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Référent Numista pour : Duché de Bavière, Électorat de Bavière, Bavière-Ingolstadt, Royaume de Bavière, Bavière-Landshut, Crimée, Empire hunnique, Inde britannique, Malaisie - États, Khanat bulgare de la Volga
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Ce qu'il/elle collectionne

All my collection is for sale, just ask if you have interests in a coin(s).

Usually my focus is on collecting the following type of coins:

- Early dark ages and medieval coins - Europe
- Scarce coins from former Empires/Kingdoms/Satrapies/Sultanates/Khanates and Caliphates (this does not include Indian states)
- Islamic silver coins(dirhams mainly) from the Arab Conquests up until 1800s. This includes all possible former dynasties and islamic states. I'm especially interested in Mongol coins from all Mongol states.
- I simply adore and love Thalers/Daalders and all their derivatives from all over the world up until 1950s. This even includes Colonial issues.
- Silver rare medals from Medieval times up until 1945
- Proben/Proba/Trial or their derivatives from medieval times up until 1970s

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Knowledge is power thus Knowledge should be shared among us.

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5/55/55/55/55/5 Évaluation reçue de geo-coins le 15-09-2018
First swap with Stef, and everything was as agreed. He is a person with excellent communication skills and he is so kind to send gifts and do as much as he can to do the best swap. He is fair in swap values and very good in sharing knowledge about coins. I strongly recommend Stef to everyone and I am looking forward to the next swap with him. Thank you!