Musée de l'American Numismatic Association

Colorado Springs

Le musée de l'ANA est un des plus grands musées consacrés à la monnaie du pays. Ses exposition permanentes et éphémères présentent des monnaies depuis l'antiquité jusqu'à notre civilisation.


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Par gyoschak le 6 juin 2016

I went to the ANA Money Museum for the first time ever last week. I get frequent emails from ANA, and I rarely actually read them. I must have been bored, and read that ANAMM was in Colorado Springs (I had no idea it was there even though I matriculated in COS), and had one of the 1913 nickels on display. Turns out my in laws were having their 50th anniversary party in town, and I just had to see the $2m nickel. I was very happy to see their very intricate displays of world and US coinage, and some banknotes as well. If you are ever in COS and want to see some amazingly rare coins, you would be a fool to pass up the ANAMM.

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