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[résolu] cannot confirm swap because of different amount of coins on each side
Posté le : 22-05-2020, 23h22 dans Swaps and trades

Had the same issue recently. • my swap had a mixture of coins and notes and maybe caused issue. • i closed all browser tabs and problem went away when I tried again. • had same amount of items checked but got stuck in a loop with that message. • AJ

Cuba: Mint errors?
Posté le : 03-11-2018, 21h12 dans Numismatic questions

wow, it does look to be quite common, thanks for sharing pictures :)

[résolu] Question: Italian 100 Lire
Posté le : 05-08-2018, 22h11 dans Numismatic questions

Thanks! That makes sense :)

[résolu] Help identifying a coin
Posté le : 05-08-2018, 17h56 dans Coin identifications and valuations

Thank you!