with you on this  !! • Generally speaking everywhere collectors will tell never clean a coin as it will reduce its price ,n[...]

[résolu] Funny looking token
Posté le : 13-02-2020, 16h37 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I guess it's from Austrian states ,can't find exact match on Numista

what equipment do you use to get quality pictures of coin details?
Posté le : 13-02-2020, 11h59 dans Free discussion

Citation: "pete298"​ #1- Morgan 1881-s Die Brake #2- 1884-O Capvee Clash • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ Homemade Camera Stand #3 Engraved Leaves • ​ • ​ • ​Grinya, my camera is a Nikon D3100 with a reverse mounted Vivitar28-200mm manual lens. The camera stand is homemade. Pic #1 & #2 look better here then I thought they would and #3 has better light,but more glare. I would like to make clearer,crisper pictures with minimal glare. Thank You for your interest.​Sorry ,your pictures are great but #1 Morgan has no die crack but general environmental stain ,it can be easily cleaned by acetone

Hi I ask information about this coins
Posté le : 13-02-2020, 10h49 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Those are from Iran ,Turkey and Bulgaria

Well Hello Everyone!
Posté le : 06-02-2020, 16h42 dans Swaps and trades

Is it a introduction or advertisement from a new seller ! • 7. Selling member minimum requirements: • - 3 (three) months membership. • - Minimum of 12 (twelve) completed swaps rated 10/10 over past 12 (twelve) consecutive months • Kindly refer Numista sales policy

Has anyone exchanged?
Posté le : 29-01-2020, 7h06 dans Swaps and trades

Yes People will not speak at the present ,the system is favorable for scammers ! Its like who will bell the cat first ! •

Numista collection viewer web
Posté le : 18-01-2020, 5h51 dans Free discussion

Good job ,I liked it !! there should be a function where we click on the picture and it get expand just like in the original version and two small button for view details of coin and close it .

Problem with a swap - asking for advice
Posté le : 17-01-2020, 11h54 dans Swaps and trades

There could be numerous valid reasons which are not in our hands sometimes, I remember I was in discussion for swap with a member from Brazil who had around 50 successful swap with no problem and I was new member with 2 swaps.He even shared the pictures of the coins to be swapped, he told me that he was having some financial problems as his son was ill ,he will be confirming the swap after month and contact me , soon there were negative ratings started to appear on his profile and within few weeks he unsubscribed from Numista. I believe he never wanted to cheat anyone ,we never know what happened....... • As I was very new and he had many swap he could have easily cheated me if he had any wrong intentions, but he didn't . • There are circumstances which are not with you and we get blamed .I hope the person you are swapping with is not in any big trouble and soon he get chance to send you the agreed coins ,so I guess don't loose hope and stay calm.

Raised bump on Sovereign Coin
Posté le : 14-01-2020, 15h56 dans Numismatic questions

Hi there, don't be afraid ,my view is that there is no problem with your coin ,if weight dia is correct its absolutely fine.That tiny bump is a minting error

Swap with paveldedeman was unpleasant
Posté le : 14-01-2020, 11h01 dans Free discussion

I too apologise for any distress or offense caused by my post, believe me I never has any intention to disrespect anyone ,but can't keep quite if anyone do that. • We all are human beings and there are time when anger conquers us. • I will again request everyone to stay together in this fight against scammers and do not judge them by there nationalities because good and bad people are everywhere on this earth.

[résolu] Members with swap on Road
Posté le : 13-01-2020, 11h54 dans Numista website

To stop scammers and make Numista a more safer Place for swap I propose this idea - • This can be easily avoided by active participate ......... • A simple modification on Numista can save many people,In the profile page were we can see the number of swaps on Road should have a hovering effect where we can see the IDS of member who have confirmed the swap. • Why Wait for ratings to clear up the things its like who will bell the cat first! people are afraid to rate negative first knowingly they have been cheated and wait for someone first to write rating so the cheater will spoil there ratings also if they rate negative and the crook take advantage of this silence and cheat more people..reporting a member doesn't work instantly , it take time . • If the IDs appear as swap on road, members can discuss among themselves if there is any suspicion and the issue can be handle at very initial level. I hope this would be possible in 2020 to make NUMISTA a better pl[...]

Attention: strange coincidence???
Posté le : 13-01-2020, 11h35 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "MIMAEL"​Hi have a nice day. • ​No coincidence, it's infested here fraud and creating fake accounts. • ​Follow elementary selection principles selecting a partner to exchange. Rare coin and cheaply is one of the catchers. This trickster is cunning as Fox- For those who have already sent coins, and will not receive a refund ,, But it will be difficult for him to explain - just inform the nearest police station where you sent the coins and send them a tracking number,, • ​it's all linked between these accounts: • ​ • ​ • ​already has an exchange to India on the day of opening the account • ​ • ​Here's another connection: • ​ • ​here he found: • ​ • ​ • ​Great warning to stop it, be awake a[...]

Chinese coins
Posté le : 11-01-2020, 5h44 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "Frenchlover"​1 - Korea Mun • ​2 et 4 - 10 Văn - Thành Thái • ​5 - Xi ning orthodox script • ​6 - 7 Văn - Gia Long • ​7 - Yuanfeng, cursive, is it just to make the game more difficult that you take so bad pictures ? • ​8 - 1 Văn - Minh Mạng • ​18 ?​I was waiting for comment of our Numista expert on Chinese coins !! Thank you • 19 ,20 most probably charm tokens

[résolu] "I dislike like the Suggestion"
Posté le : 03-01-2020, 8h12 dans Numista website

Citation: "ZacUK"​ Agreed. I suggested that years ago, as did others ... • ​ ​Thank you for providing the link . • Interestingly site Admin too agree with this suggestion !! hope this should be done now in 2020

Posté le : 03-01-2020, 6h14 dans Swaps and trades • • • just add these artist too !!

[résolu] A Blocking Feature
Posté le : 03-01-2020, 1h34 dans Numista website

Very Sad to see this new feature, it will help scammers, they will scam and then block you . • I don't think this is an appropriate tool at all ,If you don't want to read any message simply delete it ,Something we are angry and we will block any one but once blocked the person on the other side has no way to communicate and tell his side of story.

[résolu] Cannot enlarge photos on my phone
Posté le : 02-01-2020, 7h37 dans Numista website

Yes me too ,the Photos are not showing when clicked

[résolu] Help with specifics about this coin ca 1950 gold sikh temple token
Posté le : 28-12-2019, 10h13 dans Coin identifications and valuations

ਗੁਰ ਨਾਨਕ ਜੀ • Gur Nānak ji

[résolu] is this a coin ???
Posté le : 26-12-2019, 16h24 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Kindly google it there are many similar examples matching to your coin . •

[résolu] Bangladesh 50 paisa metal??
Posté le : 25-12-2019, 5h08 dans Numismatic questions

Thank you !!! • @ Joyeedeep87 ,bjherbison,akadotour and elcdral for your valuable inputs ,without the help our Numista community it would not have been been possible . • I believe the mystery is solved .I will request Catalog referee to kindly update the information. • Thank you and Merry Christmas to all.

[résolu] Help with unknown -Nepal?
Posté le : 22-12-2019, 5h10 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Indian Princely state Baroda •

[résolu] Coin identification
Posté le : 21-12-2019, 14h54 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Yes it looks like some kind of seal ,I have just inverted the picture so someone can identify it. •

Ancient Middle Eastern/ Greek Influence coin?
Posté le : 21-12-2019, 7h37 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Looks like from ancient India ,Taxila

2 forint coin clarification
Posté le : 15-12-2019, 13h38 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "Ionut9696"​ • Citation: "krezga"​Hello! • ​​If it is a trial strike they used to put the PRÓBAVERET word on the coins. Also from this coin exist a rare aluminium variations, but with the later dates. Can you weight the coins? • ​​​​I did weigh both of my 1970 coins on the scale that i have. Well, the darker one shows 4.2-4.3 g while the shiny one shows 4.5 g. I see that the real weight 9f the coin is 4.44g but considering that used the same scale for both coins, the shiny one seems to be 0.3-0.2 g heavier. ​your coin is simply a plated coin ,the reason for plating can't be specified ,may be some was doing experiment on it ,or someone plated to sell it as a special coin etc etc .....

[résolu] "Show More" for long swap list
Posté le : 13-12-2019, 14h59 dans Numista website

I fully agree this is a big problem if you are using your phone to check out a large swap list containing thousands of coin the web page take too much time due to big size of the page ,it would be good if there large swap lists are divided into pages 1,2,3 etc contains 500 to 1000 coins.... • In addition to this problem, selecting few coins example 20 -30 and recheck it what I selected from the thousand list coin is a big headache, So I will again request for this ..... •

Grab Bag ??
Posté le : 12-12-2019, 16h41 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "MIMAEL"​Hello. • ​ • ​ For sale coin bags on E-bay , All you have to do is have an account in the bank. You're a young 18-year-old teenager and your idea goes straight. To earn and take responsibility for ourselves. • ​ • ​But if I had to buy a bag of coins with silver from you, I would be very careful. And these are the experiences you write about. • ​I still have my beliefs, Your style (...) and the writing style of a former member ,, kolekcioner's,, • ​is the same ( ... ) -always three dots . • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​I didn't want it, just to someone here at ,, Numista ,, he didn't want a bag of coins. • ​ • ​Still try , and I wish you business good luck. The most important thing is to make a good name-then the shops go great . • [...]

[résolu] 5 rupees edge
Posté le : 02-12-2019, 16h08 dans Numismatic questions

This is not an error ,its the start & end point of security edge ,this is made when the coin is rotated to form the security edge in machine.

Fake coin that you actually got from circulation!
Posté le : 09-10-2019, 2h41 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Frenchlover"​ • Citation: "arvin11"​ • ​ • Citation: "Frenchlover"​Amazing to find a fake for a coin that worths 10 euro cents ​​​Sir ,kindly don't see it as an euro exchange point of view, here for an average Indian 5 rupees is not a very small value its same as what you value 5 euro in your country .just think about the poor guy who will receive this coin at last only to know its worthless.....​​I don't think so, you pay 700 rupees for a standard restaurant in Mumbai, so 5 rupees should not represent a so high value in India. • ​We might investigate the possibility of a game token instead of a fake, cause it doesn't get the same color.​Its not a game token at at all ,before posting here I have Google it and found that many people have recieved these fake coins in circulation ,thinking it as a new coin issued by Government of India, there is even a YouTube post on it... • It would be kind of you If you too ha[...]

Help with asian coins (chinese or japanese and indian)
Posté le : 24-09-2019, 16h06 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Hello there ....8 ,9 looks .... •

[résolu] Preview for coins selected for swap
Posté le : 13-09-2019, 8h44 dans Numista website

This is something I was requesting for ,just selecting 20 coins from 10000 coins and checking back and scrolling the whole list for what I selected is a big mess if you are using your Phone ,This simple button can save lot of time and peace of mind. • I think the preview should be simply same like the swap page where we can see the coins one below another in a straight line .

1943 D copper cent
Posté le : 13-09-2019, 3h33 dans Coin identifications and valuations

It looks fake to me ,casted coin .check out the blister on surface and rim at end of to sides.

I need HELP with cleaning old silver pesetas.
Posté le : 22-08-2019, 17h29 dans Numismatic questions

It would be very interesting to see how this could be cleaned ,In my view point these coins cannot be cleaned complete, these coins seems to be metal dector find coins ,probably damaged by sea water with very hard crust on top .

[résolu] India 25 paise 1972
Posté le : 05-08-2019, 18h42 dans Numismatic questions

Yes you are right its KM 49.1.

Coin damage - any idea?
Posté le : 28-07-2019, 5h38 dans Numismatic questions

This is done by chisel and hammer ,the chisel is placed across two side and hammered to make a line in between i.e the chisel is hammered from one side to make a line then it is placed opposite side keeping a gap a hammered the metal extend to upside to form a thick line.

Please help to identify and value this coins
Posté le : 22-07-2019, 14h11 dans Coin identifications and valuations

No.1 is not a coin it's just a charm token used in decorative strings

[résolu] Swap values
Posté le : 10-06-2019, 7h24 dans Numista website

Sir, in my suggestion the value thing should be totally stopped, it has no real relevance, for different countries the coin price is different, it depend on its availability. Numista is Best place for swap.I have seen coins value at ucoin ,they are not at all relevant to real value . • For a swap ,a coin value depends on individual who want to swap it for a coin he want and and a mutual understanding with his swap partner that what they thinks its value is and they are Happy with it ........... • Numista is not for selling ,if it has fix values for swap coins it will restrict it self to a paticular region .That would be not good for the site where the members are from all the hemispheres. That would not be good to its multicultural structure. For example ucoin values are inline with mostly Russia,but not same as US or Asian country ... • This is the main hiderenc in Ucoin and + point for now in Numista.

Turkey 100 para 1928. Would like to hear opinions.
Posté le : 24-05-2019, 16h19 dans Coin identifications and valuations

To me it seems a fake coin,casted or pressed on some different material ,this type of small pores appear during casting ,air bubble get trapped,just ckeck the damage areas .

[résolu] Medieval coin (possibly French)
Posté le : 23-05-2019, 18h55 dans Coin identifications and valuations

What about me....... who shared the link ..

Unknown coin to identify, possibly Indian
Posté le : 19-05-2019, 14h41 dans Coin identifications and valuations

1/2 Rupee deb coin Bhutan from 1800s • for correct identification clear picture is required

[résolu] Rectangular coin to identify, possibly Indian
Posté le : 19-05-2019, 14h36 dans Coin identifications and valuations • same coin posted few days ago.. • alamir Posted: 15-May-2019, 03:04PM • I think #1 is this one: •

[résolu] Cowrie Shell
Posté le : 09-05-2019, 13h19 dans Coin identifications and valuations

This lead filled shells were used by jeweler in olden times to make a weight of 1 tola (old indian weight standard for silver /gold )approx 11.66 grams to be used as a weight measurement .

[résolu] Let's see if we can post coins by the catalog country list. For the countries R-S (Currently at: Syria)
Posté le : 05-05-2019, 12h30 dans Free discussion

My tinest coin quarter cent Victoria,beautiful 14 mm • 1 rupee 1963

[résolu] Coin no.18 identify.
Posté le : 05-05-2019, 6h06 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Hi there ,its not a good idea to post so many threads,you could open 1 thread and posted all the picture in it .By creating so many useless threads just all of your coins the other coin identifying thread have gone down .

Japanese coin
Posté le : 04-05-2019, 2h15 dans Coin identifications and valuations

India: Error coins site
Posté le : 02-05-2019, 11h27 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Here it is • If you wish to contact him on any matter: • Hi email id is: • and his cell number is +919658150544 • He is very knowledgeable guy. He is not active for last 3 years ....haven't seen any updates .

[résolu] 10 Cash -China empire
Posté le : 01-05-2019, 2h33 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you everyone for sharing your expertise, Its a learning experience.This thread will help me identifying Chinese coins in future.

Helps identify face value and year.
Posté le : 30-04-2019, 19h06 dans Coin identifications and valuations

A - 50 paisa • B -1 rupee • C - 25 paisa • D - 5 paisa • E - 2 paisa • F -10 paisa • G -10 paisa • H - 5 paisa • I -50 paisa • J-10 rupees • K- 2 rupees • L-5 rupees • M-1 rupee • N-25 paisa • O- 1 rupee • P- 2 rupees • Hope this will help

Bombay Laxmi and ? - I need advice, please
Posté le : 26-04-2019, 11h44 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Its a Good Luck Token from India ,People Buy this Token before the Festival of Diwali to bring Prosperity and blessing of Goddess Laxmi & Ganesh to there family .It is gifted for same reason.... • It is like a good luck token ,that shopkeepers like to keep in there inventory box for prosperity and good fortune , people keep it in purse ,some people keep it there home temple etc ........You can call it as a charm coin,lucky token etc..

[résolu] Numista Hacked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posté le : 01-04-2019, 12h32 dans Numista website

That can't be April fool ,April fool doesn't means disrespecting"" Mother Country "".Very strange the way you people think................

[résolu] Wrong name for Vatican
Posté le : 01-04-2019, 12h10 dans Numista website

Thats not a bug ,the site has been hacked and this is done intentionally

Help to identify an old Arabic Coin
Posté le : 29-03-2019, 9h39 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Thats from indian princely state Hyderabad ,1 rupee silver

Can anyone help identify this copper coin please?
Posté le : 17-03-2019, 17h55 dans Coin identifications and valuations

This is from India,most probably from Indian state ,maratha or Gujarat . • the 2nd picture is upsides down ,kindly invert it .

Need help, India?
Posté le : 17-03-2019, 17h51 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Looks like Kashmir, dida rani coin

Micro design elements on coins
Posté le : 15-03-2019, 10h36 dans Numismatic questions this is a amazing example of micro design coins ,when I first discovered that the year of issue is written in the small star ,I was very amazed how the engraver has done it ,luckily i have this coin and see the date clearly ,the on numista picture we cannot see it ,I don't have a high resolution camera to upload the picture ...

Indian Copper? Would appreciate any information regarding origin /date of this coin. Thank you.
Posté le : 13-03-2019, 21h59 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Your coins looks like from Indian Princely State Jodhpur. • kindly provide weight and diameter to identify it accurately.

Triple die (?) 2016 D Kentucky state quarter
Posté le : 07-03-2019, 2h55 dans Numismatic questions

I don't think it triple or double die ,its simply a normal coin.American coins are heavily punched ,so it appear little 3d in picture. • ​​​​​

[résolu] Coin Possibly from Mysore, India
Posté le : 25-02-2019, 1h49 dans Coin identifications and valuations

It's a raja chola coin or its variety, Kindly post a clear picture •

Coins made from used cartridges, I know someone had a topic on these. But can not find.
Posté le : 08-02-2019, 17h29 dans Free discussion

This one is from Nepal. • 4 paisa coin •

Coin or note ?
Posté le : 07-02-2019, 14h36 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "doc_man"​They write its a coin note.​Because its a note made of metal -- so Coin note

Scammers of 2019
Posté le : 19-01-2019, 15h49 dans Swaps and trades

Hello friends, I want to share a message from a very senior member on Numista with whom I had a discuss about this.... • Hello, • After one of the posts I wrote in the facebook groups, one collector who is interested in not only coins but antiquities too wrote that this is not one person's dirty job, it's a small gang of gypsy people who are present in a lot of buy-and-sell and swap sites as well (he mentioned they tried to deceive people in a group specialised in old watches). • They use more names and addresses according to the collector, so the best way to avoid them is to not send anything to Hungary without serious background check. I'm a bit sad to advise this because this can be a serious drawback for otherwise trustworthy Hungarian newbies. However in my opinion if someone is honest it won't be a problem for him/her to send first until he/she builds up a good swap history. • Don't send anything to Hungary if the person you send to doesn't have at lea[...]

Yearly World Coin Collection
Posté le : 12-01-2019, 6h05 dans Free discussion

Its Good to know about your project ,But I think its a tough thing to do as 2018 has passed by just few days.Generally speaking getting a coin from same year and last year is always difficult .In my country India ,I have not seen a single coin of 2018 yet and only 2-5 coins of 2017 .It will be amazing to see how many coins you get from India 2018 ! Good Luck...

Acknowledgement Post
Posté le : 11-01-2019, 8h23 dans Swaps and trades

I hope the TEAM NUMISTA will do justice with following profiles also ...................... • •

Inconsistent moderation?
Posté le : 07-01-2019, 10h50 dans Free discussion

Citation: "druzhynets"​Dear moderators, you can safely ban me from forum for 1 or 2 months, I will neither get disappointed nor will leave the site. My mistake was to get on the same level of abuse as those guys did and I deserve a similar punishment.​Dear Sir ,Kindly do not leave the Site you are doing a great job at MPCC  ! • Just don't participate in the MPCC contest ,I have never seen a referee being the player himself ,judging himself and winning Himself the contest he is refereeing ....................

Happy New Year!
Posté le : 01-01-2019, 2h04 dans Free discussion

A very Happy New Year 2019 to all Numista members .....

Last Scam of 2018
Posté le : 29-12-2018, 14h30 dans Swaps and trades

I too got the message about this Oscar 1972 , Jozefpalik contacted me also ,probably the same person again.The Admins can easily detect this they has access to web site.

some kind of scam??
Posté le : 24-12-2018, 10h17 dans Swaps and trades

India cheater
Posté le : 01-12-2018, 6h28 dans Swaps and trades

This statement is totally false as (Kasinathan )Mr Anoop Sasidhara Kurup is lying .Check the Track 17 snapshot on Custom has informed him about the parcel has been held and address notified . This is very standard process Custom follow in India ,As people bring all sorts of material example i-phones,Drones,electronic chips by post to escape Taxes, so custom held the item send a Register letter in the name of person to whom the letter/parcel is addressed to ask about the content and its value and then open the parcel check it verify and evaluate it .Then next process is if they contain is legal they charge additional Taxes if applicable and release the item. • There is absolutely no such restriction by Mumbai Customs ,to send or receive coins as gift/hobby item if its well pack and not too heavy.........I my self has received international swap Last month (November )passed from Mumbai Custom one from Czech Republic,1 from Canada and my 2 post are on the way to Belgium . &bull[...]

Is this an error or post mint damage, on this Canadian 1 cent 1967
Posté le : 10-09-2018, 3h58 dans Numismatic questions

This is indeed a PDM,this coins has got a welding spark spot,the metal has mealted at that point ,anyone who has work with welding jobs can easily identify this.

10 Korun Tomáš Masaryk
Posté le : 02-09-2018, 17h45 dans Free discussion

Beautiful looking coin,with a great story.....thanks for sharing this....

Rs 200 note series
Posté le : 01-09-2018, 17h24 dans Free discussion

Hi friends, today I went to ATM for some cash, to my surprise I got a wonderful series in Rs 200. • It was my wish to have one 786 number note, as it's very popular in Asia sub continent as this is sacred number to Islam followers. These are very much in demand on eBay. Although I am not much in note collection, but this is very interesting piece to keep. • The series start with 781 and end at 805, if anybody interested in any special number note from this, can contact me before I spend them. I will prefer coins with exchange of note.

More Indian coins
Posté le : 01-09-2018, 3h11 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Coin no1 seems from Kashmir kingdom ,dida rani coin

Unusual transaction involving coins
Posté le : 16-08-2018, 4h02 dans Free discussion

WoW what a interesting story...

Two Indian Empire coins ?
Posté le : 31-07-2018, 18h13 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Looks very similar to this •

[résolu] Help to identify coin
Posté le : 26-07-2018, 17h51 dans Coin identifications and valuations

It's from Thailand •

Coin Collecting as an Addiction
Posté le : 25-07-2018, 18h55 dans Free discussion

How to show banknotes for swap?
Posté le : 24-07-2018, 14h43 dans Banknotes

simply add them in your Profile (What he/she wants)and every 1 can see it ............

[résolu] Please help me!
Posté le : 20-07-2018, 17h12 dans Coin identifications and valuations

10 paisa, Nepal

Indie-Falus , jital , Help.
Posté le : 18-07-2018, 19h38 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I guess you Falus coin is this

10 Francs - Congo - Democratic Republic
Posté le : 01-07-2018, 18h19 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Don't think its a rare coin as NRI on numista itself is 18,may be all the coins that were with the Mint and national banks were only recalled and melted.

[résolu] Japan?
Posté le : 23-06-2018, 18h47 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you Madam

Sher Shah Suri Paisa?
Posté le : 22-06-2018, 18h37 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Kindly help me to identify this coin. • I am confused.... •​ • • My coin • Dia 23-24 mm, 5mm thick, weight -21 grms

[résolu] Shipping question !
Posté le : 18-06-2018, 13h13 dans Swaps and trades

packing coin in aluminium foil just give peace of mind ,it don't help in reality .I have seen customs catching both packs with and without foil.

[résolu] 1943 New Zealand Half-crown. (50% Silver)
Posté le : 14-06-2018, 11h09 dans Swaps and trades

I too agree , more than half post on Swap and trade are only related to sales though nothing bad in it ,this particular post should not be single out .May be Admin should split the Forum into 2 parts - SWAPS AND OFFERS ,TRADE AND TRADE to make things clear and easier...........

Indian coin #1
Posté le : 11-06-2018, 14h57 dans Coin identifications and valuations

looks like Dam coin from mugal period

Lalimli Mills Cawnpore Commemorative KGV 1911
Posté le : 07-06-2018, 8h58 dans Coin identifications and valuations

These type of Tokens were made by the private company to show there support and respect to British Rule at that time it has nothing to do officially ,there are many tokens like this for example Peace Celebration Calcutta school 1919 token ,there is no much information about these as these were never a officially minted by British rule. • I have not able to find any information officially made by any Standard Token Catalog for India Tokens collectors. •

Peseta, help wanted!!!
Posté le : 06-06-2018, 19h24 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I don't think it has any value, it is simply punched with a number /alphabet punch available in Hardware stores. Anybody can make this type of token, simply by hammer punching the punch. •

[résolu] Coin Picture with Grade
Posté le : 04-06-2018, 17h23 dans Numista website

Hello friends, • Numista is a Great site to check your coin with the picture on Numista to match the details etc... It would be Great help if the Grade is written with the picture of coin on Numista so users can compare their coin with the example picture on Numista. It would be Great help and educate users to improve there Grading Skills and proper categorizing their Collection. • I would also suggest that Numista user should provide better grade coin pictures which they find that they have better than the current loaded on the site.

Colombian 500 pesos
Posté le : 02-06-2018, 19h37 dans Numismatic questions

I have just purchased this from eBay as I liked the design of the coin and didn't thought much about it. Now when the the coin is with me I tried to find a similar coin, but it seems this it the inner part of a, 500 pesos. I guess this is a error coin, seems somehow passed from the Mint. I didn't find any post mint damage for example machining mark or cut mark etc, • Kindly help if someone knows about one. • •

FREE COIN - New Zealand 20 Cents - Elizabeth II 4th portrait (AU)
Posté le : 26-05-2018, 10h29 dans Swaps and trades

Hello Sir,Greetings ! Its a beautiful Coin, I would love to have it  !

Stripey Lustre
Posté le : 25-05-2018, 7h31 dans Numismatic questions

This is a type of error during production of sheet metal forming for minting of coins, for understanding this you have to understand how coins are minted. Coins are minted from sheets of metal roll. These sheets are made from a large chunk of metal which are rolled in rollers to make it flat sheet to different thickness. During this rolling process the thin layers of metal get pressed one upon another during rolling process - it usually occur in the starting point and end of the sheet. As these are thin layers one upon another pressed by rollers, with time it react with environment more that a single sheet as single sheet has less pores than this layers of sheet due to this coin and appear like a wood finish or lines.

Riddle from Bhutan: I miss one Ngultrum
Posté le : 24-05-2018, 14h58 dans Free discussion

Three lovely young girls visiting Bhutan want to drink a beer. • The barman requests 10 ngultrums per beer. 3 x 10 = 30 ngultrums • The boss decides to make a gift to these girls and charge only: 25 ngultrums • and gives the difference to the barman: 5 ngultrums • Quite embarrassed to give change, • the barman gives back one ngultrum to each girl, 3 ngultrums • and keeps the remaining 2 ngultrums. 2 ngultrums • Let us count: • ( Girls paid each 10 - 1 = 9 ngultrums totaling 27 ngultrums; 3 x 9 = 27 ngultrums ) • The barman pocketed 2 ngultrums; + 2 ngultrums • The total is 29 ngultrums. = 29 ngultrums • From 30 in the beginning, where is [...]

Some medal or something
Posté le : 21-05-2018, 17h56 dans Coin identifications and valuations

This bell looks same as on 1/2 dollar coin, seems to be from USA

One very ugly US dime. That looks like big die failure. And post mint damage
Posté le : 21-05-2018, 17h52 dans Numismatic questions

This damage is due to contact with high speed flame, probably from gas torch. The metal is melted from the edge.

Attention to the swap partners
Posté le : 18-05-2018, 17h25 dans Swaps and trades

Write his address in his rating so it would be freeze and no can delete it there. You post here would be deleted as soon as any admins of this forum find your post.,so hurry up

Trouble mailing coins?
Posté le : 15-05-2018, 8h06 dans Free discussion

Currently my three mails are held by customs ! don't know what they are up to one from Canada,1 from Italy and one I was sending to Belgium i hope they will release them soon .It depends on Luck I never had any problem in any of my earlier swaps.good packing is always important ,But it still depends on Customs what they want to do with your post.........

Show me your error coins! :)
Posté le : 13-05-2018, 9h04 dans Free discussion

• From left 1st, 2nd are error coins, it was tough to find and identify this...

Spain 1906 Centimo (grade/value)
Posté le : 11-05-2018, 18h17 dans Coin identifications and valuations

It's XF... Very fine details are visible . • Too good to be grade VF

[résolu] India: Paisa - Pratapgarh KM#40
Posté le : 10-05-2018, 7h30 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I guess this coin is from Shivaji period Maratha empire

[résolu] Maybe India?
Posté le : 07-05-2018, 18h37 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I guess its from Dhar state

Wow just learned something new about Canada victory 5 cent 1944 Km#40a, It has a coded message on it.
Posté le : 22-04-2018, 18h28 dans Free discussion

After reading this ,This coin is in my wish list...hope to get some day.Thank you for this information.

[résolu] Open letter to Xavier and membership in general ...
Posté le : 07-04-2018, 7h26 dans Free discussion

Hello derf ! • I would request you not leave Numista ,but limit yourself from Forums (etc etc).I can understand your pain,few months ago I was also very disappointed by few events on numista ,due to some barking birds who are retired guys ,dont have anything to do in life just give free lectures ... its very easy to say do not bother things on numista ,but we can't keep Ourself from expressing our views because we are very much attached to numista emotionally and we find this site as our.This is a mistake ,I also thought of giving up the membership due to this emotional turmoil ,but my Dear friend Ivan suggested me Not to get involved in forums useless discussion better concentrate on your collection ,Swaps and enjoy coin collection enjoy your life with family .This was the reason I took up the issue of changing the icon of Your coins to My Coins ,As I love the site as foolishly admired it as my site .This is not MY Site ,its a public forum,and I as a individual I like to keep [...]

Tossing coins into places (previously 'Hiroshima Great Torii - loads of coins!')
Posté le : 31-03-2018, 10h45 dans Free discussion

You should never pick those coins, picking coins from a shrine is like stealing them. It's not like you find a coin in the garden or on road !

Coin Grading
Posté le : 30-03-2018, 12h01 dans Numismatic questions

Thank you this tutorial, but it's not clear, very theoretical. I guess to understand better if some one can provide picture of any one coin with all these grade it will be a great help. A Single coin from POOR >>>>>MS70

Stainless steel pennies?
Posté le : 26-03-2018, 11h18 dans Free discussion

Stainless Steel is the best material for coins.Italian Government is very wise to start this trend.For this Best example is Country like India ,Bangladesh etc where coins are subjected to very harsh condition,coins are thrown at worship places,coins are thrown in vegetable market,fish market,beggars bowl,fast food shops and many more.coins are used very roughly ,still the stainless steel coins the inscription ,picture are intact compare to cupro-nickel coins,I personally hate Aluminium coins I remember when I was young we had 5,10,20 paisa coins of aluminium and they were in very bad condition ,I never saw a good coin in circulation when I was young.Only now after almost 20 years I see XF coins on Ebay and I wonder where these coins come from.Technically aluminium is not at all suitable for coins it corrode very easily,bend very easily and get damage is very shot period. I guess there is only some kind of Business Interest of Governments to use aluminium for coins as a Person with ba[...]

[résolu] Bhutan 1/2 Rupee (1 Deb) Which type?
Posté le : 26-03-2018, 7h01 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "arvin11"​Yes on Zeno they will identify your coin.There are several listed on zent you can match your coin.He helped me to identify my Bhutanese coin.​

Identification needed Bhutan coin
Posté le : 19-03-2018, 10h35 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Hello friends........Finally It has been identified. • Ma-tam, KM#8.2, B 12.03, 1840-1865 • • Thank you PetrusAscanus.

1903 Half Crown - Grade please
Posté le : 17-03-2018, 15h57 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Definitely VF + ,still beard is visible, hairs around ear are prominent.

Coin shops in Hiroshima, Japan
Posté le : 14-03-2018, 12h55 dans Free discussion

You are a lucky Guy ! Japanese coins are beautiful...

What's your coin with the highest Numista rarity index?
Posté le : 13-03-2018, 7h40 dans Free discussion

I have this token rarity 97, I guess I am the only one on numista to have this . •

World coins chat: Indian States
Posté le : 11-03-2018, 7h20 dans Free discussion

Before the Partition of India in 1947, There were 565 Princely States, also called Native States, existed in India,which were not fully and formally part of British India, the parts of the Indian subcontinent which had not been conquered or annexed by the British but under indirect rule, subject to subsidiary alliances. • Out of these 565 , At least 125 states produced their own coinage, mainly in the period from 1800 to 1900, though a number continued to issue coins until the 1947. • The Sikh Empire • The Sikh Empire (also Sikh Khalsa Raj, Sarkar-i-Khalsa or Pañjab (Punjab) Empire) was a major power in the Indian subcontinent, formed under the leadership of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, who established a secular empire based in the Punjab.The empire existed from 1799, when Ranjit Singh captured Lahore, to 1849 and was forged on the foundations of the Khalsa from a collection of autonomous Sikh misls . At its peak in the 19th century, the Empire extended from the Khyber[...]

New Update...
Posté le : 27-02-2018, 4h59 dans Free discussion

Thank you ADMINs to bring back the Old version with this button,Truly appreciate you effort and taking Things Positively! • I truly believe this Old Good layout is a Trademark for Numista WebSite.Its simple approach is Great to work with. THANK YOU .Xavier

[résolu] MPCC 2018 - NORTH AMERICA - FIRST ROUND - 2
Posté le : 25-02-2018, 18h16 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


[résolu] MPCC 2018 - NORTH AMERICA - FIRST ROUND - 3
Posté le : 25-02-2018, 18h15 dans Most Popular Coin Contest


New Numista layout - do you like it?
Posté le : 25-02-2018, 18h05 dans Free discussion

For me the old version was, quick and easy to use. This new version is bit complicated. • I think there should be a button that allows us to use which ever version we are comfortable with. I don't think the value function will be helpful as a local coin in India will never have a same value in UK or US vice versa. The value of a coin depends on many factors.

Additions to your collection - February 2018
Posté le : 22-02-2018, 6h08 dans Free discussion

Citation: "MIMAEL"​Hello • ​Winning auctions of coins-Today I got, for the idea I show the final price 1 Kč ( CZE) = 0,05 USD • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​that China is the only fake too for CZK 1 • ​ • ​ • ​ Ahoj Ivan​Great deal........You are Lucky

[résolu] What is its name and where is it from?
Posté le : 21-02-2018, 15h36 dans Coin identifications and valuations

It's a diary milk token the logo is of Mother Diary Milk Cooperative

Free Israel coins
Posté le : 09-02-2018, 15h57 dans Swaps and trades

Hello Sir, may be you can consider me...

Rarest Coin/Token in your Collection
Posté le : 31-01-2018, 17h46 dans Free discussion

Citation: "MIMAEL"​Hello • ​I added this token to Numista. • ​ • ​​ • ​ • ​Numista Index rarity: 97- because it's me! • ​I did research from period material. I found out everything about Britannia - Coal Mining in the Czech Republic during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. However, the second token or production information for which I was designed was not found and not found. • ​ • ​Is it rare if only one is preserved? Or are there more? • ​" Who gives me information about the existence of the other and what it was intended for my colleague- (first) I will send a gift of a coin" • ​Ahoj Ivan​The writing on token is related to Germany, as German companies write A.G. at the end of company name • The translation of this is • LIFE MEDIUM BEARING VER BRITANNIA CARBON Works A.G. SEESTADTLD. ROBERT BAY

ID india
Posté le : 23-01-2018, 17h13 dans Coin identifications and valuations

It's (char yar) or four friends coin of mugal Emperor Akbar . The four corners of this square coins denotes for friends.

Free coins for a new collector
Posté le : 22-01-2018, 5h39 dans Free discussion

Hello Sir, I like to collect old coins and tokens.. It would be nice if you can consider me.

Please help identify this Ottoman empire coin
Posté le : 21-01-2018, 5h26 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I think it's... •

Coins with planes/first flight commemoratives
Posté le : 06-01-2018, 17h06 dans Numismatic questions • Its a nice coin

Help with several Indian princely states and Mughal coins
Posté le : 06-01-2018, 2h32 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Your,, 6th coin is •

Need help identifying this coin
Posté le : 05-01-2018, 18h26 dans Coin identifications and valuations

The picture is not very clear. Kindly upload a clear picture.

A humble request to Numista users
Posté le : 04-01-2018, 13h19 dans Swaps and trades

Citation: "VieillePile"​[all 2018 posts deleted; VieillePile]​Good job Sir....

World coins chat: Portugal
Posté le : 03-01-2018, 17h51 dans Free discussion

Macau was also a colony of Portugal. • • Intersting article.... Thanks

[résolu] 3 Coin Give Away! Open to all Members!!! Contest Run Dates: December 01, 2017 to December 31, 2017!!! Open to all members!!!
Posté le : 03-01-2018, 8h02 dans Free discussion


Happy New Year, dears !
Posté le : 01-01-2018, 15h57 dans Free discussion

Happy New Year to everyone. .

What coin is this?
Posté le : 25-12-2017, 8h30 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Look like from Kushan Empire.....

Coin ID please
Posté le : 24-12-2017, 6h05 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I guess I have found it... •​ • Kindly confirm friends...... My coin looks like copper..

Are there triple die coins?
Posté le : 21-12-2017, 18h56 dans Free discussion

Practically there can be triple, 4,5,6,..... • die coin. You have to understand how coins are made. In a press machine when a coin is accidentally punched twice it is called double die coin. And in worst case a coin accidentally can punched N- number of times before it can stopped. • One more reason for this is when die or punch get loose from its base, with every stroke of machine it shakes little bit forming a double letters appearing on coin. Before the machine operating realise this, hundreds or thousands of coin get punched with double lettering • The only thing is how these pieces accidentally comes out of the Mint.

[résolu] 1 Jital Nasir al-Din Mahmud Delhi Sultanats 1246-1266 AD
Posté le : 21-12-2017, 17h03 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Seems to be Jital coin from sahai, post Hindu dynasty. (Afghanistan North India area)

Possible Indore coin?
Posté le : 17-12-2017, 11h21 dans Coin identifications and valuations

The coin is from Indore, but the the coin is not same as the side is not matching, I cant find same coin in numista catalogue.

How do you come to grade coins?
Posté le : 14-12-2017, 15h29 dans Numismatic questions

A coin can be UNC, but still Xf or VF due to high production or blunt die set.

Problem with my 200 Rupiahs (Indonesia, 2003)
Posté le : 10-12-2017, 18h40 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Looks like a paint or a nail Polish, try xylen, acetone or paint thinner to remove it.

Help cropping photos
Posté le : 02-12-2017, 15h40 dans Numismatic questions • I think that is not a token but a washer used in bolts, of HILTI tools, •

Isaac Newton and coins
Posté le : 25-11-2017, 7h24 dans Free discussion

Thank you for Sharing this.....

Coin identification and valuation
Posté le : 16-11-2017, 15h28 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Coin1=Syria • Coin 2=Lebanon

[résolu] The person in 5 Swiss Franken
Posté le : 12-11-2017, 16h59 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "ArnoV"​It's the legendary Wilhem Tell. • ​ • ​ • ​I think the description ought to be updated accordingly. • ​ • ​Not for the least known for his famous apple shot: • ​​Thank you for the information.... • I thought the image is of a boxer, ready for a boxing match • It's a beautiful coin

3 Mughal Coins - Can you help with these?
Posté le : 11-11-2017, 17h26 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "Parimal"​Yes, you are right with your coin attribution. • ​ • ​1] Sikh Empire - 1 Rupee - Ranjit Singh - Date VS1869 • ​ • ​Price will be around 40$ • ​ • ​2] Sikh Empire - 1 Rupee - Forzen Date VS1885, actual date 1894 • ​ • ​Price will be around 60$ • ​ • ​3] Bengal Presidency - 1 Rupee - RY#45 • ​The coins is worn out at location which would help to identify exact mint marks. • ​You can see this link for more details • ​Price will be around 25$​Thank you Sir.... • Very beautiful coins.. I wish, one day I will get them in my collection. • I would request kindly add translation of these coins inscription, if possible. • I would be great help to understand the coins and there rich History

[résolu] Islamic coin unknown 2 ?
Posté le : 11-11-2017, 5h01 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I guess 1293 (1886) 2,009,000١٢ (mintage in 1886)

[résolu] Coin polishing/cleaning.
Posté le : 09-11-2017, 17h04 dans Numismatic questions

Coin cleaning topic is discussed several times . I will request moderators to add this to Numista documents, So everyone can access it.

Requesting help to identify coins
Posté le : 09-11-2017, 16h09 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Coin No. 1 is from Thailand • • No. 2, 3 - from Japan • •

Are all coins from Hong Kong fake?
Posté le : 09-11-2017, 15h36 dans Free discussion

What does this exactly means....

Can you help me with this one?
Posté le : 09-11-2017, 15h28 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "Jadish"​What does it say? Nepal Rail (cant make out the R word)​That's not Nepal Rail • It's Nepal rupee 1

Damaged Arabian coin
Posté le : 08-11-2017, 18h03 dans Coin identifications and valuations

reverse side picture????

Modern high mintage coins that are rare/scarce
Posté le : 07-11-2017, 13h35 dans Free discussion

Republic India has many coins that are modern but rare.. • for example... • 1996 - Rs 2 - Neetaji Subhas Chandra Bose • 1996 - Rs 5 - Crop Science Conference2005 - Rs 5 - 75 years of Dandi March [Cupro-Nickel Issue] • 2006 - Rs 5 - ONGC [Cupro-Nickel Issue] [1] • 2007 - Rs 5 - 150th Anniversary of Bal Gangadhar Tilakj • 2007 - Rs 5 – 150 Years of War of Independence [Cupro-Nickel Issue] • 1969 - Rs 10 - Mahatma Gandhi Centenary • 1970 - Rs 10 - Food For All • 1972 - Rs 10 - Independence Jubliee

How do I see a members collection
Posté le : 07-11-2017, 13h30 dans Free discussion

Citation: "maju"​Hi I wanted to see the collections maintained by Joseph Kunnappally. How do I see it?​ • Check this Coin ,It has been by added by Joseph Kunnappally. • He has a great contribution in Numista for adding numerous British India coins,Republic India,etc and many more........... I am also a fan of Him.

[résolu] Indian states and kingdoms
Posté le : 03-11-2017, 9h40 dans Numista coin catalogue

Citation: "apuking"​I understand it now what you mean. • ​ • ​Yes I also agree in the "My coins" it would be great if the German States, Indian States... could be grouped together next to eachother. • ​Im sure Xavier could be able to implement that.​Than You for your reply,I guess this problem will be solved promptly... • Its astonishing to see the Indian states coins scattered in many pages Alphabetically..... Now I don,t know which coins I have which I don,t I have to check each page....

[résolu] 1 Rupee mint mark needed
Posté le : 03-11-2017, 9h03 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I think this is indeed Mumbai mint with error in mint mark,possibly a die error.

Mint marks & Edge types for Republic India
Posté le : 02-11-2017, 16h31 dans Numista coin catalogue

Very very nice thread... • I will request Kindly add this to Numista documents, so it will accessible easy.

Worst Swappers
Posté le : 02-11-2017, 13h27 dans Free discussion

Citation: "oggy"​An update on this. In addition to the suspicious users thread we'll be adding an extra little tool. • ​ • ​This will check for postal codes/zip codes as suspicious when you enter them, and also flag them up by message. It's all green flagged, so we're just waiting for the coding/implementation now.​ Thank You Sir,For taking up this issue .....and everybody on this thread..... • .It will make Numista a more secure swapping site.! • You can consider my suggestion of Locking the swap if exceed a permissible numbers,Number of swap = Number of rating ,to start again I guess!

big guessing game from the hamster
Posté le : 30-10-2017, 13h51 dans Free discussion

Citation: "Andy289"​@arvin11 in the bottle not outside ​ok then I guess 850

[résolu] Broken Die or Joke
Posté le : 29-10-2017, 8h26 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you Sir Camerinvs..... • I Have a proud feeling to be associated with numista. I truly believe it should be a site which make a benchmark, set standards to identify coins, token. It should be responsible, Respectable forum. • But things like this is very sad. My son is * year old... I had a thought that when he we be older, together we will share our coin collection and I will introduce him to numista, but with this situation where a coin is intentionally modified, a coin of a country which is known for democracy, freedom and rights, a coin issue by official Government is shamed like this wilth a made up story which did not have any reliable source is proudly added in catalog, are we up to numbers or Quality? Extremely Sorry but, the best coin identifiers are here in this topic, but No body opposed this wrongdoing. • May be I am wrong , it's a cultural differences.... As most people do not find this wrong.

milestone ..
Posté le : 28-10-2017, 16h40 dans Free discussion

Well done Sir..... • I Wish you Good luck, By Grace of God you will soon reach 10K mark.....

Ping/ Ring test how accurate is it ?
Posté le : 24-10-2017, 16h47 dans Numismatic questions

Hello Sir... • It is not necessary that two coins will give a similar tone. • If the weights are similar of two coins(if measured very pricesly it will be never same ) ,it's diameter is identical, still there is chance that the ping sound will be not similar. Reason for this is if the coin has a Crack line inside, or a a small pore, which are formed during casting, pressing metal and cannot be seen with naked eye then the sound get obstruct, causing different tone. Only by X-ray it can be determined. • This doesn't mean you coin is fake, it's only that it has failed one test, even if the coin is genuine , technically it is a faulty coin. • I hope I am able to give you the explanation about the sound of your coin.

Hungary gold coin
Posté le : 24-10-2017, 15h18 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Hello ,may be this will help.....

Gold Hungarian coin
Posté le : 23-10-2017, 13h19 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Good job Sir MIMAEL...............

[résolu] Coin to identify, early Russian?
Posté le : 17-10-2017, 19h45 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I guess it's from Islamic state

Please help identify and value these coins
Posté le : 17-10-2017, 19h27 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Hello friends... • I too agree.. But.. • How will you feel if someone ask for swap, receive your coins, updated in his collection an didn't reply a single time of your 26 messages... At Least if he replied my single message and told me that for some reason he cannot send me coins, I would have Happily agreed, at least I had a genuine Friend. We all have some problems in life. • I am very disappointed with this, before swap He used to reply very promptly, but after he received coins he stopped. Everyday I was waiting and watching how he was adding coins in his collection. It proved He was on numista. I was very Happy that I have a friend in Pakistan, I told my all friends about him,Now I am very embarrassed in front of my friends when they ask me about my new friend in Pakistan and my swap with him. I am disheartened by his behavior. • But I am hopeful of make a good friends on Numista by grace of God an a never ending Hope.......... ,

The China Doll Dodge City-a funny token...
Posté le : 15-10-2017, 17h20 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "JLHare"​[Moderator Note: 18+ Post only. Please do not click the links if you're a child] • ​ • ​Link doesn't give a year. Sorry. • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​My brothel tokens. • ​ • ​ • ​​So sad to see this... Kindly remove this... Do you want kids to see this... • So shame, when you write My B....... Token

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I think .......: • 1874 ─ grade: rank: VF35 • 1876 ─ grade: rank: VF30 • 1881 ─ grade: rank: VF20 • 1885 ─ grade: rank:F25

Silver Indian Coin/Token
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It's a very common token available in jewelry shops, people buy this as a charm for prosperity on Diwali festivals generally

Are mints killing coin collecting?
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Citation: "ngdawa"​I don't see the point in this. Why make a thread about "I hate these crappy commemoratives!"? We all collect different stuff, some collect US pennies, some collect colourful commemoratives, and other collects circulated world coins. • ​I don't see threads like "Everyone who collects US coins only are no real collectors" or "I hate Euro coins, don't you agree?" and stuff. • ​If the mints are issuing colourful, glow in the dark coins, who cares? If you like them - buy them, if you don't like them - don't buy them. But don't make a fuzz about it. Apparently people like them since the sell out, time and time again. And Maybe there are new colletors here who recently started off buy getting these cool coins, then they find this thread and realize that the oldtimers don't fully accept them as collectors at all. Well, there we lost a new generation of collectors. • ​ • ​Enjoy the fun of collecting, don't ma[...]

Miss USE of Tracking number.
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Miss use of tracking number. • Some people are miss using tracking number for register mails, In many case the shipment is received but on website it shows the letter is still on the way. the person receiving the coins pretend that he has not received . • Be aware of this malpractice and kindly swap with only people with good ratings….. • I believe many have experience this …. • For example I have received the shipment, and acknowledge my swapping partner that I have received his coins .but on Tracking site it is still on the way…..same for my coins it was showing that coins were struck at Mumbai Airport but my swapping partner has confirmed that he has received the coins. • tracking numberRW899782846IN still same information • Interestingly our swap is completed.( India –Belgium) • Friends..Kindly share your experiences

Help with ancient islamic coins?
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Seems like Islamic state coins

British Museum Numismatics Summer School
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It's very nice to see the amazing coins, • It's very surprising that they have allowed you to touch these amazing coins bare hands... No gloves etc...

[résolu] can someone recognize that ancient bronze?
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Seems from Kusana age coin

[résolu] Please help identify this coin
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Citation: "@josephjk"​Nepal. Upper image is upside down... • ​ • ​Legend: Tribhuvan Bir Bikram Sahadev • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​​Sir it this coin

2nd Copper Coin for recognition!
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It looks like a dam coin of mugal Empire.. weight approx 20grms

Biggest coin collecting mistake
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Thank You Sir pnightingale for sharing your experience ,thought and your wise words...

[résolu] ​Khwarizmshahs, 'Ala al-Din Muhammad, 1200-1220, broad AE muzaffari "dirham", type of Balkh
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Citation: "dltcoins"​Khwarizmshahs, 'Ala al-Din Muhammad, 1200-1220, broad AE muzaffari "dirham", type of Balkh, undated. Album 1723. • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​Although there is some superficial similarity, note that the Nepal coin is inscribed in Nepali (Indian) letters while this coin is inscribed in Arabic.​Great Sir... Thank you.......

Coin with Numbers in a Table
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Most probably a replica of mugal Emperor Jahangir zodiac type coin, I guess

100 mon (most probably fake)
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Buying Chinese coins always has risk.....

Old coin for deciphering please
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To me the image is matching with • Regards • Arvin11

Indian coin????
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Thank you Sir....

[résolu] Indian coin???
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Citation: "Parimal"​Check here • ​ • ​ • ​You will find many examples of GG#G284​Thank you very much. I have found a similar piece •

Mughal era Dam?
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Hello friends... • It has been almost a week no comment from anyone... I was Hoping some more information..... • This coin is very thick, width /height is approximately 8mm, I haven't seen such a fat coin.... • I though of sharing this with everyone.... • Regards • Arvin11

Grade Please - 1/12th Anna Dewas S.B.
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Definitely VF+... • The details of the coin is very fine only there are scratches, No wear and tear... • Very nice coin. Very rare and expensive in India. • Thank you for Sharing this.

[résolu] Islamic coin N°1 - Help ID
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• I can identify few letters... Very very strange it look like gurumukhi (Punjabi ) letters... I have never seen any coin with this type of letters .

[résolu] A well-worn something
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Looks like •

[résolu] Number of persons that have a coin
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Yes.........very good idea.....

1mil Palestine
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Can any one tell why 1mil is an expensive coin, what's so special about this? • I don't find anything special about this coin but see this particular coin sell in high value in auctions on eBay ... Even on Numista it is selling in 40 euro.

Mughal Era coin
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Citation: "Frenchlover"​It's clearly Akbar • ​Copper Fulus Coins of Akbar of Ujjain Mint​Thank you.. But I am still confused it's one side is matching with and another side with • The weight of my coin is 6.8gms. • Kindly give your opinion. ..

[résolu] Can someone help me with this coin?
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2 paisa, Baroda state india •

Some help please!
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For more specific details go to country list select Thai land to get more information

UK coins
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Thank you guys.. • It's very interesting to learn this... • UK coins are very fascinating... • Regards • Arvin11

Die crack?
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Yes it's a die crack

IPS Jaipur coin 1
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Citation: "dltcoins"​ • Citation: "arvin11"​The position of the 5 dots flower do not match, so I am little confused... ​​Instead of looking at the position of the flower in relation to the edge of the coin, look at the position of the flower relative to the words which surround it. The dies used to strike these coins were larger than the flans. The result is that only a portion of the complete design shows on each coin, and on each coin the portion of the design which shows is different. ​Thank you Sir for your Suggestion..........

IPS Jaipur coin 2
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Citation: "Essor Prof"​And here is the common part of your coin and the coin in our catalogue and you see, then it's as good as a perfect match: • ​ • ​​Sir the 5 dot flower is not matching...

[résolu] Free coins
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Hello Sir , • I am not 1 year old but a active member on Numista ,may be you can consider me .. • I will be very Thank full to you.kindly have a thought . • thank you & Regards.. • arvin11

Mysterious Indian coin
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Citation: "PetrusAscanus"​ ? • ​It's 1208

[résolu] India state bank token ?
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These token are used in cash counter in every Bank in India to take money from your account if you don't have a check book. When a person deposit a withdrawal slip he is given a token which contain a number (for waiting ) when the customer signature, balance is verified the counter man announce the token number who, s verification is complete and he can get his moneyThese are not rare at all.Every bank issue this token. It's totally illegal to sell this token. If reported the person selling this will be behind the bars.

Kremnica Mint-Experience
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Ahoj Sir.... • Thank You for sharing this wonderful experience with. Its AWESOME! • It give us idea how coins were punched .very nice.. THANK YOU ...........

Mughal silver coin? HELP
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Rupee 1 Saha Alam II bengal under britishrule coin •

Coin identifications / Sicily / Arabic
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this coin is from Indian princely state Salina , •

Why are you referee if you have no motivation?
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Sorry, my be my mistake..... After following the inbox and topic for many days, I lost hope that he will reply, and he replied many days later, I guess I should be more Patient ....

[résolu] India 2
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Help in identifying...
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Citation: "PetrusAscanus"​These are cast coins, so finding two exactly tthe same is rather impossible...​Thanks you Sir... • It's always that you identify my unknown coins.... Great.. • At Least now I know this coin is from Morocco, but the year of minting will be a mystery I guess .... • Regards • Arvin11

[résolu] Your coins/My coins
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How many Votes required ....

[résolu] Indian states 15
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looks like Akbhar Dam coin

[résolu] Islamic coin country unknown
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That's Nepal 1 rupee

Peace Celebration --medal /token
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Hello everyone..... It have been a week no answer from anybody ..... British india referees kindly Help......

Qatar countermark?
Posté le : 24-06-2017, 14h27 dans Numismatic questions

• look at it.......................... • But still I firmly believe its a Photoshop editing.............. • regards.... • arvin11

2 fenic (one-sided)
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Citation: "MIMAEL"​Ahoj • ​Check out • ​I will give the line • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​Ivan​Thank You Sir Got the picture • Only the year is not matching 1519-1540 AD in the picture and in my coin we can see 58(may be 1558) • Something is missing....... • Kindly share the history about this if You can Sir............. • regards... • Arvin11

1 dinar Serbia
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Citation: "superman43"​Here is your coin:​Thank you Sir.. For your prompt response.....

A new milestone: 100,000
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Congratulations....good job............ • This shows what a team can achieve together..........

[résolu] 10 rouble, Russia
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Extremely Sorry to everyone, when I checked the coin first it was in a plastic pack So the magnet was not attracting, now when I removed it from the pouch to take a picture, it is getting attracted to magnet very slightly I guess it contain very less amount of iron ......

New User Stats >> May 2017
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Thanks for the information...... Good job Sir......

1835 EIC Rupee, is it real?
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To me it looks 100%real coin.... • To check the coin you can count the small berries in the leaves....

Wrong calendar in Indian states coins
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Citation: "Jarcek"​So the thing is that it is not wrong in general, just wrongly named?​Just joking...... whats in the name.... • Paraguay-a country • Prague- in czech republic..........

Venetian Copper Verdigris Removal
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Citation: "Frenchlover"​Lets see the test • ​2 sols 1792, 10 centimes 1897, 1 Penny George V, all full of verdigris • ​ • ​with my flame for "crème brulée" • ​ • ​ • ​The 10 centimes 1897 is cleared of verdigris, but the coin was damaged before flame and the aspect is poor. • ​ • ​ • ​ • ​For the 2 Sols 1792, the result is bad. I bet there were copper mixed with bells metal. The removal of verdigris has removed also the design. • ​ • ​For the Penny of George V that got a brown patina, the result is not so bad, with pleasant reflections that appear more with a camera than on a scan • ​scan: • ​ • ​camera: • ​ • ​ • ​ ​Hi there.... • How did you cleaned the coin after burning as it turns black...

Coin ID please
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Thank you both .......... • I have not uploded the 2nd pic as it is too worn out nothing can be seen its a plain surface........

1946 Pice India
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What does एक पैसा translate to anyways • It means 1pasia. • Strange on numista also 1946 is not there, but I guess this coin is not fake as India got independence in 1947,so this date should exist, I have got 2coins dated 1945 & 1947.

[résolu] Bundi - Dating Identification Help
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1/2 paisa coin, Bundi state the date seems to be vs1983 (1926) • George V Emperor

French Jeton?
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Hi there... • I Don't know about the coin but your drawing is very good Sir.....

Token ID please..
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Citation: "dltcoins"​Surprisingly, it seems to be from India... • ​ ​Amazing..... Thanks dltcoins.. • Can't Believe this church is about 100kms from my home and I didn't know about its history..... Great

Two to identify, please
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This coin is from mewar state in India • The inscription is in devnagri(hindi) =do still landan =friendship with London • INDIA CHITRAKOOT UDAIPUR – MEWAR STATE IN THE NAME OF A FRIEND OF LONDON.

India 5
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Hi there.... • The coin is jital • • Fifth fromfrom the top I guess

Interesting odd Malaysia 10 sen 1990. Seems to show machine doubling, loose hub and extra metal
Posté le : 10-05-2017, 15h17 dans Coin identifications and valuations

This error is Probably due to worn out die, due to to much punching in press machine and not replacing the die, results coin letters with two blur edges which looks like the coin is punched double. • It's very common error in Indiana coins 2010,11,12,13,14,years for example specially Kolkata mint. • I guess the press man are too reluctant to replace the worn out die set.

Asiatic coin or medal?
Posté le : 08-05-2017, 15h04 dans Coin identifications and valuations

I think is is from China...

Need help to identify these two coins/tokens
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Your first coin is from nepal.... •

Some absence from Numista
Posté le : 04-05-2017, 17h46 dans Free discussion


ITALY coin/medal ?
Posté le : 03-05-2017, 4h22 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "ngdawa"​ • Citation: "arvin11"​Hi there.... • ​​Sir Nicola, the link you have provided is not same when I looked closely there is difference between my token /coin and in the link site. For example the Pope image is in right position in you link and in my it's left. Look closely there are more differences...... ​​He did just say it was similar to yours, not the same. At least you now have a good start to finish do find your variety. ​Thank you Sir for the correction.......

[résolu] 1970 US Quarter many flaws need info
Posté le : 02-05-2017, 13h15 dans Coin identifications and valuations

This error is very common you can find this in many coin of many country. • Coins are made from sheet,sheet are made from ingot (a metal block)hot rolled in many rollers to make thin ,During this rolling process the end metal overlap on each other and a crack line appears on the sheet,thats what your coin have . • You can try an experiment at home to understand this more easily just mix wheat floor and water make a dough ball then make it flat with rolling pin fold it and again roll it to make it thin , you will get it! simple.... • regards... • arvin11

[résolu] 25 cent 1980
Posté le : 01-05-2017, 15h59 dans Numismatic questions

Hi there..... • Yes it's near bead..... No doubt...

[résolu] Error in Rarity index Function!
Posté le : 30-04-2017, 12h44 dans Numista website

This is to inform you that numista site has error coding in rarity index Function, As ideal situation rarelty index decide how many people have a particular coin/token, but when I was adding this token the rarity index was 100 and when I edited the information each time the rarely index decrease... Ideally when someone member adds his/her coin than only this should decrease.... So kindly check to rectify the error.... Regards arvin11

1 Kreuzer - Franz Joseph
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Citation: "MIMAEL"​ • Citation: "Andrey"​Money Trend published in Vienna states that 1873 Kreuzer coins without A mint mark were not struck. All existing pieces are fakes made from 1878 Kreuzer. • ​​ ​​Ahoj • ​I recommended Arvin 11 to inform the Viden Coin Museum- At PM • ​I started from this site • ​ • ​ • ​I suspect this is a falsum in the past and a desire to create its existence • ​Ivan​Thank you Sir Andrey.... may be this is the case the coin is an edited version on 1878 , 8-3 • The person who gave me didn't know about it he sold me as 1 HELLER COIN (for 2$ approx) and when I got it, I didn't find it on Google and came to know that this is not 1 Heller but 1 Kreuzer now you and Sir MIMAEL helped to find interesting facts about this coin.... • Thanks Numista for this forum • [...]

[résolu] Many errors US Quarter
Posté le : 29-04-2017, 13h56 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "Beekeeper"​Tried the mig , it adds material immediately rather than moving metal or melting the coin. This was the result after a quick on/off spark at 135 amps. I think a mig welder can be taken off the list of possibilities for a heat source. I will try a plasma cutter on this next but it will be after the weekend. • ​​Its makes sad..looking at that picture.... a coin has been ruined... Sir, If You have extra coins you can send me, I will keep the very safe till i am alive I guess...

Indore ¼ Anna KM # 32.1 or 32.2 or...?
Posté le : 24-04-2017, 8h16 dans Coin identifications and valuations

hi there ! • there is something wrong with this coin cant believe.. may be this is a fake coin or some kind of error • the words are mirror opposite in your coin if you will see this coin in mirror then you will see the correct letters .............this coin is of indore state .

Is These Coin Real or Fake.....
Posté le : 20-04-2017, 13h08 dans Coin identifications and valuations

These coins I have purchases for less than 1 dollar I guess in 1997,98 • Its very strange these are reeded coins with very good punched in copper.Why some one will make these coins with copper with big size not casted but punched with fine die (look the coconut image with fine details)reeded edges .its not at all affordable at all that time. • I guess something is missing in its history............ • most of the fakes selling on ebay are casted with god goddess image are about 5-6 dollars

Search function on Numista
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Citation • Citation​ • ​ ​​When you go to the advanced search page there are indeed a lot of check buttons and options. But these are filters, the more information you fill in, the greater the chance you'll find your coin. But you don't have to fill in all these boxes. It's even possible you'll find your coin by filling in only 1 box. • ​Strange you never can find the coin your searching. Maybe you forgot to tick the right boxes in the bottom search box (Coin type). Maybe some boxes are not ticked (like "non circulating" or "commemorative") and then you won't find what you're looking for. The easiest way is to tick there "all".Just type the following examples in numista Search and in Google you will understand what I mean to say.... • 1pound coin United Kingdom • 20 kon cccp 1936 • Quarter Anna India 1945

CCCP 20 kon 1936
Posté le : 15-04-2017, 18h43 dans Numismatic questions

Citation: "guter_riecher"​I believe you have a different coin, the 7 ribbon kind 1935 - 1941. • ​ • ​​Thanks Sir.... ​ But I have a question if the 7 ribbon type coin was struck between 1935 to 1941 than What was the need to struck same 20 kon coin with 11 ribbon between 1937 to 1946 • Do you know the reason......

[résolu] Yemen 1/40 Rial
Posté le : 13-04-2017, 12h00 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you... Sir....PetrusAscanus • Great......great truly appreciate your knowledge............

What happened here - 1/2 penny 1855
Posté le : 12-04-2017, 18h03 dans Numismatic questions • May be this will help you......

The first commemorative silver "PROOF" in my collection
Posté le : 09-04-2017, 17h36 dans Free discussion

Gr8.... Congratulations......... • looking a shining coin........

ISIS coins
Posté le : 09-04-2017, 7h05 dans Free discussion

Tovarich • I strongly recommend not to add these coin as these coins are not any part of history but part of a Ongoing conflict in Iraq Syria and day to day bombing in European countries, Pakistan, Bangladesh... everywhere.... Purchasing These coins or giving stories that some one has sold and again some has sold to someone is rubbish...adding this in this moment will only show that we support this and we recognize this blood she'd as not a conflict in a country may be when this conflict will over hopefully or 10,20,years from now it can be added... • If some members want these to be added than I will ask them do they will justify if Alqaeda osman coins be added?????? Hope the administration of numismatic will understand what I want to say........... • love&respect • @arvin11

Coins in too poor condition to allow a perfect identification or Unidentified coins
Posté le : 08-04-2017, 19h26 dans Numista coin catalogue ..... should I add this......

Coin weight
Posté le : 08-04-2017, 17h23 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "PetrusAscanus"​to have a correct weight, you should buy this: • ​ • ​or this: • ​ • ​ • ​​This thing will only stop air... to get accurate weight.. , but still coins will have variation in weight.... there can be many reasons normal wear, dust, during punching in machine , there can be errors the strip from which coins are punched etc... etc..

Hi friends kindly help to identify this coin
Posté le : 07-04-2017, 12h00 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Citation: "PetrusAscanus"​ • Citation: "Heretic_Cata"​I'm guessing it's similar to one of these 2: • ​​ • ​​ • ​​However yours is very worn to tell for sure.​​indeed, looks similar!​Thank you both ........ • Thank you sir for your effort I guess this is very closely resemble to my coin the in the pic . • The weight of my coin is 14.7 Gms. around 25 mm approx. • I want of share some history about this coinwith all...:- • I got this coin from my grandmother. she lived in a village in Punjab(INDIA) ,around 15 to 20 years back I can,t remember exactly I just started to collect coins at that time I was in school living in Calcutta ,then we went to my native place during my summer vacation and asked my grandmother that does she have any old coins with her she gave me a small bag which contain few coins –it contain few British e[...]

Dirty Little George IV Verdigris Cleanse
Posté le : 03-04-2017, 7h45 dans Free discussion

Hi Fluke sir…. • After looking your post I was so excited I could not stop my self ...that I picked up the coin and put it on a gas flame it was burning green I was so glad to see this verdigris getting burned off and thought this is the end of this green thing ….thank you SirFluke for this beautiful idea…. • I remembered we used to clean carbon black engine parts with kerosene during overhauling to remove black carbon deposits with emery paper. So I tried with the burned coin (without any Scrubbing with any emery paper)Just use a old tooth brush and about 80% the black burned carbon is gone.