Add your coins to your Numista collection - A quick tutorial

Écrit le 7 septembre 2013 • Dernière modification : 18 juin 2019
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Numista offers you the opportunity to manage your coin collection either by having all your coins within one single collection or by splitting your coins in separate collections.
You may then separate your main collection from your swap list, your silver coins from your gold coins, your ancient coins from your modern coins, etc. It's up to you!

The first step is to create the different collections to which your coins will be assigned. You will then be able to differentiate collections through a name and a color, and choose one default collection.
If you do not want multiple collections and prefer a single one collection only, you may skip this step; when adding coins to your collection, these ones will then be added to your default collection. You may also create only one single collection if you wish.

Create your collections
Add your coins

Create your collections

To create your collections, go to your settings page.

Once on the settings page, scroll down to the section My collections.

To create a collection, click the button Add a collection.

Once you click Add a collection, a line appears below the button through which you will be able to define the collection. Each collection created will get a separate and unique line with the same options.

Under the Name* column, you may enter the name you want to give to your collection; this field is mandatory.
Once named, you may click the color box under the column Color and assign a color to your collection.
At any time you may delete a collection by simply clicking the red cross at the end of the line.

To create several collections, all you need to do is to start again by clicking Add a collection. Each newly created collection will be assigned a different color from the existing collections, but you may change the color as you wish and select the same color for several collections.

Now that your collections are all created, you may select a default collection by selecting the radio button on the line of the collection you wish to set as default. In our case, it's Collection B.

You are almost done. All you need to do now is scroll down to the bottom of your settings page and click the Save changes button to validate.
Do not forget this last step, otherwise your collections will not be saved and you will need to start over. This is also true when updating or adding or deleting a new collection later on.

Add your coins

Adding a coin step-by-step
Editing or deleting a coin
Fast input

Adding a coin step-by-step

Now that your collections are all set, you may add your coins to Numista and assign them to the preferred collection.
First step is to open the page of the coin you want to add to your collection. For illustrative purpose, we will use the coin below throughout this step-by-step tutorial.

Once on the coin page, scroll down to the Manage my collection section. There, you will see the variants of the said coin listed on Numista. To add a coin to your collection, you may then click on the icon either at top left of the section or at the end of the variant line.

Once the icon clicked, the modal window illustrated below will appear giving you options to add your coin to your collection.

The first line of the modal window as illustrated below is a dropdown list that will help you select the variant you want to add.

By clicking the dropdown framed in red above, the list of variants open and you may select the variant you want to add to your collection by clicking on the corresponding line.
Note that if you clicked the icon at the end of the variant line, the said variant is automatically selected.

Once your variant is selected, you may then complete your addition by entering details on your own coin using the following options:
  • Grade: Select the grade of your coin by clicking the corresponding grade; once clicked, the selected grade turns blue. If you do not select a grade, the coin will be added as N/A; you should avoid this as much as possible, otherwise this might affect later searches within your collection.
  • Quantity: Type in the quantity of coin you are adding. If all coins are identical you may add several, if they are different (let's say with different grades) you may rather choose to enter one coin at a time and repeat the operation.
  • Buying value: If you bought the coin, you may enter here the price you paid for it (watch out the currency you used to pay and the currency of your Numista account, you may need to do some conversion). The price is the one you paid for the coin itself and shall not include costs such as shipping costs, packaging costs, auction fees, grading fees, slabbing fees, etc.
  • Private comment: You may enter here some comments about your coin that will be visible by you only.
  • For exchange: This is where you select if the coin you add is up for swap or if it is a coin for your sole collection. By clicking yes, the coin will be automatically added to your swap list.
  • Public comment: You may enter here some comments about your coin that will be visible by anybody who will have a look at your collection or your swap list (given that you made your collection and swap list public, indeed).
  • Collection: This is where you will select the collection you wish to assign your coin to. This field is a dropdown list.

To select the collection you wish to assign your coin to, click on the dropdown mentioned above and select the collection of your choice. In our case, you will select Collection B.

Now that you filled all the details of your coin, all you need to do is click Save at bottom of the modal window and your coin is added to your collection.
By clicking Save and add again, the coin will be added to your collection but the modal window will stay so you can enter another coin for this same coin type (different variant, different grade, etc.).

Once added, the coin appears in the Manage my collection section according to the variant you selected and with the details you entered.
When hovering the colored circle, the name of the collection you assigned the coin to will show up.

If you add separate coins of the same variant to your collection, they will be displayed one below the other as illustrated below.
Moreover, the number of coins you have for this coin type and the number you have up for swap are indicated at top of the section.

Editing or deleting a coin

To edit a coin information, click the icon at the end of the line of your coin. The modal window illustrated in above example will show up and you may update the details accordingly before clicking the Save button. Note that the only detail that cannot be updated is the variant itself, you will rather need to delete your coin and create a new one.

To delete a coin from your collection, you may click the icon at the end of the line of your coin and confirm within the popup window that shows up. Note that this action cannot be undone.

Fast input

The fast input option allows you to add coins to your collection from search page without opening the coin page. To make fast input available, click the Display options on search page and select show as framed in red below.

Once the fast input option is activated, you may perform your search. Once the search results are displayed, you will then notice the variant lists below the main details of coins along with the icon to allow adding the variant to your collection. Click the said icon and the modal window to enter details of your coin, as detailed above, will show up.