48ème convention numismatique internationale

Vendredi 17 janvier 2020 (10:00-19:00)
Samedi 18 janvier 2020 (10:00-19:00)
Dimanche 19 janvier 2020 (10:00-15:00)

The New York International Numismatic Convention is the United States' most prestigious numismatic event targeting the needs of the world and ancient numismatic communities. The convention will feature a bourse area consisting of roughly 115 of the leading specialists in world and ancient numismatics. Six auction companies will conduct sales during the convention.

Participants Numista


4/54/54/54/54/5 Lot of Ancient and world coins

Par sujit_kumar le 9 janvier 2016

Lot of Ancient and world coins are there unlike other exhibitions in USA having 90% of USA coins only. Mostly high range coins with almost all the top class dealers having their auction lot previews.