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[résolu] Export all my coins does not work
Posté le : 23-10-2018, 4h15 dans Numista website

I tried to export doubles in Excell two times within several days recently, but this doesn't work. • Thanks on advance

Tunisia 100 millim 1996 minted in silver ???
Posté le : 24-01-2017, 7h57 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Hello! • I just found coin, absolutely similar to Tunisia KM#309 - 100 millim 1996. But it is made from silver, not brass, as common coins. It is not cladding, looks like pure silver (or almost pure, like .925). I saw many coins so I can be sure it is silver. Does anybody know what it is? Any ideas? Maybe some trial strike, probe or so? Looks like issued at mint. I found nothing in Krause catalogue... • Thanks in advance! • Vitaly

Samoa - new ruler's coins
Posté le : 10-11-2012, 17h00 dans Numista catalogue

New issue of Samoan coins 2011 was made under the reign of new ruler: Tui'Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi. Previous ruler, Malietoa Tanumafili II has died in 2007. So it is incorrectly put 2011 coins under his name. Please make correction in catalogue.

Marking of condition of swappers' doubles
Posté le : 05-11-2012, 10h45 dans Numista website

Some people write the coin's condition, but most of them are not. It opens opportunity not to give all information about coin. How do you know, what coins do you ask for: VF, F or even VG? If it is not specified, you only should ask about it. But if you want to exchange 20 coins? It is really not comfortable, if even possible. I think the database data should be organized the way when collector must define condition if he wants to offer coin. I consider it will be useful for all and comfortable during the swap. The scheme is already done for organizing data of coin collection of the users. I think it should be applied to doubles list as well.