Higgins Museum of National Bank Notes


Opened in 1978, the purpose of this museum is to acquire, preserve and display the notes and artifacts of the National Banks. The National Banking system played a key role in the financing of the Civil War, and in stabilizing the banking system and provided credit to both the government and the public during the important fifty year period between the Civil War and World War One. Iowa in particular was well served by the National Banks. The first bank to open business, and for two days the only National Bank in America was the First National bank of Davenport, Charter number 15. 496 National Banks in 300 Iowa Communities issued National Bank Notes during the Period 1863-1935. Development of the Higgins Museum has been focused on the issues of Iowa and its adjacent states. The Iowa galleries display the most complete state collection of National Bank Note issues ever assembled for a major state, with 278 of the state's 300 communities of issue represented.

Open from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day weekend.


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