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Ce qu'il/elle collectionne

My first collection was Czech and Czechoslovak coins by types from 1918 until today, which is almost complete by now.

Now I primarily collect coins of Austria-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph I.

I also collect Swiss coins by years. I mainly collect types in circulation, but from time to time, I add some older too.

My newest decision is to collect German coins from 1871 until 1945. I still don't know how I will collect them, probably by type and maybe I will add only one coin from one state before 1918 (maybe I will select one nominal value).

Ce qu'il/elle recherche

Now I would like to complete my Czech and Czechoslovak collection. I wish to offer primarilly Czech and Czechoslovak coins for exchange, but if you find in my collection a coin which would be interesting for you and which I have more than one of the particular year of strike, feel free to ask me for it.

Note on coin grades:
I am not experienced in coin grading, so I use very simple rules. I use coin grades in the following way:
Unc: coins bought in the capsule
XF: commemorative coins of high quality, never circulated, but can be slightly scrached, for example
VF: all standard circulating coins
VG: coins of a very bad quality (corrosion, heavy wear, etc.)

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5/55/55/55/55/5 Évaluation reçue de vonessen le 04-02-2015
Thank You for this swap! Coins as agreed delivered very fast. Great communication with a friedly, polite and trustworthy collector.
5/55/55/55/55/5 Évaluation reçue de Viktort le 07-07-2014
Very friendly swapper, hope to make another in the furture :)